One thought on “Major Mandella 2203/3177”

  1. Graphic novel adaptation of the classic SF novels 'The Forever War' by Joe Haldeman. Written and illustrated by Marvano, a Belgian author. It was obvious that this was not an original story, but rather a summary. The story was too fast-paced, and sometimes downright obscure. I think that people who read the original novels, will appreciate it more.

  2. Thank goodness it's over. Worth checking out the art. I don't recall the tacked-on happy-ish ending in the original book.

  3. Definitivamente Nolan debió haber hecho la adaptación al cine de The Forever War y no el bodrio melodramático que fue Interstellar.Una de las mejores obras de sci-fi que he leído en mi vida y eso que soy fanático de este genero. Ahora tengo que conseguir la novela.(Se acepta como regalo)

  4. Wish there was a way to add cover art to these volumes without it, on . Anyway this comic adaptation of Haldeman's classic is minimalist, but just as moving as the novel. Marvano's art is gorgeous. Great stuff.

  5. It's almost exactly the same book as Starship Troopers, but still good. A rip-roaring read, plus bonus points for considering the effects of relativistic time dilation on interstellar war. Crikey.

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