The Makeover of James Orville Wickenbee

The Makeover of James Orville Wickenbee At Fairport High School Jana has taken on a special project She s determined to turn James Orville Wickenbee her brother s new best friend into one of the cool kids After all Jana can t afford to

  • Title: The Makeover of James Orville Wickenbee
  • Author: Anya Bateman
  • ISBN: 9781590387078
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • At Fairport High School, Jana has taken on a special project She s determined to turn James Orville Wickenbee, her brother s new best friend, into one of the cool kids After all, Jana can t afford to have James a nobody, not to mention a Mormon ruin her plans to get her brother elected as student body president The problem is, Alex doesn t want to be president, anAt Fairport High School, Jana has taken on a special project She s determined to turn James Orville Wickenbee, her brother s new best friend, into one of the cool kids After all, Jana can t afford to have James a nobody, not to mention a Mormon ruin her plans to get her brother elected as student body president The problem is, Alex doesn t want to be president, and James has no interest in becoming popular Not to worry Jana has everything under control James will just have to be president instead The makeover might take some extra work, but she s ready for the challenge She s very convincing In fact, the entire school begins to see James as Super Jim But the makeover creates a surprise that nobody saw coming, especially Jana.

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    1. The concept of young adult LDS fiction sounds cringe-worthy, but this novel actually wasn't as bad as I was expecting. As far as the main character's conversion goes, it was MUCH more realistic than in any other LDS fiction I've read (which isn't a lot, but still). Of course, in the end, she still ends up converting, but it wouldn't be an LDS novel if she didn't after all. Still, I thought the fact that she really struggled accepting it was refreshing though, since in most books the main charact [...]

    2. I would have given it four stars,but I remember when I read it about 2 years ago that I hated the ending! It could have ended so much better instead there was only a hint of a happy ending. I guess I just like happy endings to much, but this story was supposed to tell you the happy ending not make you assume it happened.

    3. Good story but I hated the ending. I don't want to use my imagination to decide how they end up. I want more.

    4. I feel like I wasted my time reading this book. The main character is snarky, conceited, cold, & harsh to everyone around her, & she thinks it's for everyone's best interest that she treats them this way. The first 20 pages of the book mostly dealt with her appraising the looks of those that surround her, & comparing those people to the food & animals they most resemble. It continues the entire book. While there were some moments that made me want to know how the story ends, it w [...]

    5. This book was a surprising pleasure to read. When you work in a Bookstore, you have access to many many books- and read plenty (however, working in a Bookstore is not all reading and enjoyment- all of my reading happened during breaks and afterhours.) You read a lot of books that are just like the last one you read- and you finish and think- eh, I could've lived without reading that one, some you wonder why you even bothered finishing- feeling that you wasted a good 6 hours of your life.That is [...]

    6. The main character, Jana, annoyed me to no end in the first 50 pages. I was on the verge of putting the book on my bookshelf and calling it "a good try" when Alex, her twin brother, FINALLY yelled at her convincingly enough that she stopped being EXTREMELY annoying she was only very annoying. For me, I thought this book was like a figuritive trip to Oz for her to get a brain, a heart, and a nerve. She eventually became easier to read.The other problem I had with this book is that, to me, it didn [...]

    7. This a fun, light summer read that will leave you with a good feeling afterward. The narrator reminded me a lot of Polly in Scones and Sensibility by Lindsay Eland. Jana is one of those girls who feels ugly on the inside, but presents herself as confident on the outside. She has an agenda to change everyone around her into what she thinks they should be. At the top of her list is brother Alex. He would be perfect in politics, only he doesn't want to be. Then along comes Jameswith big glasses, th [...]

    8. This book was okay a fast easy read. It's more for a young teenage audience. I enjoyed the fact that James was trying to change the whole school the most. He made everyone want to be better people, and remembering my high school experience, that would take a lot of courage. Jana was somewhat annoying, and i figured she would eventually start to really like the church, but I was glad when it finally happened. I did NOT like the end. The book started with her being at the airport waiting for James [...]

    9. On the surface, this book is an LDS conversion story with a bit of a romance wrapped in. The story itself would have earned a couple of stars from me. The deeper themes were what pushed this one to the top. Quirky characters, nerds and do-gooders at the top of the social structure sound implausible but the basic idea that people are really looking for something better and hoping it comes in a well-designed package is actually very true-to-life. The power of a single person to cause significant c [...]

    10. Overall I enjoyed reading this book- but I did have a few issues with it. Most of what I didn't like were centered around the writing style of the author. For example; there were a few moments where suddenly the character would have a needed "prop" and I was left wondering where the item suddenly came from- also there were a few areas that I had to go back a paragraph or two in order to figure out where/when we were at (the sequence splits between the past and present). I do like that most of he [...]

    11. I remember when most all LDS fiction were romances revolving around conversion stories. Now we've branched out into historical stories, suspense thrillers, and even science fiction. However, The Makeover of James Orville Wickenbee is back to the original genre (though it's more a conversion story than a romance). I thought it was very well written, with great characters and believable conversation. And conversion stories really are powerful. When Jana can't get her twin brother to run for high s [...]

