Slavery Inc.

Slavery Inc Lydia Cacho is a symbol of courageous journalism She has been defying the tradition of impunity for some years now and demonstrating that communication media may not be so This new book culminates he

  • Title: Slavery Inc.
  • Author: Lydia Cacho Elizabeth Boburg
  • ISBN: 9781846274213
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lydia Cacho is a symbol of courageous journalism She has been defying the tradition of impunity for some years now, and demonstrating that communication media may not be so This new book culminates her years of work on denouncing the systematic sexual violations of children and women, and the prostitution of children and women that constitutes the most lucrative form ofLydia Cacho is a symbol of courageous journalism She has been defying the tradition of impunity for some years now, and demonstrating that communication media may not be so This new book culminates her years of work on denouncing the systematic sexual violations of children and women, and the prostitution of children and women that constitutes the most lucrative form of slavery in our time, although it s not acknowledged that way And Lydia goes beyond the frontiers of Mexico Disguised with different attires, she travels from the Mexican undergrounds of the Merced market up to the Japanese night centers and brothels, going by many other knots of the immense spider s web of the Mafiosi, businessmen, policemen, judges and politicians that manipulate the global business These are not neutral pages Lydia listens, for them to be listened, to the voices of the victims, the broken lives, and accuses those who exercise the most abject form of property right, men who own women, adults who own children those super machos manifest their despicable power by humiliating the weakest Eduardo Galeano Lydia Cacho es un simbolo del periodismo valiente Ella lleva ya unos cuantos anos desafiando la tradicion de impunidad y demostrando que los medios de comunicacion pueden no ser miedos de comunicacion Este nuevo libro culmina sus anos de trabajo en la denuncia de las sistematicas violaciones sexuales de ninos y mujeres, y de la prostitucion de ninos y mujeres que constituye la mas lucrativa esclavitud de nuestro tiempo, aunque no se llame asi Y Lydia llega mas alla de las fronteras de Mexico Ataviada con disfraces diversos, viaja desde los bajos fondos mexicanos de la Merced hasta los centros nocturnos y los prostibulos de Japon, pasando por muchos otros nudos de la inmensa telarana de mafiosos, empresarios, policias, jueces y politicos que manejan el negocio en el mundo.

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    1. REINVENTING LOVE OR, SLAVERY INC.: THE UNTOLD STORY OF INTERNATIONAL SEX TRAFFICKING“The clients are insecure drunks who believe whatever we tell them,” a young Cuban prostitute in a Cancun lap-dancing bar tells Lydia Cacho, a Mexican journalist who has devoted her career to investigating violence against women. “Some of them are very vulgar, and they believe we are going to fall in love with them.” Worldwide, one of the first things enslaved girls are taught, Cacho reveals in Slavery In [...]

    2. 1. This is a very difficult book for me to rate. It covers such a critical issue and I do not want a low rating from me or a lowered overall rating for the book to dissuade any potential reader who is unaware of this "hidden" problem from reading it. Let me say, first of all, that I do not doubt the existence of this problem, nor the dedication and steadfastness of the author in uncovering its extent and in trying to be the catalyst for meaningful change. Cacho was previously jailed and tortured [...]

    3. I read this book in one session, despite not being sure whether to buy it at all. The topic is gruesome. Now I'm glad I did buy and read it! Cacho writes with so much courage, respect, and love.I believe that everyone should read what Cacho has to say about women and girls, their fates, and their suffering. If you have a daughter or a son, read this book and learn to look at gender roles from a very different angle. The "strong" man and the "nice" woman are roles we press upon ourselves and our [...]

    4. Do Japão ao Cambodja, da China ao Porto Rico, do México à Rússia, o tráfico sexual de mulheres e crianças é uma prática banal e globalizada que ocorre sob os nossos narizes, destrói famílias, mentalidades, vidas parcamente vividas, levanta barreiras de preconceito e afastamento.Lydia Cacho, jornalista mexicana e feminista activa na luta pelos direitos das mulheres embarcou numa viagem pelo turismo sexual à escala global; recolhe informação e dados estatísticos sobre o lucro de um n [...]

    5. This book is absolutely essential for anyone who thinks legalizing prostitution is the answer to the problems that plague the sex industry.Lydia Cacho, at great personal risk, has captured the stories of the voiceless: women and girls tricked or forced into prostitution.Although there are myriad reasons why legalizing prostitution does a disservice to prostitutes and to all women, simply the fact that it allows trafficking to flourish should be enough.Of course, there's also the industry of porn [...]

