Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, Volume 2

Transformers More Than Meets the Eye Volume Ratchet Hot Rod The Decepticon Justice Division and Grimlock all take turns on the center stage as the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons transitions into a new phase

  • Title: Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, Volume 2
  • Author: James Roberts Nick Roche Alex Milne Josh Burcham Joana Lafuente Shawn Lee Chris Mowry John Barber
  • ISBN: 9781613774984
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ratchet, Hot Rod, The Decepticon Justice Division, and Grimlock all take turns on the center stage as the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons transitions into a new phase.

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    1. With every reread, this story doesn't seem to get old. In fact, it gets better and better; it makes one's reading experience with the entire series richer and more complete.Early on with More Than Meets the Eye, Ratchet takes on a major role. Primarily because he's one of the more famous Transformers. It also helps he's the Bones McCoy of this mismatch crew. This also marked a transition from Ratchet to the less famous members of the crews. It may have been protracted, Ratchet eventually did mak [...]

    2. The series displays a fine balance between comedy and horror, featuring eccentric characters and witty banter.

    3. I remain kind of astounded by how great this series is. By nature, both in format and plot this is episodic, like a deeper, darker, funnier version of Star Trek (or closer to home, Firefly).Despite my neophyte status in regards to the Transformers universe, the lore is never so dense I'm lost completely, and as I read more it's dawned on me that a lot of the events reference aren't necessarily intended to register with the audience. This is after all a story about ageless robots who fought a sin [...]

    4. I've read more Transformers comics than I would readily admit, always trying to get back to the wonder that was the finale of the original Marvel series scripted by Simon Furman. I've always been disappointed, until this series came along. I purchased the first volume for my son for Christmas and sat down to preview it. I quickly realized that a) this was not a comic for kids and b) it was amazing.The second volume just gets better. Finally, someone actually building characters and writing stori [...]

    5. Some excellent Transformers stories here, if darkly themed. Included here are an outbreak scenario, a story about a character's violent PTSD, and the introduction of the Decepticon Justice Division, the scariest set of Decepticons yet. Despite the darkness, they're fun to read, thanks to solid characterization and the occasional bit of humor. Some interesting plotlines brewing for the future as well (A-)

    6. This book was great readers finally got a story from the decepticon point of view. Plus we got stories from the DJD and first aid. The ending was a cliffhanger leaving the reader suspenseful about overlord's presence on the lost light.

    7. It's always tough writing reviews for trade paperbacks, because I didn't really stop between trades when I read this series. It was too good. I've reread the stuff in here at least 3 times, I bought the book, I've listened to sound.wav analyze it in podcast form and I've listened to a radio drama performance of the book andI love this series.Overall, volume 2 focused in on the characters more in a way that really helped me out sorting out which robots were which. It includes the Delphi arc, whic [...]

    8. Decepticon "Generation Kill" with Ray Person/Misfire: check. Epidemic disaster movie: check. Psychological thriller: check. Ultra Magnus: transitive verbs and semicolons, check, check, check!Favourite page:Tailgate: "Ten thousand pages?" []Ultra Magnus: "bjecting each proposition to a series of ethical stress tests, scrutinizing areas of philological ambiguity, and reaching a more profound understanding of what it means to be a mechanical being in a predominantly organic universe."Tailgate: "Ten [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this volume of the MTMTE series. The way that Roberts injects comic relief into the story is just brilliant in my opinion. The conversations and interactions the the Decepticon Scavengers have with themselves and the world around them was the absolute highlight of a story that was already pretty good to begin with. I look forward to the next installment.

    10. I gave it 5 stars but I…almost didn‘t for disturbing reasons.The number of stars I give a book depends on many things, but the final choice of the rating is based on how emotional the story was and how many times I’d go back to read it again. The issues in this second volume of More than Meets the Eye are definitely packed with emotion that made me stare at the poignant illustrations till I knew exactly how that character felt. But I thought it was weird how spontaneous they jumped into th [...]

    11. Well, I can definitely say that this remains my favorite of the two series! It's honestly because of the thin line that James Roberts walks between tragedy, and humor. Let's be honest, these aren't always the happiest stories. Despite the fact that the war is over, well, it's not really over. Lines are still drawn in the sand. Hatred still exists. Our characters still die. Sometimes in ways that are a bit hard to stomach. If you don't think that you'd feel sad for a non-human character dying, le [...]

    12. WOW! Last Stand of the Wreckers was close to perfect, but these books are perfection. More happens in a single issue of MTMTE than in 5 issues of any other comic I've read in the past half-dozen years. None of that decompression crap here; Roberts packs so much information—so many hints and seeds and clues—into each conversation; there's not an extraneous word written here. And there are a lot of words. I'm reminded of Chris Claremont at the height of his powers back in the mid-200s of Uncan [...]

    13. I do have to admit that at times I struggled a little bit keeping up with which character was which. But on the whole, this volume was pretty fantastic. I've been a Transformers fan for a long time, but I have to admit that I didn't really expect this. This is a serious, adult take on the Transformers after the end of the great war. It's a book which contains a lot of emotional depth of characters dealing with the aftermath of what they've been through and trying to deal with the new reality of [...]

    14. Though I felt the plot-line with the DJD sort of sidetracked the true story-line, the discourse on faith and spirituality in this series astounds me. Way above and beyond anything that Marvel or DC is publishing; truly thought-provoking comic books. James Roberts is taking full advantage of revisiting and ret-conning the Cybertronian mythos; his dialogue is some of the best writing in comic books today; great sense of humour. And the artwork. the artwork!!!!! GAWD!!! it is so beautiful to look a [...]

    15. IDW has it figured out. This was a solid continuation of the series that has had everyone talking, and me just now catching up with the talking. Yeah. I like how they've introduced some pretty cool Descepticons, and also introduced the deviant decepticon justice devision (djd). We definitely get to know quite a large cast of Bots, here, and at times I did a lot of re-reading to sort things out. Great humor and great art will keep me coming back.

    16. This volume was a hodge-podge, the first stories dealing with a plague planet, then Fortress Maximus (who for some reason is always depicted as much smaller than his action figure in the comics) takes Rung and Whirl hostage, and then some misfit Decepticons battle the Decepticon Justice Division with a little help from Grimlock. The main characters like Rodimus Prime aren't really featured in this volume. Despite that it's pretty entertaining.

    17. This series continues to be fun and enjoyable while still leaving me feeling like I'm missing a LOT of back story that could make reading this even more enjoyable.Still going to keep with it as I'm enjoying the story regardless, but if you're not used to jumping into years of continuity in media res, then maybe sit this one out.

    18. I'm an emotional reader anyway, but it seemed this series consistently has me laughing outloud one minute then wiping away a tear the next. This is my second time reading vol. 2, and it seems to get better with re-reading - I'm genuinely excited to pick it up again in.

    19. It is interesting seeing the Lost Light Autobots search for the Knights of Cybertron so that they may restore their culture. We also see that some characters find it difficult to accept that the war between Autobots and Decepticons, which has lasted millions of years, is over.

    20. Less satisfying than the first volume, the story branches out from "fair housing for all cybertronians!" to "free elections for giant robots!"Oh, and the Dinobots appear. And they talk philosophy. Seriously.

    21. via NYPL - pretty entertaining, if snapppy, tongue-in-cheek dialogue and robots smashing each other is your thing. It works for me.

    22. A bit of a muddled collection of a genuinely good comic book; read in one go the constantly moving narratives make the piece as-a-whole feel disjointed.

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