Dogtripping: 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, and 3 RVs on Our Canine Cross-Country Adventure

Dogtripping Rescues Volunteers and RVs on Our Canine Cross Country Adventure David Rosenfelt s Dogtripping is moving and funny account of a cross country move from California to Maine and the beginnings of a dog rescue foundationWhen mystery writer David Rosenfelt and his fam

  • Title: Dogtripping: 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, and 3 RVs on Our Canine Cross-Country Adventure
  • Author: David Rosenfelt
  • ISBN: 9781250014702
  • Page: 491
  • Format: ebook
  • David Rosenfelt s Dogtripping is moving and funny account of a cross country move from California to Maine, and the beginnings of a dog rescue foundationWhen mystery writer David Rosenfelt and his family moved from Southern California to Maine, he thought he had prepared for everything They had mapped the route, brought three GPSs for backup, as well as refrigerators fullDavid Rosenfelt s Dogtripping is moving and funny account of a cross country move from California to Maine, and the beginnings of a dog rescue foundationWhen mystery writer David Rosenfelt and his family moved from Southern California to Maine, he thought he had prepared for everything They had mapped the route, brought three GPSs for backup, as well as refrigerators full of food, and stoves and microwaves on which to cook them But traveling with twenty five dogs turned out to be a bigger ordeal than he anticipated, despite the RVs, the extra kibble, volunteers including a few readers , and camping equipment Rosenfelt recounts the adventure of moving his animal companions across the United States with humor and warmth, and tells the tale of how he and his wife became passionate foster parents for rescue dogs, culminating in the creation of the Tara Foundation and successfully placing several thousand dogs with loving families An NPR Best Book of 2013

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    1. So at that point I was just trying to gauge how hotels react to our request. I decided to be honest, not because that's my natural instinct or because I thought there was any kind of moral imperative in play here.Rather, my fear was that if I lied, we'd show up at a hotel and of course be unable to sneak the dogs in undetected, and we'd get turned away. And the only way we wouldn't be detected was if the proprietor was in a coma. A very deep, kept-alive-by-machines coma.My feelings about this bo [...]

    2. This is a wee bit gif heavy. I apologize but my brain is too tired to put words on the page and it's dogs and I love dogs, especially goldens. They are such smart, sweet, happy go-lucky creatures.But author David Rosenfelt and his wife might have developed a little dog obsession. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Especially when you’re as kind hearted and generous as the Rosenfelt’s. When David’s wife retired, instead of sipping martinis by the pool or spending their time golfin [...]

    3. I just fell in love with 25 dogs (and I actually prefer cats) and David Rosenfelt.Rosenfelt, movie and TV writer and a successful author of mysteries and thrillers (patrons love his Andy Carpenter series), married Debbie Myers in the 1990s and together they started the Tara Foundation, named after their beloved golden retriever. They set out to rescue over 4000 dogs, accumulating 25 (and at times more) along the way. In 2011 they decided to move from Los Angeles to Maine and a logistical nightma [...]

    4. Working through NPR's Best Books of 2013.-The entire chapters in italics are horrible.-That most chapters are only 2 pages long is horrible. He needed ONE chapter titled DOGS and then tell all the "how we got this dog" stories. Except it's all the same story and he repeats it over and over and over again, "We got a call from Shelter, there's an unwanted dog there, so we picked it up, took it to the vet, and it lived its life out here."-He repeats himself over and over again like each chapter is [...]

    5. Dogtripping is a real life story about David Rosenfelt and his wife's journey to rescue dogs and move across the country. The Rosenfelt's are moving from Southern California to Maine. When they do this they have to move 25 dogs in the process. After much thought has gone into this plan they decide the best way to do this is in 3 RV's with 11 other people who volunteered to help. David talks about this move and in between talking about the move he introduces the readers to the various dogs that h [...]

    6. Cute book, cute vignettes of the various dogs in his life, way too much trying-to-be-funny-sarcasm that got old after a while. For a light read it was OK but it was far less engrossing than I expected. Also, I dislike main characters that are helpless, as Mr. Rosenfelt proclaimed and proved himself to be throughout the book.

    7. Having moved cross-country from Ohio to California for 5 days in a U-Haul truck with a cat; I know the difficulties of relocating a pet. I can’t even imagine doing this with several animals. David Rosenfelt can and DID: with 25 dogs! He recounts his adventures in “Dogtripping: 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, and 3 RVs on our Canine Cross-Country Adventure”. Rosenfelt and his wife, Debbie, are the dog version of “crazy cat ladies”. They have volunteered at numerous animal shelters and pet re [...]

