The Hidden Kingdom

The Hidden Kingdom The WINGS OF FIRE saga continues Deep in the rain forest danger awaitsGlory knows the dragon world is wrong about her tribe After all she isn t as lazy as a RainWing she isn t lazy at all Maybe she

  • Title: The Hidden Kingdom
  • Author: Tui T. Sutherland
  • ISBN: 9780545349208
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The WINGS OF FIRE saga continues Deep in the rain forest, danger awaitsGlory knows the dragon world is wrong about her tribe After all, she isn t as lazy as a RainWing she isn t lazy at all Maybe she wasn t meant to be one of the dragonets of destiny, as the older dragons constantly remind her, but Glory is sharp and her venom is deadly except, of course, no oThe WINGS OF FIRE saga continues Deep in the rain forest, danger awaitsGlory knows the dragon world is wrong about her tribe After all, she isn t as lazy as a RainWing she isn t lazy at all Maybe she wasn t meant to be one of the dragonets of destiny, as the older dragons constantly remind her, but Glory is sharp and her venom is deadly except, of course, no one knows it.When the dragonets seek shelter in the rain forest, Glory is devastated to find that the treetops are full of RainWings that no dragon could ever call dangerous They nap all day and know nothing of the rest of Pyrrhia Worst of all, they don t realize or care that RainWings are going missing from their beautiful forest But Glory and the dragonets are determined to find the missing dragons, even if it drags the peaceful RainWing kingdom where they never wanted to be in the middle of the war.

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    1. Even though the book started off slow, by the end I was enthralled. Considering I didn't even like Glory in the first two books, I'm so happy I grew to care about her in this one.

    2. And yet another gem of an addition to this awesome series! Can I just say wow! I love how every dragon has it's own unique personality. To me the characters seem well developed. Yes, I realize this is a middle grade book but let me say if me, a teenager, can really enjoy this book (and for that matter all the books in this series) then the series is definitely worth reading! I say it doesn't matter all that much if a book is in the YA section or the juvenile section in the library as long as it' [...]

    3. Glory has grown on me. I didn't see her compassion until we caught a glimpse of her inner thoughts. Although she's judgmental and lacks trust in others, she also allows herself to give them a chance and focus on the positive traits of her new friends and family. I love how she becomes a queen parallel to Tsunami and they gain respect for one another. Sunny is starting to show signs of her independence, too. The lemurs sound adorable. Glory's ability is camouflage like Ice Wings is a gift of stea [...]

    4. This one was much more exciting and fleshed-out than the second in the series--nearly back to the excellence of the first. I'm still disappointed that some of the dragonets aren't as featured (I LOVE CLAY!), but they had bigger parts in this one (in other words, they weren't just held prisoner nearly the whole book like the last one). I enjoyed getting to know Glory and watching her become a happier dragon, even when her tribe wasn't quite what she was expecting. I'm interested to read Starfligh [...]

    5. The Hidden Kingdom is the third book in the Wings of Fire series. The book follows Glory who with her friends; Tsunami, Sunny, Clay, and Starflight, are trying to find the Rainforest Kingdom that is hidden deep within the Rainforests of Pyrrhia. They are trying to help their former guardian, Webs, who has been badly poisoned by enemy dragons. On their journey in the rainforest they soon discover that bad things are happening when they over hear patrolling Mudwing solders talking about dead bodie [...]

    6. OMG! Part 3 was like insane. I never saw Glory with all that emotion! she is my all time fav. so may twist but in a good way!!!!

    7. Though it stumbles near the end, this novel delivers on the fast-paced fun, action and wonder that characterizes the series.The dragonets are heading to find Glory's home, the rainforest, and she's sure there's more to her tribe than being lazy, as they are often labeled. When they get there, the find the RainWings are a peaceful and good tribe, so good they're being careless and lazy, while a mysterious monster is dissappearing RainWing dragons.Though many readers didn't like Glory that much, I [...]

    8. this book and the whole series, was absoLutely amazing, maybE it is mOre of a kIds book, but with the whole one book and a character for each, and how you could see into their minds, it was very Fascinating. With each book YOU got to know eAch chaRactER bEtter, and see their point of view of the whole plot. OkAy that was on the whole series, now for the book. i loved glory's sarcastic and lively personality, anD that Itself really iNcreased the joy of readinG THIS book. glory really valued frIen [...]

