Your Pajamas Are Showing!

Your Pajamas Are Showing What if you woke up one morning and could turn invisible Would you fight crime Save the world If you re like Leopold you d rather play tricks on your big sister and steal her caramels But being invis

  • Title: Your Pajamas Are Showing!
  • Author: Michel-Yves Schmitt Vincent Caut
  • ISBN: 9781467707695
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What if you woke up one morning and could turn invisible Would you fight crime Save the world If you re like Leopold, you d rather play tricks on your big sister and steal her caramels But being invisible isn t all it s cracked up to be Leopold can make his body disappear, but not his clothes How will he pull his pranks with his pajamas showing Is he brave enough toWhat if you woke up one morning and could turn invisible Would you fight crime Save the world If you re like Leopold, you d rather play tricks on your big sister and steal her caramels But being invisible isn t all it s cracked up to be Leopold can make his body disappear, but not his clothes How will he pull his pranks with his pajamas showing Is he brave enough to play his tricks in the nude Maybe the right magic word is all he needs

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    1. Primary Book #2 Your Pajamas are Showing!1. I really enjoyed this book and would add it to my collection. Leopold has a special talent in which he can make himself invisible, but he has trouble making his clothes invisible. He pulls pranks on his sister, parents, and teachers at school. It was a fun book that reminded me of my little brother. I think that it would be appealing to kids because of the humor and pictures. The topic is also humorous and might spark kids’ interest. 2. The audience [...]

    2. 4.5 starsThis is a cute children’s graphic novel and I am excited to pick up #2 in the series next. The two main characters in the novel have attitude and considering that they are brother and sister, their interaction together is perfect. They play tricks on each other and call each other names but yet, you can tell that they still care and love each other with the other comments they share and the way they work together at different times during the book. The cartoon illustrations are bright [...]

    3. Though out this graphic novel it tells the story of a boy and his sister. One day the boy, Leopold, woke up to find out that he was invisible! This is when a controversial problem arrises, how does he turn his clothing invisible as well? Does he run around naked? Does he act like a ghost? Join Leopod on his journey to joke around with his sister. The graphic novel showcases dialogue and sounds which is onomatopoeia. There is about four panels per page which makes it great for a child if they are [...]

    4. This graphic novel features a young boy named Leopold and his older sister Celine. Leopold has the ability to turn invisible. But there's only one problem: he cant figure out how to turn his clothes invisible as well! He figures it out eventually and decides to play tricks on his sister. Read about the adventures that Leopold has with his sister!With graphic novels, the layout of the page is very different from a regular picture book. Most of the story is told within the pictures themselves, wit [...]

    5. Graphic Novel #2 Text to Text- This graphic novel made me think of Harry Potter wearing his invisibility cloak. Many of my texts are related to that book series because it’s my favorite! Harry uses the cloak to pull pranks as well sometimes but also for serious sneaky stuff. He must also deal with struggles like hiding his feet or footprints or making sounds under the cloak. This boy find out he can be invisible and prank his sister and deals with his clothes not disappearing! The way they are [...]

    6. I absolutely loved this book. Leopold had a special power. He was able to turn invisible, however, his clothes did not! He used his powers to not only help his sister out with her crush, but to also manipulate her. Leopold thought it was just a guy thing but then found out later on his dad didn't possess this special power. Only Leopold. This story is humorous and the pictures are extremely catchy. I would allow my students to read this book during their free time or during recess. Because it is [...]

    7. One day Leopold discovers that he can become invisible. After working out a few glitches with his wardrobe, he sets out to torment his older sister, Celine. She is rightfully indignant until she realizes that his new power can avenge some playground wrongs. And as long as she plies him with the caramels he loves, Leopold is happy to oblige. After a few more incidents with classmates, parents, and flatulence, the pair get to crawl in bed with mom and dad and the story ends happily. A final page o [...]

