Downfall She is a good mother She will do what she must to ensure that her daughter Diana has a perfect life just as perfect as the one they ve led for the past seven years No matter who has to dieWNFALLThe s

  • Title: Downfall
  • Author: Jeff Abbott
  • ISBN: 9781455528431
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • She is a good mother She will do what she must to ensure that her daughter Diana has a perfect life, just as perfect as the one they ve led for the past seven years.No matter who has to dieWNFALLThe simplest beginnings can unravel a life For Sam Capra, it is the moment a beautiful young woman walks into his San Francisco bar.Sam doesn t want trouble An ex CIA agent,She is a good mother She will do what she must to ensure that her daughter Diana has a perfect life, just as perfect as the one they ve led for the past seven years.No matter who has to dieWNFALLThe simplest beginnings can unravel a life For Sam Capra, it is the moment a beautiful young woman walks into his San Francisco bar.Sam doesn t want trouble An ex CIA agent, his only desire now is to build a quiet, peaceful home for himself and his infant son But Diana Keene is no ordinary customer She s pursued by two gunmen, and when she finds Sam, she whispers an urgent, desperate plea Help me And without any warning, Sam is thrust into a fight for his life For Diana is being hunted by a deadly network a shadowy alliance of select, influential men and women who use their connections, their authority, and their wealth to bend the world to their will Now, this network aims its relentless fury against the man interfering with their plans to seize a new level of power Sam Capra.Threatened on all sides, Sam has only one hope to survive the network s all consuming attack and return to his life with his son.he must destroy the man who owns the people who run the world.

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    1. Downfall is the latest in the Sam Capra series by Jeff Abbott. It begins a few months later from the end of The Last Minute with Sam Capra still balancing his life as a spy/bar owner. He's fighting Mila at every turn to be a normal person that comes home to his young son every night and isn't constantly being in life or death situations. He's fallen into a sort-of routine until a young woman whispers "help" across the bar to him. That one instance changes the course of his quiet existance to a p [...]

    2. I borrowed this audio book from the library because I want to study the writing techniques of thriller writers.It's not a great book for this purpose. I gave up after chapter 8. Up to that point the book fails to hint at what the bad guy's (Belias's) ultimate plan is. Belias is manipulating ordinary people and one former CIA-agent to kill for him. So far so good, but - why?I need something to look for, I don't want to collect puzzle pieces that will or won't come together at the end; especially [...]

    3. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I have never had the pleasure of reading Jeff Abbott before, but I will tell you this, he now has another die hard fan! I will definitely be reading the rest of his Sam Capra series as well as any other books he puts out! This book was non-stop, in-your-face, brutal, die hard action! There is so much story and so much happening that you are completely engrossed in the book. I could easily see this becoming a movie with say, Jensen [...]

    4. What would you do for wealth or power? Would you steal? Would you kill? Would you join a group of like minded people intent on amassing power, fame and fortune through the manipulation of events or the outright death of your business, political or familial rivals.Jeff Abbott's new Sam Capra thriller is essentially about the lure of such a Faustian bargain. The people who have made the deal with the devil are, in many ways, just trying to get ahead, but they do not care who they hurt in the proce [...]

    5. As noites quentes dão-me insónia. E com este livro era impossível largar a leitura. Não entra no top dos favoritos, mas gostei bastante deste herói e deste escritor. Como é uma série, vou ter de arranjar os outros para saber o que aconteceu antes.Muito melhor que os livros Pânico e Medo, que tinham sido experiências menos boas com este autor.

    6. I found this third book in the Sam Capra series confusing and implausible. The first two were great and I'm hoping the fourth will also be fast paced and intelligently written.

    7. DOWNFALL is the third book in the Sam Capra series and begins with ex-CIA agent, Sam, living in relative peace, working for The Round Table and enjoying his cover life as owner of a chain of bars across the States. He wants a normal life, and this is as close to it as he’s had in a long while. But his peace is shattered when a young woman fleeing two male attackers rushes into the bar and begs for his help. Sam leaps to her aid, and in the process kills one of the men. As well as bringing him [...]

    8. The third book in Jeff Abbott's high adrenaline series about Sam Capra is definitely one of his best.This time around - since it's the third book - Abbot can skip spending lots of time explaining Capra's origin story - how he was kicked out of the CIA, ran into one hell of a marriage problem, etc. and focus on what he does best:tight plotting, fast paced action that makes you feel like you're working hard and running as fast and as far as Sam and others not to mention all the fighting. I like to [...]

