Carter Diamond 1

Carter Diamond This story tells the rise of notorius gangster Carter Diamond This story takes you through the mean streets of Michigan to Carter becoming the biggest druglord Miami has ever seen This is the prequel

  • Title: Carter Diamond 1
  • Author: Ashley Antoinette JaQuavis Coleman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This story tells the rise of notorius gangster Carter Diamond This story takes you through the mean streets of Michigan to Carter becoming the biggest druglord Miami has ever seen This is the prequel to the New york Times best selling series The Cartel by Ashley JaQuavis Before the Cartel was ever createdhe stood alone.

    One thought on “Carter Diamond 1”

    1. Love this book!! The only reason why I gave it 4*s was because of some typo errors, but other than that the book was AWESOME! I love a book that will take you back in time!!!!

    2. Most would have probably complained that the story was too short and too pricey for its length, but if you are a true Ashley Antoinette fan, then you will read any of her work at any cost. Like most, I had the pleasure of reading The Cartel series before Carter Diamond, so I pretty much knew the story. BUT if you want to read some more indept details of how it all began, then Carter Diamond is for you. Ashley paints a very vivid picture of how some of the major players from The Cartel series got [...]

    3. SoI love their writings I truly do. However, here recently it's like they are just throwing these stories together and neglecting certain aspects such as grammar and punctuation. I clearly understand that this is an urban fiction, however here was an entire section that was referencing Taryns "solo" story line and yet it kept saying breeze. Was there no one to look this story over?! Overall I like the idea of bringing us the history of how Carter Diamond got his start but I was way too distracte [...]

    4. This prequel to The Cartel series takes you back to how Big Carter got his start. It confused me for a minute, but once I continued to read, all of the pieces started to come together. The page count may be few, but the information is powerful. Unfortunately, I had to give it πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž, because of some errors found throughout the book. Please do not let that discourage you from purchasing this short story from the minds of @ashleyantoinette and @realjaquavis.

    5. Good bookquick readI enjoyed the book. Kept me reading and I finished it quickly. Must read Carter Diamond 2 to see what happens next.

    6. I love the fact that Ashley & Jaquavis takes us back to where it all startedI was into the book from start to finish lovin every bit of it understanding more of how things happen the way they did in the beginningYes it was a short story, it tells u on the cover an yes it may have a few editing errors but if your a true reader u would get past that.yway I caught myself all in it when Carter did what he had to do no doubt.d I know that f*ckin loso had something to do with itGreat Job ur still [...]

    7. Carter diamondtely five stars because of the information that is given pertaining to how Carter diamond became The Carter diamond. However grammatical errors will keep it at a four-star rating. I'm off to part two of the trilogy of Carter diamond.

    8. This was a good read short but good. I can see how Carter got his start in the game. I'm really hyped to see what happens in part 2.

    9. Carter diamond I enjoyed this book. :D even though it was short. I like myself some Carter Diamond lol! I never thought his story would be interesting but it is (:

    10. Name confusionI enjoyed the plot of the story, but it was confusing to the reader if you weren't paying attention. You were reading about a conversation in one part of the book, then a couple of lines down it was introducing a different person. For instance, Taryn went for popcorn but it the conversation of Breeze and Carter. I gave it a 3 because of the inconsistency from the Cartel book. It stated her brother died when she was 10. Luckily I like the series so I hop book 2 and 3 of the eBook is [...]

    11. I enjoyed the audiobook by Cari Hite. I always wanted more information about the infamous Carter Diamond, father of Carter Jones. Good read and gave me a better understanding of The Cartel Series, wish I had read this book first before the cartel series but even after reading it last’s still answered a few lingering questions about the rise and fall of the Diamond-Jones clan.

    12. Good short storyIt was a good short story. Just too many errors for the number of pages. The wrong name was used too many times which is confusing. But Carter Diamond is interesting.

    13. Nice short read.This book was good and intense. I'm mad about Tanya though wow Carter! I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

    14. Great readThis was a great read I can't wait to read the next one. I really enjoyed this, Ashley is amazing!!!!

    15. Good readThe book gave the background and answered questions . Again, it was a good book to read. Read more.enjoy. Thanks

    16. Good short storyRead all of Carter diamond books. Love the books. Going on to the second part. Hope is as good as this one

    17. WowI should have read this series of Carter Diamond first before the series of The Cartel. Awesome reading Will be reading Part 2

    18. I want more "Carter Diamond!"I give it five star rating. The story has drama, suspense, paints a clear picture for the reader to properly visualize everything going on. But most important, there's also a love story building.

    19. Never have I been more surprised that a book has done as well in the reviews as Carter Diamond. Obviously the current reading audience on this title has lower standards of what constitutes a good book. I am only one person, but a well-read one and an English teacher. Awaiting a long car trip, I got this book at the library because it was one of the few available at the time in digital audiobook format. Firstly, what a bland and horrible hero! I had little to no feeling about if the main characte [...]

    20. 17 pages of the back story that fills in the blanks of who Carter Diamond was. It's the story of his beginning and rise to the top and how he became the man he was. You meet him at a young age and a few vital players in The Cartel series along the way. I enjoyed the story although I had to fight through the typos and errors along the way. I don't know what happened there because that's not like them and I'm hoping for a corrected copy and cover art(for Nook) soon.The E short ended with a cliff h [...]

    21. Since I'm a huge fan of the Cartel Series I wanted to read about the life of Carter Diamond before he became "the man". As stated in the description, this was definitely a short story and I personally don't think that it's worth $3.99. Although it was an interesting read, there was not a big wow factor about the story. It does get the message across regarding how Carter met the women in his life and began making his empire. There was a noticeable amount of errors and there were also times where [...]

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