Bright Young Things

Bright Young Things Bright Young Things wanted for Big Project They re in the prime of their lives but our bright young things are all burnt out Six sparky twenty somethings just out of university and working dead end jo

  • Title: Bright Young Things
  • Author: Scarlett Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780857863805
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bright Young Things wanted for Big Project They re in the prime of their lives but our bright young things are all burnt out Six sparky twenty somethings just out of university and working dead end jobs, they are all bored to tears with their lives and looking for a way out When a mysterious job is advertised in the newspaper, they all apply What they least expect is Bright Young Things wanted for Big Project They re in the prime of their lives but our bright young things are all burnt out Six sparky twenty somethings just out of university and working dead end jobs, they are all bored to tears with their lives and looking for a way out When a mysterious job is advertised in the newspaper, they all apply What they least expect is to find themselves prisoners on a deserted island There s food in the fridge and they have a bedroom each, but there s no telephone, no television, and no way to escape.

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    1. I think I'm falling in love with Scarlett Thomas' books! Bright Young Things was a really surprising read about nothing. No seriously, nothing really happens in the book. The book mainly relies on the characters talking. And they talk about nothing and everything: TV shows, videogames, life, love, sex etc.This sounds boring to you? Then don't read this book.If not, let me tell you, that the characters are in their mid twenties and sort of lost in their own life after graduating from university. [...]

    2. I normally enjoy stories that start with a mystery and have a good twist. From start to finish, though, I disliked this book. Unfortunately, I have a rule about finishing ones I've started. The plot is clumsy, the suspense lacking and the dialogue is cringe-worthy and exhausting. The characters are flat and don't develop much at all, and the story falls flat then ends without warning. Much like this review.

    3. What is this genre?I really liked Scarlett Thomas's End of Mr Y, so I've been on the lookout for more of her work. End of Mr Y was bizarre - sciency, academic, sexy drugged up magical realism with mice. Obviously it was fantastic. This one is still weird but not in the obvious ways that Mr Y was. The general story is that 6 young people find themselves on a deserted island with no idea why. That's it. That's the story. In the introduction to the novel Thomas describes how this book will become d [...]

    4. Starting a Scarlett Thomas book gives me the same warm glow as putting cold feet into warm slippers, curling up on the settee with a liquer coffee after a hard day or hearing the opening tune of your favourite weekly drama series. Pure pleasure! After 50 plus years of reading 100s if not 1000s of books, I think Scarlett is my favourite author. There is something so comfortable and familiar about her opening sentences; its like meeting an old friend.This book did not disappoint even though it is [...]

    5. This is one of Scarlett Thomas's earlier novels, published in 2001 (and set in 1999). As I've read the author's books in almost reverse chronological order, and found the most recent - Our Tragic Universe - to be the best, I wasn't sure what to expect from this, particularly when I began reading and realised it's written in third person (I just have a personal preference for first person narratives, plus all three of the other books I've read by Thomas have been written in first person). But the [...]

    6. Pop-culture heavy but ahead of its time, Bright Young Things was, like the filmMy Little Eye, written before the advent of Big Brother yet taps into similar territory with a post modern edge which more than 12 years on has not dated. This is thanks to Thomas' typically brilliant written characters, wonderful ideas and ability to wring humour and pathos in equal measure out of a fascinating set-up. Though not on the same level as future masterpieces The Curse Of Mr. Y and Our Tragic Universe, thi [...]

    7. I was really enjoying this book until the last page. I'm so glad it was only 20p on Kindle. I would have regretted paying the full amount. The whole concept of the book was enthralling and somewhat originally done, but the ending ruined the whole thing for me. I was unsatisfied and left feeling like the ending was written in 10 minutes. I didn't have some sort of epiphany like some others seem to have done. The characters were underdeveloped, unlikeable and at times unbelievable. I'm just going [...]

    8. Slow starthoping it'll get better, especially with the very tiny print I'm putting up with!Gave up halfway. Had no idea where it was all going and the characters weren't engaging enough for me to persevere. $13 down the drain!