    12. This book is about a super-smart girl named Jana so I think it is quite possibly one of the best books I've ever read. Just kidding. I actually picked it up because Cali and Kimi loved the cover. It was a good book meant for lds-teens about a girl who does a makeover on a mormon nerd to help him become student body president of their high school. She, of course, learns important lessons along the way. Christine, I would suggest this book to you if you have any time for fun reading. I think you w [...]

    13. No surprise that the girl determined to makeover her brother's friend is herself made over; however, her journey is not altogether predictable. I appreciated the genuine flavor of Jana's struggle to understand herself, to realize who and what she should associate with, and to open her heart to the possibility of a God who loved her. Her concerns were real, and the author resolved Jana's fears in a believeable way. This was a well-written book that I read straight through in five or six hours.

    14. I was really wanting a fun-read and the library didn't have any of the ones I was looking for so I just grabbed this off the shelf because I remembered seeing it in the deseret book ad or something and was pleasantly surprised! It was like candy to read and it was interesting to picture how someone not in our church might view our missionary efforts and I loved how it ended. James is an awesome missionary and even though this is a fiction book it inspired me to want to be better.

    15. I enjoyed this enough to finish, but as with most LDS fic, it came with a healthy dose of cheese! I liked the "makeover" part, but the whole change that comes over the high school seemed a bit far-fetched. And again, as with most LDS fic, there is a lot of doctrine thrown in, which makes me wonder who this is being written for Why would anyone not LDS read this? But, I do think LDS teens would enjoy this.

    16. It was clean (um, hello LDS fiction) and it didn't involve sappy romance so it should have been fabulous in my book, but the characters and writing style, ok, and the storyline didn't quite pan out. It would be an excellent read for a tween or early teen, or I would even highly recommend it for times when you feel like reading something brainless. But given it's complete lack of literary value, I really can't give it more than two stars.

    17. Gezz people can be jerks! This books good so far, talk about going from poor to rich and stuck up. 15 year old Lana wants her twin brother Alex to run for class prez. but he's not up for it. Now Alex's best friend James is going to run. But catch this, He's the mollyiest mormon around and Lana dosen't think he's got the gutts to go through with it We'll see about that!!

    18. Jana Bennings has big plans for her twin brother, the only problem is that he's not interested in running for student body office. When their good friend James decides to run, Jana help transform the would be geek into Super Jim. The only problem is that James is a Mormon and Jana's not so sure about his idealistic platform for president. A good easy read.

    19. Really, I would rate this a 4.5, but decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Something about me really loved this book. Part of it was the lack of sappy romance. Part of it was the inclusion of fun friendships. Part of it was the idealistic views that may not seem realistic but are wonderful to shoot for all the same. I am all over idealistic books. They inspire. Great read!

    20. Jana wants to transform James into "Super-Jim" so he can become president of the high school. He goes about it all "wrong" but in the end his way is the best way--standing up for his values, making friends with everyone, and worrying more about people and less about looks. Fun read

    21. Good turn-around story. A lot less shallow of a plot than I was expecting from the back blurb and cover. The personality of the main character normally would have made me crazy but the author did a good job making me care about her.

    22. Cute LDS read. Perfect for youth. Althouh I find it really hard to believe that anyone proclaims "Heavenly stars!" when they are exasperated, espcially someone non-LDS, living in OH. Also, "wowsers!" It was annoying.

    23. Cute turn-around story. Good for teens. The writing style changes from narrative to more introspective towards the end, which was a little awkward. Does make you think about the motivations behind your behaviors.

    24. This book was fun. I read it in a day - I just couldn't wait to find out what would happen. If you are a Mormon, you will understand it better than if you weren't. It was a cute young adult book. I would recommend it to any teenage girl. It teaches great values, whether you are Mormon or not.

    25. I guess I probably wouldn't recommend this book, although I kept reading to the very end. The writing was a bit amateur, and the storyline was extremely basic. Sometimes, though, it's ok to read an easy book where you don't have to think.

    26. I have not read this book but Gabrielle(my 16 year old daughter) did. She said it was OK but she finished it which means it is at least a 3 stars rate! Maybe I'll pass to McCall. Could be a little cheesy but there again I did not personally read it.

    27. I wasn't wild about the ending, but I liked the idea of writing a YA, LDS-based book whose narrator wasn't LDS. An overall cute story, quick read. My sister got it for free and gave it to me to unwrap for Christmas. :-)

    28. This was a fun easy read. The book made me think about how much we judge people by appearance and not as much as what they are on the inside. I also liked the idea of how much a difference one person can make. My one big complaint was that the book ended too soon! I wanted more of a resolve.

    29. What I found most interesting about this book was that James was an intelligent and interesting person before the makeover. James might have needed to change his outward appearance (I loved his mother's reaction), but certainly not his inward self.

    30. So this was a 99cent find at Desert Book and i needed a light read. I actually really enjoyed this book. There was no deep meaning or awe ha moments but it kept me interested and it made me laugh! Fun light read with kiddos around:)

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