Hello, Nebulon!

Hello Nebulon When Zack arrives at Sprockets Academy for the first day of school all of the differences between Earth and Nebulon begin to pile up and make Zack miss his home in Dubbsville Texas even But things

  • Title: Hello, Nebulon!
  • Author: Ray O'Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781471116834
  • Page: 444
  • Format: ebook
  • When Zack arrives at Sprockets Academy for the first day of school, all of the differences between Earth and Nebulon begin to pile up and make Zack miss his home in Dubbsville, Texas, even But things start to look up when he receives a mysterious surprise What could it possibly be

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    1. Science fiction for kids just getting into early chapter books? Excellent! That's what we have in Hello, Nebulon!, the first book of the Galaxy Zack series, written by an enthusiast of the original Star Trek television show and other sci-fi entertainment. This is a genre not often explored for kids learning to read on their own, and it's a refreshing addition to literature for that age group. Like most children obligated to move to a new home because of a parent's job, eight-year-old Zack Nelson [...]

    2. Best Book Ever! Yippee Wah-Wah!A cute little boy named Zack moves from Earth to a planet called Nebulon. Nothing is the same as Zack’s home planet. The sky, land, and water are different colors than on Earth, the cars fly, and the Nebulites speak very differently. Zack is nervous to move and he thinks no one will like him at school. He has to get used to everything on Nebulon. Hello Nebulon is an early chapter book with lots of awesome pictures (on every page) and words that are easy to read. [...]

    3. Galaxy Zack: Hello, Nebulon! By Ray O’RyanIllustrated by Colin JackHave you ever had to move to a new city? A new country? How about a new planet? Galaxy Zack: Hello, Nebulon! is the first book in a series about a boy named Zack and his experience relocating several million miles away from Earth to a new planet called Nebulon. This 2014 Golden Duck (Eleanor Cameron) Award Winner chapter book, written by Ray O’Ryan, will appeal to readers in grades 2-5. Readers who have experienced leaving be [...]

    4. Hello, Nebulon! is a story a story about a boy named Zack. He and his family have to move from Texas, to a planet called Nebulon. At first Zack is sad because he has to leave earth, but when he gets to Nebulon he finds an alien boy who likes to explore planets. Zack learns that his expectations of this planet are not what he thought it would be. Even though this book is for children, it is fun to read and I will definitely would recommend it. The drawings help to get engage with the story and th [...]

    5. I love the Nebulon world and all the adorable names the author gave to things. Who wouldn't love to have an uberzoon. The setting and the characters were the charm in this book. The plot was lacking.

    6. Hello, Nebulon! is the first book in the Galaxy Zack series. At first glance, the illustrations of the characters and settings are appealing to the readers. Throughout the text, illustrations and the way the text is arranged make it fun to read. The names of characters and items in the story are very intentionally picked. For example, the main character Zack’s dad works for Nebulonics at planet Nebulon. The book also called e-mail “z-mail.” Furthermore, Zack’s school is called “Sprocke [...]

    7. If you ever wanted to spend time in the Jetson's world, you will enjoy this book. Flying cars, food delivered on your command and beds that lower from the ceiling are just some of the fun features of a life on Nebulon, the setting of this book. At first, Zack isn't too thrilled to be leaving Earth, but new friends and interesting machines on Nebulon make his new home more interesting. I enjoyed the book, but felt like not very much happened except the move to Nebulon. I am curious to see what pr [...]

    8. A classic moving to a new home and school story with a twist of space thrown in. Zack learns to adjust to new social customs on his new planet while enjoying the perks of space age technology just like the Jetsons. A higher quality young fiction title with smooth plotline and writing. A perk for this genre.

    9. It was a cute story for beginning chapter book readers. I just wish it had laid off some gender stereotypes a bit. But a fun Jetsons like look at the future for kids. A little lacking in plot. I assume it’s a set up for future books in the series.

    10. Great setting with fun details but light on the action and plot. Fast, engaging read for early independent readers.

    11. I enjoyed this book because I like Galaxy Zack books. I did not like this book because I do not like ugly people. I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Zack road on Drake's bike.

    12. 115 pages. This is a series about a boy named Zack and his family who travel in space to the planet Nebulon. It's all about him getting used to the planet and his new home and school. It is ok. I think boys would like it. There are lots of cartoon illustrations throughout. The plot is kind of bland but it is ok. Recommended for Gr. 3-4.

    13. It's the year 2120 when Zack's father moves the family to the planet Nebulon. Everyone is excited about the move (mom, dad, and twin sisters), but Zack is very worried about leaving Earth. He must leave his best friend behind, along with his dog, Luna. He is afraid he will not make any new friends and is wondering if his classmates will be aliens and/or robots. Will Zack begin sending Z-mail? Will he enjoy IRA (Indoor Robotic Assistant)? Read this story to find out if Zack will fit in to his new [...]

    14. Very much the start to a a series that lays the foundation for future stories by introducing the protagonist and his world, it also tells the extremely relatable story of moving to a new town and school. Zack is sad to be leaving behind his friends and everything he knows and is very scared he won't be able to fit in or make friends at his new home. The rest of his family may be excited to be moving to the planet Nebulon for his dad's new job, but Zack sure isn't. Yet once they arrive he begins [...]

