Herniated Roots

Herniated Roots A tremor of desperation runs through Herniated Roots the debut story collection from acclaimed short story writer Richard Thomas Herniated Roots is filled with desperate characters that could be some

  • Title: Herniated Roots
  • Author: Richard Thomas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A tremor of desperation runs through Herniated Roots, the debut story collection from acclaimed short story writer Richard Thomas Herniated Roots is filled with desperate characters that could be someone you know in these hard times sexy pool hustlers, husband and wife teams, spurned lovers In these stories you ll read about a payoff with counterfeit bills and things thA tremor of desperation runs through Herniated Roots, the debut story collection from acclaimed short story writer Richard Thomas Herniated Roots is filled with desperate characters that could be someone you know in these hard times sexy pool hustlers, husband and wife teams, spurned lovers In these stories you ll read about a payoff with counterfeit bills and things that may or may not be happening Thomas fiction will grab you hard and leave you wanting .TABLE OF CONTENTS UnzippedYour Enemies Will Devour YouA Bird in the HandReleasedHerniated RootsSeeing RedGatewaySay Yes to PleasureTerrapin StationDaybreakThree MistakesDescentThe Jenny StoreTinkering With the MoonKiss OffDyer

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    1. If I told you Richard Thomas is underrated, I'd get a whole lot of 'duh!'. He's been in the business for a while and has a name. Still, it's hard to grasp just how talented he is when his offerings are so fragmented. I loved HERNIATED ROOTS, read it compulsively, but it was so scattered, it bugged me a little. His delivery is so smooth, his universes so vivid, that starting over and over again gets a bit frustrating somewhat?Thomas' prose is both gorgeous and seamless, which is the quality I res [...]

    2. Herniated Roots. The first time I saw that I thought it was an odd title for the book. But the more I thought about it I realized what an awesome title it actually was. It evokes the image of twisted, gnarled and oddly jointed tree roots digging down into the deep dark earth. A simple title that brings to mind a clear, detailed image. It's a great way to describe the writing in this collection.Thomas has a poetic writing voice that vividly captures the sights, sounds and feelings of the world he [...]

    3. This is just beautiful, top to bottom. The way the emotion is handled completely gutted me. It mixes the painfully real with the emotion of the ethereal and leaves you wondering what you just experienced. Actually, it doesn’t leave you wondering. You don’t care what you’ve just experienced. It leaves you wanting to nestle down inside that feeling, close your eyes and just let it envelop you.A full review is available on my website: nikkorpon/2012/10/01/a-rev

    4. THIS REVIEW ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT MANARCHY MAGAZINE:If Richard Thomas has never hit rock bottom, you wouldn’t know it by reading his short stories. His characters, marvelous in their misery, are all up shit creek some way or another, but they aren’t always interested in finding a paddle. They are sexy pool sharks in dirty city apartments. They are suburban dads with road rage. Whatever the world of each story, thanks to Thomas’ trademark attention to detail and animal honesty, the reader [...]

    5. In Terrapin Station, the ninth short story in Richard Thomas'Herniated Roots, Jameson is sitting on his bench "carving away every part of the stick that does not look like a turtle." With this collection, Thomas has done the same thing, only with our lives. Thomas deftly sculpts away everything that lacks cohesion with his vision, be it of the moment or the lifetime, and he leaves the reader with a beautifully terrifying glimpse at what could be, what might be, and, maybe, what is. The stories v [...]

    6. I've ever done a review for any book I readever. BUT this book was a worthy exception. Herniated Roots is a collection of short stories that are mostly driven by characters suffering from the wrong choices, rough pasts and other ill fates. Each story in this book affects you in some way, while reading you can spot a piece of yourself from these stories. My favorite was the self titled, Herniated Roots. This one ripped out my heart and almost gave me a steady flow of tears, damn you Richard. Now [...]

    7. This is a collection of broken people. They aren't necessarily good people, some are anything but. Most of them have brought tragedy upon themselves, but they are very human, part of a generation that thought they were special, only to find out they were only as special as everyone else.Richard Thomas writes broken characters very well. He is unflinching and yet nonjudgmental of his creations. They aren't fantastical creatures, nor horrible monsters. Chances are you will recognize at least a cou [...]

    8. I have a confession for the few people close to me who do not know this already- I’m not a very big fan of short fiction. When Michael Chabon criticized the current state of the form I agreed with his contentions. The titular collection by leading velveteer Richard Thomas is one of the few volumes of short fiction I greedily read while I was working out or hiding in the garage from baby sister. The title and concluding stories stand out the most in my mind. This review is brief, but a positive [...]

    9. I'm not sure what to say about this little story collection. It came recommended and I was seduced by the $1.99 price for Kindle. I didn't like all the stories, but a few are excellent. He should stay away from science fiction based on the two that are included. The noirish style of leaving spaces for the reader to fill in, doesn't necessarily crossover to sci-fi. These are really short stories, and have all appeared in zines or anthologies. He's got some cred, so I'll be on the lookout for oth [...]

    10. How else can this reviewer sum up Herniated Roots without calling the work pragmatic? The words run deep and hit you in the left side of the brain. The words stick on your brain, a fist imprint that would show up on an MRI scan. The prose in Herniated Roots is lean unforgiving. Every story in this book stands on its own feet, ready to blow your expectations out of the water as you progress. No character is safe in this writer's novels. Put on your seat belt, because this book is a hell of a ride [...]

    11. From the first page, it is obvious that you are reading the work of someone that has a love and respect for the written word. Richard Thomas has gift that shines through this whole collection. In a genre that is plagued by stories that rely on shock factors and twist endings, Richard Thomas emerges with a unique voice. If you want to read work with some substance, you will find it in Herniated Roots.

    12. Are you a drunk? Addict? Diseased? A burning shipwreck in human form? Are you a loser?No?Then you'll want to want to read these stories and see how the other half lives. Not a shred of hope or light in here, except what filters down into the gutters and burns these poor soul's eyes. HIGHLY recommended if you like your fiction dark as a locked room and so gritty you can taste the dirt between your teeth.

    13. Richard Thomas is truly a master of the short story. In a few thousand words he tells stories that grip you by your insides and follow you around for weeks after you are done with them. This collection is no disappointment. Thomas's short stories cut deeper than most novels and leave you feeling heavy and satisfied.

    14. A stunning collection of shorts from Richard Thomas; each story a good hard slug to the stomach. Why Richard is not yet an internationally famous writer remains a mystery to me. These are just *that* good.

    15. It gets said all the time, but Richard Thomas is easily one of the most underated writers in the game. This is a great collection and I regret letting it sit on my Kindle for as long as I did. I think 'Kiss Off' was my favorite.

    16. The prose somehow telegraphs the entire scene without any effort. As you read these stories, all of your senses are involved. You can taste and smell the things that Thomas describes. There are 16 (count them) stories in this collection and they are all worth reading. In fact, there are some that are just terrific including Unzipped, Herniated Roots, Terrapin Station, Three Mistakes, and Dyer. There are few anthologies that, as soon as I finish, I have an urge to reread to catch anything I misse [...]

    17. DifferentThe book was ok, a little different. Some of the stories were really out there. It's not much fun for me when I read a book or story and after I'm done with it, I wonder what the hell that was all about.

    18. These intense stories tunnel into the world of damaged characters in the process of tapping out. The damage is mostly self-inflicted or about to become so and although the language stays close to the characters the narration is not trapped in their heads, instead we see what they see and the descriptions reflect the inner turmoil. Powerful character-centered writing. These are not stories where showing character change is the aim, so the endings are mostly closed, which pushes back against the t [...]

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