The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers The sequel to House of Blues Smith s latest novel features the return of New Orleans police detective Skip Langdon The upcoming mayoral election pits the the usual thugs and vipers against a Errol Ja

  • Title: The Kindness of Strangers
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The sequel to House of Blues, Smith s latest novel features the return of New Orleans police detective Skip Langdon The upcoming mayoral election pits the the usual thugs and vipers against a Errol Jacomine, a liberal minded, civic spirited preacher The trouble is, in Skip s opinion, Jacomine is a psychopath and dangerous as hell.

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    1. More adventures in Skip Langdon's New Orleans with Skip taking on a charismatic Preacher who has a checkered past and is running for Mayor. He commands a large devoted following and stops at nothing to reach his goal. More action and personal and family troubles and an impending hurricane add to Skip's problems.

    2. While homicide detective Skip Langdon is on leave from the New Orleans Police Department she continues to investigate a powerful minister (Elliot Jacomine) turned politician that she believes is a dangerous man. He believes that no woman can resist him sexually and any one who questions him becomes an "enemy" to be brought low -- sound familiar? I was reading this book when the Access Hollywood tapes of Donald Trump and Billy Bush (no relation) were released. It was a great diversion! This wonde [...]

    3. Good readA little boring but good for mindless reading. Ok I guess but not one of my favorite books. Just my opinion

    4. Great, but not perfectGreat, gripping plot, and marvellous quotes that are definitely worth stashing aside for later use.However, I have 2 gripes with this novel: firstly, too many characters (I do understand that this is the 6th book in the series). This means that the novel is difficult to review as a standalone novel.Secondly, it was an incredibly long read. The same plot could have been told in fewer words, and this made it difficult to properly enjoy.Ultimately, it still is a great book. My [...]

    5. Enjoyed the first 3 booksThis one not so much, the story line was excellent, but adding all the profanity and explicit sex, made it cheap somehow. Thanks for writing it. I like the characters a lot

    6. Love Skip Langdon, but the bad guy in this book has done things that I haven't been able to get out of my head for several years!

    7. Another page turner. This one has a different kind of plot. It works well. Again there is a lot of character development/exploration.

    8. Non-traditional mysteryAnother excellent book by Julie Smith, this one starts with rumours , and eventually gets to murders, and assorted mayhem, with hurricanes.

    9. What was the plot?While entertaining and an easy read, I'm not sure what the plot was supposed to be. Events were random and only semi resolved.

    10. The Kindness of Strangers by Julie Smith is the 6th book in the Skip Langdon series set in late-20th-century New Orleans. Skip Langdon is a New Orleans police officer, struggling to overcome her depression following a shooting. Her commanding officer Sylvia, who is also her friend, forces Skip to take a leave of absence and get therapy. Skip attends a first session of therapy with "Boo", enjoys it very much, and identifies a strong purpose to pursue on leave: find evidence on Errol Jacomine, a p [...]

    11. Good thrillerI really enjoyed this book more than three stars but it has a few problems. It's pretty good writing, characters are memorable and well-developed. One thing I like especially is that the protagonist is a "woman of substance," almost six feet tall and a bit heavy. I'm really tired of reading about skinny blondes and petite brunettes and gorgeous detectives. Most of us don't look like that! The problems? I felt there were too many characters. By the middle of the book I was lost in th [...]

    12. Strong written, hard character driven, thrilling suspense read. Resonant with today's blindness of the masses to a character with more flaws than a tectonic plates fault line. Skip Langdon in enforced leave from NOPD acts on a hunch, that undefinable feminine intuition that "Daddy" is a wrong-un and about to win the mayoral election in New Orleans but he seems to have captivated, almost hypnotised the people, but bad even fatal things happen to those who cross him, people who have seen his truth [...]

    13. I loved the New Orleans setting and the context of of a cult leader running for office with his nefarious, insidious activities and influence. Some of the writing and dialog really sparkled and the characters had personality. The novel lacked an overarching draw however. I couldn't bear the character Neal, and failed to believe the marriage with his wife. There was perhaps too much concidental overlapping of key players in the drama that unfolded. I often found myself losing interest, but plowin [...]

    14. This is Skip Langdon #6. Skip suffers from PTSD and is on leave. A minister she believes is evil is running for mayor of New Orleans, and Skip intends to learn the truth about him. Remember, she's on leave it's a hazardous task, especially given the guy she's investigating. Other story lines weave in and out of the tale, with multiple points of view giving access to different characters. A nicely done juggle. It's a tumultuous tale with plenty of tension, capped by the approach and arrival of a [...]