    15. Zack Nelson is afraid of losing his friends since he is moving so far out (off planet's pretty out there). It turns out that Nebulon is cool. Cars drive themselves and they don't have to worry about potholes(no roads). They have a house that does everything for them. It cooks what they want to eat. It makes their bed for them. It wakes them up. It starts their shower, etcZack is most scared about how the academy will be, but he makes a friend his first day. Drake is a native of Nebulon and has a [...]

    16. It is the year 2120 and Zack Nelson and his family are moving from Earth to the planet Nebulon. Zack is nervous about changing schools and making friends, but he also wonders what life on Nebulon will be like. This fun chapter book with engaging illustrations is a perfect transition from easy readers to something a little more challenging. The language and storyline is an accurate fit for first and second grade readers. The humor is age appropriate and the planet Nebulon is an interesting new wo [...]

    17. Zack Nelson is moving to a whole new planet with his parents and twin older sisters. Surprise, surprise.he doesn't want to leave Earth and his best friend. He especially doesn't want to leave his dog, Luna. Zack dreads being the new kid in school. His bicycle is nothing like the other kids' bikes. In fact everything is completely different than he is used to. But when all is said and done, boys are boys, teachers are teachers, school is school and pizza is pizza! (Oops, forgetthat last bit. Nebu [...]

    18. Cute, loved the pictures, I found it strange that the sisters were strangely OK with being left out of present giving and pampering. I feel like I wasn't so forgiving st 11 years old, even if my little sister was more in need than me at the time I was also slightly disturbed by the assumption that the girls would need a pink room, and that the mum would open a clothing boutique. However, it was still a cute story about a kid who has to move to a new place, and is experiencing new school jitters. [...]

    19. What a fun beginning chapter book! I loved the Jetson's, so this idea of an Earth boy who has to move to space for his day's work is enticing. Boy, things are different on Nebulon! But Zack makes a friend, tries new things, and learns that while things may be different-- they aren't always bad. Very cute illustrations break up each page, and the pacing and design are just right for readers ready to branch out alone. A winner.

    20. Reading Level: PrimaryGenre: Science FictionReview: This book is a nice intro to sci-fi for younger readers. It follows a boy who moves to a new planet, and is challenged with adapting to the new environment and making friends. I wasn't very impressed with this book, although I know the series is quite popular. All the scientific adaptations seemed to be in place merely to make people even lazier. And the "science" related to our planets wasn't exactly believable.

    21. "It's the year 2120 and eight-year old Zack Nelson has to move with his family to the planet Nebulon. He will have to leave his friends behind on Earth. Their new home comes supplied with an IRA (Indoor Robotic Assistant) who serves up the best spudsy melonade; his new bedroom has a giant view-screen on the wall: and the pizza is as good as on Earth. Maybe Nebulon won't be so bad, after all. Jetsons-like black-and-white illustrations give this series a nostalgic space-agey feel."

    22. In 2120, Zack Nelson moves to planet Nebulon with his family. This book introduces the reader to this character as he gets accustomed to his new planet, home, school, and classmates. Not much happens in the first book of the new Galaxy Zack series, but it's a good choice for young readers new to chapter books who are interested in science fiction (or *have* to read science fiction for school). It was reminiscent of The Jetsons.

    23. In the year 2120, it’s possible to travel to and live on the planet Nebulon and what a fascinating new place for Zack and his family. Beds that descend from the ceiling, dinner that appears in moments, a house controlled by a robot (named Ira) and bikes and cars like nothing on Earth. Still adjusting to a new home and school is full of anxiety no matter what planet you might find yourself on! Lots of illustrations and fun fantasy perfect for readers just beginning to handle chapter books.

    24. I'm a 25 year old and it's a kid's book, I know, but it was really really cute! It's a good story for kids who are nervous about moving to new place. I mean, sure, they probably aren't going to move to Neptune in our day and age, but it can be daunting to worry about life in a new place.Also, the illustrations are absolutely adorable and fun. It's almost comic-book-esque in a sense, but it's also a chapter book. I liked having illustrations on every other page.

    25. Zack doesn't want to move from Earth to the planet Nebulon, but his dad has a new job at Nebulonics. Life is a little different on Nebulon, from the way you greet other, to the houses with sideways elevators to whisk you from room to room and an Ira (Indoor Robotic Assistant) to take care of all your needs. This is a clever beginner chapter book with appealing illustrations on every page that I can just imagine as an animated film. First in a series.

    26. I will be adding the Galaxy Zack series to my library. Kid friendly and has ALIENS! Kids will enjoy seeing the alternating pages of black text on white pages with white text on black pages. They will also love how Zack's family has a IRA that can whip up a meal in a minute and clean in your room the next minute. Awesome!

    27. Yippee! A great addition to the picture-filled early chapter book offerings with a BOY!! Zack and his family have just moved from Earth to Nebulon. Lots of changes and a bit of anxiety await Zack as he gets settled in his new home. Kids will love learning about how Zack adapts to his Nebulon life. The first in a series.

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