Attitude on Wheels, A Velvet Glove Story

Attitude on Wheels A Velvet Glove Story Carson arrives at the Velvet Glove in a wheelchair full of anger and snarls ready to take out his frustration on everyone around him Harrison the physiotherapist assigned to help him is maddeningl

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  • Title: Attitude on Wheels, A Velvet Glove Story
  • Author: Sean Michael
  • ISBN: 9781610403924
  • Page: 413
  • Format: ebook
  • Carson arrives at the Velvet Glove in a wheelchair, full of anger and snarls, ready to take out his frustration on everyone around him Harrison, the physiotherapist assigned to help him, is maddeningly Zen, even in the face of Carson s worst tantrums Carson takes to calling Harrison Pollyanna, but even that doesn t seem to faze the man Harrison maintains that Carson jusCarson arrives at the Velvet Glove in a wheelchair, full of anger and snarls, ready to take out his frustration on everyone around him Harrison, the physiotherapist assigned to help him, is maddeningly Zen, even in the face of Carson s worst tantrums Carson takes to calling Harrison Pollyanna, but even that doesn t seem to faze the man Harrison maintains that Carson just needs to turn all that passion toward getting better.Something than just healing is starting, though Can Carson and Harrison see past their roles as therapist and patient and find what they need in each other Originally published on the Turn of the Screw serial service.

    One thought on “Attitude on Wheels, A Velvet Glove Story”

    1. This is the story of a Dom who needs to accept that he is in a wheelchair and how to deal with everything from the tasks of daily life to his relationship with others. While it's an interesting addition to the "Velvet Glove" world, this was not typical for the stories in this series. Yes, there was mention of BDSM, a very short and loving spanking, and the Dom was called "Sir" a few times. The D/s element was far more subtle in this book, entirely on the initiative of the sub, and not enforced a [...]

    2. These guys were just sweet. Carson was a yelling mad madman in a wheelchair and Harrison was a smiling force of help. I enjoyed seeing their relationship blossom. It was a easy transition. Very light on the d/s aspect and BDSM. I really liked these two guys.

    3. I find it difficult to rate this book. I loved the first 2/3s of the book. It was only as the book neared the end that I stopped enjoying the story. The book opened some issues that I did not feel were solved by the end. Harrison worried about what would happen when Carson was well enough to have subs again. The story tells us that Carson has started working for Mal but does not tell readers what Harrison feels about it. His worries seem to have magically disappeared, however the couple never di [...]

    4. Not a standout, but I enjoyed itWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 7/10PROS: - Stories that feature physically challenged characters always pique my interest, and I love it when the character doesn’t have to be miraculously cured at the end to live a happy life. There’s also an interesting angle on Carson’s disability in that he’s still a good Dominant in spite of his inability to move as freely as other men. As Harrison says, “the game is me [...]

    5. You do need to suspend belief a bit to enjoy this story. Harrison is an amazing physiotherapist, calm and patient; understanding the lashing out may be directed at him but it isn’t because of him. He is ruthless in his belief that Carson will get better. Carson was injured going back into a burning building to save a sub who was fastened to a wall, which raises him even more in Harrison’s eyes. There were some missing pieces for me. Harrison was very worried throughout what would happen when [...]

    6. No matter how horrible it has been to lose the use of his legs, Carson Mercer will never give in.Physical therapy is Harrison’s whole life, not just his job.The last thing Carson wants or needs is another person feeding him a line of bull, so when Harrison says there is hope, he means it. Bitterness, anger and fear–Harrison has seen it all, so dealing with Carson’s tirades is all in a day’s work. However, Carson is anything but just a client. Carson tries repeatedly to shake Harrison’s [...]

    7. I thought this book was great. Carson and Harrison were totally adorable together. I loved Carsons tough attitude and Harry's willingness to not let it bother him. Harry's innocence was just another level of surprise that brought something extra to the book. I noticed some reviews complained abt the ending not being complete but I must disagree. They might not have spelled out the rest of their lives but as a reader you must have imagination and trust that their love will get them through anythi [...]

    8. Oh wowI love this oneCarson was so angry because of his accident putting him in a chairbut how he got there was through a brave act of saving a sub tied upHarrison is his therapist and didn't let Carson's anger get to himThe way they are together was greatHarrison promised Carson he would walk again and went on to prove it and help him get betterFor a dom to be in a wheelchair he thought he'd never be that man again but Harrison proved him wrongI loved them together x

    9. I never took the time to read "A Velvet Glove series" and now I admit, how much I would lose if I never took a chance. This book "Attitude on Wheels" is well done, Sean Michael wrote an excellent story. Carson, an excellent top, had an accident, his heroic action put him in a wheelchair. Now he is full of anger and snarls. Harrison is the physiotherapist assigned to help Carson out. I really loved this story. Harrison is a warm, positive character and I'm glad he was assigned to Carson. They bec [...]

    10. A powerful story of a man that has been hurt. He has to be strong enough to make Carson work hard and get better. Harrison's life is also changed by the encounter.

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