Tourist Trap

Tourist Trap You just know the Easter sunrise service is going to be a bummer when the San Francisco fog lifts to reveal a body nailed to a landmark cross Next mass shellfish poisoning at Pier A very different

  • Title: Tourist Trap
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You just know the Easter sunrise service is going to be a bummer when the San Francisco fog lifts to reveal a body nailed to a landmark cross Next mass shellfish poisoning at Pier 39 A very different kind of serial killer is operating here one who seems to have a grudge against the whole city.And this is a very different kind of serial killer tale a funny one Well, actYou just know the Easter sunrise service is going to be a bummer when the San Francisco fog lifts to reveal a body nailed to a landmark cross Next mass shellfish poisoning at Pier 39 A very different kind of serial killer is operating here one who seems to have a grudge against the whole city.And this is a very different kind of serial killer tale a funny one Well, actually, what serial killer s funny But lawyer sleuth Rebecca Schwartz is warm and witty, never takes herself too seriously, and on one occasion offers closing testimony with green hair A highly embarrassing moment, but the bright chartreuse is all in the service of making her case No way does she believe her client would nail somebody especially to a cross And the things she has to do to prove it are hilarious and often unorthodox, yet always professional Sometimes hyper professional the average lawyer simply can t be bothered spraying herself with Thunderbird to fit in with her witnesses

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    1. This book wasn't great, and it wasn't terrible hence the 3 star rating. There wasn't a ton of mystery in it. I found the overly inflated sense of ego about San Francisco extremely odd. It would have been odd no matter what city it was about. Maybe the author felt like she owed that to the city since she created a serial killer who hated it?

    2. A good read. Based in San Francisco, a familiar place for me. I have sailed my boat into Pier 39 more than once. I found only one error, "so for" in place of "so far". I like authors that actively solicit errors from their readers. It is unusual to find a book with only one error.

    3. I love this series.Rebecca is a criminal lawyer, and a sleuth on the side, and she's backed up with a wild assortment of interesting characters- including her dad, who preceded her as a brilliant criminal lawyer; her partner in their firm, another skilled lawyer with her own issues; their secretary, who is snarky and not necessarily competent but who makes great comic relief; and her boyfriend- a reporter that has a practice of disappearing right at the most inconvenient times. All these people [...]

    4. I forced ;myself to finish this book. Reading about San Francisco was ok, but the cop who hates her is a ridiculous character. I know writers like to build contention among characters and make things hard on the protagonist, but this just wasn't interesting. I agree with one review that the end seemed rushed and just dropped off a cliff. There wasn't anything here to make me want to read another one.

    5. This series just gets better and better!Yet another fun and witty addition to an already amazing series. I found this one to be the most edge-of-your-seat thus far and I even caught myself a few times whispering “Seriously Rebecca?!” And now it’s on to the fourth book!

    6. Not a MysteryA great court case and surprise ending, though it did drop off suddenly at the end. Rob was flighty and quite rude. Good read but Rebecca's relationships lacked a certain depth.

    7. Easy readEasy and quick read. Enjoyed the story line. I didn't read the first two but I don't think it detracted from this story.

    8. I love books written about cities I'm very familiar with, and San Francisco is one of my favorites. It was a good premise, although not totally a mystery. Clever tie-ins to the plot & the logic behind the revenge. Guy wants to get revenge on the man who beat him up years before, right after his wife died because of a drunken tourist on the cable car. He waits until the beater gets out of prison and starts terrorizing tourist attractions to "shut down the hellhole that is San Francisco." And [...]

    9. I've always loved Julie Smith's books, ever since I discovered one of her New Orleans-based novels. This one, too, is a winner. Rebecca, the attorney with more ability than she gives herself credit for. Rob, the obsessive reporter/news hound. And the other cast of characters make this a fun series to keep coming back to.This time, there,s a serial killer who takes out his disdain for San Fran on the tourists that visit the city. We know early on who the murderer is. The story takes us through pr [...]

    10. I love Julie Smith's writing. There is humor, mystery, suspense and always some romance. Her Skip Langdon series is the best! This was my first of the Rebecca Schwartz series. It was #3 so I didn't learn much of the back story about the main characters. However, it worked as a stand-alone book. I enjoyed the San Francisco setting, but the Skip Langdon setting of New Orleans is much more evocative. Skip is also a more developed character. But I like Rebecca and will likely read more in this serie [...]

