Toxic Heart

Toxic Heart The second MYSTIC CITY novel it s Romeo Juliet in a dystopic Manhattan A city in flames A trust betrayed A perfect love destroyed Has Aria lost Hunter her one true love Ever since rebellion broke out

  • Title: Toxic Heart
  • Author: Theo Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9780375990144
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Library Binding
  • The second MYSTIC CITY novel it s Romeo Juliet in a dystopic Manhattan.A city in flames A trust betrayed A perfect love destroyed Has Aria lost Hunter, her one true love Ever since rebellion broke out in Mystic City, pitting the ruling elite against the magic wielding mystics, Aria has barely seen her boyfriend Not surprising, since Hunter is the leader ofThe second MYSTIC CITY novel it s Romeo Juliet in a dystopic Manhattan.A city in flames A trust betrayed A perfect love destroyed Has Aria lost Hunter, her one true love Ever since rebellion broke out in Mystic City, pitting the ruling elite against the magic wielding mystics, Aria has barely seen her boyfriend Not surprising, since Hunter is the leader of the mystic uprising, and he ll do whatever it takes to win freedom for his people even if that means using Aria.But Aria is no one s pawn She believes she can bring the two warring sides together, save the city, and win back the Hunter she fell in love with.Before she can play peacemaker, though, Aria will need to find the missing heart of a dead mystic The heart gives untold powers to whoever possesses it, but finding it means seeking out a fierce enemy whose deepest desire is for Aria to be gone forever.

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    1. Book: Oh hey there, I see your waiting for a cover.Me: Yep.Book: Been waiting long?Me: *Shrugs* I dunnoabout four months.Book: *Chuckles* How has that been for ya?Me: To be truthful, it's been torturous.Book: WELL YOUR JUST GONNA HAVE TO WAIT EVEN LONGER NOW BECAUSE I'M NOT GETTING PUBLISHED UNTIL 2014! AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!Me: Oh dear godNo!Book: *Laughs madly* YEP! I'M NOT GOING TO HAVE A COVER UNTIL AT LEAST A MONTH BEFORE MY PUBLICATION! SO HAVE FUN WAITING FOR ME FOR ANOTHER ELEVEN [...]

    2. My Thoughts:I waited over a year for this book to come out . and I expected it to be soo much better than what I read. :/ Honestly there could have been a lot of things going on but nothing happened.Some of the things that I was looking forward to happening:My Expectations:-Maybe a war between Mystics and humans-Hunter and Aria's relationship builds up-Find some hidden secret about the mystics-More of the humans start to side with the Mystics-Aria faces her parents and tell them off-More experim [...]

    3. Actual rating: 3.75/5 stars.Toxic Heart has thrown me for the loop several times since its announcement. First was the fact that it wouldn't be coming out as originally scheduled, then the title change, and finally the actual reading of the book.Everything kind of just rushed in together, hoping to make some kind of point, and readers were left staring at the wreckage. It was kind of like modern art, pretty cool if not weird looking, and with almost no reasoning behind it.Tensions are high betwe [...]

    4. I loved Mystic City and was eager to read Toxic Heart. Unfortunately this was a disappointing book in so many ways. Just about everything I loved about this series is gone in this book. I listened to this on audiobook and it was a horrible audiobook. The narrator has a lift in her voice at the end of each sentence which leaves every sentence sounding vaguely like a question. It’s really really annoying and detracts from the story. Some of the voices are completely wrong for the way the charact [...]

    5. OUCH!! I saw that date of April 2014 and I almost cried!! Honest! What the.?! So sad :( I LOVED Mystic Citybut I'm not so sure I'm gonna remember stuff a year and a half after I read it! (*sniff*)

    6. I have so many mixed feelings for this book, but by my rating you can see they are all fairly good ones that made me love the book even more! I thought Mystic City blew away but this book gives me the same effect possibly even more! Excellent sequel! Riveting, action-filled and full of romance, deceit and just all those things that I crave in a good dystopian novel! In Mystic City, we thought it ended with her and Hunter finally going to be together and in a way overcome and beat her awful famil [...]