    8. I liked the concept for this book. I have to admit I didn't finish it, though. The reason for that was because after a while I got tired of the agenda of it. I am a fan of rescuing animals. All my pets come from shelters, and I only adopt adult animals, figuring they have a lesser chance than the cute kittens. That's why the preachy "all people who take their animals to shelters are bad, bad, BAD people!" refrain began to grate on my nerves. I agree that it's awful to get rid of a dog or cat bec [...]

    9. I loved this book.Through the whole book I was either giggling at the author's sarcastic wit or the antics of one of his many rescue dogs, or I was sobbing uncontrollably. Part of being a dog lover is learning to let them go, but that never makes it easier. I get emotional thinking about dogs being put down a sadness that this author is all too familiar with.This is a must read for dog lovers. You will love it from start to finish, just like I did.I also got to see David Rosenfelt speak recently [...]

    10. I absolutely loved this book! I like his mystery stand alone books and the Andy Carpenter series, and this was a pleasant treat to learn more about the author. I had no idea he was so into dog rescue and the focus of this book is the dogs. What is not to like about a guy who has one word for those who mistreat animals: "assholes." Unlike the author, I was sorry to see the trip end as I wanted to read more! His humor, love of dogs, and personality really comes through in this book and I was thoro [...]

    11. It’s ironic what an unsafe genre dog books can be if you’re a dog person—seems like many writers hope a tear-jerker ending will make their book fly off the shelves like Marley and Me—so I don’t read a lot of them. No worries here, though: David Rosenfelt is as trustworthy a writer about dogs as you’ll ever find. Rosenfelt, an award-winning mystery writer, and his wife, Debbie, have been involved in dog rescue for many years, since their golden retriever Tara died of cancer. In her ho [...]

    12. I’ve been a huge fan of Rosenfelt’s since first discovering his wonderful Andy Carpenter series on the bookstore shelves in 2009. I have since purchased and read all of his mystery novels - both within the series and his standalone thrillers. This book marks not only Rosenfelt’s nonfiction debut, but also my first experience listening to one of his books rather than reading it. And what a terrific experience it was!Morning traffic - once the bane of my commute - suddenly became a welcome t [...]

    13. I got this sound recording for the family to listen to on a recent car trip. My husband and I were entertained by about the first quarter of the book. We enjoyed David Rosenfelt's brand of self-deprecating humor and the idea of this cross-country road trip with 25 dogs just seemed too insane not to be funny. The kids never really got into the book - it was not engaging enough for them. After the first quarter by husband and I started to get bored with the repeated stories of he and his wife goin [...]

    14. If you've enjoyed David Rosenfelt's mysteries featuring Andy Carpenter and his golden retriever Tara, you'll find the same kind of writing here, with lots of humorous comments on humanity, including himself.I laughed a lot and chuckled and teared up a few times. This is a great book for animal lovers.Ostensibly the story of Rosenfelt's trip moving family, including 25 dogs, from California to Maine, the chapters about the trip itself are heavily interspersed with short chapters about various dog [...]

    15. I have read many of Rosenfelt's novels, and always enjoy the light banter and witty repartee between his fictional characters. This book was completely different, however, and chronicled the true life adventure of moving over 25 rescued dogs from California to Maine in 3 RV's. Stating that Rosenfelt and his wife are dog lovers is drastically understating their passion for canines. The dogs they are transporting aren't ones they plan to place in homes; they are the keepers! Sprinkled in amongst t [...]

    16. I picked up this book because of all the title and fun cover. I haven't read his Andy Carpenter mysteries but plan to give them a go. A fast breezy read, about his wife and his passionate dog rescue efforts, interspersed with a travelogue of how they moved his 25 dogs cross county in three RVs. He can be a bit sanctimonious about his rescues, but his self deprecating attitude softens the message. For an author I thought the transitions he made between dog stories and travel were somewhat abrupt, [...]

    17. More about how each dog was acquired than about the actual trip, but an enjoyable read anyway. Also very interesting when he related his writing history and their dog charity work.

