House of Blues

House of Blues ONE OF THE BEST OF THE SKIP LANGDON SERIES In the fast growing field of fictional female police officers New Orleans Homicide Detective Skip Langdon stands tall St Louis Post DispatchAfter prominent

  • Title: House of Blues
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: 9780804113427
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • ONE OF THE BEST OF THE SKIP LANGDON SERIES In the fast growing field of fictional female police officers, New Orleans Homicide Detective Skip Langdon stands tall St Louis Post DispatchAfter prominent New Orleans restaurateur Arthur Hebert is murdered in his beautiful Garden District home, three family members suspiciously vanish Hebert s daughter, who was soon t ONE OF THE BEST OF THE SKIP LANGDON SERIES In the fast growing field of fictional female police officers, New Orleans Homicide Detective Skip Langdon stands tall St Louis Post DispatchAfter prominent New Orleans restaurateur Arthur Hebert is murdered in his beautiful Garden District home, three family members suspiciously vanish Hebert s daughter, who was soon to have taken over the management of his restaurant, his ex addict son in law, and his small granddaughter all missing without a trace A kidnapping gone wrong Homicide Detective Skip Langdon thinks it s possible, but why should the kidnappers have taken three hostages when one would have been enough Skip s hunt for a murderer and the missing Hebert heirs embraces worlds within worlds the elegant, dangerous Garden District, the French Quarter, the seedy Treme, broken down projects, exclusive mansions, and lowdown bars It takes her into places where the city s dirty business is transacted, and those where life is mostly madness, sadness, and badness It may even take Skip to her death SMITH BRINGS THE CITY STRIKINGLY ALIVE The Boston Sunday Globe

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    1. Skip Langdon is a different kind of detective (a six foot tall, tough but, attractive, intelligent cop) in a different environment (New Orleans, a one of a kind type of city). I was struck by the character of the city especially when compared to my only other exposure during the Katrina Hurricane crisis a couple of years ago. The expectation of larceny being part of any encounter with government and crooks being scattered among the righteous in the police departments also was an awakening for me [...]

    2. This was my first Skip Langdon mystery. I only bought it because I got a good deal on it (thanks BookBub!) and only read it because I was in a New Orleans mood. I'm glad I did. Very engaging and entertaining book. The author occasionally wrote from other (not main) characters' perspectives and it was very effective and believable. Bottom line: Good, deep characters; nice twists; well-done, evolving plot line; thorough knowledge of the city definitely not my last Skip Langdon book.

    3. HOUSE OF BLUES - GoodSmith, Julie - 5th in Skip Langdon seriesFinding local pressures rising when a crime wave peaks with the murder of a prominent restaurateur, New Orleans homicide detective Skip Langdon begins a detailed search for the killer, as well as for the victim's missing heirs.I love books set in New Orleans. It wasn't great, but it was good.

    4. I absolutely love this author, and especially this series! Over the years I'd read most of them, but not in order. Now I've decided to go back and read them in order and I'm so glad I did! Even though each novel stands alone, each builds on the one before and things make so much more sense. I adore the New Orleans backdrop, a city I've never had the fortune to visit but love reading about.The characters are so complex, they feel like real people to me. This book held me riveted from beginning to [...]

    5. Intrepid detective solves the next mysteryThis series just gets better and better. Kindle provides the opportunity to read thru an entire series, starting with the first book, even if it is out of print, and allows you to continue to the end. When you really enjoy the work of an author, it is wonderful to be able to do that. These books are worth reading.

    6. 2nd time around I read this as part of a collection of Skip Langdon stories a couple of years ago, and enjoyed it all over again.

    7. Not as much fun to read as some others in this series. A very convoluted plot. Still, a series I like and will read more of.

    8. This is the best yet of the series. Skip is becoming ever more complex as a character. The mystery is first rate. And New Orleans is just as much a character, varied and intricate.

    9. Skip Langdon is at it again working on the case of the death a prominent New Orleans restaurant owner who was killed at a family dinner at his own house. Again Skip is having to deal with a rather dysfunctional family and the seamier side of New Orleans life to solve this one.

    10. House of Blues by Julie Smith is the fifth book of the Skip Langdon mystery series set in New Orleans near the end of the 20th century (pre-Katrina). A prominent restaurant owner is found shot dead in his home; his daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law are missing; the widow is not grieving much. That's all Skip Langdon, homicide detective in New Orleans, has to go on. Was it a burglary? Nothing was stolen. A kidnapping? Why take 3 hostages? Skip questions the survivors she can find: the capabl [...]

    11. House of BluesHouse of Blues is the best book I've read in a long time. It has real characters in real life situations, playful good romantic relationships and those that are not so lucky, excitement, mayhem, murder, grief and loss. Everything that makes it a good read and an exceptional piece of literature. Yet it has more, it connects with the reader, in any walk of life, anyone who has ever been caught in their own shortcomings, ever been the rock of any group of people and cracked, anyone wh [...]

    12. I got this book from the kindle library. This is the fifth Skip Langdon novel. A prominent restaurant owner is killed in his own home and his daughter, son -in - law, and granddaughter are missing. Once again we are given insight into the personal lives of the upper classes in New Orleans. While trying to find the missing family members, Skip deals with her unstable relationship with Steve. Many gut wrenching tragedies occur in this one. A very dark period for Skip. While some parts were satisfy [...]

