Escape A domina s only purpose in life was to birth vampire children for the Quiet King Any human woman with the domina gene spent their lives in the castle under strict rules and the guards watchful eyes Br

  • Title: Escape
  • Author: Kenya Wright
  • ISBN: 9781618854452
  • Page: 181
  • Format: ebook
  • A domina s only purpose in life was to birth vampire children for the Quiet King Any human woman with the domina gene spent their lives in the castle under strict rules and the guards watchful eyes Brie has been a domina for two years After witnessing the slaughter of babies, she plans to escape and seeks help from Samuel, a vampire known for aiding many out of slaveryA domina s only purpose in life was to birth vampire children for the Quiet King Any human woman with the domina gene spent their lives in the castle under strict rules and the guards watchful eyes Brie has been a domina for two years After witnessing the slaughter of babies, she plans to escape and seeks help from Samuel, a vampire known for aiding many out of slavery.However, Samuel has only one policy He won t help dominas escape the king The penalty is too high and their blood triggers powers in him that he doesn t want released So Brie is forced to lie about being a domina and Samuel is lured in by her blood Something emerges within them that they can t deny, overwhelming their every cell and igniting an all consuming hunger that neither can flee.

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    1. I lurv me some vampurrs and you know what, this was a pretty good little book. It worked for me. There is insta-lust and they only spend a few days together before the male knows she is his forever mate. But, you know what? I don't mind that. I like it when we get right down to business. I don't want to have to wait until the book is almost over before the couple realizes they like each other! So there.The plot isn't the most complex thing I've ever read, but the world was interesting. A vampire [...]

    2. Kenya Wright is quickly becoming my first auto-read indie author. I am a big fan of her Habitat series --and though this book has a decidedly different feel, it reeled me in all the same.Brie is a special breed of human, one of the few who can produce vampire offspring. She and the other women of her kind are kept in the custody of the Quiet King. They are called dominas, but they are really conscripted breeders, forced to remain with the king to bear baby after baby. Brie is one of the lucky on [...]

    3. Welcome to the vampire city.The Quiet King rules thereHe is domineering, possessive, and sadistic.A domina’s only purpose in life was to birth vampire children for the Quiet King.Brie is a domina.Any human woman with the domina gene spent their lives in the castle under strict rules and the guards’ watchful eyes. Samuel is what is called a "Pathfinder", and he helpes Brie to escape. Samuel is Alpha to his core (yeeyy)!He finds himself drawn to Brie for the same reason the vampire king is,her [...]

    4. Kenya Wright is THE MASTER!!! I love her books and from the time I have read "The Habitat" series to know I have known she is THE QUEEN of paranormal romance and Dark Fantasy Romance books!! I applaud you!!! If you have not read one of her books, you MUST run out right now and read one!! I am not kidding, her books are highly entertaining and will keep you riveted to the pages!! Her characters can be dark and gritty but loveable, and she knows how to write an Alpha male that will have you meltin [...]

    5. As a special breed of human, Brie is kept under the control of the vampire king. He uses women like Brie to create offspring, so that he can continue building his civilization. When it’s become apparent that the king is ready to use Brie, she plans an escape. With the help of one of the king’s daughters, Brie is lead to Samuel, another vampire, who helps save women like herself. Once Brie has been rescued, she is eager to get back to the life she had prior to being held captive. With Samuel [...]

    6. HOW have I not discovered Kenya Wright until now?? (BTW - THANK YOU reviewers without whom I would not have been exposed to this author!)This is a great little two novella series. Short & easy reads. I enjoyed how quickly Kenya brings you into the story. There is no slogging through pages upon pages before you feel a kinship with the heroine. Samuel is an enjoyable, if resistant hero.My only gripe was that it was short. I will definitely be checking out more of Ms Wright's books now.

    7. Escape by Kenya WrightThe Quiet King. The blind and deaf ruler of vampires seemingly should be disadvantaged, harmless even. But that’s not quite the case here. With a harem of human dominas acquired for the sole purpose of bearing his vampire children, he maintains an upper hand. Brie, a domina for two years, is nearing her turn to begin procreating with the King. Unfortunately, his policy to slaughter babies who could challenge him is a pretty big turn off. Her only hope to escape lies with [...]

