Christmas on Mimosa Lane

Christmas on Mimosa Lane Anna DeStefano presents a touching Christmas story about love loss and healing and the joys of coming home A childhood spent on the streets leaves Mallory Phillips longing for a normal life and a pe

  • Title: Christmas on Mimosa Lane
  • Author: Anna DeStefano
  • ISBN: 9781612185873
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anna DeStefano presents a touching Christmas story about love, loss, and healing and the joys of coming home.A childhood spent on the streets leaves Mallory Phillips longing for a normal life and a perfect Christmas Now an elementary school nurse in Chandlerville, Georgia, Mallory s dream to blend into the picturesque community isn t working out She s once living aAnna DeStefano presents a touching Christmas story about love, loss, and healing and the joys of coming home.A childhood spent on the streets leaves Mallory Phillips longing for a normal life and a perfect Christmas Now an elementary school nurse in Chandlerville, Georgia, Mallory s dream to blend into the picturesque community isn t working out She s once living a loner s existence Then an emotionally fragile seven year old appears in her living room in the middle of the night, and Mallory s isolated world is turned upside down.This is Polly Lombard s first Christmas without her mother, and she won t utter a word to anyone except Mallory She believes Mallory holds the key to helping her father overcome his sadness Despite Pete Lombard s lingering grief over his wife s death and concern for his daughter, his resistance to their mysterious neighbor crumbles as he spends time with Mallory and falls for her amazing heart But when her past returns haunt her, is Mallory strong enough to keep the Lombard family in her life And can the spirit of Christmas heal these broken souls and bring them all the joyous, loving holiday they deserve

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    1. This had the potential to be the perfect Christmas romance. I love Christmas romances that are filled with redemption, new beginnings, and hope. This book contains all of those three ideals, but unfortunately they didn't outweigh the "heaviness" and sadness of this book.At first glance, this book appears to be about Pete, a widowed father, and Polly, his hurting and withdrawn little girl. It is obvious that these two need a Christmas miracle. We are then introduced to Mallory Phillips, a former [...]

    2. School Nurse/Social Worker Mallory Phillips moves to the quiet town of Chandlerville, Georgia where she, basically, wants to be alone. She puts up a beautiful Christmas tree, as she never had one of her own when she was growing up, but imagine her surprise when she discovers she’s not alone. A 7 year old girl, Polly, has found her way into Mallory’s home in the middle of the night. A young girl who is staying within her own cocoon and not talking to anyone, except her new friend Mallory.Poll [...]

    3. This is the third or maybe fourth book I have read this holiday season that surrounds Christmas and I am certainly not complaining. I am sure that I will be reading many more! I was very drawn in by the cover of this book simply because who wouldn’t want to wake up to this on Christmas morning? It looks almost like the sun is breaking through the clouds on the cover as well. This book also surrounds the feeling of Christmas and truly captures that loving and giving spirit that most people expe [...]

    4. It was one of the saddest books I read for Christmas and I loved it. Heart wrenching yet beautifully written. I loved the different point of views written because then you could see the hurt and feelings that each of them were dealiing with during this holiday season. Pete and Polly were dealing with their first Christmas without Emma, and Mallory was having her first Christmas in her reboot start on Mimosa Lane. My heart ached for Mallory's past and trying so hard to move forward. I'm glad what [...]

    5. Sometimes there is nothing like a good, emptying cry during the holidays, especially when you are full of emotions that just kind of need to be drained away. Too much? Anyways, y’all, Christmas On Mimosa Lane by Anna DeStefano definitely fits the bill for a heartfelt, emotional Christmas read. If you love small town southern settings, closely knit neighborhoods and your characters tragic, then you will definitely enjoy Christmas On Mimosa Lane.Read the rest of my review here

    6. This book walked all over my heart. I normally read Christmas books for that feel-good, happy emotional read. This one was so sad Polly broke my heart. I know that the author plans a sequel, but if the ending had been different, I probably would have rated it differently. It was my first read by Anna DeStefano and I probably won’t be reading any more. Just wasn’t my thing.

    7. Excellent Book real eye openerI liked the book a whole lot, I have never read any of her books before. It is full of a lot of truth on how we tend to deny the things that are important to us and makes you see how people live in different types of society

    8. I read this book through Kindle Unlimited.I love reading seasonal books, especially those at Christmas time. This book was great book, for that because of the amazing Christmas tree used throughout the story.This was a unique story for me as I haven't read one on a trauma child in a very long time. I completely loved the idea that even though one doesn't mean to become important to another person they can just worm themselves into a heart. A school nurse doesn't mean to get involved in the affai [...]

