Stranded A Strand In the WebThe Restorers travel the universe fulfilling a purpose handed down through the generations They live and die aboard city ships never knowing the worlds they create and save What be

  • Title: Stranded
  • Author: Anne Bishop Anthony Francis James Alan Gardner
  • ISBN: 9781611941661
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Strand In the WebThe Restorers travel the universe fulfilling a purpose handed down through the generations They live and die aboard city ships, never knowing the worlds they create and save What begins as a disastrous training exercise in creating and balancing ecosystems becomes an unexpected fight for survival The only hope may be the secret project of an untried RA Strand In the WebThe Restorers travel the universe fulfilling a purpose handed down through the generations They live and die aboard city ships, never knowing the worlds they create and save What begins as a disastrous training exercise in creating and balancing ecosystems becomes an unexpected fight for survival The only hope may be the secret project of an untried Restorer team A Host Of LeechesA young woman wakes to find herself the sole human on an orbiting, mechanical space station To find a way home, she must navigate the dangerous politics of war between opposing robot leaders.StrandedA young, genetically engineered centauress from the ultra advanced Alliance lays claim to a rare, strategic garden planet, only to find herself captured by a band of rag tag Frontier refugees who ve crashed their vintage ship on her unexpectedly hostile world.

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    1. My favorite of the three stories wasA Strand in the Webby Anne Bishop - I loved the concept and the (literal) world building. A Host of Leeches was also good- especially the first half. The third story was ok, but I didn't connect with it as much.

    2. This anthology is a fabulous read. For those who love Ms. Anne Bishop, her story is very different than her existing novels, with the tiny exception of her favourite reoccurring motif - webs. There are three great writers brought together to write stories about being stranded. Stranded by Anthony Francis is a jumbled yet intriguing world. This novella is a 3 star. Mr. Francis possess great ideas. His concept for this story is sound. His execution was a bit shaky for me. The world building was cr [...]

    3. A strand in the web by Anne Bishop was a sweet, original and entertaining short story. Loved it!And no I didn't bother to read the other stories, sorry!

    4. A really good collection of three science-fiction stories with a similar underlying theme of being stranded, whether it is in outer space, a solitary planet or a giant cylinder-come-military hospital.A Host of Leeches by James Alan Gardner.Fun story about a girl who wakes up on a military space station after contracting a contagious disease - along with everyone else on the island she was on. Although the only human awake on this station, there are a host of military robots engaged in their own [...]

    5. Quite the curate's egg, this. Jim's story (which is the reason I bought the book) was, as usual, great fun and wonderfully written (although he does get a bit bogged down in technical explanations sometimes). The sly references to The Wizard of Oz were nicely handled (I almost LOL'd when he referred to some emerald green paint on the walls) and the snappy pace kept the reader entertained right to the finish. Unfortunately, the book didn't end thereI apologize if this sounds snobbish, but the oth [...]

    6. Eh. It was OK. The first story, A Host of Leeches by James Alan Gardner was my favorite. A Strand in the Web by Anne Bishop was why I bought the book, I love her Black Jewels books. This story was good, but predictable. Stranded by Anthony Francis was just confusing. There were too many new ideas crammed into one small story, poorly developed characters, and the overarching morals were not well incorporated into the plot. If the moral was the point, then the plot was not written well around it.O [...]

    7. Stranded by Anne Bishop, Anthony Francis, James Alan Gardner features three science fiction novellas that share "stranded" as a common theme. All of the stories feature young protagonists so this collection could easily be classified as YA.In "A Host Of Leeches" by James Alan Gardner Alyssa is a young woman who wakes up, alone, after suffering from some sort of plague. She discovers she has been left on a space station and that all the other infected humans on the station are frozen. The station [...]

    8. A Host of Leeches by James Alan Gardner was really good. I also really liked A Strand in the Web by Anne Bishop. I fell out of love with her Black Jewels series, but she's still a good author. I didn't get far through Stranded by Anthony Francis, it just didn't appeal to me very much.

    9. Stranded is an anthology containing three science fiction stories featuring young adult protagonists (16 years or so) who are stranded in space and placed in charge of their fate. Without condescending to the age group, we are given a moral message of right vs. wrong and how our actions influence not only our lives but the world around us too.A Host Of LeechesThis story has a promising start. Alyssa wakes up after getting sick in an unknown hospital without memory how she got there. As she explo [...]

    10. An anthology of three short stories for young adults revolving around a theme of being stranded.The StoriesJames Alan Gardner's "A Host of Leeches" is an odd mix of science fiction, paranoia, and the cartoonish. I definitely could see a Saturday morning cartoon based on this, although the audience is more likely to be conspiracy theorists.Alyssa is the lucky one, the one experimented upon in a secret space station where plague victims were sent. She's also the unlucky one as she seems to be the [...]

    11. This exciting collection on a theme of being stranded pits young people against system failures, aliens and biological catastrophe.James Alan Gardner wrote A Host of Leeches about Alyssa who wakes up alone on a hospital space station. She has only robots and her damaged symbiont to talk to, and discovers that she is quarantined as a plague sufferer, along with other cryogenically frozen sufferers, and the robots are all war machines. Devoid of enemies and dumped here after the war was averted, t [...]

