Viking's Prize

Viking s Prize Betrothed to a count after spending most of her young life in a French priory the beautiful Elienor is kidnapped by a golden haired Viking warrior whose touch awakens her innermost passions YOU RE MI

  • Title: Viking's Prize
  • Author: Tanya Anne Crosby
  • ISBN: 9780380774579
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • Betrothed to a count after spending most of her young life in a French priory, the beautiful Elienor is kidnapped by a golden haired Viking warrior whose touch awakens her innermost passions YOU RE MINE In a fury of bloodlust and retribution, the Norse warriors storm Brouillard castle and take their vengeance as their leader claims his prize the breathtakingly beautifuBetrothed to a count after spending most of her young life in a French priory, the beautiful Elienor is kidnapped by a golden haired Viking warrior whose touch awakens her innermost passions YOU RE MINE In a fury of bloodlust and retribution, the Norse warriors storm Brouillard castle and take their vengeance as their leader claims his prize the breathtakingly beautiful Elienor Carried onto the high seas by Alarik, her golden haired captor, Elienor is shocked and humiliated as she trembles not from fear, but from the desire his brazen touch awakens in her ALL MINE Yet even in the land where he rules with an iron hand, Alarik is held mesmerized by ethereal violet eyes that see into his very soul and beyond Beguiled and bewildered by her strange dreams and her fiery spirit he can barely control the passions she arouses in him But tempted as he is to claim her and savor the pleasures of his fair prize, it is her heart he has sworn to possess and chersh forever.

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    1. Story Rating ~ 4 starsHero Rating ~ 4.5 StarsHeroine Rating ~ 4.5 StarsRomance Rating ~ 4 StarsHeat Level ~ 3.5 StarsEnding ~ 4.5 StarsOverall Rating ~ 4.5 StarsThe beginning of this book started off really exciting. Shortly afterwards I found myself thinking it was just ok. In the middle the story really picked up and grabbed my attention BIG TIME! It kept a good strong hold on me until the very end.I really liked the H&h in this story. Elienor had dreams that gave her sight into the future [...]

    2. Captivating!Wow, What an awesome book! From the first page and through out I was totally captivated. I literally could not put the book down. This was a fast read and one that you wanted it to last forever. It is also one of those ones that has such a happy ending that you just want to hug the book in the end.The characters are well built and you immediately feel for Elienor as she becomes the captive and taken away from everything she knows. she is feisty and strong willed and I love that about [...]

    3. This book was just wonderful! It was a welcome adventure and so different for me because I had gotten tired of the formula of REGENCY and even HIGHLAND NOVELS (say it's not so!!!!), without even realizing it. Who knew how exciting a Viking romance would be??!!! This audiobook will pique your interest and melt your heart with Braden Wright's swoon-worthy voice. Wright does such a great job with all of the voices.Well, especially with Alarik's strong, masculine voice. He did well with the female v [...]

    4. I finished "Viking's Prize" a few days ago and am delighted that it has lingered with me because I wasn't ready to let go just yet. Or, maybe I just wasn't ready to let go of Alarik! Alarik - Viking warrior, strong leader, handsome, virile. Yeah, that's probably it. No, that is really not it. This story was so much more than just a hot hunk intent on getting into his captive's panties (if they even wore those back then). Ms. Crosby wrote a very engaging story with captivating characters and a su [...]

    5. It's another Viking book! I love me some Vikings!!What kind of man was this? - that he could slay her with his gaze, yet touch her as gently as one would a tender babe? In the darkness his eyes were sinister pits that seemed to bore into her very soul. They had to be black as pitch in color, for they were, indeed, blacker than the night that engulfed them.Meet Alarik. A Viking Lard. And he is out for revenge. He was double crossed and sent into a trap that was meant to kill him. Now him and his [...]