    7. Knappe 3 Sterne. Mich hat der zweite Teil leider echt enttäuscht :/ In meinen Augen ist zu oft immer wieder das gleiche passiert, es gab keine überraschenden Wendungen (wie im ersten Band) Spannung kam kaum auf & es war mir zu actionreich. Auch wurde mir das mit der ganzen geballten Magie leider zu viel. Mich hat es einfach nicht gepackt & dabei habe ich mich so auf diesen Teil gefreut, schade!

    8. It has a blurb?! How did I NOT know about this?? I'm such a horrible fangirl, I do not deserve you Toxic Heart!

    9. WAAAARUM ist das deutsche Cover so furchtbar?!Das Englische ist wunderschön! Dieses sieht schlecht gephotoshopt aus und passt ÜBERHAUPT nicht zum Stil von Band 1! GRAH.

    10. 3 out of 5 starsThe beginning of this book was probably 2.5 stars, but luckily it redeemed itself.Aria is an idiot. Throughout the whole novel, she did not see the consequences of her wishful thinking. She was immature and thought that everything would just work out. She was also extremely selfish in her dealings with other characters, especially with Hunter. She did not seem to understand that he had more important things to do than to be in a relationship with her.Hunter was also extremely rud [...]

    11. I was absolutely disappointed by this book. I read the first book, "Mystic City", and loved it. I liked the characters and the story. I impatiently waited for the sequel and here it is. And it left me wishing I hadn´t read it. I could´t recognize the characters anymore. Hunter (sweet, affectionate Hunter) became a brutal, ruthless leader of the rebels and doesn´t care how many lives he sacrifices to achieve his goals. He uses Aria behind her back for advertisement and doesn´t tell her anythi [...]

    12. I feel breathless after finishing this. I'm shocked at the turn of events, I cried in the first chapter and the last chapter. The character development in our favorite characters was astounding. World building still needed help, it was distracting following the scenes and action sequences. Wish his descriptive language would be more precise. I do appreciate how Mr Lawrence changed the fact that he didn't repeat a lot of phrases and words in this installment like he did in the first one. I love l [...]

    13. Ich hätte mich wirklich nicht von den schlechten Bewertungen davon abhalten lassen sollen, dieses Buch zu lesen.Theo Lawrence schreckt vor nichts zurück und so kommt es zu einigen unerwarteten Überraschungen. Eigentlich bin ich kein Fan von diesen Dreiecks-Geschichten, aber irgendwie mochte ich sie in diesem Buch. Es ist nicht ein übertriebenes hin und her. Aria macht den Weg, der am Nachvollziehbarsten ist. Ich bin wahnsinnig gespannt auf Band 3, denn noch kann ich mir überhaupt nicht vors [...]

    14. I am always reluctant to start second parts, most of the times I find them disappointing.I liked Mystic City, the atmosphere , the characters and the plot . The dystopian version of Manhattan was apparently inspired by a trip to Venice according to the author's website in which you can find a very useful list of characters as well as mystic powers.However, I almost put down this book in the first chapter because people were beginning to die really fast and I didn't like that idea. I continued re [...]

    15. First things first: Thank goodness the book ended with a flexible ending; an ending that can be an ending all in itself or used as a bridge to a sequel. However, I will have to make up my own real ending seeing as there are no answers to anything! But that's OK because I've got the perfect boyfriend to ship her with;). At least there's no disappointment to be had this way. I think my shiny disposition toward this book's conclusion would have been different had I not discovered that this book was [...]