    9. I’ll try to keep this review short since I’ve already praised the previous two books to the high heavens and back. The third installment of this series is just as fabulous as the previous two and I loved it best thus far because of Glory’s sassy personality and growth as the story progresses. These books are continually amazing because each dragonet has such a unique and distinctive voice that each book, while having a similar writing style, seems completely different based on which dragon [...]

    10. I will admit to being biased. I really, really like Glory. She, in my opinion, has had the hardest time of any of the dragonets and this book finally gives her a break. Plus, chameleon powers are awesome. So far, Glory has been the most mysterious character in the series which works well. Like in the last book there is more world-building, but it is based off the character expanding herself instead of the action in the book. This book also set up the rest of the series for very fast-paced and fu [...]

    11. Disclaimer: For each book series, I don't talk about what it is about since its better to be surprised, right? Just a few hints and my opinions/thoughts. Also, sorry if I posted this review lateI had finals this month and now I don't which is great! Who is ready for summer? Anyways, back to the reviewlets start!The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire, #3) by Tui T. Sutherland is an epic book but also inspirational.Inspirational? Well, its true! Glory is a dragon with a humble heart and knows whats rig [...]

    12. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this one, but it just didn't interest me as much as the other two.What I liked about the first two was that they were action packed and sucked you right into the story. I was expecting the same from the Hidden Kingdom, but it was really more of a slow build, when I wanted more of the high stakes that I'd felt in the predecessors.Glory's narrative just didn't work for me. She comes off as very woe-is-me and whiny. I understand, but I just don't like when my main char [...]

    13. I started out being somewhat disinterested in the Wings of Fire series, but as I move through the titles, I'm enjoying them more. The dragonets of destiny are more fleshed out, and I am learning more about each one from each book. This title follows Glory as she and her dragon friends explore the place of her birth, the RainWing kingdom. But although Glory is delighted to learn more about the colors the dragons display, she is also disappointed to find that most of these dragons prefer to eat fr [...]

    14. This book is the 3rd book in the wings of fire trilogy that follows the adventures of young dragons around the land of Phirriah. This particular book is in the point of view of Glory, a rainwing and the odd one out in the prophesy. When everything about her tribe is different to what she expected, she has to change herself to fit in and to uncover the mysteries about to unfold. I think this book is way better than lost princess and almost as good as the dragonets prophecy, which in my view was t [...]

    15. Wings of Fire is turning out to be one of my favorite middle grade series, right up there with Percy Jackson and Gregor the Overlander. This third installment expanded the world in surprising directions, and I absolutely LOVED Glory's character development in this book. With two books to go, I really have no clue how this series will end and I love that so much. Highly recommend this series if you love middle grade and fantasy and DRAGONS! Side note: I really have a strong urge to play Spyro rig [...]

    16. Ok this is my third review on this series and I just got to say, this is an amazing book. Like i said in my last review, full of action, drama, and blood, lots of blood. In this book you read as the dragonet, Glory. As she and her friends look for the Rainforest, hearing rumors of screams and a monster who roams around the rainforest. Who will the dragonets choose, and will their choice be good.

    17. I really liked this book in the series as it sort of set off the mood of the next book too. The writing style improved immensely and I felt much closer to Glory's character . I was really looking forward to the book with her POV and it didn't disappoint. I highly recommend this series if you are a fan of dragons from the third book onward it becomes amazing!

    18. Definitely the best one so far! Maybe I'm a little biased because Glory is my favorite dragonet and this one was centered on her, but really, it's the best one so far. I'm glad I agreed to read these after my daughter suggested them. So good!

    19. Woah that was a lot more overarching plot than I was expecting. But I'm okay with it. And worried. My murder babies stay safe.It set up some things re: romance that could be really dicey, and a lot will depend on how it pans out in the next two books. I side eye you, Glory and REDACTED.

    20. I LOVED this book because it connects with the last book VERY well. I especialy liked the part when glory figured out that rainwings just lie around.

    21. The book Wings of Fire: The Hidden Kingdom is an intriguing with wild unexpected twists and turns. The Novel was published in 2013 by Tui T. Sutherland. It is a book about a group of young dragons that are searching for their in a grand prophecy to save their island from civil war. There are five main characters whose point of view is shown in different books of the series. They have different, creative personalities with their own internal struggles. The storyline is full of dangerous and stran [...]

    22. This book was really good because there was a lot of action in it. Also if your going to read this book its a pretty easy book.

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