    6. TANYA DOES IT AGAIN !!!! TOTALLY LOVED *VIKING'S PRIZE* AS ALWAYS ANOTHER WINNER!!!!, October 4, 2013 Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Viking's Prize (Kindle Edition)Ya! Ya ! Ya! Still in my Swedish voice in my head. This books is AMAZING! Tanya Anne Crosby is one of best writers I know in this genre and if you look at my reviews you will see I have read and reviewed many of her books and she will never get less then 5 stars from me as her writing is so wonderful and she is de [...]

    7. I started this book and got to about the 3 chapter somewhere around when Nessa was introduced. It seemed a little familiar but I thought nothing about it. When I got to the part about Nessa, I knew I had read this book. I looked at and did NOT see the part about this being in mass-paperback. So, I emailed Tanya. I am sure she thought I was crazy. (I am really, but that is beside the point). She nicely told me that this was a reprint from back in 1994.Well, I admit that I first read this book wh [...]

    8. 3 Stars -- **Possible Spoiler Alert** I enjoyed the Audiobook - great narration by Braden Wright and the story kept my interest but I think it was missing some depth to the characters. I liked the plot but I did find myself wishing the author would of added more direction to the story line and Elienor's dreams/visions. If I remember correctly, he was gone for several months and Elienor did little to nothing. I was frustrated that she never really shared her visions. It was explained time and aga [...]

    9. I received this book from the touring host for an honest review. Very well written Historical, and oh so sizzling Romance story. It started of very quickly with an immediate battle at hand, when Alerik a Viking Lard and his men attacked The Count Philippe who under false pretenses aided him before, and half of Alerik’s men were killed, so this was definitely a revenge war on the Count. In this battle, the only one that was left is Elienor who was suppose to betrothed the Count. She was taken c [...]

    10. I didn't know what to think of this story at first. It wasn't what I was expecting but I did enjoy it. I did not like the ending. The ending (view spoiler)[ was all too wtf for me. Alarik had PROOF his brother betrayed him, Elienor HEARD the brother betray Alarik, and the betrayal led to the death of another brother. WHY THE FUCK WAS HE ALLOWED TO MARRY AND STAY IN Alarik's land and buddy buddy up as if nothing ever happened? WHAT THE FUCK!?!?(hide spoiler)]Alarik was sexy and has peaked my inte [...]

    11. This reads almost verbatim to "Edin's Embrace" by Nadine Crenshaw (circa 1989). The plot line is almost uncanny in its resemblance. Due to this, I gave it a lower rating. I find it too similar in the way the story unfolds for me not to believe its not at least partially plagiarized!

    12. I would have given this 3 stars but then I read the part near the end.(view spoiler)[Heroe's brother, Bjorn, betrayed him. And that betrayal caused his other brother, Olav, a king to die. And what did the Hero do? Well, he? He let his younger brother stayed at his place, forgive him and moved on living together? I got that Hero became a Christian but to me, it seemed so unrealistic at that time-- he betrayed his own family, his own country and the king!!!! I think there's no justice to the death [...]

    13. AUDIOBOOK editionI love Ms. Crosby's stories and this one is a gem too.A story that has a mix of passion, drama and intrigue where Elienor, captured by Alarik, discovers and adapts to her new world and falls in love with Alarik, and finds out the feeling is mutual. - 5 starsA fascinating story I recommend with confidence especially being narrated by Mr. Wright. His voice is one that I could listen for hours, and did too, the characters come alive and the story becomes real. - 5 stars

    14. ‘Viking’s Prize,’ was a well written tale. It was very entertaining and managed to keep my interest throughout its entirety!

    15. Right from the very start Ms. Crosby immerses readers into an action-packed story that involves discussions of religion, hints of the paranormal, and above all a steamy romance that evolves slowly. Bits of real-life history are also successfully woven into the storyline with King Olav interacting with his half-brothers in a melodramatic way as past hurts make for a less than happy family at times (mostly between Olav and Bjorn). To make even more drama is Alarik's spontaneous capturing of Elieno [...]