    9. AbsorbingI was interested in getting to know the main characters in this book. They were vividly portrayed and the interactions between the characters was really interesting. But some of this book chest didn't seem plausible to me. The book centers around foit characters. Who are dealing with the devastating loss to their family. which happened about six months earlier. Another was the teacher in New York City, near the World Trade Center. She was with her students on 9/11 when the Trade Center [...]

    10. Loved itA powerful story of loss and love, and how the past can make you stronger and cage you at the same time. I loved this book.

    11. The holidays are a time of heightened emotions--happiness and grief are intertwined for those of us who have lost loved ones. The memories can be overwhelming, often as dreaded as they are treasured. Everyone has to grieve in their own way, and they should be allowed to find their own level of emotional acceptance. Then there are those people who have great loving hearts, but did not have happy childhoods, and never experienced a real "family Christmas". Sentimental holiday music, lights and dec [...]

    12. 2.5 StarsI am not sure how I feel about this book. The storytelling and the writing were done wonderfully; I was fully invested in the story and its characters. But on the other hand, it was so flipping depressing! I feel the need to warn readers not to buy a house on Mimosa Lane, everyone living there is miserable! We have the main character, Mallory, and her misery has deep roots in a childhood spent on the streets. The other main characters are Polly and her dad, Pete. Their misery is based o [...]

    13. Did you get those "oh, this is going to be good and where is that box of tissues?" kind of chills when you read the back cover copy? I did, so I grabbed my pink- and gray-striped afghan and settled in for a touching read. The book was even more stirring than I imagined. The perfect houses on Mimosa Lane harbor more than their share of heartrending imperfections — the once tightly knit neighborhood is slowly unraveling. The characters and their struggles are all so real and relatable that I'm s [...]

    14. (Sigh) I have been having feed issues between my blog and for months, so I am manually posting blog posts for now. This is the first book I’ve read by this author, and overall I felt like it was a good story. A word of caution, however. If you are looking for a light, fluffy story for the holiday season, this may not be for you. I will only briefly outline the plot as many other reviewers have done so in depth. The story is told from multiple points of view: the heroine, Mallory, Peter Lombar [...]

    15. Given the title Christmas on Mimosa Lane, the cover and the blurb this sounded just like a warm, festive tale. And it is.Eventually. After it put my emotions through the wringer!This is actually a story of overcoming heartache in form or another with the season as the catalyst that drives the characters. There is Peter Lombard and his daughter, Polly who are both still grieving at the loss of wife and mother, Emma to cancer. Thanksgiving was pretty much a disaster and Christmas doesn't look like [...]

    16. Generally, I have no interest in reading romance novels. However, I find myself trying some of them at Christmas time simply because I'm looking for books which in one way or another celebrate the season. If you are going to read a romance, then "Christmas on Mimosa Lane" by Anna DeStefano, is well worth trying. As the book begins, we meet seven year old Polly who keeps finding her way into the apartment of her neighbor, Mallory Philips. Polly is a recent orphan and Mallory initially has some de [...]

    17. I won Christmas on Mimosa Lane from first reads.The book is mainly about Mallory, Pete, and Polly. Mallory recently moved to Mimosa Lane to have a fresh start and escape her past. Pete's wife and Polly's mom, Emma, died from cancer six months ago, and both of them are having a hard time coping with their loss. They become acquainted, and Mallory tries to help them through their problems (she was a social worker before her position as a school nurse). Eventually they get attached to each other a [...]

    18. This would be 4.5 stars if I could give half stars, but I'm okay with it showing 5. No one writes emotions like Anna DeStefano. No one. If I were prone to crying, I would have needed a full box of tissues, and I actually delayed reading this book for a year because the first time I tried, it was the first Christmas without my father-in-law. I came back to it this year and was glad I did. One reviewer called Christmas on Mimosa Lane depressing, which I disagree with. It's real, human, and raw, bu [...]

    19. Mallory awakens to find Polly, the lil girl from next door hiding behind her Christmas tree, she is immediately taken with the lil girl and realizes the pain she is in. Polly’s mother had died 6 months earlier, and the child had withdrawn into herself.The problem with such a close knit community is everyone knows everyone, and people are treating Polly like glass, and constantly reminding her of her loss. The major issue for Polly is, her father, he has also withdrawn and doesn’t seem to kno [...]