    9. Bright Young Things is either a book about escape or practicality Hmm, this is the scenario here: all of the characters are living horrible lives and they're unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives (well, except for Anne who's just going with the flow. She's my favorite, by the way). And suddenly, without any warning, they have woken up on an island out of no where - where all their needs are met (you know, food, living accommodations, good company, romance, etc.)! It's like they have woken up [...]

    10. I don't have much to say about this book except I can now see why it was free. To be fair, it's a good IDEA for a book, just a shame the book itself was so terrible. It was interesting for about five pages (around page 263 if i remember correctly), they talk about masturbation every single chapter, it's so random and unrealistic AND THEN you get to the end of the book, realise the book had no ending, nothing is resolved, and you've just wasted several hours of your life. Don't waste your time wi [...]

    11. DNF.It was interesting for a while, a group of people applied for a job and woke up in an island, not knowing how they got there or how to get out. I wanted to keep on reading but I didn't like the characters. if I was trapped in an island with some blokes I didn't know I wouldn't flirt with them or think about getting laid. I would actually try to get the hell out. Instead these people talk about their favourite TV shows and video games, which wasn't very fun. I also read a review saying that t [...]

    12. Das Buch war definitiv eine Überraschung für mich! Ich habe es eigentlich nur aufgrund des Covers aus der Bibliothek ausgeliehen (wie so oft) und hatte keine Ahnung über Handlung oder Autor.Die Geschichte ist sehr kurz erzählt: 6 junge Menschen in den Zwanzigern bewerben sich im Jahre 1999 auf ein mysteriöses Stellenangebot und landen nach einer Einladung zum Vorstellungsgespräch auf einer abgeschiedenen kleinen Insel irgendwo in / um Großbritannien. Keiner weiß warum und wieso. Danach g [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book and would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the disappointing ending. The book is set out with chapters titled by characters names until they all mysteriously find themselves together. From then the book is chaptered by number but with the perspectives shifting with each new chapter. I liked the diversity of the characters and the fact that they each represented certain 'types'. For example, Thea was the anxious, over thinker type, Emily was the middle-class, no-s [...]

    14. Bright Young Things is a novel where six twenty somethings are essentially abducted and stranded on an island after all applying to take part in the 'Bright Young Things' project. The island contains ample food and other resources, but it is remote and with no clear way of leaving. Now with that premise one would naturally expect a plot full of mystery and tension as six young people try to figure out the meaning behind their abduction and, crucially, how they are going to free themselves from t [...]

    15. Erm, ok – if you are dead set on reading this, you may want to know this:First off, feel free to skip the Preface. It’s not just spoiling some of the story, it’s also very tedious. So, save your strength for the long, long, long and very tedious dialogues that are to follow(view spoiler)[ in the never-ending Truth or Dare game (hide spoiler)].Secondly, it might not be all wise to read this whilst sober or otherwise in a clear state of mind, especially not if you are a practical person. You [...]

    16. Lets be honest, there's barely any kind of plot going on here, this novel is basically an excuse to get six characters together in a strange isolated situation, talking about little but pop culture. In the introduction, Scarlett herself admits the plot element was basically begrudgingly added at her publisher's behest, and the conclusion barely deserves being recognised as such. Luckily, though, the dialogue flows with the kind of believability, grace and fluidity that Tarantino used to get in h [...]

    17. Six twenty-somethings reply to a job advert seeking "bright young things" and, after an introductory vignette each, journey to Edinburgh for the interview. Next thing they know, they're marooned on a desert island together. Well, sort of: they're in a nice, well-provisioned house, but it's still on an island which is otherwise unoccupied. How did they get there, and why?This might all sound a bit 'Big Brother'/'Lost' but it pre-dates both properties. Moreover, despite the plot summarised above, [...]