    6. A good deal of information provided without citations? Sorry, but come-on. I don't care how powerful the message is - I find any research without citations to be a bit suspect. Overall, though, her book conveys and important point; ALTHOUGH, I'm a bit apprehensive to use it in any future research of my own.

    7. I found reading this book really disturbing, but also really worthwhile. I didn't realise sexual slavery was so widespread throughout the world and so insidious. Cacho exposed herself to enormous personal risk while carrying out research for this book and then writing and publishing it. She seems to me to present the topic in a very thorough and balanced way and I highly recommend the book.One thing I found particularly suspicious is the way in which one of the people Cacho mentions, Somali Mam, [...]

    8. This is not an easy read, but it's an important one. Lydia Cacho is an immensely brave and strong journalist who has worked hard to understand how the sex trafficking industries function all over the world. If you don't feel like you have the stomach to make it through her book, do yourself a favor and watch an interview with her. She's an inspiring woman who manages to maintain hope in the fact of all of the horrors that she writes about. Reading this at the same time as reading David Rock's "H [...]

    9. Ein großartiges Buch, das sich auch wunderbar für Laien eignet. Es verschont einen nicht vor der grausamen, verdammt wahren Realität, die heute, hier und jetzt überall - auch bei uns - passiert. Das Buch ist persönlich, genau, mitreißend und beschreibt mit Fingerspitzengefühl eine systematische Brutalität und Ausbeutung, für die man eigentlich gar keine Worte finden kann.Ich denke dieses Buch sollte von viel mehr Menschen gelesen werden, damit sie wissen was so vielen Menschen / Frauen [...]

    10. Great read! Lydia is one of the bravest people I've heard of after reading this book. It's great to hear that Lydia is trying to make a difference on the planet regarding human trafficking. Lydia is remarkable by bringing an awareness to people on what goes on in the world. This book is just the tip of the iceberg! There are many layers of corruption. Mind-control and programming is a big thing that is taking place on this planet. There is a heavy influence on many levels that humanity needs to [...]

    11. A must-read if you want to understand what slavery and human trafficlking is about and how human trafficking and legal prostitution are unseperately interwinded. all my respect for the brave, couragous and wonderful Lydia Cacho

    12. Más que un simple libro para dejar olvidado en las listas de lectura, un trabajo increíble de investigación para recordarnos que el mundo entero tiene una responsabilidad para con estas personas y que es necesario un cambio en esta dañada sociedad. Es horrorosamente escalofriante y real.

    13. Hace unos días finalicé este libro/investigación.Realmente creo que es un libro que todos deberíamos leer para darnos cuenta de las condiciones en las que se encuentras las mujeres que son víctimas de la trata de mujeres. Me ha desgarrado por dentro este libro que hacía mucho tiempo que esto no me ocurría, lo he pasado realmente mal leyéndolo en algunas partes, por la crueldad que sufren estas chicas, que no es una opción ser prostituta sino que todo lo contrario puesto que los proxenet [...]

    14. El tema del libro es súper importante y me motivó a buscar mas libros sobre el tema. Siempre me he preguntado si los hombres pagan por "servicios de sexo" porque de plano no se pueden aguantar o es que solo se sienten con derecho. Lidia Cacho da varios argumentos convincentes de que mas que las ganas es el derecho con el que se sienten los hombres al cuerpo de las mujeres. Pero el libro es sobre mucho mas que eso, es sobre el tráfico, los proxenetas, la complicidad de mas autoridades, la situ [...]

    15. This is an important and courageous book that demands our attention.It is a detailed outline of these crimes, exploitation and corruption at all levels, and wilful complicity at the highest levels.I could hardly believe some of what I was reading it is so appalling. But the authors research and presentation is detailed and meticulous - and the research itself was undertaken at great personal hazard. The only important question is how to put a stop to it. Not easy, as the author makes clear. But [...]

    16. An extremely powerful and disturbing book that deals with one of the most repugnant crimes that exist in the world today: Human trafficking.Lydia Cacho handles her writing with confidence, and fills each page with victims experiences, most of which are shocking and near impossible to stomach. This book is a bastion of hope and one that needs to be read by everyone, as not nearly enough people care, know or do as much as what should be done to prevent the abuse of vulnerable people for the sake o [...]

