Boys For Sale

Boys For Sale When his parents agree to send Tavi off to a special school in the city that promises wealth and success they have no idea that they are handing their son over to real life human traffickers Tavi s e

  • Title: Boys For Sale
  • Author: Marc Finks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When his parents agree to send Tavi off to a special school in the city that promises wealth and success, they have no idea that they are handing their son over to real life human traffickers Tavi s excitement soon turns into horror as he learns what kind of life he has been forced into and the things that are expected of him As his world comes crashing down around him,When his parents agree to send Tavi off to a special school in the city that promises wealth and success, they have no idea that they are handing their son over to real life human traffickers Tavi s excitement soon turns into horror as he learns what kind of life he has been forced into and the things that are expected of him As his world comes crashing down around him, he struggles to stay true to himself in the midst of the darkness.But when one of his friends dies a horrific death, Tavi knows that he must escape if he is to survive and ever have a chance at a normal life again.

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    1. I follow the meanings for the stars both here and on retail sites. So, this 3 star means I did like the book. It would be a 4 star on places like .First let me say the book kept me turning the pages. I was drawn into the story and wanted to keep going. I very much liked Tavi and his friends. So, please when reading the rest of my comments, don't think I dislike this author. The book was worth my time.However, there were some real issues for me regarding this book. Before the bookd starts, the au [...]

    2. Although the writing is nothing special, I did find this a page turner. The opening was inexplicably hilarious, to me, because (view spoiler)[ the thought of 250 street kids packed into one tiny office just seemed ludicrous. (hide spoiler)] But I was very wrapped up in Tavi and his relationships with the other boys. The contrasting scenes with Javier's happy home life were so idyllic they made me gag. This . . . sappiness could have been toned down by an order of magnitude.I wasn't gripped enoug [...]

    3. 10 cringe worthy starsA warning to those looking for romance, consensual sex, moral lessons and most of all, happy endings. Turn away now because this is not the book for you.This isn't a story where good wins over evil; Where there's a hero to save the day; Where good people get their happy endings and bad people get punished for their crimes.This book features the life of Tavi, a thirteen year old boy born of poverty who was unfortunate enough to fall within the clutches of human trafficking. [...]

    4. I only have a minute to review because I have to get to book 2, Redemption, immediately. Five huge, stomach twisting stars my friends. This book is shocking and disgusting and terrifying and yet somehow hopeful. Or maybe it's the latent optimist in me looking for some sort of HEA. We have an HFN here but so much more to see. I'll catch up with you on the other side of Redemption.

    5. The author has the merit of highlighting a terrible problem of our times, that is human trafficking, in particular when involving children. For this check also the page mentioned by Mark Finks: notforsalecampaign/ or any of these organisations against human trafficking.This said, I can't give a good rating to a book just because of the mentioned reason. I'm sorry but I didn't like the book. I agree with Anna Tan: no sense of setting, no inner thoughts of the characters. Other negative points IMO [...]

    6. 4 dark, disturbing, and hesitant stars. So let me explain the hesitant. I've read captive stories before and enjoyed them, but this book wasn't like them. This isn't a romance. There is nothing to root for except the boys' freedom. This truly was dark and disturbing because there was no glamour to it and probably holds a nice size glimpse into reality. So giving it 4 stars feels odd to me. But in truth, it was a captivating story. It wasn't overly graphic, but certainly contained enough details [...]

    7. WowI could not stop reading it. I chose this book because I've always been drawn to the more demonic side of humanity. We like to paint our society as glorious and in doing so forget the underlying problems such as the events that take place in this book. The events are heart-wrenching and because they are inspired by true events, will definitely bring the reader to question the morality of our society. I don't want to spoil it for any prospective reader, but I do recommend those who want a glim [...]

    8. I understand that Marc Finks was trying to highlight the horrific sex slave trade but his "novel" doesn't do the subject justice. He comes up with Mr. Sex Slave Club Owner who loves his children so much, but cares nothing about all the children who he exploits in his business. Then his child is abused. He does a total turnaround, after helping his darling boy viciously murder his abuser. The characters make no sense at all. You'd be better off doing research on the sex slave trade than reading t [...]

    9. Really distressing tale of a young boy unwittingly sold into the sex trade by his parents.It's dark and disturbing, but there is an element of hope in the end. I thought the characters had a lot of depth and that made them more real. I'd be interested to read the sequel, although I might need a bit of an emotional break first.

    10. Reviews on were rather mixed for this one, so I didn't go in expecting too much.One thing that really bugged me about this story was the lack of a sense of setting. There didn't seem to be a specific place I could pin this story to - I assumed it was somewhere in the US, but the names like Tavi, Yuri, and Vikram gave it a more Asian/South East Asian feel, for example India. And then there were Sven and Francois which seem so European, and of course Javier Lopez who could really be a hispanic fr [...]

    11. I really loved this book. That may sound weird considering the subject matter (children forced into sexual slavery.) However, it was very well-written and thoughtful. It's written in 3rd person and alternates between both Tavi (a young boy) and Javier (the head of the trafficking ring.) The reader is able to "see" the events from both sides and the characters are very believable. At times, it felt like I was living the crap right along with them.While there are many acts of violence and/or sex, [...]

    12. This was an excellent book on a very sad situation in life. Human trafficking is a societal problem many people don't believe is real It is! They criticize the victim because they don't try to escape or fight back. THESE ARE VICTIMS! Read about Stockholm Syndrome, maybe you'll have better insight. My only disappointment in the novel,(which is why I only gave it 4 Stars)was disconnect between the prologue, the story and the ending which I have written the author about. It is a suspenseful read th [...]