    18. I love dogs. I love David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter— and now by extension, I love David Rosenfelt. The story of how he, his wife, Debbie, and nine volunteers moved their 25 dogs from California to Maine was a treat. Reading about the generosity of spirit of the volunteers only reinforced what I know about true dog-lovers. David's self-deprecating humor "But all of the sudden we had two ("real men"). And if you included me, we still had two." is what I love about the Andy Carpenter books, and [...]

    19. Trying to imagine what it would be like to travel in RVs cross country with 25 dogs, I just had to read this. David Rosenfelt has a great, wry sense of humor though a bit on the whiny side (He even admits to that). This book is two books in one actually, part stories about their life running the Tara Foundation, a dog rescue and the many dogs they brought home to live with them (over 40 at one point!) and part the adventure of moving from California to Maine with the help of 11 volunteers. So ve [...]

    20. The title of this tale says it all, well, nearly all. 25 mostly large dogs, along with 11 volunteers who are mostly strangers to each other but who were brought together by a couple who really don’t look insane but at least one seems to be leaning in that direction, are all stuffed into 3 pretty big RVs which they drive (the people, not the dogs, that would be silly) from California to Maine. Easy-peasy? Well, no, but certainly worth the effort. You will think you are on the trip along with Da [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book, but I need to say it. The badly photo shopped cover does not accurately reflect the story within. The title does not really reflect it either. This is not the story of cute, wide eyed pups road tripping. This is the story of a man and a woman who step in and save adult dogs whom no one seems to want. Old dogs, sick dogs, ugly dogs, big dogs, nuisance dogs, dogs with learned behaviors that deem them unable to be adopted. These aren't the cute, body less puppies riding [...]

    22. I feel head over heels for this story. It's real and to me at times hilarious. As a advid animal lover myself I know the feeling of wanting to save them all, especially since I live in California and our shelters in all honesty as terrible. I've been to almost all of the ones listed here and I'm absolutely positive one of the dogs they rescued is one I volunteered with at the shelter and to this day had always that she had been put down. It's nice to possibly believe that it's the same dog and s [...]

    23. I started this book this afternoon and finished it before 9 pm. Laughed a lot and shed some tears. David has a way with words, I suppose some people might be put off by his way, but I always enjoy his books. This factual tale of driving from California to Maine with 25 dogs in 3 RV's and his band of volenteers to help him was a great read. My wife said whatever you are reading must be pretty funny. Indeed. Heart warming as well. Can't imagine anyone not enjoying the read, unless they don't like [...]

    24. Just finished this book yesterday. It's an easy read but interesting and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. I love Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter legal thriller series and never knew the author was an animal rescue "lunatic." This nonfiction book is a series of short chapters, each telling about how a dog was acquired or lost. The Rosenfelts have a rescue in their home and keep up to 40 dogs there. If you are a "dog person" you will love it. If not, you will think the author and his wife are crazy. Act [...]

    25. So enjoyable!! Only Rosenfelt with his self-deprecating humor can make an RV trip with 25 dogs sound fun. Loved reading the history and rescue stories from the past, the journey across America, and the difference they have made in 100's of dogs. Rosenfelt shares many laugh out loud moments. Love his sense of humor, as well as his rescue work and devotion to dogs! I'd love to have been a volunteer on this journey. A meet and greet with this author and his dogs would be wonderful! This book has a [...]

    26. A blast to follow the author's tale of relocation from California to Maine with their 25 rescue dogs in tow. He described the road trip from the planning stages to arriving at their destination with both humor and wonder.What was also fascinating to me as a fellow golden retriever rescuer was to follow along as this author told heartwarming stories of having saved many dogs before this trip.Be forewarned! If you are an animal lover, you will be reading into the night on this one.

    27. I nearly fell asleep reading this one. It was boring, and he didn't have anything very interesting to say about the trip, which didn't happen until halfway through the book. The dog profile chapters that he mixed in were equally as bland. I don't think the author was very likeable or considerate. Just because you save dogs doesn't give you a pass to be inconsiderate to other people and their property.I read an entire chapter on dog shit. Not fun. Enough said.

    28. Love his novels and this tale of their cross country trip with 25 rescue dogs in 3 RV's is no exception. Funny, sad and very touching. Just shows what a lot of love, determination, and a healthy bank account can do for the lonely dogs of the world. Gleaned some good advice at a difficult time as we deal with our six year old Golden's renal failure. It's not about what you can't do, it's all about what you can do. Love, food, shelter, and more love.

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