    15. I have enjoyed several of this writer's novels. They are normally just good, straight-forward mysteries, but also allow you to know the characters in the books. It's not necessary to read this series in the correct order as one is not dependent on another and none I've read thus far leave you hanging so that you need to read the next book. It is helpful, in order to live through the characters' lives in sequential order, but I've not read them in sequence & it certainly took nothing away fro [...]

    16. NOT one I would recommend!This author rambles too much. I was half way through the book before I was finally able to begin understanding what was actually going on. Too many characters, too little information tying it together. I never reached that place where I felt comfortable at all. The flow of the storyline was just not there, or if it was, I never found it. And to make matters worse, at the end of the book there were still so many loose threads going in several directions.

    17. New Orleans; into the den of corrupt politics, a preacher, Errol Jacomine is running for mayor. Many think this will be great for the city, but one cop on temporary leave from work because of depression, thinks the mayoral candidate is a dangerous psychopath. Skip Langdon has to show Jacomine isn't who he appears to be, without getting herself and those she loves killed. A page turning crime thriller, in the dark underbelly of the French Quarter, the climax builds as Hurricane Hannah batters the [...]

    18. I really liked it from the beginning. As it neared the end, I thought it slowed down. The ending was unexpected and a bit of a drop off. I did enjoy it, however. I wish it made me feel more of the New Orlean's flavor. The evil Jacomine was that. Some folks said characters not well developed. Maybe. Skip Langdon was. Neal's feelings were odd, but I did get the 15 yr old's hero worship.Boo for a character's name? I'd have preferred to know the given name. Small thing to bug me. ah well.

    19. Four starsIt's my first book in series and I'm not aware if some of the characters are carryover, but I found so many introduced so early rather confusing. That said, the story was very good and writing/editing was clean. A little slow-starting along with numerous characters, but once it gets going, the author ties it together and it's much smoother in second half. I'd try another from this author.

    20. It was hard to read in some parts, because I don't like characters who seem to weird incredible power and can thwart things so easily. Errol Jacomine is a psychotic and evil man. Skip Langdon is depressed, on leave of absence, and is ripe to be manipulated by his forces. However, she does pull herself together, and the other characters are definitely interesting and compelling. I still haven't figured out Noel and Torian's actual relationship.

    21. Kindness of StrangersAnother excellent murder mystery story in the Skip Langdon series. Julie Smith does a great job of taking multiple stories and just when you think there is no way in the world any of this is going to make sense, she weaves them together in a way that makes sense and leaves you saying, "Oh, my gosh!" A great read!

    22. I have liked other books by this author that I have read, but I couldn't finish this one. I know there is evil in the world, but the portrayal of the evil characters in this book was too heavy-handed; it seemed to be just generated to dredge up fear and loathing. I don't want to spend time on books like that.

    23. As usual, this book was pure Julie Smith, but done in dark colors of grey and green and blue. As usual the descriptions were excellent, but the detail of Skip Langdon's life and actions were unsettling. The story was engaging - it kept me reading even when I didn't want to! Five stars! What more can I say.

    24. Depression makes a visitFast action with deep characters in serious trouble both sides of the law.A sassy off duty police woman who loves her friends solved a kidnapping and is now a heroine to the teens involved and the police department.

    25. Skip Langdon is a New Orleans police officer on leave following an officer-involved shooting. She becomes interested in a candidate for mayor who seems to her not merely corrupt, but evil. Well-told, tightly plotted. Recommended for those who like good solid mystery novels.

    26. Kindness of Strangers Has me reading late into the night. Well woven plot with twists and turns that leave you guessing. Love reading books set in NOLA and loved the Talbsa Wallace series. Not real fond of the frequent use of the "f" word in this book.

    27. Another raucous, terrifying, funny, sad trip with Skip LangdonI am a huge fan of Julie Smith and it's been ages since I've read a "new to me" one. She writes well; the pacing is great. She slips in evil that we worry about. And her characters are flawed, like the rest of us.

    28. More like 2 1/2 stars for me. The story started out slow and all over the place. The story finally started to get intriguing when Torian (view spoiler)[goes to live with Paulette. (hide spoiler)] this was a first book for me reading this author. I don't plan on reading anymore of the series.

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