    8. Is it possible to have too many books full of underwear jokes? Probably not, and this one is a good addition to the bunch. Sibling antics, practical jokes, flatulence, and a pretty decent premise combine to make this a graphic novel that's full of fun and accessible to newly confident readers.Leopold wakes up one morning and realizes that he can turn himself invisible. He shares this information just with his sister, who first taunts him (as he fine-tunes his superpower to make sure his underwea [...]

    9. ALSC Recommended Graphic Novel Reading List, K-2. There are plenty of books and movies where bullies get their comeuppance, siblings battle one another, and general orneriness prevails. This first installment of Where's Leopold takes revenge on others to the physical level. If you had invisibility-related powers, would you be tempted to use them to smack someone who's treated you like dirt? Sure it's fun to think about as an adult. But to model such revenge for 5 to 7 year olds? Heck no. Be prep [...]

    10. This was a cute story about a boy named Leopold who suddenly can make himself invisible but, cannot make his clothes invisible. He uses his new superpower to kind of tease his sister Celine and get her in trouble. For example, Leopold eats his mothers' cake and Celine gets blamed for it. Most of the story is Leopold trying to figure out if anyone else in his family has the same invisibility powers that he has while getting into mischief. There were some what I would call "bathroom words" in this [...]

    11. Leopold is not a supehero, but he has a superpower - he can turn invisible. Filled with fart humor, siblings calling each other dumb, and mean girls getting psyched out by the sister as the brothe smacks them invisibly, this comic is full of things kids will like but adults might not. Several different 'stories' are folded into one book, but instead of chapter numbers the pages that go together can be delineated by images in the top corners of the borders that match and symbolize a central theme [...]

    12. Leopold likes to make himself invisible, yet he has a hard time making his clothes disappear as well. He finally masters it and has a little too much fun pestering his sister with his new found ability. Yet his sister is quick to take advantage of his invisibility to smack around some bullies at school. Of course because he is a little boy, his favorite thing to do while he can't be seen is to pass gas at very selective moments. This is a fun short graphic novel that will be enjoyed by boys 1st [...]

    13. Graphic NovelText to Self: Growing up, I always thought about how cool it would be to be invisible. I can relate to how Leopold feels because I used to have similar thoughts as a young child. I sometimes got bullied too.Text to Text:This book obviously reminds me of "Harry Potter" by J.K. Rowling. Harry can use a cloak to become invisible. Both boys are able to go in public without being seen.Text to World:Most children will relate to this by thinking about how they would react to becoming invis [...]

    14. Upon first glance at Your Pajamas Are Showing! You curiously see a yellow pair of pajamas suspended in the air over a bed with a very cute and unnerving stuffed bear whose are is oddly erect into the air. To validate this same response is a young girl who appears to be walking into the room and much to her surprise sees the same thing you do. Is that an invisible boy? Why Yes! ad review here musingwithcrayolakym/3

    15. Genre: FictionAudience: Lower elementaryText to Self: Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to be invisible?! Whenever anyone asks what superpower I would choose if I could have one, I say that I would like to be invisible. Text to Text: Leo's invisibility reminded me of the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter!Text to World: This is what it would look like if ghosts were to wear clothes!

    16. 3 StarsLeopold has the power of invisibility. He uses his special talent to play pranks on his sister, his parents and even his teachers. This graphic novel is a fun read for the older elementary school set, and I can see it being very popular in my Library.

    17. I read this comic style book to my 6 1/2 year old boy. Whilst it was funny in some parts it was a little slow going and hard for him to understand what was happening. Thanks to Netgalley for giving us the opportunity to read it.

    18. Nice simple drawings. Only four frames per page. A young comic - 1st grade? Second? Leopold discovers he can turn himself invisible and "Hi-Jinks" ensue.

    19. I love that Leopold has zero sense of responsibility when it comes to his new invisibility powers. A quick, fun read that sure to be popular!

    20. This is such a kid-humor book, although it did have moments that made me chuckle, too. It's a favorite of an 8 year-old boy I know, and I think lots of other boys around that age would love it, too.

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