    16. Reaction before reading: Reaction after reading:I'm not sure how to react after finishing this book. I enjoyed the first one, but Toxic Heart was a disappointment. I don't remember Aria, the heroine, being so annoying. Also, like the first book, it was very predictable. I've heard rumors about a third book in this series, but will I read it? I found myself trying to finish the book as soon as possible so I could move onto another one.obably not

    17. Un 4,5 en realidadSolo diré que la primera parte me había parecido floja y sin gracia pero esta segunda me ha mantenido totalmente enganchada y sin duda totalmente loca por leer su tercera parte. Una continuación IncreíbleMi reseña completa aquí: myfavoritebooks-bells

    18. RESEÑA COMPLETISIMA Y MARAVILLOSA EN : hollandandbooks.wordpress Ay, Theo Lawrence, por favor te lo pido. Decídete ya a publicar la tercera parte porque Joder.Simplemente esto.Escribiré la reseña en cuanto me canse de estudiar, que será aproximadamente en una hora y poco.

    19. Omg!! I loved the ending and Aria's character in this book! There was always something about Mystic City and I can't wait for the third book!!!

    20. I really liked the storyline and characters in this book. But the constantly being kidnapped by Aria's family was getting old. A city in flames. A trust betrayed. A perfect love destroyed. Has Aria lost Hunter, her one true love?Someone is betraying Aria , but who? And does Hunter really love her or just using her like her family was. She is being tossed between the Mystic boyfriend and her family. Before she can play peacemaker, though, Aria will need to find the missing heart of a dead mystic. [...]

    21. Hmmm, ich weiß nicht so recht was ich von diesem Buch halten soll. Es war schon unterhaltsam aber irgendwie drehte sich alles im Kreis. Irgendwie passierte immer das gleiche nur an einem anderen Ort. Der Schluss war so lala wirklich umgehauen hatte er mich nicht. Eine Stelle fand ich schon eckelhaft aber das wars auch schon. Naja das Ende werde ich dennoch lesen, mal schauen was der nächste Teil für Überraschungen für mich bereit hält.

    22. martinabookaholic.wordpress.cMeine Gedanken zum Buch:Ich kann gar nicht in Worte fassen, wie enttäuscht ich von diesem Teil bin, besonders da mir der erste Teil so gut gefallen hat. Aber alles was den ersten Teil zu etwas besonderen gemacht hat, hat hier leider gänzlich gefehlt.War im Band ein noch die Liebe zwischen Aria und Hunter das Ausschlaggebende und ihr Wunsch Zusammensein zu können im Vordergrund, geht es Hunter hier nur noch darum, gegen die Menschen aus den Horsten zu kämpfen – [...]

    23. I made no it no secret that I enjoyed Mystic City and eagerly awaited (for two years!) the release of Toxic Heart. The thing about a wait that long is that you begin to forget what you enjoyed so much about the first novel. This did not however detour me from being excited about the moment that it finally arrived at my doorstep. I waisted no time in starting this book and was rewarded with something greater than Mystic City, something that had me finishing the book in a night. The wait for this [...]

    24. Ha pasado casi un mes desde que Aria Rose se enfrentara a su familia junto a Hunter Brooks (un místico del que está enamorada) evitando su boda con Thomas Foster y que se produzca la unión entre los Rose y los Foster, dos familias enfrentadas desde el pasado. Pero su enfrentamiento dio lugar a una guerra con la consecuente muerte de Violet Brooks candidata a alcaldesa de la ciudad de Manhattan y gobernada por los no místicos. También sufrió la pérdida de dos de sus grandes amigos, Davida [...]

    25. Look, up in the sky! Is that a bald eagle, a plane? No. no, it's not.So, Aria, the girl who has only lived in complete luxury and never worried for anything is living on the run from her family with people who hate her. She has never cooked a thing in her life - or even seen her kitchen. She has no skills but shopping, so how is she going to be a helpful member of the rebellion? I guess Hunter doesn't know the answer to that either, so his goal is to keep her safe. But, then she finds out that h [...]

    26. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this series. Lots of action, super cool magic, a great story and amazing characters that you either love or love to hate make this one of my favorites. It's kind of like The Mortal Instruments, Matched, X-Men and Blade Runner collided and formed one awesome book series. The only thing that SUCKS is that I have to WAIT another YEAR to read the next book! AHHH! Life is so unfair, lol. It's hard to review a book 2 without giving things away (and there are TONS of plot twists and [...]

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