Not My Bag

Not My Bag From the artist of The Li l Depressed Boy and Amber Benson s Among the Ghosts comes a haunting retail hell story like you ve never encountered before A young artist takes a job at a department store

  • Title: Not My Bag
  • Author: Sina Grace
  • ISBN: 9781607065975
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the artist of The Li l Depressed Boy, and Amber Benson s Among the Ghosts, comes a haunting retail hell story like you ve never encountered before A young artist takes a job at a department store in order to make ends meet little does he know that he may meet his end In this gothic story for fans of Black Swan, Blankets, and The Devil Wears Prada, can the artistFrom the artist of The Li l Depressed Boy, and Amber Benson s Among the Ghosts, comes a haunting retail hell story like you ve never encountered before A young artist takes a job at a department store in order to make ends meet little does he know that he may meet his end In this gothic story for fans of Black Swan, Blankets, and The Devil Wears Prada, can the artist withstand competitive pressure, treachery, and high fashion while still keeping his soul

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    1. I had this recommended to me by a co-worker after spending some time talking about how wonderfully bizarre the fashion industry is and our own vanity. It was amazing and I loved it. It appears to be a somewhat autobiographical tale about the perils of retail, the thrall of fashion and the difficulties of relationships both past and present. While I found it highly enjoyable as all three of these themes appealed to me, I can see it may fall flat for those who don't find appeal or resonance with t [...]

    2. I thought there would be more interesting or spooky elements here, but it was mostly just a rant about retail jobs and "oh poor me, I have to bend to capitalism and work rather than just pursuing my actual interests". I liked the art style, but there wasn't a whole lot of depth to the storytelling. It could have explored in greater depth his response to mental breakdown is like or how being queer and/or Persian presents a unique set of pressures, but the narrative was just really superficial and [...]

    3. **This review includes a review of the newly published Self-Obsessed comic by the same creator (see below).** As in any sales position, there are backstabbers to deal with, managers who cannot be relied upon, and customers who are NOT always right. This is the story of a guy trying to avoid all of the above and still do a good job. The book was nice because it gave us an insider's peek into something as common as a (upscale) mall retail position, and made it clear that there is more involved tha [...]

    4. A charming little autobiography of a desperate spell through the exhaustive world of luxury fashion retail. Does what great biographic fiction does in immersing you in a world you might be unfamiliar with and wrestles through the difficult lessons learned. Full of imaginative art flourishes that help embellish the highs and lows of the story told. Recommended.

    5. A struggling artist takes on a job at a department store and toils to get a promotion, dealing with cutthroat competition from other salespeople while struggling to keep his relationship afloat as he's haunted by ghosts of his past. Comedic and a little dark, it's a testament to keeping your originality and creativity close while working an exhausting, rigid job.

    6. This was something I probably never would have picked up but i’m glad I did. Sina Grace is such a talented artist and I’m glad to own something so beautiful. Not only the art, but the message was one I think about a lot having worked a retail job (granted not one as demanding and vicious).

    7. 3.5Really, I wasn't sure exactly how to rate this, and wasn't sure what to expect when I picked it up. It was the cover art, the tentacle coming out of the shopping bag and it's description as a 'gothic tale' that had me put it on request at the library, but after reading it, I'm not sure I would describe the art, the story or the style as overly gothic.I don't know much about the fashion world, and though I did try to read "the Devil Wears Prada," fans of which it was suggested would enjoy this [...]

    8. He’s a brand specialist at a department store and this job that begins with a love for fashion comes to an end in a blaze of stress, unbecoming behavior and paranoia. Throughout his telling of this stop-over period in his life, we learn about his passion for comics and struggles with relationships. But all is not returns and lost sales; with time, a renewed sense of self, and some good people looking out for him, he manages to climb out of the void he got sucked into and move on to much better [...]

    9. This is not your normal topic for a graphic novel - a comic artist's (assumably semi-autobiographical) retelling of his time working in an upscale fashion store. It's a very different world than any I've experienced, so it's interesting for the peek it gives into that, but at the same time, there's a reason I don't know much about fashion - I don't care to. It carries all the tropes of indie comics; overly self-absorbed, a story that hardly rises to the term, and a character that isn't particula [...]

    10. This is such a fun, fascinating look into the world of retail! It's funny and quirky, but also insightful. Sina Grace's visuals are a pleasure, and his memoir employs several spooky (I don't want to spoil anything) metaphors that give this glimpse into his life even more depth. Years after reading this graphic novel, it's still stuck with me, so I've gotta give it 5 stars! Great autobio work from a talented artist/writer!

    11. I really liked the drawing style and the direct focus on the topic. He dives right in and tells a story while analyzing everything that was going on. The characters were funny and clearly from real life, and I like the way his creepy boss has a different face all the time. It was a quick, afternoon read! I'd be interested to check out more of his stuff.

    12. This was not what I expected based on the description -- it was a lot more The Devil Wears Prada and a lot less Black Swan in that there aren't really any supernatural elements -- but still fun, with some great art and great moral lessons! Very easy to relate to in some ways. (And easy to get into, for readers who don't normally read graphic novels, because it's very textual.)

    13. This book is an odd mash-up of autobiographical tidbits, mainly involving the author's retail experience with high-end clothing and past relationships which have haunted him. It cements my belief that fashion is bullshit, that's for sure. It was really nice to see him escape the catty confines of his employers and risk it in the art world. And the art is fantastic too.

    14. Not My Bag is a subtle story in some ways, but very eloquent in the telling and the accompanying art. I enjoyed this tale a great deal, and would easily recommend it to anyone interested in stories about navigating the world as an artist and moving forward despite the ghosts that haunt us.

    15. Sina Grace did an awesome job with this graphic novel! I love his work on Lil' Depressed Boy, so i thought i might like "Not My Bag" and i loved it. The art and the characters could not have been better.

    16. An enlightening look at the cutthroat industry that is retail. It wasn't really my bag (hahaha) -- Grace had some growth but still was a little self-centered for my taste but it's hard to escape such with personal narratives. I enjoyed the artwork and could really see the Craig Thompson influences.

    17. This is pretty divine. He does a VERY good job at sending up a particular personality type, while also owning up to the parts of himself that need sending. Clean crisp art. Michael grabbed this on a last casual swoop through artist alley and I read it last night and am glad he did.

    18. I'm a little surprised Image would publish this but then I can also think of people who would love it. A vacuous tale of past relationships and the life choices of a gay man into comic books and Alexander McQueen.Gothic? I guess that was the ghosts and masks.

    19. The author's up-close and personal experiences with fashion and with retail. That sounds trite--it's NOT at all. It's pretty gripping and suspenseful. And gorgeous drawing, Sina! Yes, I did feel the Craig Thompson homage!

    20. Eh. I wanted to like this SO BADLY. There were more than a handful of typos and some of the language didn't make grammatical sense -- not in an intentional way, just in a confusing way. But the art and the idea were pretty rad.

    21. Easily Sina's best work and a must read for aspiring comic creators. I recommend it to all my art students.

    22. Wasn't sure what to expect, but enjoyed it.Story (maybe autobiographical?) about the hell of working in high-end retail, and relationships and ghosts that can haunt you.

    23. I loved the art and style, but I was a little disappointed the tentacle on the cover was figurative rather than literal. That's what I get for judging a book by its cover.

    24. This book is A W E S O M E!! I LOVE graphic novels and for it to be about an artist finding his way while working retaill the more magical. 10 out of 10. ILY Sina - you inspire me :-)

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