Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches

Dirty God Jesus in the Trenches In Dirty God Jesus in the Trenches Johnnie Moore draws on both Scripture and his extensive experience with other cultures and religions to show how the God of the Bible is unique in his willingness t

  • Title: Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches
  • Author: Johnnie Moore
  • ISBN: 9780849964510
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Dirty God Jesus in the Trenches, Johnnie Moore draws on both Scripture and his extensive experience with other cultures and religions to show how the God of the Bible is unique in his willingness to be near us in all of our messiness Moore outlines the central importance of the doctrine of grace while introducing readers to a humble and human Jesus who reaches out toIn Dirty God Jesus in the Trenches, Johnnie Moore draws on both Scripture and his extensive experience with other cultures and religions to show how the God of the Bible is unique in his willingness to be near us in all of our messiness Moore outlines the central importance of the doctrine of grace while introducing readers to a humble and human Jesus who reaches out to us at our worst and pulls us up to our best.Grace, Moore argues, is something that is both gotten and given, and the two part structure of the book allows readers to explore both of these dynamics By offering hope rather than condemnation and showing the practical applications of grace in today s world, Dirty God will appeal to both the committed Christian and the spiritual seeker looking for a authentic faith Challenging and engaging, Dirty God is sure to establish Johnnie Moore as an emerging voice for Millennial and Gen X evangelicals for years to come.

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    1. I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze® (BookSneeze) book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.I can't say enough good things about this book. This book completely changed the way I looked at Jesus and God. Growing up Catholic, I've seen God as the typical old man with along flowing beard, on a throne, [...]

    2. This is the first I've read of Pastor Johnnie Moore's writings, it definitely won't be the last. The writing is brilliant. The message is a powerful, one from God's heart to ours. I'm not sure I expected the book to be on grace, and it was much more than that, because it draws you to Jesus where you find yourself receiving grace, understanding where you stand before Him, and then you find grace poured out . . . grace just happens when you meet Jesus. We get preached TOO much to these days that f [...]

    3. Johnnie Moore, author, speaker and Vice President of Liberty University, the alma mater of this reviewer, has entered the recent deluge of books on the market recently on describing Jesus in everyday life terms with his book Dirty Jesus. Written in a style very reminiscent of books such as Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, Moore takes a slightly less academic and/or theological approach in his work instead choosing to portray Jesus as the God who was not afraid to mix it up or to associate with the com [...]

    4. Dirty God is a book about grace. Grace embodied in the incarnate Son of God dying on the cross for all those who would believe. Johnnie Moore says,All the religion of the world are after God’s attention. They throw their roses, tie their strings, and plead for their deity to give them--at least--a passing glance.Muslims have their “Five Pillars.” Sikhs have their “Five K’s.” Hindus ring bells when they enter their temples to awaken their gods to their presence. Muslims pray five time [...]

    5. I found the book Dirty God by Johnnie Moore rather intriguing when I first saw it and given that most of the ratings it got were high, I opted to request for the book to read it as well.What I like about the book:- The book started out strong with Johnnie Moore painting a clear picture of the practices of Hinduism in India and the sad reality that those people worshiping one of the many gods that they have, have had to tie up ribbons in the temple and then remove it later on when their prayers h [...]

    6. Title: Dirty God: Jesus in the TrenchesAuthor: Johnnie MooreDate I Finished Reading: December 20,2012My Rating: 5/5I have always known that Christ was gracious. Yet at the same time I did not realize just how saturated by grace his life and ministry were! Dirty God brings our attention to the extreme grace of Jesus Christ from the time of his birth to his resurrection, and then calls us to that same level and life of grace towards others.The first half of this book is on Christ giving grace to o [...]

    7. Johnnie Moore tackles the topic of grace in ‘Dirty God’. Passionately worded & enhanced through personal reflections, he examines what grace is & what it means to us. Both Old & New Testament Biblical heroes are analyzed including Elijah & of course, Jesus. Powerful is the best adjective I can use to describe this book. Several stories included caused me to get a bit emotional. Both sad & honest, they brought tears to my eyes. His adventure in a leper colony is touching & [...]

