Dino Bites!

Dino Bites Munch crunch This is the dinosaur looking for lunch It s a dinosaur eat dinosaur and other treats world out there But when Bite Snap Crunch leads to a buzz the buzz leads to a hop and the hop leads

  • Title: Dino Bites!
  • Author: Algy Craig Hall
  • ISBN: 9781907967504
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Munch, crunch This is the dinosaur looking for lunch It s a dinosaur eat dinosaur and other treats world out there But when Bite Snap Crunch leads to a buzz, the buzz leads to a hop, and the hop leads to a wriggle, mealtime has surprising and hilarious results This delightful cumulative story and fun read aloud will entertain children again and again.

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    1. Three "fierce some" dinosaurs of varying size are looking for a bite to eat. But when the "food" does not agree with them, a whole lot of rumbling goes on in all those stomachs, ending in a comical surprise. Comical creatures, bright backgrounds, and spare text help create a wonderful story to share with a group, one-on-one or even as a very first reader. Reviewer 17

    2. Dino Bites! is a perfect book for a beginning reader. Once you read it to a child, they can read it right back to you! No matter how many times they read it, there is always laughter at the end! The illustrations are simple and wonderful. Kids love them! Enjoy this book with a child!

    3. There's no such thing as a free lunch. From the big dinosaur to the little fly, as each eats the next smaller the reader wonders what will happen. A tickled stomach frees everyone in the end. A quick and silly story that might work for preschool storytime if the reader helps it along a bit.

    4. Demonstrates chain reactions/cause and effect well. May upset younger audiences, but hey, it's the circle of life.

    5. Dino Bites! is about how three dinosaurs are all preying on another dinosaur smaller than them to eat. I think the pictures in this story are adorable, and it depicts a realistic concept of a predator/prey relationship, until the T-Rex burps out all of the dinosaurs he ate. The ending fits the age group the story is trying to reach, by giving it a comical light ending to a real life situation. Teachers could utilize this story by introducing a fictional book that discusses the basic principal of [...]

    6. A dinosaur is looking for lunch, who is looking for a snack, who is looking for a bite! Dinosaurs are hungry and this is kind of a food chain book. But I liked how it endedetty appropriate ending for little ones.

    7. As an adult reading to a toddler wasn't my cup of tea unfortunately. Cute illustrations but meh on the story line.

    8. This is one of those picture books that has very few words and the kids will get to explain what happens themselves. (I love those. Especially when I use them in story time and continually ask “what happened?”) Basically a dinosaur is looking for lunch (a smaller dino). The smaller dino is looking for a snack (the smallest dino). The smallest dino is looking for a bite (a bug). Then the smallest dino eats the bug. The smaller dino eats the smallest dino. The dinosaur (who looks like a t-rex) [...]

    9. One of the shortest dinosaur books you will ever read! Three dinosaurs are looking for something to eat. They find their prey and give a chomp. Soon after their bite, their meals backfire with a giant belch!The book is fast paced, but fun and interesting. The illustrations could be considered minimalistic, but they highlight the action and the minimal words per page. The dinosaurs jump to the forefront because of the solid color pages with no background illustrations. In a small group setting, t [...]

    10. Munch, crunch! “This is the dinosaur looking for lunch!” It's a dinosaur-eat-dinosaur (and other treats) world out there. But when Bite! Snap! Crunch! leads to a buzz, the buzz leads to a hop, and the hop leads to a wriggle, mealtime has surprising and hilarious results. This delightful cumulative story and fun read-aloud will entertain children again and again.Readalikes: I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly: A Hilarious Lift-the-Flap Book!

    11. Simple, loud and funny! This story is a total triumph. One dinosaur chomps another in this food chain book, and all is well until, "The bite buzzed" causing T-Rex to rather loudly "BUUURP!" the other dinos free again. Dino Bites has enormous kid appeal, large, colorful illustrations with bold dark outlines and a very simple text, sometimes only one word per page. Perfect for reading aloud to large groups.

    12. A hungry dinosaur is looking for lunch and his lunch is looking for a snack who's looking for a bite to eat. With all of these creatures wiggling around in the dinosaur's stomach he lets out a monster burp and everyone escapes!A funny read aloud that brings to mind the Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly.

    13. I thought this book was a little disturbing because it's kind of about the food chain, but it's kind of wimpy too because the food doesn't stay down. My three year old niece, however, thought it was hysterical. The text is simple and the illustrations are simple, bright, and very powerful. I would recommend this book for preschoolers that aren't too sensitive.

    14. At first it seems a little dark, watching the food chain from largest creature to smallest, but then the story takes a twist a la "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" and the creatures all make a funny escape. Will be a nice read aloud during story time.

    15. This book is perfect for ECE and read aloud! It is the story of a dinosaur who is looking for his lunch (and what the lunch itself is looking to eat). It is a great sequence book with good vocabulary, large text and pictures, and a simple story. Awesome!

    16. Great for babies and especially toddlers. Big bold illustrations that will catch their eyes. Few words that tell the story without any too much to distract. And what kid doesn't like a burp in their story?

    17. I walked between three and four stars on this one. The concept is simple, but the story is amusing to my boy and I. Its a simple book and suffers from deminishing returns. Still, it is a fun book that we occasionally borrow.

    18. Fantastic book. Kids will love this one, especially at story times. The illustrations are fun and the text easy. An instant hit.

    19. A cumulative story finds a hungry dinosaur munching and crunching and searching for lunch until his appetite leads him to a buzzing noise, a hop, and a wriggle before he encounters a big surprise.

    20. Not a fan of books that end with a burp, but other than that, this is fun, fast, and ferocious. Would be good for story time. Recommended for ages 2.5-5.

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