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Tuck Cover This title is no longer available for purchase It has been combined with Battle Buddy and re released Dreamspinner Press Tuck CoverYou may have read Tuck s diary entries but they don t tell the whole

  • Title: Tuck & Cover
  • Author: S.J.D. Peterson
  • ISBN: 9781614958178
  • Page: 401
  • Format: ebook
  • This title is no longer available for purchase It has been combined with Battle Buddy and re released Dreamspinner Press Tuck CoverYou may have read Tuck s diary entries, but they don t tell the whole story Tuck will argue the point, but he definitely got a few details wrong not that I blame him He was, if you remember, a little sexually frustrated at the time This title is no longer available for purchase It has been combined with Battle Buddy and re released Dreamspinner Press Tuck CoverYou may have read Tuck s diary entries, but they don t tell the whole story Tuck will argue the point, but he definitely got a few details wrong not that I blame him He was, if you remember, a little sexually frustrated at the time He probably wasn t thinking straight I ll never get tired of teasing him about that Anyway, here s what really happened.Rangers lead the way Owen

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    1. Awesome!! Owen is just so funny. Having the story told from his POV puts a totally different swing on things. Tuck is a badass, but Owen is THE BADASS. Can't wait for the next installment. Gotta feeling it's gonna get realal freaking scary, and I can't wait.

    2. SJD Peterson’s TUCK AND COVER is the sequel to the first book in the Rough Rangers series, BATTLE BUDDY. I love what she has done with these two books and their POVs, and let me tell you why.Books told in the first person give you an inside look at the motivations and thoughts of one of the MCs. I’ve read books that use first person for two different characters and if not done very skillfully that can confuse the readerTTLE BUDDY is told in first person from Tuck’s POV. When I read this bo [...]

    3. 3.75 Stars. Just um gimme a minute to recollect myself Right, I've gone for a run and had a cold shower so I may be able to articulate a couple of things.This little pocket rocket was an easy read which will turn a dreary afternoon into a fun gigglefest. It has the added bonus of some The Steamiest Sex Scenes I've Ever Read. Seriously. Tuck and Cover is a fantastic follow up to Battle Buddy and merging them together gives us clearer understanding of what made these two 'enthusiastic' alpha milit [...]

    4. Review can also be found at Under the Covers Book BlogI absolutely loved this book! “Battle Buddy” was the story of Tuck and Owen meeting and getting together, told from Tuck’s point-of-view (POV). After reading Tuck’s “diary” of events in “Battle Buddy,” Owen decided he wanted his story to be heard as well; hence, us very lucky readers now have “Tuck & Cover.”For me, I love reading books written in first person POV. I feel like I become more connected to the main charact [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this follow up. It made me enjoy the first story even more getting the other point of view. I loved Owen. So confident and self assured. He wanted Tuck and things that confused me in Battle Buddy now made sense with Owen's viewpoint. He wasn't being a jerk or dick about things, he simply wanted Tuck. They were great together. Plus, in this one, we got to see their relationship advance a little farther along.To see the author's photo inspiration for Owen and Tuck, go to:sjdpeters [...]

    6. 4.5 stars. I loved Tuck's version, and I loved Owen's just as much. It is a lot of fun to see the different sides, and, at no time, did I feel I was reliving the same story, even though it basically was. Owen is really funny, and I love watching these two badass rangers falling for each other. Looking forward to the next segment.

    7. Just as fabulous as the story told from Tuck's POV. This is really a great author who knows how to pen a completely irresistibly story. Owen has a really unique way of getting his part of the story across. Great sexual tension here - so much fun to read!

    8. I love these guys and Tuck and Cover did not disappoint.Another goodread in the Rough Rangers series. I don’t know how Jo does it but the feelings shared and love not to mention HOT love scenes are wonderful.The way she incorporated the title into the story really choked me up.Thanks Jo.

    9. Part Two was every bit as good as part One. Perhaps better because I seriously love Owen. He's cocky, sexy, arrogante perfect Alpha male.Even if he thinks putt-putt is not a sport!

    10. 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Owen Bradford is now giving us his side of what happened when he first met Shane Tucker, from the first second that he laid eyes on Shane all the way to a blissful Christmas holiday, explaining everything from his point of view. Woo-wee get ready to fan yourself down as we join this very horny young man, Owen Bradford, as he takes us back to his first meeting with [...]

    11. This second installment of Tuck and Owen was a surprise in a few different ways. The first and second reason being that I didn't know there would be more to their story and this one is double the length of Battle Buddy. Which is awesome because the third surprise that the first half is Owen's retelling of the first book.Touching on Owen's POV very cool idea done very well. Just as no two people will have the same memory or perspective on the very same event, neither do fictional characters. Be [...]