    12. Three thought-provoking, short stories of young people stranded in some manner in space. Each story features situations that have to be dealt with by the teens/young adults who have been placed in charge of their lives in various ways, whether intentionally or not.One is a "city-ship" from earth charged with atoning for the devastation visited on other species by humans, millennia in the past. This takes the form of carefully seeding other planets with everything needed to establish a balanced e [...]

    13. This was an interesting collection of 3 short stories. The overarching theme was of course being 'Stranded' in some way. The first one: Host of Leeches by James Alan Gardner is about a young girl who wakes up alone in a hospital unsure how she got there or where anyone else is. The beginning was a bit slow but it was ultimately fairly satisfying.The second one: A Strand in the Web by Anne Bishop was about a group of humans flying from system to system restoring worlds to balance. It is never exp [...]

    14. I purchased the book because I love everything Anne Bishop: I loved reading her voice in a sci-fi rather than fantasy setting. All three are coming-of-age stories set around the individual authors definition of what it could mean to be "stranded" in the science fiction genre:A Host of Leeches: The Authors Note sets the scene much better than I ever could so I'll just say read that for a summary/intro! I quite enjoyed this one: it is my first exposure to anything written by J. A. Gardner. Unfamil [...]

    15. I don't tend to read many compilations of short stories or novella simply because I prefer a longer length for my books. This gives the author much more room for character development and I don't have to say goodbye to new friends quite as quickly. That being said when I saw that Anne Bishop was trying her hand at science fiction I just couldn't resist.I found that I really enjoyed A Strand In The Web and A Host Of Leeches. The main characters were easy to relate to and the stories themselves we [...]

    16. REREAD: A STRAND IN THE WEB by Anne Bishop (Read 28 November 2017 - 9/10)I'm trying to balance my reading a little so I get to catch up with some rereads as well as new reads and this is one of the stories I wanted to read again. I thoroughly enjoyed it on a second read, but I think it was a little less amazing because I already knew what the twist was. Still well worth a second read though.A STRAND IN THE WEB by Anne Bishop (Finished 24 Oct 2012 - 10/10)I bought this anthology for the Bishop st [...]

    17. Members of a Yahoo group that I'm on recommended Anne Bishop as an author I might like. When I noticed this book on Net Gallery I picked it based on that recommendation. I'm glad I did. The first short story A Host of Leeches by James Alan Gardner is about a girl who is "stranded" on a spaceship. I really enjoyed this story and I will be searching for more of his work. He built an interesting world and I liked his characters.The next short story is A Strand in the Web by Anne Bishop. I loved thi [...]

    18. Stranded is comprised of three novellasA Host of Leeches was the strongest of the three pieces. There's a clear arc, there's resolution, etc. The characters are well written, and the premise of a girl waking up alone on a satellite full of old military tech run by AI's works.A Strand in the Web was not what I'd hoped for. Bishop is one of my favorite authors, but I felt like I was reading a novella in a series where I hadn't read the central books. She tries to world build on too grand a scale a [...]

    19. Three novellas inspired by the theme 'Stranded'. All with teen protagonists.A Host of Of Leeches by James Alan GardnerA girl wakes alone on a space station. Strong beginning with good tension throughout and an interesting setting full of talking robots. I enjoyed Gardner's Expendable series and it was nice to read something new by him.A Strand in the Web by Anne Bishop.A student project to restore life to a planet grows into something more as the Restorers city-ship begins to fail around them. V [...]

    20. I only bought this book for Anne Bishop's tale, and it didn't disappoint! Very imaginative, one of her better short stories which I really liked. There's a hippy hidden inside this outwardly grumpy, steampunk self of mine. So I liked reading about the world building, and the way humanity interacts. Go read it, it's a good story. The othersh. They were ok, but I felt like Anne's story was the one that really made the book.

    21. This three-story collection is an awesome read, from James Alan Gardner's precise mastery of prose in A Host of Leeches to the heart and soul of Anne Bishop's A Strand in the Web. Anthony Francis' Stranded is somewhat slower to get off the ground, but in the end it delivers a thought-provoking story in an imaginative setting. It was a delightful read, and goes on my keeper shelf.

    22. "A Host of Leeches" by James Alan Gardner made me smile; "Stranded" by Anthony Francis made me feel uncomfortable and on edge. The memorable story for me: "A Strand in the Web" by Anne Bishop; it was involving and spell-binding, about Balance, atonement, the connections linking all things, and second chances.

    23. I am looking forward to reading this book, I am a big fan of Anthony Francis's work and im looking forward to reading Anne Bishop's story. I haven't read any of James Alan Gardner's work but it will be good to read his work as well.

    24. I really liked the first two stories (James Allen Gardner and Anne Bishop) but couldn't finish the third. Looks like I draw the line at spacefaring centaurs.

    25. As with any collection of short stories, parts of this book are better than others. Anne Bishop's story is definitely the best of the three, with the last story in the book being the one I enjoyed the least.

    26. I have always enjoyed Anne Bishop's books and stories. The other two authors I was not familiar with. However, these three stories work well together and it was an enjoyable read. I may have to check out the other author's works. After I finish the stack of other books waiting for me. :-)

    27. While I enjoyed the Bishop story, the other two were disappointing. They ended abruptly and seemed to part one of longer stories.

    28. I loved the first two stories, and I liked the premise of the third, but I found it disturbing for some reason. I think Anne's story should be required reading for all politicians.

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