Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures, Vol. 1

Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures Vol The untold tales of Atomic Robo are uh told At last Featuring Dr Dinosaur Sparrow Nikola Tesla Bruce Lee monsters commie bots comic shop owners and

  • Title: Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures, Vol. 1
  • Author: Brian Clevinger John Broglia
  • ISBN: 9780986898518
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
  • The untold tales of Atomic Robo are, uh, told At last Featuring Dr Dinosaur, Sparrow, Nikola Tesla, Bruce Lee, monsters, commie bots, comic shop owners, and

    One thought on “Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures, Vol. 1”

    1. Nice collection of fun short stories. I usually hate these 4, 8 and 12-page tales - small enough not to build up any momentum, fun or payoff. And not all of these stories pay off - in fact, they leave us hanging more often than not. Is that why I liked them more than say early Hellboy? Or is it that I have more invested in the Robo-verse, and any scrap of the outlandish adventures is just feeding into my already-cultish loyalty to Clevinger's imagination?I liked the long stories best - Bruce Lee [...]

    2. Ugh. This anthology title collects some very short stories (roughly three to six pages, I guess, on average) with different artists telling stories from within the world of Atomic Robo. Two of the stories have Dr. Dinosaur, one of the greatest comic book characters ever, and even though one of those is just a couple of pages to set up a punchline, that punchline is funny, and the other Dr. Dinosaur story is his funniest tale yet. Sparrow, a WWII British commando introduced in an earlier Robo vol [...]

    3. There's a few good ones in here, but most of the stories were barely ok, and a lot of them felt unfinished.

    4. This is a reliably entertaining collection of short stories, although some have been collected or released elsewhere, like the two Dr. Dinosaur stories. It's a nice way to flesh out the world of Atomic Robo as well as put a spotlight on great characters like the Sparrow. A few of the stories seem a little too short, though, and they don't have much impact beyond "Well, that happened." Or even "Well, that started to happen." But, really, any book in which Atomic Robo trains with Bruce Lee is an a [...]

    5. Review on August 26, 2014I re-read this because I'd picked up volume 2 and I enjoyed it much better than the first time. Partially because I had a better idea of what to expect (coming off the Robo graphic novels, this one's disappointing with its short, disjointed storylines). Now, there are still some of the stories that I don't fully understand because they tried to tell too much story in too little space (both panel and text) but there were some that had me laughing out loud. I don't remembe [...]

    6. Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures (Volume 1) is the first installment in a new anthology series featuring Atomic Robo in a variety of short adventures. Unlike the usual Atomic Robo graphic novel, you'll find no overarching story here, but instead, thirteen different short stories. Overall, the 2012 collection is fun, but lacks the punch of a unified story.Usual Robo writer and creator Brian Clevinger returns for the scripting duties, and a cavalcade of guests artists provide the art, with usu [...]

    7. I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, there were several stories I enjoyed. In particular "To Kill a Sparrow" and the Free Comic Book Day tale were very good. "Tesla's Electric Sky Schooner" was completely fabulous though it could have used more female characters. In a way I wanted an entire volume of that story, but I also think that would be too much of a good thing. (Kind of like how the National Treasure was great but the sequel was terrible.) It was perfect as a short story. "Reveng [...]

    8. Atomic Robo is a little side project of 8-bit theatre creator Brian Clevinger. It features a robot that has human intelligence and is basically impervious to any damage. The short comic series tells some stories from his individual missions. Just like in 8-bit theatre, which I haven't read in quite a while, Clevinger has some trouble creating deep characters that actually have something to say. That doesn't ruin the comic though, since it's focused on action and witty comments and it manages bot [...]

    9. This is a collection of several very short stories taking place in the Atomic Robo universe. Atomic Robo does not appear in every story and unfortunately those tend to be the low points. Most of the stories are too short for very much plot or character development. Even the extended stories lack the usual high quality punch of the regular Robo series. Many of the shorts try a little too hard to be poignant instead of action-packed and funny, but then again that's why they're shorts instead of fu [...]

