A New Normal

A New Normal You never forget your first love but what if your first love never forgot you and orchestrated an unconventional reunion Less than a year after the death of his wife musician Charlie Foster agreed t

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  • Title: A New Normal
  • Author: Carol Lynne
  • ISBN: 9781781841730
  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
  • You never forget your first love, but what if your first love never forgot you and orchestrated an unconventional reunion Less than a year after the death of his wife, musician Charlie Foster agreed to perform at a convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico He thought getting away from New York for a few days would be good for him, but he didn t expect to see the first personYou never forget your first love, but what if your first love never forgot you and orchestrated an unconventional reunion Less than a year after the death of his wife, musician Charlie Foster agreed to perform at a convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico He thought getting away from New York for a few days would be good for him, but he didn t expect to see the first person he d ever fallen in love with.Jake Pierson gave his heart to Charlie when he was barely fifteen years old As best friends, Jake believed he and Charlie would be together forever, but when Charlie took the easier path in life, Jake was left to deal with a future without the man he loved.Jake knew tricking Charlie into performing at a conference he d helped organise was low handed, but he had a promise to keep and a future to build.Reader Advisory This story has been previously released as part of the Unconventional At Best anthology by Total E Bound

    One thought on “A New Normal”

    1. Charlie and Jake were lovers and friends since childhood ( we don't see it, but it's inferred).Charlie turns his back on Jake as a lover and marries Jen because he wants 'normal'. The story and the way they get back together is actually very sweet, I just had an issue with how the whole Jen/Charlie thing was handled.(view spoiler)[ Jen wanted Charlie and she really did love him and he loved her, but she put the fear and paranoia in his head and fostered it, so he would leave Jake and marry her, [...]

    2. Originally read in Unconventional At Best AnthologyWhat killed this story for me was the wife. I understand she was gone by the time this story takes place but what she did to Charlie was beyond wrong. Just because you had a bad experience doesn't give you the right to intentionally break up a couple because you want to be with one of the MCs. To intentionally boast and manipulate someone's fears just ticks me off. She knew his fears and doubts and used them to get what she wanted. She wrote it [...]

    3. I am so unsure of what I think about this book. I’m not even sure if I like the characters. No, that’s not right. I like Jake, yet I feel he’s a doormat and that tinges it a little. Jake and Charlie were a childhood buddies, happy as best friends and then happier still being in love. Charlie already had a little paranoia about how he was perceived and friend Jen (who had demons in her past) built on that. That made me lose respect for Jen yet gain it at the same time, since she didn’t ha [...]

    4. A New Normal is an interesting concept that carries a lot of appeal to anyone who has ever been frowned upon as not "fitting the mold", "being different", or plain not fitting in. In this story, "normal" is being straight, and one of the main characters needs to learn how to redefine his "normal" so that it fits the fact that he is gay.Charlie has been running from the fact he is gay and in love with his best friend, Jake, ever since he fell in love with Jen in college, Yes, it wasn't as easy or [...]

    5. Thank you to my Ultimate Challenge teammate "Addicted2M/M" for lending this book to me.NTS: MMRG Ultimate Challenge February 1, 2017 - January 31, 2017. February/March Bonus, state, New Mexico.

    6. Sacrificing one's own happiness may seem like a noble gesture, but it is not necessarily the prudent thing to do. Jake Pierson, in Carol Lynne's book 'A New Normal', gave up the man he loved because he thought that Charlie would never be happy in a relationship with a man. The thing is, the whole premise of the sacrifice was a farce. It wasn't what Charlie should have chosen; he was lying to himself. By letting him 'go', it was Jake, not Charlie, who made the decision. Even though Jake has never [...]

    7. Read this in about thirty minutes-- it's that short. There is a lot of backstory that the author more or less skims through, and the story would have been far more enjoyable if she hadn't. Charlie and Jake have a lot of history most of which sounded more interesting than the story itself. Lots of telling, not too much showing going on here.I do have to mention the cover, at least to say that it has nothing to do with the story in any way. I'm not sure that the semi-naked guy looks like Charlie, [...]

    8. A NEW NORMAL is a not-so-classic tale of first love found, lost, and then found again.Charlie craves normalcy, and he knows he cannot get that if he is in a relationship with another man. So, despite his love for Jake, he is drawn away by Jen, whom he marries and spends many contented years with. Charlie and Jake remain friends, but after a fast, one night, sexual reunion with Jake, Charlie is so upset with himself that he break all ties with Jake. Now that Jen has died, Jake wants to try to fin [...]

    9. This is the story of former lovers and best friends Charlie and Jake, who broke it off years ago because Charlie wanted a "normal" life and broke up with Jake to marry a woman. She is now dead and Jake, who's still in love with Charlie (for reasons I can't understand) orchestrates a piano-playing gig for Charlie at an M/M Romance convention so they can meet again. Jake is now, unbeknownst to Charlie, a successful M/M Romance writer, who's biggest seller is a book based on Jake's and Charlie's re [...]

    10. Pretty good story about two former lovers and best friends getting a second chance at love. I found it difficult to empathize with Charlie, beyond the death of his wife, because he treated Jake so badly. Jake was a likable character and I enjoyed the fact that he was a gay erotica writer. (view spoiler)[The big reveal concerning Jen was surprising, but the only thing it did was make me dislike her, even though she passed in such a painful way. However, I'm glad that Jake emphasized that Charlie [...]

    11. A fine example of a what could have been a decent novel squeezed into a short story. The result is a tale with a few nice moments but the bulk of the actually interesting story compressed into summary format, robbing the work of most of its dramatic effect.I see so many short stories and novellas with this problem. Too many authors just don't know how to write a shorter work and just end up either writing a summery for a novel or just write a beginning and end and leave out everything in between [...]

    12. Let me start by saying I really liked Jake, and feel he could do so much better than whiney crybaby Charlie. I don't find their romance realistic at all. Then we have the concept of a wife who manipulated our poor MC into marriage. Really? So I can add pathetic and weak-willed to his less than stellar list of characteristics? As I said, Jake deserved better! Liked the idea of a mm romance convention, (and would love to attend one! ) so i give Jake one star and the setting another, meaning I give [...]

    13. Oh i loved Charlie and JakeSeems weird to hate someone who's not in the story but omg how could Jen do that (view spoiler)[ manipulate Charlie into marrying hereven though he should have stood upto his love for Jake (hide spoiler)]I'm glad it ended like it did x

    14. Reviewed by:Lucy Genre: M/M ContemporaryRated: 3.5 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    15. nice "SHORT" storyory does not start till page 6, soo 32-6=26 this short story 26 pages.I don't know why publishers think we can't figure this out.

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