    16. Like her mother, Elienor's have a frightening way of coming to pass. So when she dreams of a Viking raid upon the castle she is brought to just before her intended marriage, she knows her worst fears will materialize. But their leader, Jarl Alarik Tryggvason is wholly unprepared to meet the previously sheltered French girl who fascinates him from the first. Her fiery spirit, quick mind and undeniable beauty capture him, heart and soul, but her affections are not so easily won. Though he abducted [...]

    17. Really enjoyed the authors setting of the scene and historical research, this really shone through. Both characters were incredibly likeable however a bit of depth and rapport was missing. On the whole a solid read. Will read more from Ms Crosby as this is my first.

    18. The overall book seemed to be a little lacking. Like something was missing. Emotionally, though, it was spot on. I was very invested with the characters. That being saidThe male lead was kind of faceless. He's described as handsome, and some of his features are expounded upon, but he was made to be less interesting than the female lead. Any kind of emotion he had was not even thought out in any way, even the way he felt about her. In the end, we see that it's because of his machismo, but even th [...]

    19. I love the author but Alarik felt much more Anglicised than Viking. My knowledge of vikings is a few historical readings here and there, and watching the History Channels excellent series Vikings.Although this was a good story I would have better believed it if two warring knights; either English vs Scot or Scot vs. Scot or English vs. English. Alarik was portrayed as too nice, too clean. I could not see him as a Viking living out of a tent or a large hovel shared by other Vikings. There was no [...]

    20. Holy cow, this book made me want to gouge my eyes out! First off, the heroine drove me absolutely insane. Constantly crying, praying, taking a bath fully dressed-wrong genre bitch! She should have shuffled her skinny French ass over to the Christian romance novel section. And what's up with Reading 300 pages into the book and no sex! And let's not forget her constant whining, and when she is not whining she's talking to herself-Absolute fucking weirdo. So why did I give the book 4 stars? Because [...]

    21. 3.5 - 3.75 starsI have to take away part of a star, because this book really is very 90s, even though it's historical fiction set in Viking times. But a few things just aren't explained, like (view spoiler)[Elinenor losing her gift of sight after being married or was it after having kids? (hide spoiler)].That said, this romance has all the pitfalls and pratfalls of the romance genre, when heroine and hero didn't talk to one another. But the heroine, Elienore, was also snatched from her home and [...]

    22. I actually wasn't that impressed with this book. While I actually got immersed in the story, and was enjoying the writing style, overall, I didn't enjoy the book. The heroine's visions were actually rather unique, though the hero was a bit of a jerk. I did like how he defended her multiple times. My biggest problem was that I couldn't connect to the characters. I felt very apathetic to them in general, and I believe that's where my enjoyment of the book fell off. I think it might just be that I [...]

    23. Un romance piacevole senza particolari picchi innovativi ma che si fa leggere in maniera scorrevole. La storia non è particolarmente originale, ma il bel protagonista può far battere il cuore se vuole.Interessante lo spaccato di un'epoca sull'orlo del cambiamento con i vecchio Dei profondamente radicati nel cuore della gente che fanno scudo alla pellegrina fede cristiana in cerca di nuovi lidi da convertire.

    24. Typically, I'm interested in Viking HEA stories because the culture is so interesting.This one left something to be desired. I felt like the heroine Elienor gave in too easily to her Viking captor and at times Alarik came off as rather terrible at times.Overall the story wasn't a bad one but just not the best I've ever read.

    25. This was a wonderful book to read. I really enjoyed it all. And Alarick - the viking warrior.swoon! Another fictional character I've fallen in love with! I would definitely reccommend this book for any historical romance lover.

    26. This was a very enjoyable read. I really like the viking genre, but am usually a little scared to read them because so many in the past had rape (this does NOT), which I find disgusting (that has no place in romance books).

    27. The stuff good dreams are made of.Couldn't leave for long. A very enjoyable read. Interesting and colourful characters, visually descriptive. Fear and passion in every chapter. Thank you Tanya

    28. I really feel like Alarik wasn't developed very well. I was expecting more antagonistic behavior from him towards Elienor that would slowly evolve into him realizing he loves her.The story was okay, but it was lacking in a lot of regards.

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