    10. RobotProphet approved.This Atomic Robo collection is SO GOOD. The character Atomic Robo himself has a satirical personality much like Spiderman. This volume made for a great introduction to the character since I accidentally mistook it for the first volume of the main story. I’ve noticed that all the emotional, action-packed, creative robot stories that robot fans have been looking for in cinema have been strongly circulating under the radar in distribution through independent makers and comic [...]

    11. These other stories by other artists in the Atmoic Robo universe were all fun--some a few pages, some longer, some without Robo's appearance at all. Those might have been the most interesting of all, with the world going on without revolving around Robo. Seeing another look at Sparrow, the most dangerous British spy, go up against the Germans with her partner was awesome. There was a sad look at comics in the 90's, when everything was a collector's item, resulting in nothing for Robo to read. Te [...]

    12. This volume overall isn't as strong as the main Atomic Robo series, but it does have some highlights. The story with Bruce Lee was especially good, as Robo trains under Lee and the repartee between the two is Atomic Robo at its best. and the Sparrow issue is also very strong, even in Robo is entirely absent. And the Large Hadron Collider with Dr. Dinosaur is by far the funniest section of the collection (although not quite the funniest Dr. Dinosaur story). Some of the shorts aren't nearly as str [...]

    13. Like a lot of other short story collections I find this to be very hard to rate. On one hand there are a number of stories which are very entertaining, in particular the "Tesla's Electric Sky Schooner” setting needs to be spun off into it’s own series. On the other hand I felt the majority of stories really failed to hit home. Overall I felt the good stories were worth continuing on with the series to see if it will become a little more consistent but I'm not hanging out for the next release [...]

    14. Collections of unconnected stories are always a roller coaster of quality. This volume had about a 75% success rate. There are several fantastic tales, including two with the awesome Dr. Dinosaur. There’s another real-person-cameo, that only causes me reassert my theory that they are major part of what makes Robo a great series, and another tale with a half-dozen historical characters and makes me question that idea. Luckily, the short nature of each story makes it easy to move on after the fe [...]

    15. This was recommended to me by a fellow librarian and it really was meh. I don't like the issue that makes fun of the Dark Age of comics and how no comic book is light and funny anymore. I meanwhat? That isn't even a true statement. Give me a comic book with a story and not some whiney baloney. On the upside, there were a few issues in there that were fun and had cool characters. So two stars it is!

    16. Atomic Robo is a fun series for comic lovers, but I think it's especially great for those who aren't already fans of the genre. The writing and characters are cheeky and fun, without having decades upon decades of backstory, inside references, and cross-universe characters to keep track of.Everything that other mainstream comic series from the Big 2 get wrong making it easy for new readers to get into comics, the Atomic Robo team does right. Good read for kids and adults.

    17. I really enjoyed this collection of shorts and explorations. My only complaint was that it often felt like a follow-up would be forthcoming, and they never were. Many of these vignettes seemed designed to make Robo feel more "human," and while they did that, they often focused on a mixture of regret and mild guilt.

    18. A great anthology, featuring Atomic -Robo and various members of his supporting cast.The stories stretch from his very earliest days to WW2 to the 70's to now and from comedy to quite serious to just plain odd.A really solid anthology, can't really think of a weak story in the bunch.


    20. Atomic Robo and Dr. Dinosaur are great characters and I've enjoyed their comics before, but this one seems like a bunch throw away idea picked from the cutting room floor of the regular Atomic Robo series. A few gems among the short stories but mostly blah.

    21. This seems to be where all the B-Stories type stuff now lives. Lots of small stories that just fill in the holes of the universe. Lots of fun.

    22. Pretty good. Some of the stories made no sense to me, mostly the ones that had no frame of reference and Atomic Robo wasn't in the story.

    23. For the most part the stories I liked more than made up for those I found hard to endure. It was also nice seeing different takes on the Robo character and the variety of art work.

    24. This is one of the better robo trades. Even though it's all guest artists, these stories are really cool and are definitely inviting to new fans

    25. This is a great comic. Remonds me a lot of Hellboy, but with a Robot investigating all sorts of scientific weirdness. Can't wait to read the next volume.

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