    13. I typically read Christian fiction, but this was free for Kindles and sounded interesting. It was well written, though as typical with secular fiction, it had way too much bad language and was bit graphic, but not overly. The author did a great job through fiction, to show the plight of boys sold into the sex trade. The book is sad and left me wanting to do something to help kids trapped in sexual or other slavery

    14. This book was truly stunning and horrifying and heart breaking. It is very unsettling and upsetting but things like what this book is about does happen. Turning a blind eye doesn't mean it isn't and I wish I didn't have the history I do because poor kids like these need homes. I would recommend for anyone who wants to have their heart torn out but it is a little descriptive (it says so at the beginning) so you probably will cringe and want to cry a lot. If you want to know what it's about read t [...]

    15. This is a novel about Tavi, a teenage boy handed over to a group posing as educators, who promised his parents better schooling for him and the prospect of going to university. He soon becomes wise to the lie when he is forced into slavery. Tavi's character is well portrayed by the author as are those of a few other boys. I empathised with them and felt their helplessness at the hands of their heartless, immoral traffickers, but I felt more needed to be said to round off their characters.This no [...]

    16. Hard to read, and hard to put downI chose this rating because it made me think about what I know about child slavery, and I hope that others take the time to read this book and get involved in stopping sexual exploitation of minors. Reading this room the view of the child is heart wrenching. Knowing that the "boss" is someone that no one would even look at as being a pump makes me realize that anyone could be capable of doing this, not just who we would assume does.I received this book for free, [...]

    17. A couple of quick observations: anyone thinking about reading Boys for Sale should know there’s no relationship component of any kind. Not even friendship, really. The MC, Tavi, is not gay (or rather, that’s not revealed). He is, though, stolen from his parents and forced to become a sex worker at a very young age (sold daily to men looking for young boys). If those are triggers for you, do not read this book.Human trafficking is tough subject matter, and this is a serious novel. The author [...]

    18. It is rare to find a book of fiction that délas with the harsh reality of human trafficking; and, specially, when it involves boys. All sex-related crimes and also crimes related with sexual perversion are usually taboo. The fact that they can affect boys too is a taboo within the first one. In this sense, I think Marc Fink’s book is worth advertising, worth reading and a valuable addition to fiction literature.It’s not a literary masterpiece, and I found a couple of typos, but it is writte [...]

    19. This book moved me, not because it brought to light a serious life-altering, disturbing, and sickening issue young, innocent children are being forced into, but because it also hit home. I gave this book four stars because even though it could have been told a bit better, with more character description and better character development as well as description of the location they were in and the environment in proper detail, the author was still able to tell the story SO WELL!Sometimes too much d [...]

    20. Excellentd very hard to read.First off, this book is a page-turner. It not only cries out for you to continue turning pages, it refuses to leave your mind if do somehow mange to break it's grasp and put it down long enough to resume your usual routine. That said, this novel is also very, very difficult to read.I devoured all Mr. Finks wrote on these pages in 24 hours, but I did so with a continuous internal struggle. As noted in the description, this is a story about human trafficking. Not just [...]

    21. 4.3 StarsA Timely ExposéMr. Finks has exposed some nasty things happening to children, including children sold into slavery by their parents, who have been sold a bill of goods that they're so bright that somebody wants to pay to send the children to schools they'd not be able to attend otherwise. While the story takes place in another country, it is one happening all over the world including in the civilized countries such as ours. Unfortunately, many people who are aware of these abuses, are [...]

    22. Definitely not a nice, light, fluffy readTavi is bought from his parents with the promise that he will attend a great school, get a wonderful education and make good money to help his family out. I find it hard to believe that parents sell their children but what do I know?The School only takes the best, the brightest and the most handsome boys from the poor villages. Then they are barely fed or clothed & the education that they do receive is only so they can fetch the highest dollar from di [...]

    23. Kudos to the author for tackling a topic not many are as brave to write about. “Boys for Sale” is a disturbing read that took me into a world which made my heart break over and over again because of the fact that child trafficking is a reality. What made it more upsetting is that a lot of these crimes are committed by upstanding citizens – as portrayed by Javier’s character in this story – and the cruel and shocking abuse these kids have to endure by adults who regard them as worthless [...]

    24. This book reveals how people can get into the web of human trafficking from either side: the people who are trafficked and those who run such rackets. Astonishingly, you can almost feel compassion for the business side of it, those people. They have compartmentalized their lives so that it is simply business, a nasty business, but it is not who they are, by their own estimations. The boys are drugged, abused physically, emotionally, mentally, starved, frightened, and desperate. It is heart-break [...]

    25. This book has a good premise but the story fell a little flat. It started out with a prologue that was never re-visited in the book again. Perhaps that will be in the second book. Also, the characters had very little development. You don't know why they ended up in the sex trade other than a veiled reference to coming from poor families. But where? No one knows because the author doesn't reveal locations for any part of the story. There are alot of exotic names -- Tavi, Yuri, Chouji, Vikram -- s [...]

    26. I couldn't put this downHave you ever read a book where you liked a character so much until you found out that person wasn't so great after all? And then you wish for something really horrible happen to that person and it does? Be careful what you wish for, because in this story that is sadly based on the real world, in every country, probably every state, maybe even your own neighborhood, sometimes those wishes turn deadly nightmares come true, and you never even realized what you've risked by [...]

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