    8. I loved this 11 chapter book. Yowza! It was very steamy! It was told through Brie’s first person point-of-view. She was a domina (a.k.a. slave to the Quiet King) who wanted to run away. I liked that she was a strong-willed female character–one that took matters into her own hands instead of just accepting someone’s word.Samuel was a path finder, willing to help her escape. He was everything I want to see in a vampire: sexy, manipulative, possessive, strong, arrogant. Did I mention sexy? He [...]

    9. Original review here: offbeatvagabond/2013/05/the-vampire-king-trilogy-blog-tourmlYes, yes, yes. Oh, this is what I love about paranormal romance. This was such an incredible read. I will be reading it again. Kenya Wright has quite the read here. I am so glad I jumped on this the moment I saw the cover. I love arms, what can I say? I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but with a cover like that, I have some very sexy expectations. And boy, Wright delivered. Thank you so much [...]

    10. Review originally featured on Bookluvrs HavenWhen I saw the super sexy cover of Kenya's novella, it was game on. I knew from the cover alone I was in for another heart palpitating steamy novel from this author, and the book blurb just added the bonus of looking forward to a pretty fresh plot.What I enjoy about Kenya's writing is how well she can world build. This novella is no exception. In 127 pages, she was able to bring me fully into this world where vampires are the norm. A king rules them a [...]

    11. As a fan of Vampire fiction I generally approach new series with some trepidation, for fear of how they will butcher traditional vampire lore in favour of innovation. However my fears were allayed with "Escape" the first book of Kenya Wright's Vampire King series. While still introducing some new ideas and visuals, this sticks to many of the tradtional staples of popular vampire lore, for example vampires can be killed with a wooden stake. But here Wright very cleverly takes this to the next lev [...]

    12. I was provided Escape as an ARC for an honest review.Kenya Wright has the awesome ability of making me want to simultaneously applaud and strangle her. Applaud because she consistently comes through with steam Paranormal Romances that deliver with strong female leads, sexy Alpha males and fabulous world building. Strangle, because she is constantly bringing me into her world only to leave me stranded back on Earth wanting to once again climb into her character’s worlds and see what happens nex [...]

    13. I stumbled across a great book review for this book; I just had to read it – immediately. I ventured to the authors website seeking additional information on the book & discover more great news…It is part of a Trilogy – that’s right we get 3 installments. As I am sure you are aware the book market has been flooded with Vampire books, but the author has put just enough of a twist on this paranormal tale to keep make it her own. As a reader, I often feel overwhelmed with information (e [...]

    14. This was the first vampire book I've ever read. If all vampire books are like this one, I could see myself reading this genre. Brie is a special kind of human who can breed with vampires. As such, she allows herself to become one of the domina, which means living in captivity to be used by the vampire king. The writing is superb, the plot is well constructed and the characters are very well developed. Kenya Wright is a skilled writer, and would probably be successful in any genre she chose to pu [...]

    15. A novella that will leave you wanting air, blood, and more!You won't be able to look away as Kenya Wright twists a tale of hardship, running for home, and never looking back.An enchanting tale of escape only to get captured between lust and devotion.A must read!

    16. Escape is a story about a woman name Brie, who is trying to escape the kingdom of a vampire king. He keeps a harem of woman who give birth to his children. These children will be come his army so that he can maintain control over his kingdom. Brie wants to escape the kingdom to return to her husband and children that she misses deeply.Another woman named Octavia, who is considered a princess, helps her to escape the kingdom by taking her to a vampire tracker named Samuel. Samuel is reluctant to [...]

    17. I loved this story! And there are some amazing illustrations within. They gave a picture perfect effect to what the author wanted to express and made it even more enjoyable! A definite MUST read for all paranormal romance fans looking for something original, enjoyable and satisfying!Brie has been a domina for 2 long years. She remained untouched by the Quiet King or any other vampire throughout that time. Wanting and needing to get back home, to the life and family she had before becoming a domi [...]

