Homo Action Love Story! A tall tale

Homo Action Love Story A tall tale Boots McHenry and his boyfriend Ryan are young superstars in the North American Paintball League a high stakes sport where losers face exile five full years of it on an island so secret no one can b

  • Title: Homo Action Love Story! A tall tale
  • Author: Ben Monopoli
  • ISBN: 9781481083638
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Boots McHenry and his boyfriend Ryan are young superstars in the North American Paintball League, a high stakes sport where losers face exile five full years of it, on an island so secret no one can be sure it even exists After Ryan has a tragic collision with an opposing team s paintball, the rules of the game force the boyfriends apart.Boots is shattered without RyanBoots McHenry and his boyfriend Ryan are young superstars in the North American Paintball League, a high stakes sport where losers face exile five full years of it, on an island so secret no one can be sure it even exists After Ryan has a tragic collision with an opposing team s paintball, the rules of the game force the boyfriends apart.Boots is shattered without Ryan, so when his best friend Clemente Santiago suggests a daring, high seas mission to find the island and reunite the pair, Boots jumps at the chance They assemble a crack team to join them, including fashion model and mixed martial arts champ Colby Kroft, hunky but shy sea captain Marcus Tumble, and Piper Pernfors, the ex who s aching to make Boots forget Ryan ever existed.HOMO ACTION LOVE STORY is a lighthearted, sex filled adventure from the author of THE CRANBERRY HUSH and THE PAINTING OF PORCUPINE CITY It s a perfect storm of beautiful fishermen, murderous pirates, blossoming romances, and secrets that call almost everyone s motives into question Land, ho This page turner is sure to float your boat.

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    1. Trying to get a feel for this book before you buy? Hate spoilers? Pull up a chair and let me break it down for you. The first thing you’ll discover about Homo Action Love Story! is how sexually charged it is. Usually that sends me scurrying away from any book, since I prefer sappy and sweet, but it quickly becomes obvious that Monopoli can write long detailed sex scenes that are fun and playful. This is the sort of sex long-term partners find together—comfortable, but scorching hot at the sa [...]

    2. WOW WOW WOWJust WOWHow in the hell does a person even write a book that is a full on Kick Ass Action Feautre Feelm complete with explosions, high speed open ocean chases, latino hearhthrobs, silent and steady sea captians with honest hearts, fantastic knock you down MMAC boys with a romantic streak, paintballer champions for GOODNESS SAKE!!! with love, romance, passion, beutiful views and even lovelier emotions, melt your face off sex scenes and the sweetest ending ever OMG and PIRATES!! YES I s [...]

    3. I was zilla let down by this bookI had very high expectations coming into this story. Most of my GR friends love this one and it has a 4.54 average rating! A sure thing, right?? Alas, this book didn't work for me. Why? I blame the fickle bastard named Boots.The book takes place sometime in the future where pro paintball has replaced the NFL and everyone seems to be gay (there are literally no straight characters!). Boots and Ryan are boyfriends who happen to play on the same paintball team. They [...]

    4. Homo Action Love Story: A Titular AnalysisHomo: The veracity of this, the first of the sequence of title words, cannot be argued. This is indeed a very "homo" novel. All of the main characters are homosexual to various degrees. As for the supporting characters, I cannot say. Although I suspect some of them are probably homo as well. There are very few female characters and I cannot comment on their sexuality, only to say that one female is called Lucinda Skullcrusher and if that is not a lesbian [...]

    5. 3.5 starsI write this review in 1st person present POV as the book is writtenIt feels like reading an instruction manual or a recipe card.This book IS: refreshing and fun and random and testosterone-filled and GFY and zilla cool.This book IS NOT: really a true romance and not 100% engaging and not consistent and not what I hoped for.Parts of it I love. Parts of it bore me. I have a blast at the beginning and the end.I skim the entire middle. Apparently, boys can fall out of love like *snap* that [...]

    6. Silly Fun! I don't even know what to say about this book. I'm going with tagging it as scfy, but it's kind of a satire as well as an adventure. There were some feels that added poignancy, but didn't tip the scales to overkill. All of it is farfetched and kept me entertained.Boots McHenry is a professional paintballer along with his boyfriend, Ryan, when we first meet them. All of the story is told from Boots' perspective and let me tell you, Boots is a dude. He calls everyone dude, he thinks lik [...]