    12. Wow, these MC's are so hot together that my kindle started smokin'! This is the continuing story of Tuck and Owen, told from Owen's POV. The beginning is a re-tell of the story covered by Tuck in Battle Buddy but from Owen's POV. But this one continues beyond the end of the first one and shows Owen struggling to forget Tuck so that he can focus on his career, then struggling to cope with the fact that he just can't forget Tuck. The feelings are likely mutual since Tuck contacts him to arrange ho [...]

    13. Guh. Owen and Tuck. Love them. This was the PERFECT follow up to Battle Buddy. Didn't want it to be over.

    14. FANTASTIC! I love Owen and Tuck, two ALPHA males yum yum. Can't wait for the next one and if I had my way, there would be twenty books in the series. Great job S.J.D Peterson, your writing is flawless.

    15. In this installment in the Rough Rangers series, the author retells the Battle Buddies story, but flips it so that it is Owen's perspective that is told and in so doing there are some extra scenes and new pieces added to the puzzle not to mention some events might have happened differently than was previously thought. It also takes the story just a bit further along the plot trail leaving it again at an exciting moment.The other one was a good story that I enjoyed a lot, but I finished it thinki [...]

    16. Not so much a sequel as Owen's point of view of the events of Battle Buddy - with some really good additional chapters that take place after Battle Buddy. Getting to see the events from Owen's POV was fascinating. And hot! I really liked the ending - even though it's a bit of a cliffhanger. But I'm excited that there will be a third book for Tuck and Owen :D

    17. It was great to hear the events this time from Owen's POV. Doesn't matter who's telling the story though, these guys were clearly combustible together. And their Christmas gifts to each other made me go awwwww, especially since the gifts showed how much Owen and Tuck really wished they could be together but would have to settle for stolen moments instead. Loved the ending and was really happy to see that a third book is coming soon. Until then, carry on soldiers!

    18. Here is Owen's side of the story. Readers hear the re-telling of Tuck and Owen's Army Ranger training from Owen's POV. So fun to hear his perspective - very much like when a couple each tell a story just a little bit different. Owen takes us a step further as we see the couple truly connect. There's a definite possibility of HEA but I WANT TO KNOW MORE! I adored these two men.

    19. I'm so pleased I finally read this. I love military storylines and this lived up to my expectations. I'd love to know more of these two 'buddies'. Whilst I'm sure they will always be together, I can't imagine that the journey will be easy

    20. More! We need to have a full-on complete book about these two. Left me hanging, again! I love Tuck and Owen. These two are so alpha and macho and smoking hot. They don't want to need eachother but we don't get what we want much, huh? So perfect!

    21. 4.5 starsThe novella Tuck & Cover is a rerelease of two separate stories as indicated above in the blurb write-up. By pairing the two, author SJD Peterson, sets up an amusing foil in the vein of a "point/counterpoint" with the character of Shane Tucker "Tuck" relating his viewpoint first and the ever cocky and over achieving Owen Bradford responding. I must say, this was a very clever move by the author. First, the author makes the great choice of choosing to first introduce the slightly nai [...]

    22. I am not usually a fan of stories that are just a re-telling from a different character's POV (like Midnight Sun) but the way that Ms. Peterson crafted this retelling and Owen's cocksure personality made this story work for me. Plus you get the added bonus of finding out what happens after the two day pass.I laughed more through this story because of Owens "voice". His perspective was much more in the know on everything and because he is having fun I did too. I also enjoyed learning more about O [...]

    23. The number of run-on sentences in this book is astounding. She uses a lot of dashes.This was where we finally got to shoot our rifles, toss grenades, master grenade launchers, practice using bayonets—yes, we really did yell “stab, stab,kill, kill”—and were introduced to antitank weapons and a shitload of other heavy weapons. Also, it's about two guys who use confusion over their sexuality as an excuse to be complete dicks to each other, until they suddenly decide they are in love. Of cou [...]

    24. 3.75 starsMuch better writing in this one while still being in the 1st person POV. Owen gives you a more complete picture of the story and ups the "romance" aspect. The two books are definitely companion peices and should be read together. The end of this one left me feeling like one day there just might be a HEA for the two of them and wanting to continue the series and see where their story takes them.

    25. 3.5 starsThe end is great, and although the book is short, it felt too long to me. I think it's because I didn't like Owen's voice much. He is a good chap though, if a bit arrogant, and I liked him, just not his voice. I hope there will be more of Tuck and Owen. The end is opened enough for more short stories.

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