    17. I'd have to give the author herself 5 stars. She is amazing and brave and doing really important investigative work. However I was really disappointed with the book. It often reads like a dull text book (maybe it's meant to be a text book?). In one place there are literally pages given over to tracts of legislation. When she is writing about the lives of the young women, though, it is very good. The editing was also very poor. It just seemed to jump around to seemingly random topics from paragra [...]

    18. I saw Lydia Cacho interviewed on an episode of Big Ideas (ABC TV). Such an amazing woman and a powerful interview. Can't wait to read this book.You can view the interview online at:fora/2010/05/21/Lydia_CachoAs one of the reviews states"KEEP WATCHING - once you get past Mara's remarkably monotone and arrogantly long introduction Lydia truly is a fascinating and wonderful woman doing incredibly important work." Here here!!

    19. Powerful narrative that describes the tragic world of trans-national exploitation of women and children. But I do think Ms. Cacho is a bit of a sexist who blames men for the subjugation and victimization of women throughout history. She is preoccupied with the notion that women are the primary victims of slavery through prostitution, and gives little recognition to the fact that men are also victimized. Many millions more men are victims of coercion and enticement into forced labor, debt bondage [...]

    20. Este libro cuenta una cruda realidad a la cual la gente como sociedad no quiere enfrentarla,es un libro qué te hace pensar en porque se hace eso ¿Tendran alguna enfermedad mental la gente que trafica con humanos? porque no solo es problema de mujeres sino de niñas,niños, hombres y mujeres.Ahora bien tal vez yo también no este bien de mi psiquis pero este libro se puede considerar erótico pero un erotismo en el que nadie quiere vivir,puesto a que se hablar de la esclavitud sexual.

    21. This book was an insightful dialogue on the connection between the mafia and human trafficking around the world. Cacho's re-telling of ther journey was direct yet effective in revealing what is actually happening without over-inflating it like some abolitionists are prone to do. As hard as it was to read these truths, I very much enjoyed this book.

    22. Lydia Cacho is a brave and amazing journalist. This book was so informative. I'd recommend it for anyone who is interested in knowing the truth about forced prostitution and prostitution in general, in addition to how it is truly addressed by the US and other countries' governments. Very well researched.

    23. This opened my eyes to the truth about the sex trafficking world and it’s many aspects. Very informative and I respect Cacho for the good work she has done with this book.

    24. "Każdego roku na całym świecie milion trzysta dziewięćdziesiąt tysięcy ludzi staje się ofiarami niewolnictwa seksualnego". Ta książka jest bardzo interesującym zbiorem faktów na temat handlu dziećmi i dorosłymi w celu sprzedaży i wykorzystywania ich jako niewolnice i niewolników seksualnych. Oprócz pojedynczych historii, autorka podejmuje próbę rozbicia mitu etycznej, zalegalizowanej prostytucji oraz wnikliwie przygląda się mechanizmom towarzyszącym procederowi handlu ludź [...]

    25. A harrowing and courageous work of investigative journalism. Shedding light on an issue that most are unwilling to even think about. What shocked me most was, not the corruption or the link to organised crime, but the clients. An industry like this only exists because there are SO many men willing to exploit them and use them. If there were no clients the business would not thrive. That means that there are clients willing to pay without thought to the circumstances of the girls (many of which a [...]

    26. Some books are such that we do not love to read them so much as we need to read them. This is one of those books. Here Lydia Cacho presents some sobering truths about the global sex slave trade with a specific emphasis on how our governments and many corporations are complicit in this modern day tragedy. She begins like David Batstone does in Not For Sale by moving place to place weaving heart rending stories with regional statistics and trends. In six chapters she covers Turkey, Israel, Japan, [...]

    27. This is a real eye-opener. Written by a brave Mexican journalist, the book details the international trade in human beings- mostly women and children and mostly for the sex trade. Ms. Cacho traveled far and wide- to Africa, the far east, the middle east, Europe, the US and South and Central America to document sinister networks of traders in flesh. It involves hundreds of thousands of women and children, underworld organizations, like the Yakuza in Japan, and mafia-like organizations throughout [...]

    28. Each year, 1.39 million people around the world – mostly women and girls – are subjected to sexual slavery. They are bought, sold, and re-sold like raw materials in any given industry. Over a period of five years, award-winning El Universal journalist Lydia Cacho tracked the small and large international mafia operations by listening to the stories of survivors of sexual exploitation and documented them in her new book Slavery Inc: The Untold Story of International Sex Trafficking.Translated [...]

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