    7. 3.5 stars – This one was a miss with me, which is too bad because I actually love action/adventure stories. What I liked: The writing is good and smooth, and the author inserts a lot of visual details in his description so the narration is often very interesting. I also like the strange far-future setting with its paint ball leagues and super-fast hydro boats, and the story idea is neat—Our MC Boots, who is facing a five-year separation from Ryan, his teammate and lover of two years, when Ry [...]

    8. This was fantastic - gay fantasty fic not m/m bullshit that has to follow some heteronormative stupid rules about monogamy and hearts on fire forever. Finally found some fun gay fiction that fits in more to my friend's realities of male life than the make believe 'everyone wants weddings and babies'rubbish that is m/m of late (sorry rant over)This was such a breath of fresh air -action, fun, feels, hotness and answers to questions the mc is searching for. There was also actually a story with a p [...]

    9. Full Reviewage on Prism Book Alliance®Opening paragraph and I’m already grinning, digging this writing, hoping it’s a good sign for the entire book.”I don’t know why I still get so nervous,” he whispers, pretty brown eyes hidden behind the shades.“It’s cute,” I assure him, and give his hangnail-finger a squeeze. Like a boulder on his knuckle is last year’s Splatter Cup ring. “You’re a killing machine in the stadium but behind the cameras you’re just a bashful boy.”“S [...]

    10. 4.5 starsSo much fun!!! Boots is the most imperfect, yet still loveable MC. Don't expect a traditional romance, but you still may be very happy with how this turns out. I was :)

    11. It's so funny that the first time I picked this book up it was seriously going to be a DNF. Then, for the first time ever, I forgot my Kindle in my desk drawer at work this week and was forced to read from my Kindle app on my iPhone. I downloaded this book quickly more out of convenience etc than a real belief I would get into it.Except, I did. I enjoyed this, really. And it was different enough to keep my interest. I loved the GFY and the adventure, the humour and the whimsy. I just got into th [...]

    12. The most fun I’ve had while reading in forever. This book is a blast. I had some doubts at the beginning (Paintball? Really?), but they were quickly dispelled, and this just proves that Ben Monopoli can write anything. This story is whimsical, funny, and poignant. It’s an action movie, a bromance, a sexy friends-to-lovers romance. Pirates! Lube wrestling! Beautiful boys! I loved it all so much.

    13. Honestly, the title says it all:Homo – yup (obviously)Action - oh yes!Homo action – oh hell yes!Love - Erm, I guess so.Love Story – Depends on your definition. But yeah, probably :)A tall tale! – Absolutely!So, this is different, in a good way: fun, exciting, funny as hell (well, I thought so) and very sexy. I managed to smother my grumblings over the (dreaded) first person present tense format by focussing on a premise that really excited me. Plus all the sexy sculpted man muscle in ski [...]

    14. 4.75 starsWow, this one completely took me by surprise! As always, I really enjoyed Ben Monopli's writing, but I thought I knew the direction the book was heading in then suddenly, ZAG! At first I was resistant to going with the zag, I wanted the zig, damnit! But slowly I was reeled in and began to love the idea of the zag. I mean, it wasn't what I originally thought this story was going to be about, but I ended up loving the journey it took me on anyway. Sorry zig. I really don't want to give a [...]

    15. Another great book by Ben Monopoli! I loved the story as well as the writing. I also enjoyed the little plug for The Cranberry Hush by Clemente when he was talking with Boots.When I finished I was sadt for the ending, but because I've read all of Ben Monopoli's books and now I'm stuck waiting for the next one! :)

    16. I loved everything about this crazy book. Would love to see this made into a movie!!! You should know going in that this is NOT a traditional, contemporary romance.'s an action/adventure book with gay MCs.

    17. Such a fun read! I burned through this one pretty quickly after finishing "The Cranberry Hush" the night before. Ben's writing is captivating and here he's again crafted a story and characters that are hard to walk away from.

