In the Kitchen With Alain Passard

In the Kitchen With Alain Passard Available in English for the very first time In the Kitchen with Alain Passard is the first graphic novel to enter the kitchen of a master chef Over the course of three years illustrator Christophe

  • Title: In the Kitchen With Alain Passard
  • Author: Christophe Blain Alain Passard
  • ISBN: 9781452113463
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Available in English for the very first time, In the Kitchen with Alain Passard is the first graphic novel to enter the kitchen of a master chef Over the course of three years, illustrator Christophe Blain trailed acclaimed chef Alain Passard through his kitchens and gardens With simple yet sublime drawings and thousands of colorful panels, this book gives the reader anAvailable in English for the very first time, In the Kitchen with Alain Passard is the first graphic novel to enter the kitchen of a master chef Over the course of three years, illustrator Christophe Blain trailed acclaimed chef Alain Passard through his kitchens and gardens With simple yet sublime drawings and thousands of colorful panels, this book gives the reader an inside, uncensored look at the world of Passard, who shocked the food universe in 2001 by removing meat from the menu at his celebrated Paris restaurant, L Arpege, and dedicating himself to serving vegetables from his own organic farms This irresistible hardcover combines a portrait of an amazing chef, an inside look at his creative process, and a humorous riff on fine dining culture plus fifteen recipes for the home kitchen in one haute cuisine comic book for foodies

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    1. What a delightful confection! A book by Christophe Blain about the working life of Alain Passard, chef-owner of the 3* Parisian restaurant, L'Arpège.Envy Christophe Blain, getting to work closely with Passard for 3 years - observing the inner workings of the kitchen, visiting the country gardens, questioning the great man, and, of course, getting to eat phenomenal food.The book is a series of vignettes, mostly revolving around a recipe or two, but sometimes there'll be a depiction of a discussi [...]

    2. Ehhhhhh. I love Blain's tight, scribbly, cleary *very French* illustration style. I wish he had a bit more interesting of a subject! I felt like he did what he could with a moderately expressive, fairly delicious-food making chef. It did, admittedly, make me hungry, but it expected you to accept a notion of haute cuisine that's fairly foreign to most readers (hopefully?) and so some of the stuff they were doing walked a tightrope between fascinating and ridiculous -- pea caviar? vegetable infuse [...]

    3. Totally enjoyed this book--I'm a fairly indifferent cook & the recipes are over the top but the enthusiasm for good food is contagious. I especially enjoyed the longest chapter, "the garden in Sarthe, " a wonderful depiction of integrated gardening where nothing is wasted. I now understand asparagus. Agree with others about the beets--too many beets.

    4. Chouette livre qui permet une belle plongée dans le processus créatif du chef. J'étais contente de découvrir un peu sa personnalité et ses intérêts. Par contre j'ai trouvé le livre un peu redondant (la recette + l'illustration de la recette à côté : je comprends ce que ça apporte sur la façon d'exécuter et on vient bien la personnalité du chef, mais en même temps ça reste un peu répétitif) et ironiquement, bien que ce soit une bande-dessinée, les images m'ont manquée J'aurai [...]

    5. The recipes are interesting and the chefs philosophies are clearly illustrated, but they seem impractical for most amateur cooks, either due to the ingredients or techniques necessary to produce them.

    6. If you've ever watched one of those Food Network shows (what, you mean you've never sat in a dentist's waiting room or randomly flipped hotel channels while your bathroom was occupied?), then you've come across one of those star-chef-centric programs. You know, one of those whose plot and title is something like, "The Ramen Whisperer." That's this book to a 'T,' only substituting a dollop of philosophy for the glossy, steaming, condensation-dripping, high definition images of actual food.Christo [...]

    7. For the serious foodie/graphic novel enthusiast who covets the world of a famous chef (In this case Alain Passard). It gives you some glimpses into a fancypants French restaurant kitchen and the mastermind behind the recipes. I really enjoyed the idea that he arranges all his ingredients in a sort of mural and appreciates them for what they are. I don't think I have the planning skills or patience to do this, except in rare circumstances. However, it is clear that he is a very gifted chef with i [...]

    8. A delightful little book. Not a biography and not a traditional cookbook, but a mix of comics reportage, visual recipes and interviews with co-workers and employees of Passard. Blain followed Alain Passard on and off for more than three years at his restaurant and his country estates where all the ingredients are produce and recorded it all in the comics format. All is done with the trademark ease of Blain, the only one as far as I'm concerned, to rival Joann Sfar as the true master of the Frenc [...]

    9. I picked this up on a whim from the new non-fiction shelf at the library, but once I got it home I just couldn't get interested in reading it. Finally, with my last renewal coming up I decided to give it a try - and I'm so glad I did. I have mixed feelings about graphic novels but this one I found to be fascinating. The look inside the life of a famous French chef was perfect in drawings. The way Passard pictures ingredients on the plate before cooking them, the ideas he has for his gardens, the [...]

    10. I stumbled upon this graphic novel while casually browsing our library's OverDrive selections, and good grief! I'm STARVING. Passard's descriptions of presenting food, tasting food, cooking it, and later in the book, all about growing it. This is THE book to help anyone develop a passion for the art of cuisine. What I love is Passard's scholastic passion towards using not only the freshest food, but growing it in the ideal environment. At one point, he explains to Blain that he had his gardeners [...]

