Bosley Sees the World: A Dual Language Book in Italian and English

Bosley Sees the World A Dual Language Book in Italian and English Follow Bosley Bear as he discovers how big the world is and how much there is to explore and learn Bosley is a confident and curious little bear who looks for new challenges around every corner This i

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  • Title: Bosley Sees the World: A Dual Language Book in Italian and English
  • Author: Tim Johnson Emma Adams Ozzy Esha
  • ISBN: 9781470111649
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Follow Bosley Bear as he discovers how big the world is and how much there is to explore and learn Bosley is a confident and curious little bear who looks for new challenges around every corner This is a dual language book in Italian and English and is designed to help teach your child new words and phrases.

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    1. Bosley Sees the World: Spans Lingual RiftsTim Johnson's Bosley the bear, not only sees the world, but brings its languages to children in a easy to read format. Each book carries two languages, English and another, to the eager-to-learn minds of one's children. Although a treat, the story telling is not the only thing to notice. There is plenty of simple fun packed into this book, but Johnson also had the educational aspect in mind. At the end of this book is a list of newly introduced words, al [...]

    2. Sweet little Bosley tells his Momma that he's tired of their tiny cave, and decides he's going on an adventure and discover new things in the world. It doesn't take long before he realizes just how big the world really is, and is met by amazing discoveries at every turn. Bosley Sees the World is one of the most adorable books I have read with my son in quite some time. The illustrations are, well, just too cute, and the content is at a high enough level for my son (almost 4yrs old) to stay inter [...]

    3. A Duel-language book for kids! I loved the concept. It is both well- written and well- illustrated. The illustrations by Ozzy Esha are crisp, colorful, and well- drawn. I read the book with Spanish-English translations but it also available in Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, Italian, and German. What a delightful idea! I learned words in Spanish and this book made it so easy to pick up. The exact phrases are written in English and Spanish and the highlighted word is in red text. It was repeate [...]

    4. This is a book that is a bilingual book in English and Spanish. There are also books available in English with: French, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, German, Italian, and Arabic. These books that are bilingual are great. Its always a good thing to teach kids more than one language, and books are a great way to start. I especially like that there are the same words and simple phrases, opposites, highlighted words, contextual learning, and corresponding imagery on the page in both English and the for [...]

    5. Tim Johnson has done a marvelous thing! He has combined an adorable story with learning. Not just learning anything, but learning another language. “The Adventures of Bosley Bear: Bosley Sees the World,” uses repeat words, simple phrases, opposites, contextual learning, and corresponding imagery to dual languages. Spanish (in the book I read) and English are side by side. The words or phrases are highlighted to make the translation easier, while the illustrations let you know what is being t [...]

    6. Bosley Sees the World is the story of a young bear, who wakes up one day in his "tiny cave," and decides to explore the world. He climbs a big tree. He walks through the forest. He swims through a river, and he climbs a mountain only to look out and realize it's just the beginning. A fun story with vivid illustrations is only half of this book. As the cover states, it's in Italian and English. Both languages accompany one another so the reader can easily refer to the other to learn it. Key words [...]

    7. The Adventures of Bosley Bear Bosley Sees the World by Tim Johnson is a children's book in dual language, German and English. The book is laid out as an easy to follow, learning tool to help children, parents, teachers, etc. to better understand simple words or phrases of another language. My sons and I really had fun learning some German words and phrases from Bosley Sees the World! The illustrations are simple, engaging, and compliment the adventure that Bosley Bear takes you and your child on [...]

    8. this is a charming book that follows this bear on some woundefull adventures.i love the fact that it is bilingual and incourages chrildren to learn spanishis book was won on good reads. and i would definatly tell anyone with a child interested in language to purchase a copy for themselves. it will be a wounderfull addition to the family library.

    9. I am so proud to have my name on the Arabic version.I loved the idea and my daughter benefited from having two scripts on a page

    10. This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite.“The Adventures of Bosley Bear: Bosley Sees the World” by Tim Johnson is a bilingual Spanish/English story useful for introducing young children to foreign languages, both to begin learning a new language and for exposure to another culture. The basic storyline is about a young bear named Bosley who becomes disenchanted with the small size of his cave home. He declares to his mother that he is going outside to explore the nearby for [...]

    11. I admit this is an idea that could make this wonderful author a big name in language instruction, at a cursory level. The aim of the book is not to get the kids to be fluent overnight, but rather to expose them through play - through wonderful illustrations and storytelling. I can see parents buying five of the same story, but in Spanish, German, French, and so on, so the kids learn how there are so many languages, even though there is one story. This could become a cottage industry for the auth [...]

    12. What a clever idea for exposing children to another language. Instead of simply having a Spanish or German version of a book, this book is available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese, with the English version in each edition. The book is a simple but engaging story about a bear who goes adventuring. The child can follow along in English as well as one of the other languages. My version was Spanish, and it was fun to see how much of my college Spanish I remembere [...]

    13. As everyone know, the earlier you introduce a child to a second language, the easier it is for them to learn it. Bosley Sees the World is a perfect book to start with! You can purchase this book in multiple languages. Our book is written in English and Spanish. There are several words in each paragraph that are highlighted. This makes it easier for the children learn the words in each language. The illustrations are very colorful and eye catching. In this book Bosley is bored with his small cave [...]

    14. This book attempts to fill a need in children's education, and with the dual dialog will be helpful for those students learning the English language. My only suggestion would be to consider adding a guide demonstrating how to pronounce the Russian words that are highlighted, and maybe a Russian alphabet with descriptors. Students of English language have a continued desire to learn new languages, and this type of book could be very valuable if presented in the right way. The story and pictures a [...]

    15. If you’re interested in adding dual language books to your child’s library, please give Tim Johnson’s "Bosley Sees the World" book series a try.Not only does Bosley take the readers on a far-reaching adventure to see what sights can be seen outside his home (something every child wonders at one time or another) but Johnson offers his take on this age-old question in 8 different languages—making it a truly world-wide collection.In any language, the story still has to be interesting and en [...]

    16. Bosley Sees the World is the story of a young bear who goes on an adventure. It's a charming little story, and suitable for young children. They'll be able to relate to Bosley, and they'll delight in his exploration. I would guess it's ideally suited for kids about age 3-5. The book is specially designed to help teach children a second language - especially vocabulary. (It could help adults, too.) This is the area where the book shines brightest. The method the book uses to accomplish teaching a [...]

    17. As a language teacher,I was interested in reviewing a copy of thisdual-language book (French/English). I found the character, Bosley,very appealing, as well as the brightly colored illustrations. Iespecially liked the short text on each page, which helps to keep thereader's attention. The translations are accurate and use simple constructions which are easy to follow. Bravo to Tim Johnson forcreating a delightful vehicule for introducing children to a foreign language, as well as increasing thei [...]


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