    18. I bought this for twenty whole English pence for my Kindle because it sounded alright - I didn't have any strong feelings either way about it, but I thought for 20p, I couldn't really go wrong. The book began with an introduction from the author which to be honest, nearly put me off reading the entire book. It was a load of pretentious waffle about how she had thought up the idea for Big Brother/Castaway first and so on, and so on, and what her book really MEANS. It might be the case that she dr [...]

    19. This was originally written in 1999, but this edition was reprinted in 2014 to include a blurb from the author. In it, she says:"I wanted it to be a kind of time capsule that you could open ten years, twenty years, fifty years later and be surprised both by the things in it that still exist and by the things that are only faint memories."Mission accomplished - this was a delight for a nostalgia junkie like me. A newspaper ad seeks "Bright Young Things" - no more information. Out of all the appli [...]

    20. I was hugely disappointed in this book. I can't believe the jacket blurb compared Scarlett Thomas with Murakami and Coupland. She is completely inferior to both of them. On the basis of this offering her work is completely boring, dull and pedestrian. Since nothing much really happens in this book it really would require wonderful use of language and brilliant character development to hold its own. It has neither. The characters all seemed to be stereotypes and utterly forgettable. Until the ver [...]

    21. I usually love Scarlett Thomas but this one less so. This was her first, repackaged to sell on Kindle. Written during the late 90s during the zeitgeist of reality tv shows like Big Brother and Survivor (she insists she wrote the book before seeing either of those shows) we end up with six twenty somethings on an island. Unfortunately none of those twenty somethings are remotely likeable and you kind of don't care what happens to them. Lots and lots of lovely late 90s British pop culture though w [...]

    22. This book is awful. I simply cannot understand why anyone would rate this positively. The story line had such great potential, I was totally captivated by just picking it up in a bookstore and reading the backcover!! Little did I know what horrid storytelling I was in for. The story felt dragged out, then rushed, dragged out then rushed. The ending was so disappointing there aren't even words there basically wasnt ending, just something she scrapped together in half an hour before she had to sub [...]

    23. The plot of this early Scarlett Thomas novel is like “And then There Were None” meets “The Breakfast Club”; six young strangers in the late 1990’s find themselves mysteriously stranded on a remote island where they have been expected as there are 6 prepared ensuite bedrooms, clothing, plenty of food, drink laid on, etc. While the 20-somethings try and figure out why they have been brought to the island, they also bare their souls to one another. This is definitely the weakest book in m [...]

    24. I'm so glad they've re-issued this as I'd been trying to get hold of a copy for years. I think the fact that the book is full of pop culture references from the late 90s actually made it a more interesting read so many years on. It made me completely nostalgic and was really fun (5IVE!!)so I'm sort of glad I didn't read it until now. And the author's introduction was great at putting it in context.At first I was really annoyed at the ending but the more I think about it, the more perfect it actu [...]

    25. This is the second book I have read from Scarlett Thomas and I'm becoming a firm fan. Six "bright young things" have gone on the job interview to hell. To a deserted island with no idea how they got there or their purpose in being there. The author kept me interested all the way through, and I really enjoyed that no character was "perfect." This made the story unique and added more credibility.Please see my full review at bibliobeth.wordpress

    26. An intriguing concept that falls flat on it's face due to countless pages being "padded out" with exhaustingly monotonous dialogue.It was like I was sitting on a train being forced to listen to the conversation of two other very boring people. I think I spent 3 or 4 pages reading about soap opera story-archs from the 90s.Who would do that for entertainment?!

    27. Was quite intrigued by this book but was slightly disappointed, I think it had the basis of being a classic novel but all the potential was in vain. The characters were mere shadows of what they could have been and the story had no real point of poignant conclusion. Could have been so much better.

    28. I thought Bright Young Things was going to be intense, something dark and unsettling like the first Saw movie or similar movies where a group of strangers are kidnapped, wake up together somewhere dark and disturbing and crazy stuff happens.This is not what I got at all.Bright Young Things is rather a limp noodle.I loved the set-up with the characters waking up in an island with no clue why they’re there and what they’re expected to do.The trouble is nothing happens. I mean it. There’s ple [...]

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