Sara Crewe, Or What Happened At Miss Minchin's

Sara Crewe Or What Happened At Miss Minchin s Burnett began as a novelist but she is now best remembered for her children s books including Sara Crewe which was later rewritten to become The Little Princess It begins In the first place Mi

  • Title: Sara Crewe, Or What Happened At Miss Minchin's
  • Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • ISBN: 9781406844894
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1888 Burnett, began as a novelist, but she is now best remembered for her children s books including Sara Crewe which was later rewritten to become The Little Princess It begins In the first place, Miss Minchin lived in London Her home was a large, dull, tall one, in a large, dull square, where all the houses were alike, and all the sparrows were alike, and where all1888 Burnett, began as a novelist, but she is now best remembered for her children s books including Sara Crewe which was later rewritten to become The Little Princess It begins In the first place, Miss Minchin lived in London Her home was a large, dull, tall one, in a large, dull square, where all the houses were alike, and all the sparrows were alike, and where all the door knockers made the same heavy sound, and on still days and nearly all the days were still seemed to resound through the entire row in which the knock was knocked On Miss Minchin s door there was a brass plate On the brass plate there was described in black letters, Miss Minchin s Select Seminary for Young Ladies.

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    1. When reading Olive Higgins Prouty's "Now Voyager" last year, I first learned of Sara Crewe. “I’ll enlighten you then. Did you ever read a book when you were a child called Sara Crewe?” “I don’t think so, but the name sounds familiar.” “Well, Sara Crewe,” she began, picking her words slowly the better to express her self-contempt, “was a poor, pathetic creature who had no friends, and only a few ugly clothes. She lived a dreary existence on a bare garret until a nice, rich, old [...]

    2. After enjoying "A Little Princess" for many years, I was surprised to discover it had originally been published serially as a novella in a magazine. It was very interesting to read the original novella and see the story that inspired my favorite novel. Not surprisingly, the novella isn't as charming or complete as the novel, but it is still a fun read.***An older review salvaged from my blog archives:As the predecessor to A Little Princess, the novella Sara Crewe is a simplified shadow of the no [...]

    3. Sara Crewe, or What Happened atMiss Minchin's, the original version of The Little Princess. Sara Crewe was written in 1888 and FHB didn't revise it into A Little Princess until 1905. All those years and people only had this small novella about a girl whose fortunes are double-reversed. It's an interesting read and an astute reader with a love of A Little Princess would pick up thousands more little tweaks than I did. An angry Sara knocks Emily to the ground. In ALP, Sara is so dedicated to her p [...]

    4. Sara Crewe: Or What Happened at Miss Minchin's is the original telling of Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Little Princess. The story of Sara, the extremely bright young daughter of Captain Crewe, who was placed in a boarding school only to become orphaned and then treated as a servant by Miss Minchin, was originally published as a serial novella in St. Nicholas Magazine in 1888. It was republished in 1988 by G. P. Putnam's Sons and featured the artwork of Margot Tomes.This shorter version of the w [...]

    5. A Little Princess is one of my all-time favorite books, but I had never read the original story, Sara Crewe. ( A Little Princess was a rewrite of Sara Crewe.) I enjoy the rewrite so much that this book wasn't as entertaining, I missed some of my favorite characters, yet the basic part of the story was there and that I did enjoy. I wish I would have read this first, then A Little Princess. If you've read neither, I recommend starting with this book.

    6. This is an absolutely wonderful book. The story takes place in London at a place called Miss Minchin's Seminary for Young Ladies. Sara was placed into the school when she was eight. Her mother was dead and her father had been in India and felt it was not a good climate for her. Later her father dies but not before he had lost all his money. The head of the school will allow Sara to stay there, though.However, Sara cannot room with the regular students any more but is put in the attic. She can't [...]

    7. I love to read but am not much of a writer so I know I'll follow short in describing how much this book means to me. I don't remember when or how I got the book, but I do remember when I read it for the first time. There's something about this little novella that absolutely makes time and space stop. The reader is instantly transported to another time and place where Sara Crewe, a once privileged and spoiled child is left destitute and at the hands of Miss Minchin. I haven't read the book in yea [...]

    8. Although I usually despise abridged versions, I read this as a child and was unaware of the full version of A Little Princess. In this case, however, it is the author who first presented Sara Crewe as the novella and then later fleshed it out into a complete novel, so it isn't as if a stranger stripped an author's words and intentions out of a story. This is a perfect version for the younger child to take on.Sara is placed in a boarding school in London when her father becomes concerned for her [...]

    9. I love this book and it probably has a lot to do with the copy that I read. It belonged to my Great Grandmother. She got the book the Christmas after she graduated high school in 1900. I think book began my love of period literature. Although to my great grandmonther this would have been contemporary literature. Sara is an orphan who lives at Miss Minchin's. The story tells her adventure and hope of finding a new fmaily after the loss parents. I think there was something magical for me, as a you [...]

    10. I have my grandmother's tattered copy printed in 1890-something and I remember poring over the detailed engravings in the book as a kid. I loved the story and the way in which Sara used her imagination to hep her cope with the sadness and cruelty she encountered. As an adult, I read the longer version that Burnett cranked out later, A Little Princess," and I didn't think that it had the same punch as the original did. and I love Birch's illustrations. This version is no longer under copyright an [...]