    20. After a childhood on the streets with her bipolar, alcoholic mother, Mallory Phillips learned never to trust in love. Now she found a community to call home, but she can't settle into the cozy town. When Polly Lombard sneaks into her house late one night, Mallory finds herself connecting to the young girl who just lost her mother to cancer. She's also finding herself bonding to Polly's grieving father, Pete. But can this family and the community give Mallory the one thing she always wished for A [...]

    21. Mallory is a school nurse, former social worker, and street person. Her mother was mentally ill, and dragged her from town to town, until she was 12 years old. She has tried to fit into a life in a small town, in a lovely neighborhood, but she holds herself back from her neighbors. Polly is a young girl, who is suffering from the death of her mother. She doesn't want people to ask how she is doing. She wants people to treat her normally. She makes friends with Mallory, who lives next door to her [...]

    22. This was my first book ever by this Author, but it won't be my last!! I previously had read a few less than 4 star reviews before I started to read this book, so I was concerned whether I would enjoy it or not. Fortunately, I never let reviews stop me from reading :) I must say, those sad reviews were way off base & must have been made by some sad people who see their 'glasses half empty' instead of "half full" :o The writing is so magnificent you won't want to put it down! You will cheer f [...]

    23. This is an emotional Christmas book about fragile people that had suffered so much in their lives. I like the way the characters change everything and how they find their own hope for a happy Christmas. They show us a great life lesson and encourage us to be strong in front of different situations.Here are some of the quotes I like and would love to share:“When you got nothin’, you’re invisible.”“…talking is the way to heal the things inside you that no one sees.”“It’s hard not [...]

    24. This was a great story to get me in the mood for the holiday season. I got the Kindle edition from an Daily Kindle Deal last month. It was well worth the discounted price I paid.Each holiday season, I like to keep my reading to Christmas stories. This story will be one of my favorites. The storyline has its characters dealing with some difficult emotions during the holidays (homelessness, bipolar mother, loss of a wife/mother, surviving 9-11,) and combined it with more traditional holiday fare [...]

    25. More interaction from the people on Mimosa Lane. The focus on this novel is more confined to two individuals, a school nurse, and her neighbor, a recent widower, and the struggles his young daughter is having after the death of her mother. Do people who have suffered in their childhoods, tend to become focused on helping others due to their previous experiences? How is it to be homeless for six years trying to take care of your alcoholic/manic/depressive mother, when you are age 6 to 12? What ha [...]

    26. This book was rather unusual. The writing is good but the story is all about the emotional problems of the main character and the child who lives next door to her. The main focus is on how both of them are tremendously emotionally scarred and how the neighbor helps the child to heal, and at the same time, falls in love with the child's father, who is a widower. The book is mostly about these people and their emotional/mental problems. And one of their neighbors is agoraphobic but I have a feelin [...]

    27. One of the ways I deal with the summer heat in Texas is by reading Christmas novels. This book had a sad but redeeming story of a woman (Mallory-school nurse/former counselor)who had lived on the streets from the ages of 6-12 with her bipolar/alcoholic mother. Her experience allows her to help others get past their recurring memories and resentments about unsavory childhoods. It also, however, causes her to feel as if she can fix everyone who has a problem. The little girl next door, Polly, who [...]

    28. I found this book depressing to read for Christmas. The main character was locked into a tragic past. As a child from age 6 to 12 she lived on the streets with her alcoholic, bipolar mother. How did social services not find her and take her away from this unhealthy lifestyle? Did she not go to school? Maybe I'm living in a dream world, but wouldn't someone rescue a child in these circumstances? I worked for Social Services and the primary job was to protect the children. Any child living on the [...]

    29. I was looking for something light to read over the holiday break, and I found this book to be surprisingly rich with it's themes of love, motherhood and loss. I look forward to reading more by this author as she did an excellent job of developing her characters. In many ways I could relate to Mallory's tendency to protect her heart from further loss, and I was rooting for her to take risks and open her heart to those around her. It was a beautiful feel good story with depth, perfect for the holi [...]

    30. This was a very emotional book for me. I just lost a good friend of mine over the weekend and this book was kind of perfect for that situation. It dealt with how to deal with the holidays on when a loved one dies shortly before them. While it is a romance novel, the romance did not take center stage, the coping aspect did. Another theme running through this book is homelessness and how it affects the people that dig themselves up from that. I cried a lot during this book, but am very glad I read [...]

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