    11. Chi ha letto I segreti del Quay D’Orsay già conosce Blain. Chi non l’ha letto VOI. SIETE. MATTI. FATELO. SUBITO. detto questo è un libro fantastico, il disegnatore che racconta la cucina dello chef a tre stelle Passard, disegnando la vita del suo ristorante e le sue ricette (e ce ne sono anche scritte a testo). Premesso e tolto il fatto che io ho una sorta di attrazione un po’ malata per sta roba il libro è una roba notevolissima, lo stile di Blain a richiamare il movimento, i rumori, i [...]

    12. Not having read many graphic novels, I initially found In the Kitchen with Alain Passard to be a bit too visually crowded and frenetic. This persisted until Christophe Blain's writing and illustrations began to enhance my understanding of the composition of a recipe. From that point forward, I was engaged, entertained, and culinarily intrigued. I appreciated the inclusion of sections focused on other chefs and on the gardens. As a graphic novel that takes you "Inside the World (and Mind) of a Ma [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book! I'm by no means a cook, but this book definitely made me appreciate the craft and art of cooking. It's a mixture of recipes by Passard, and the comics by Blain showing the recipes being prepared. The illustrations appear simple and gestural, but bring a lot of character to the cooks and the process of cooking.I think what struck me most was Passard's aesthetic outlook, and the humane way he approaches food and cooking. It's a different approach than what most American [...]

    14. I liked the graphic novel format, as I think it really added to a deeper and more interesting account of what Blain learned from Passard and all things related to his kitchen. That world seems a bit pretentious to me, but a chef who is truly an artist is bound to have quirks. The recipes and accompanying semi-instructional illustrations are fun, and one day I may even get ambitious enough to try one of the simple ones that don't require many fancy ingredients. It wasn't a terribly compelling boo [...]

    15. Ik heb de UK versie van dit boek gelezen, een fantastisch boek. Een strip toont wat je met beeld meer kan dan met woorden; Een heerlijke bundel verhalen uit de keuken van Alain Passard, de kok zelf die overloopt van passie, de dagdagelijkse werking van een grootkeuken, de tekenaar die zich laat gaan aan het eten dat Alain Passard hem voorschotelt. Heerlijke geïllustreerde gerechten, een uitstapje naar de groententuin van de kok en een uitleg over de terroirs. Voor iedereen die een goed beeldver [...]

    16. In this nonfiction graphic novel, go behind the scenes of Alain Passard's L'Arpege Restaurant in Paris. See how meals are artfully prepared, hear about Passard's food philosophy, travel to the organic farms that supply his produce. Recipes included. Translated from French. --Reviewed by SoniaCheck our catalog: encoreoklib/iii/encore/

    17. Asumo que comer en L'Arpège debe ser una experiencia muy satisfactoria y supongo que este cómic intenta dejarlo claro. Sin embargo, el retrato del cocinero genial, esteta y visionario que aparece aquí me quita parte de las ganas. No sé si se debe tanto al propio Passard o la visión del autor. Por lo demás, poco más que un cuaderno de notas sin mucha gracia.

    18. An interesting premise, and I certainly envy Blain his delicious eating while researching this book. But the work didn't really grab me, maybe in part because the chef comes across as insufferable and self-satisfied. Too little substance to this work to be truly satisfying, but some of the recipes do look delicious.

    19. Brillant portrait d'un très talentueux chef, Blain arrive à nous faire sentir à quel point son sujet d'observation est habité par sa passion. Les quelques recettes sont illustrées par des récits et des interviews pleins d'énergie, entrecoupés de rencontres avec les cuistots ou les jardiniers travaillant pour Passard.

    20. I smiled my way through this book. Lovingly drawn and presenting a very charming niche of the world, I was enamoured of Passard, his food, and Blain's clear devotion to representing both. The recipes were fun to read, albeit unlikely to be prepared in my kitchen. I hope Blain does more non-fiction work like this.

    21. Spannender Einblick in die Welt der Spitzengastronomie. Das Ganze hat nicht mehr wirklich viel mit Kochen sondern mehr mit Kunst zu tun und Passard ist sicherlich ein Künster/Genie, der von Lebensmitteln besessen ist. Das Comicformat bietet dabei eine interessante Perspektive.

    22. Interesting but hard to read because the lettering is sooooo small. I find that there is often just too much crammed an a single page. Also, I wonder how true this all is. I mean, it almost seems like an idealized caricature of a renown French chef.

    23. Disappointing is all I can say. The illustrations were pretty lousy, and the author didn't seem to really go into the thinking behind why Alain Passard was such a popular cook, or how he got to that point. Could have done better.

    24. Les anecdotes sont aussi croustillantes que les recettes (enfin dévoilées). Beaucoup d'humour, une narration excellente, et les passionnés de cuisine seront comblés. Pas trop sensible au dessin, qui ne m'ont pas mis l'eau à la bouche, dommage.

    25. This is a perfect mix between a comic book and a cook book. It tells you a story about Alain Passard – Chef : enpedia/wiki/Alain_Pa – his products from his farms, his kitchen and his way of thinking about food.That's purely amazing and beautiful.

    26. this is totally charming. i know next to nothing about gourmet food, but this book was a great introduction, and it's impossible not to be charmed by the author's adorable self-portraits of his reactions to alain's dishes.

    27. You would suppose that drawings of food would fall flat, but Blain captures the energy and awe of Alain Passard magnificently. Seeing the dishes formed with running commentary on their creation adds to the outstanding nature of this book.

    28. Not a perfect comic but a very interesting portrait of the chef. So a good read if you're either a fan of Blain (I definitely am) and/or interested in cuisine.

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