    18. Wow. Impossibly romantic, sun-quenched, semen-drenched, delirious potboiler of a homo-erotic tall tale that throbs and spurts with virtually every bodily fluid and secondary material imaginable: sweat, cum, black volcanic sand, ass juice, body glue, salt, tears. And yet, as one has come to expect from Monopoli, there is a bittersweet strand of transience here, of defiance hurled against adversity, of nostalgia and regret, of the realisation, in the face of impossible odds, of what really, truly, [...]

    19. OK, so Ben Monopoli doesn't really fit a specific genre. Unless they make a new genre called "well written gay stuff". All of his work has m/m romance elements, but this is also a boys-own-adventure story. There are lovers torn apart by the rules of their professional sport, adventure, romance and evil pirates. I had moments when I struggled to be sympathetic to the lead, Boots McHenry, but In the end, he's an awesome guy. who ends up with his own awesome guy. and his friends get their own aweso [...]

    20. 4/1/16 note: It's kind of just weird luck that I happened to pick this book out of the samples on my iPad last night to read, and when I found it on for $.99, I didn't really understand why. Turns out that right now (4/1/2016), all of Ben's stuff is on sale on for a buck. Go buy it all now. I stumbled on it by happenstance, but I highly recommend at least his first three books—and you can get all three for $3! And get the fourth while you're at it—I did!Review: It's been over four years si [...]

    21. I came to this expecting something mediocre to give a hard time to once I'm done.But fuck me - I'll give this six stars if I could.There's not much to say that can be said without spoiling it, but I'll say this much: It's funny. It doesn't make you weak with laughter, and it doesn't have the trying-very-hard style of your standard romcom book. What it's got is steady, amusing writing that will keep you smiling the whole way (Seriously. My cheeks still hurt.). And the name, believe it or not, sui [...]

    22. I loved Ben Monopoli’s previous books, both for their intriguing story. His stories are subtle and elegant, always aching and sad and funny. I think it’s a testimony on how good a write is… to be both funny and sad. Not an easy thing to do. Anyway I’ve been waiting for his new book for ages. And when I heard the new title, I had to scratch my head. I got more surprised and a bit perplexed when I read… paintball? Really??? Paintball, c’mon! Then Mr. Monopoli got a real treat for me! A [...]

    23. 4.5 stars. Fresh, original m/m romance set in an alternative future in Thebes, California. Hated the title, loved the beginning, I thought this was going along the way of 'The Hunger Games' initially. Got a little bored during the seafaring part, expected a darker ending.Told in the first person and present tense from Boots McHenry's pov. Boots is a 'Warrior' in the prestigious North American Paintball League and lover to team-mate Ryan Kroft. If a player is simu-killed, the penalty is five year [...]

    24. 3.5 stars. I really wanted to love this book too. Despite the reviews, this one didn't work for me. I agree with ttg's review. I did like the writing and the setting. I'll definitely check out Ben Monopoli's other books.

    25. Not sure where my rating went, but I love the HELL out of this book!It's fun and exciting and I'll be re-reading it.Read it last year, but taking credit for it this year :)If it sticks

    26. I do believe Mr. Monopoli used his "working title" for this book, and decided not to change it. Good, because the goofy, yet honest title is appropriate for this goofy, yet sincere book.Boots McHenry and Ryan Kroft are teammates and lovers in a weird, not too distant future free of STDs and homophobia. Both are superstar athletes in the utterly ridiculous game of paintball. Paintball games have been professionalized and franchised into a national pastime. The players compete in stadia designed w [...]

    27. When Geoffrey Knight published his Fathom's Five series, pretty much everyone liked it but me. I had to check out after the second book. In a way, Homo Action Love Story! A tall tale is everything I expected from that series.Oh, yes, the story is over-the-top, but that comes as surprise only to those who didn't read the title. But, unlike in the mentioned series, the characters aren't paper thin and I cared for them, was scared and hurt for them and I wanted to see them happy. But, mostly I was [...]

    28. Keep in mind the name of this book as you read it, as this really is a tall story of homo love and action.This story takes place some time in the future where the National Football League has been replaced by the North American Paintball League. Boots McHenry is a professional player as well as his boyfriend of two years Ryan Kroft. However, during a game Ryan is simu-killed and has to spend five years in exile. How does Boots handle this loss? will he wait for Ryan, or turn to his former lover [...]

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