    11. Sara Crewe - Frances Hodgson BurnettReally loved this. It's novella size, and more fairy-tale than realism in style though i'm not sure that was entirely the author's intent. There are a few rough spots, perhaps from dated perspectives -- for instance referring to Lascar as a slave, actually the whole Lascar character, but all together this is really an emotional sort of book with heart.I'd say more but that would spoil the story, go ahead and find this for yourself.You probably already know, bu [...]

    12. The same basic heartwarming story as "A Little Princess" with fewer details and some character changes. There is no Becky, Capt. Crewe's friend is old and fat, plus there were different interactions with neighbor families. There are contradictions; first Sara cries for several days after her father leaves and a few pages later, it says that Sara never cries.Quite interesting to see the author's storyline in another version. More of Purplycookie’s Reviews @:/purplycookie Book Details: Title Sar [...]

    13. I really love to read this novel. I love how strong Sara is and how kind Sara is. Because Sara still kind-hearted although she knows that she is a rich girl. Burnett made me hate Miss Minchin's, evil chef, Lavinia and her friends. But, in the other side the story made us (reader) knew about the means of friendship with Sara's relationship with Becky, Lottie and other kind-friends. If there is Sara in this world. I will be the first person who fall in love with her. YOU MUST READ THIS NOVEL, FOR [...]

    14. I decided to check this out since A Little Princess has been one of my favorite books since I was about 8, and I always liked Sara's philosophy that one can always behave like a true princess. This is a much thinner version of the story, but still interesting to check out for completionist purposes.The reading is sadly mediocre -- a bit too slow and robotic -- but it's not unbearable for such a short piece.

    15. I have my Grandmother's copy printed in 1892. I remember looking at the beautiful pictures before I was old enough to read it myself and then finally realizing on one visit that I could read it and so I did in one weekend visit. That was many years ago, and my memory has been somewhat corrupted by movies of the story, but I do remember being fascinated as I discovered the story that went with the illustrations. An entirely worthwhile read.

    16. What i think about this book is that i think it is a very great book to read i think the book level to read this book would be in 4th to 5th grade because it was a little , kind of easy to read . But , i really liked it, i would say this book is for all ages its not that big and its not challenging . I really think this book is great for all ages.

    17. This was basically a shorter version of "The Little Princess". It was a fast good read. I read it in the car coming home from a trip. I liked picking out the differences between the book I was reading and the movie I watched. This is a good book for the young reader. Less that 100 pages and fast to read!

    18. Thank goodness for recommendations! I had this paperback but I got it used so 1/2 the cover was torn off but I remembered the psychedelic coloring. I remembered a book about a girl named Sara who was forced to live in the attic. I liked the book but unfortunately I don't remember much about it.

    19. Sara Crewe, sadly mistreated by the headmistress of the "Select School" after her father's death, gets through the worst times by using her imagination (and by her generosity to another who was worse off than she). A happy ending and the basis for "The Little Princess." Another free download to my Kindle.

    20. Found this book in my personal collection and decided to read it. It is really short, and can easily be read in one sitting. I liked the story line, but found the writing rather juvenile. The inside cover reads "You may want to read an expanded version of this story entitled 'A Little Princess'" - I think that is exactly what I am going to do.

    21. Frances Hodgson Burnett könyveit valami varázslat járja át, akárhányszor az ember kezébe kerülnek! A padlásszoba kis hercegnője ugyanolyan örömet okozott, mint a többi könyve. Legszívesebben minden héten olvasnék valamit az írónőtől. Tiszta, kedves történetek. Milyen jó is lenne, ha én is egy ilyen padlásszobában lakhatnék! :)

    22. This was a serialized story when it was first published. This is actually the "bare bones" or the skeleton of the more elaborate "Little Princess". If you know the story of the Little Princess, then you know the main plotline here. There was a Wonderworks presentation of the Little Princess, which followed that more elaborate story.

    23. I got this book for free on kindle. Tried reading it and almost deleted it, but then I tried it again and it was delightful. A young girl from India is sent to a boarding school in London because the heat in India is too much for her health. Her father dies, and she then become penniless. But due to her character, her charity towards another girl, her life eventually changes.

    24. No child, girls especially should go through their childhood without reading this book. If you don't make them aware of it if they don't find it on their own, you are doing them a disservice as a parent or guardian. Sara Crewe is a role model and an old soul wise beyond her years. This book is packed full of life lessons.

    25. AKA "A Little Princess". I came across this original edition (says 1888 published and copyright) in an antiques store and had to buy it. One of my all-time favorite children's stories: Sara goes from wealth to adversity but refuses to feel sorry for herself.

    26. I loved this book as a child; I recently caught the old Shirley Temple film (which changes the ending) and thought I would do a re-read. Well worth it. Nice when some childhood memories hold up to the test of time.

    27. Like it? Nooo, way beyond like. I own two copies, does that say something? Now I get to enjoy it as an ebook, but how will they handle the amazing illustrations? really the technology needs to address this matter for us ebook readers, and soon!

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