    8. The book for review is “Dirty God” by Johnnie Moore.This book falls into the genre of religion, Christian life and spiritual growth.I found this book to be truly incredible and it came at a time in my life where I had the same questions that were asked in this novel.Johnnie lays out the content in a very easy to understand manner. It is not forced but yet strong in content. The basis for this book is about God’s grace and how it is freely given to us. This is regardless if we deserve it or [...]

    9. Dirty God: Jesus In The Trenches –Johnnie MooreThis book is extremely well-written, and every page is intriguing. . It is clear it is targeted for a younger audience, which in a way makes the book even more appealing—the language targets everyone. The book started strong from the initial page. Johnnie Moore paints a clear picture of religious practices, and what we perceive to be truths, in different aspects. It was very refreshing to see Jesus portrayed from a different light. This storylin [...]

    10. I'm incredibly thankful for this new book from Johnnie Moore. I teach high school students, and I'm putting quotes from "Dirty God" on my whiteboard every week. With wit, humor, and an impressive array of international travel stories, Johnnie Moore reminds of what's so "amazing" about grace, and why grace should utterly transform our lives. Moore leads a new generation of evangelicals who realize that God has a Mission in the world, and He expects the Church to leading the charge. I'm especially [...]

    11. In Dirty God, Johnnie does more than explain grace, he helps the reader experience it! The first part of the book is on “Getting Grace”. The second part of the book is on “Giving Grace”. As Christians we want to share with others how wonderful God’s Grace is! The book really explains God’s grace well!You may think the name of this book disrespects God but it doesn’t! Johnnie explains the work God did which made him dirty; we all get dirty! This book explains how Gods grace works in [...]

    12. Instead of simply trying to explain what grace is all about, why not let an excellent writer flesh it out so that you experience it?Moore writes about churchy topics in a way that reaches out and presents itself in an incredibly accessible way. Too often those who have been in church for a long period of time will fall back to platitudes and verbage that only resonate with other long-term church goers.Biblical grace is a terrifying idea. It is not something that should be "boiled down". We have [...]

    13. I enjoyed reading this book and how the author illustrates the grace of God. What keeps this from getting 4 or 5 stars from me is that the message seems to get muddled a lot on the way. While it didn't seem cohesive to me - perhaps better editing would have helped - what he had to say was good. I can see this book being helpful but rarely does the author use inclusive language "we", "our", etc so it reads kind of like a pep talk and not a conversation. Very useful for those confused about grace, [...]

    14. In "Dirty God" Johnnie Moore speaks about Grace in a way that not only makes sense but show just how much Jesus gives Grace. This book needs to be read by every Christian (and non-Christian). I'd always assumed that Grace was God's Riches at Christ's Expense; but, by reading this book I now realize that Grace goes much Deeper - is much Deeper. It's something that we not only get, but that we Give. Thankful for God's Grace in my life.

    15. I found this book to be enjoyable. I think that in the final few chapters Moore really challenges all believers to make a difference in the world by expressing the kind of grace we received from God.On a slightly negative note, his personal stories sometimes get lengthy and drag down parts of the book.

    16. This book is astounding. I truly appreciated the author's intellect coupled with his genuine faith. I personally love his passion and knowledge for political theory, while using that knowledge to power his Christian faith. This book is very well done; I highly recommend it.

    17. Rearing to go!Straight to the heart with many "mmmm"s, "ohhhhh"s and other sounds that show your gears are being ground The beginning of a revolution to see God's hands at work.

    18. Great bookI thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this book. Johnnie Moore is an amazing writer. he writes succinctly about the Christian life as it should be.

    19. Johnnie Moore does a good job of expounding on the term "grace" that many Christians take for granted. He goes in depth into the sacrifice involved in Jesus' gift of grace to humanity. A good book.

    20. Enjoyed listening to this. Liked his references to Tim Keller, Malcolm Muggeridge, and C.S. Lewis. Good illustrations from his life and other believers who live grace even when life is very dirty.

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