    13. Skip Langdon is a New Orleans cop. She's investigating a murder and a kidnapping. Well, she's really investigating the murder of a restaurant owner. The kidnapping seems to be a side plot for about half the book and suddenly she starts digging into that. I like the story because I know the parts of New Orleans she's writing about and I know a little about the different sorts of people. It's written 1995ish - definitely pre-Katrina. Despite the shifts in focus, from the psychology of the victim's [...]

    14. Four starsAs a relatively new kindle reader I jumped into the middle of the Skip Langdon books and was confused by all the characters most readers were probably familiar with. This was earlier than the previous one I'd read but did explain how a key character was introduced. I also became more familiar with others. So while each book in this series can stand alone, it helps to read them in order.The stories have lots of action, some bloodshed, but not gruesomely detailed. There's a family bond t [...]

    15. While I must say that Julie Smith can write, and write well, this book needed an editor who would red-mark many sections and just say, "Cut." Particularly in the first half, there was so much extraneous material that I put it down a couple of times and say, "Why bother?" But, then I'd say, it is Julie Smith, it will get better." And it did. She had some good suspense in the last third. And then, she had too much after the "big" scene, to tell the reader very little. So, all in all, cut a fourth [...]

    16. I like this, and ending up reading three or four books in the series in quick succession. Helps a little if you read them in order, but they're each ok as stand-alones as well. I like the location--although not sure now that I ever want to go back to New Orleans, as it definitely showcases the darker side of this 'bon temps' town. And in general is a little darker than I currently like my mysteries. I like the main, and most of the other characters, and the story develops in an interesting way a [...]

    17. I like Julie Smith's mysteries and have read many over the years, both those of her sleuth Rebecca Schwartz, who lives in San Francisco, and Skip Langdon, who lives in New Orleans.This one is set in New Orleans, where a prominent restaurateur is found murdered in his home and three members of his family are missing. Skip Langdon, a police detective, is brought in to solve the killing and possibly kidnappings. Her hunt for the killer takes her all over the city and shows us some of the underside [...]

    18. I picked up this book for free from a swap. There was a reason it was free. I was initially excited that the plot took place in New Orleans--the perfect setting for a murder mystery. The book fell short in a number of ways. After an exciting opening scene, it dragged from chapter to chapter. It took many months to finish reading it, which admittedly I only finished out of a sense of duty to complete what I started. It's not the worst book I've ever read, but it definitely ranks low on the list.

    19. This is not a genre I typically choose to read. This particular book held some surprises for me, which was a real treat. I don't care to read predictable story lines. This is a series, so there are open ends, which is how we live life. That also prohibits the "too neat to be believable" wrap up. This is a good way to start reading True Crime novels, even though it is not the first in the series.

    20. A good, engaging mystery set in mid-1990s New Orleans, House of Blues has Homicide Detective Skip Langdon investigating the murder of a prominent restaurant owner and the disappearance of three of his family members from the scene of the crime. A quick and entertaining read.

    21. Loved this novel in the Skip Langdon series of New Orleans- based mysteries. Characters are well- developed and this particular book offers a good deal of psychological introspection. The fast- paced action is indeed still there but the more in-depth passages seem appropriate to this work also. I'd recommend it.

    22. A woman cop in New Orleans investigates the murder of a prominent citizen and the disappearance of three of his family members. The writer brings out the seedier underworld as well as the privileged side of the city as the reader gets a glimpse of the life of a young, single, female police officer in New Orleans.

    23. Skip Langdon continues to be engaging, and that's a big part of what makes this series enjoyable to read. The particular story-line of this particular book I found to be a bit convoluted, and the explanation of events involving the "dragon lady" seemed, well, bizarre. But it's Skip's personality and her friends who make the books fascinating, so that's a small complaint.

    24. Skip LangdonI enjoyed this book a lot. I have several of books in the series already on my Kindle ready to read. The setting of her books is interesting and brings New Orleans to life as the mystery evolves. I have found a new author who's work I enjoy and I look forward to reading more of her books.

    25. This who-done-it centered on family dysfunction was full of twists and turns I didn't see coming. There was plenty of energy and excitement to keep me vested in the plot. While the bulk of these series is told from Skip's point of view I think what I really enjoy in Smith's series are the glimpses into the head space of the victims and suspects.

    26. Outstanding read. This author's style is superb. I am in awe of low-country writers. Their character development, turns of phrase, twists and turns, and development of scenes captures my attention and won't let go; the last sentence of the last page still keeps a grip. Read this book.

    27. House of Blues: An Action-Packed New Orleans Thriller; Skip Langdon #5 (The Skip Langdon Series) (Kindle Edition)Great suspenseful mystery. Skip Langston, a NOPD homicide detective, catches a bizarre case. A well-known restaurant owner is gunned down in his own home and 3 other family members are missing. It is up to Skip to investigate and determine what happened and who the killer is.

    28. This book has a five star beginning. Grandmother leaves family gathering for twenty minutes. When she returns, husband is shot dead on the floor and no one else is there. The story dragged for me when the story turns to the detective's social life. The investigation becomes exciting as it goes along. The ending pages are not great. I think this is a good book.

    29. Kinda liked itBetter character development of lead, less so for other characters. I am starting to like this series. The love interest seems somewhat forced; he just is mot an interesting character.

    30. New Orleans storyInteresting characters and locale. Story line dragged in some chapters. Ight summer read for a day at the beach. Will definitely check out Julie Smith's other books.

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