    18. Who the heck is Kenya Wright? I asked myself when I clicked on her email. Well, Kenya Wright seems to be an author to watch it turns out. You know, not even a year ago I was safe and happy reading in my own little bubble with my comfortable authors I know and love never once wanting to break out and try an author no one’s never heard of, much less an author that self published. I have no idea why I was so tight laced about it. But never again! Yeah, there are some bad apples in the bunch, jus [...]

    19. I have loved every book from Ms. Wright that I have read. I am also happy to report that this novella did not disappoint! First off, I loved the illustrations interspersed throughout the story. They were well placed, beautiful and compelling. In addition to that lovely enhancement, Ms. Wright created another complex, darkly imaginative world where our heroine, Brie, was trying to escape from a lifetime of slavery to the "Quiet King" as a breeding female. The details were just right for a novella [...]

    20. The concept was great. A totally original idea after all. To top it all it had illustrations! It has been a long time since I truly enjoyed a vampire themed novell. It was hot, funny and captivating.(Since I read way too many of them they all started to look same to me with little diffrences.) It was easy to read but I'm not saying that the language is weak. It was filled with adventure from the start and I must admit that I really felt the need and sexual tension between Brie and Samuel. Also i [...]

    21. Kenya Wright’s “Escape”—book 1 in “The Vampire King Series”—is an action-filled paranormal romance adventure. Wright creates a deadly vampire world where human women with rare genes become the Quiet King’s personal breeding machines, and babies born with the wrong genes are immediately slain. Her hero, Samuel, is dark, brooding, powerful, mysterious, and utterly sexy. Her heroine, Brie, is a self-sacrificing, self-denying, take charge kind of woman. Her villain, the Quiet King, i [...]

    22. Sadly not the page turner that I was hoping for. Honestly; its almost been a year since I started it and I was able to put it down and I'm not quite enamored enough to pick it back up againrry, not sure when I'm going to finish it. Maybe its just not my cup of tea. Please give this book a chance but don't think your the only one whose struggled to finish it.

    23. I am a huge fan of paranormal romance; a HUGE fan. And when I was asked to review this book, I immediately said yes because it looked like something I would totally buy. And of course, there were vampires involved, why wouldn’t I read it?! While it could technically be called PNR, this was more urban fiction for me. It starts off right in the middle of the story, I mean, right in the middle. Told in first person, I get a sense of the heroine’s thoughts but not information on the problems or [...]

    24. Originally posted at DJ's Book Corner3.5 STARSI received this book for review months before I became a part of the Vampire King blog tour, so looks like I was always destined to read Escape! It was a short, fast-paced read that I liked, but didn't necessarily love.When I say it was fast-paced, that's what I mean. It might have been too fast for me, because I was hoping for more character development in regards to Brie's and Samuel's characters. However, I liked Brie and Sam! Brie was spunky and [...]

    25. Review by Lover KarenEscape by Kenya Wright is a sizzling spin in the paranormal vampire genre. This vampire erotic tale takes place on a planet with two moons where vampires rule their territories and barter for blood and concubine with the human population. The premise of the novella is that one of the bartered concubine (they are called domina) named Brie wants her freedom back. She doesn’t want to breed any children with the king. She fears bearing him male children. who under the king’s [...]

    26. This is only the 3rd book I've read of Kenya's but she is one of those authors that I always look forward to reading her work. I save it for those Saturdays when I can really curl-up and enjoy the read. She did not disappoint. I love the way her mind works she takes the usual paranormal cast and turn them into her own playground of creativity. Here we have The Quiet King, literally. He is deaf, blind and mute and has a harem of women with a rare blood type that is used for breeding. In this stor [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book. It's rather simple but at the same time interesting. I liked that I didn't have to spend a lot of time with world building and yet not be confused about what was going on. Loved Samuel and I really can't wait to find out what happens next.

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