    11. Julie Smith has another winner with Tourist Trap. Rebecca Schwartz is a San Francisco lawyer who ends up defending a man accused of a series of fatal incidents by someone named The Trapper. She works in tandem with her boyfriend Rob, a writer for a local paper, and together they see the first murder victim. This is partly a legal thriller and partly a sleuthing story. During the trial of the wrongfully accused Lou, Rebecca teams up with her dad, a retired lawyer, but in the end she is the one wh [...]

    12. Not sure if this is the first in the Rebecca Schwartz series but it is the first I read, and it was pretty good, but without the same kind of detail or finely drawn characters of the Skip Langdon books I've read. Still, it was good, and at 211 pages, it is certainly a quick read, about the attorney Rebecca and her boyfriend, a reporter, chasing clues about who is knocking off tourists in San Francisco.

    13. I liked this one much better than the first in the series. Rebecca Schwartz's Jewish identity is still both a stereotype and unnecessary to the plot. The plot is well done, however, and I usually don't like serial killer novels. One of the recurring questions in the book is whether all the murders are done by the same person (the "Tourist Trapper") or some by a copycat. The answer, when it came, surprised and saddened me. It was a more serious thought than I expected from this series.

    14. It could have been a good mystery had the book not rushed to its ending. Writing was lazy toward the end. The court room scenes had potential, however, after brief flashes of brilliance they too petered too. For a romantic mystery, the poor boyfriend was least developed character. It is even more tragic since he was the reporter the serial killer trusted.Rushed writing killed the pleasure of the book.

    15. Good seriesReally enjoyed this third installment of the Rebecca Schwartz series. Love the characters, almost feel like friends. Very good plot with a few great twists. Looking forward to next book, this author writers several different series. The ones I have read are equally good.

    16. This was really great! Lawyer Rebecca Schwartz and her boyfriend Rob find themselves in the middle of a serial killer's rampage thru San Francisco, and help to solve the crime so that they can exhonerate Rebecca's client who is innocent. It's knuckle biting and a bit touch and go at points, but very interesting and absorbing. I could not put this one down!

    17. I liked the humor, in fact laughed through a lot of the 1st chapters. I was going to give this 4 stars until I got to the end. The conclusion was so abrupt, it was almost like the author was tired of writing the story and just ended it. I spoke with a friend who has read this author's award-winning series that takes place in New Orleans, which my friend really liked. So I will try one of those.

    18. Bought this book a few months ago and finally read it. I have enjoyed every Julie Smith book I have read. I found this author by accident and am glad that i did. This is the third book in a series but you could read each book and be fine. This book was an enjoyable read. I have come to enjoy these characters and their odd at times behavior. I will definately read more Julie Smith books.

    19. Some literary hyperbole but.Enjoyable read, some of the descriptions in the narrator's inner dialog were quite over the top at the beginning, but settled down as the mystery deepened. This lawyer novel was different from others I've read and I enjoyed it because of the slightly wacky heroine.

    20. Another Sue Grafton imitator, but the thirty-something-female-lawyerturnedinvestigator-indangerlateinthebook protagonist just seems like a victim, dismissed by the police (as always), taken for granted by her lover, nagged by her mother and finally rescued by her father.

    21. Frisco FolliesA good, fast read with a most amazing heroine. In this book we see Rebecca in a courtroom setting and she and her dad make a good team. These are fast paced, humorous reads.

    22. Third in the Rebecca Schwartz series. This time somebody is attacking tourists in San Francisco and Rebecca is hired to defend the man arrested for "trapping tourists.". Her smart alecky voice is mostly enjoyable although it does wear thin at times. Fun read - not a real brain tester though

    23. A "catchy" bookThe book remain ed interesting though out the entire reading. The parents were an additional tidbit to make it real. It never felt like it was too long, or dragging.

    24. A cute murder mystery set in San Francisco and the Tenderloin district. I found some of the scenes jumpy and difficult to follow, but certainly a shocker when it came to whodunit. I'd like to read the first in the series as it might give more insight to Rebecca's background.

    25. Like the other Rebecca Schwartz mysteries I've read this one was a slow start for me. In fact, I put it down after about 2 chapters and read something else and then came back to it. About half-way through it picked up and I became engrossed in it.

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