    9. Love love love Jeff Abbott. The main bugbear I had with the book was that there were whole days that I had too much on and that prevented me from doing any reading. His characters have depth and his novels are action packed. Like a lot of series with recurring characters, you really need to start with book one, but this novel is such that you gleam enough from the story to work out what has happened before.Sam Capra owns bars all around the world, when a young girl in distress stumbles into the [...]

    10. The 3rd book featuring Sam Capra and it is action packed and reads like movie script. The characters are easy to love and hate depending on which character you are talking about. There are a lot of good authors and books out there but Abbott knows how to get your attention and hold it the entire length of the book. If you are a spy, thriller and/or adrenaline junkie you must read not only this but everything by Jeff Abbott.

    11. I received this book free from Net Galley in exchange for a review.This is my first book by Jeff Abbott and it won't be my last. My heart pounded and my pulse raced throughout this thriller. It was very well written story with plenty of twists. The list of suspects for several murders was very long and kept the characters confused leading to the "thrill'.I would highly recommend this book.

    12. Sam is an appealing protagonist- this is the first book I have read of Mr. Abbot's Capra series. I will be looking for others. This installment is a wild ride as Sam takes on the shadowy puppet master of the fates of successful and powerful (because he has made them so) men and women. Twists, turns alliances and betrayals make this read a roller coaster ride. Definitely a thriller.

    13. Great thriller novel that kept me interested from beginning to end. I liked how Jeff Abbott was able to continue on with the story of Sam Capra in this novel. After the ending of the previous book I almost thought the story was over. Glad I was wrong. DOWNFALL is the best Sam Capra novel yet. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and can't wait to read more about Sam Capra in the future.

    14. This book is like an action movie in book form. Amazing, and very difficult to do right. It is the third in the Sam Capra series. I recommend reading the first two before this one - they are better read in order instead of alone.

    15. Another solid thriller. I think there was too much going on in this one though. It's like the author had all of these ideas and he wanted to cram as much as he could in this one book. However, I still enjoyed it and look forward to the next Sam Capra adventure.

    16. Loved it Good fast moving action that the descriptions make easy to imagine Just waiting on the next one. But Sam, go get Mila !

    17. Oh good lord this is a #3 and I haven't read 1 & 2?! I just picked this up at the library without knowing much about the author or the story but I like a good thriller. It didn't drawn me in right away but by Part 2 I was contemplating whether it was more important to go to work or finish this book (I compromised and went in late.) There's a lot going on here between the Belias Network and the Round Table and you don't really get great insight into either, perhaps the Round Table was explain [...]

    18. To be honestly, I did not like the reader on this Audio. this is the first time this has happen and I am not sure how much it effected my opinion of the book. I really dislike Sam Capria. To me he was too impulsive and all most immature. The whole Janet and Diana affair made no sense at alle only two characters I liked were Roger, who was killed off way too soon, and Holly, who was pretty limited but had potential.The book just was not something I could get my head around and I would not read an [...]

    19. The cover quote says 'relentless, exhilerating' and that seems fair. If you like a thriller with lots of twists and turns and don't mind some violence, I thoroughly reccommend it. The plot is complicated, but written in such a way that it wasn't too difficult to follow, except where the author wanted to surprise the reader. Downfall easily held my attention to the end

    20. Engaging storyline that I thoroughly enjoyed. I finished an audio version on a Playaway of this book. I was eager to find as many occasions as possible to put in the earbuds and listen. The narrator of this audio version was a good fit for the book. I anticipate finding audio versions (or printed versions if audio is not available) of the other Sam Capra novels!

    21. This book was excellent. The action started from the beginning and lasted until the end It was filled with twists and turns. A very good read.I recommend this book!!!I chose this rating as this book kept me guessing from beginning to the end. I highly recommend this book.

    22. I could understand the first two stories getting Sam all crazy and go after the bad guys. but in this one, a total stranger in trouble, runs into his bar and asks for help. From there all kinds of crazy stuff happens. Even one of the "trusted" people gives us some strange vibes

    23. I like Sam Capra and have enjoyed the other books in this series. This one is about a hundred pages too long! It needed editing badly. The last two hundred pages were action packed and almost made the first 370 worth it.

    24. Great job Jeff! This book has characters and situations that are complex enough to be interesting and unpredictable yet not too hard to follow,

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