The Scottish Movie

The Scottish Movie Harry Greenville a young actor and part time writer struggling to make a living in modern Los Angeles writes a novel about Shakespeare It s and the Bard needs a new play for King James who is

  • Title: The Scottish Movie
  • Author: PaulCollis
  • ISBN: 9781475080100
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harry Greenville, a young actor and part time writer struggling to make a living in modern Los Angeles, writes a novel about Shakespeare It s 1606 and the Bard needs a new play for King James, who is notoriously hard to please As history tells us, he comes up with Macbeth But the rehearsals are dogged by illnesses and accidents, the royal premiere gets the royal thumHarry Greenville, a young actor and part time writer struggling to make a living in modern Los Angeles, writes a novel about Shakespeare It s 1606 and the Bard needs a new play for King James, who is notoriously hard to please As history tells us, he comes up with Macbeth But the rehearsals are dogged by illnesses and accidents, the royal premiere gets the royal thumbs down, and the actors consider the play to be than unlucky they believe it s cursed The question is Why Harry s novel offers an intriguing answer Shakespeare stole it, and the real author sabotaged the production He posts the first draft on a website in the hope that a Hollywood agent will discover it Eventually, when someone in the movie business does discover it, life mirrors art they steal it.With the help of his girlfriend and a few under employed pals, Harry sets out to find the culprit The trail leads him to the core of the mighty Galactic Studios, where his decision to act like the vengeful playwright in his purloined novel evolves into a truly Shakespearean tale of theft, revenge and just desserts Awesome Indies Approved Book Readers Appreciation Group Medallion Honoree.

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    1. The Scottish Movie opens as historical fiction set in London just after the death of Queen Elizabeth I. James VI of Scotland has become King James I of the union of the kingdoms, and he's paranoid about conspiracies and rebellions. The notorious Guy Fawkes plot has been discovered and those involved savagely executed. But the king's paranoia has increased and has become quite contagious.The theatre world is as uneasy as everyone else. No one wants to do anything to cause suspicion or offense. Th [...]

    2. The Scottish Movie by Paul Collis is a well-crafted revenge tale that even Shakespeare naysayers can enjoy. The novel begins with William Shakespeare’s creation of his play, MacBeth. We learn that the bard overheard the plot being described by another playwright at a pub and, wanting to really impress King James with his next piece, promptly goes home to write it. When the original creator finds out the Globe Theatre is performing his play, without his consent, he sets out to sabotage the perf [...]

    3. Outstanding plotting and characters. This comedy of errors is a winner. Collis has a satirist’s eye for human flaws and mannerisms, and seems to have an insider’s knowledge of the movie business. I rooted for Harry every step of the way, no matter what he did, even when it was passive-aggressive and manipulative. His lack of other options was realistic and frustrating enough that his creative and comic alternative to legal recourse worked. Anyone who has ever worked with arrogant bosses, in [...]

    4. I picked this up after seeing an interview with the author on the Indie Views blog. I was intrigued by the premise (explained in some other reviews here).The first chapter is the novel-within-the-novel -- the story of young actor Henry whose idea for a play about a murderous usurper gets pilfered by Shakespeare. I will confess that this was my favorite chapter. The well researched historical novel that begins the book was superb. (If Collis decided to write the rest of The Scottish Play novel-wi [...]

    5. Legend has it that Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, is cursed. As such, the superstitious who work on the play will refer (and insist others do the same) to it as "The Scottish Play". Many have speculated as to the reason, but Harry Greenville writes a novel with his own explanation: the Bard stole the idea from someone else. Shakespeare's victim then sets out to exact revenge through sabotage.Greenville, an aspiring actor living in L.A makes the mistake of uploading it to a website where it is pilf [...]

    6. This book is a study of life imitating art. Writer Harry Greenville pens a novel considering why Macbeth gained its reputation as an unlucky play. The story suggests that Shakespeare stole the idea from another writer, passing it off as his own, and that the creator of the tale inserts himself into the production getting his revenge on Shakespeare by wreaking havoc. Harry posts the first draft online hoping it will be discovered and will get him work. Instead a second rate Hollywood has-been hea [...]

    7. I received this book through First Reads.This was fun! I'll admit I entered the giveaway on a whim; as a Shakespeare fan, I was intrigued, but expecting something similar to the many other 'Shakespeare didn't write that' books available. I'm glad to say I was pleasantly surprised!Beginning with the first few chapters of Harry's novel was a nice touch (now I want to read that, too!) and the parallel story was neat. The overall tone was quirky and lighthearted, with a flawed but likeable protagon [...]

    8. RECEIVED FREE FROM GOOD READS FIRST READS. The book's interesting name and cover made me order it, and I had read some article about it a little while ago. I must say, I really enjoyed it. The plot, based on genuine Shakespearian History, was elegantly transported into modern LA's film production industry. Even the end was a little different from what I thought I would get! Good reading, I highly recommend it.

    9. This book is a new member of my all-time favorites list. Shakespeare and Hollywood movie making blend in this book that starts with Shakespeare, who is having a dry spell at the beginning of James Stuart's reign, stealing the idea for MacBeth from a young playwright who exacts revenge which leads to the the play be considered cursed. Fast forward to present day Hollywood where the cycle is repeated and you have a rollicking good read.

    10. This is an interesting story starting with an actor/writer in Los Angeles, Harry, writing a story about Shakespeare, how he came to write Macbeth and his take on why it was cursed. He wrote that Shakespeare stole the story and the author sabotaged the play making people believe it was cursed. When Harry's story is stolen he wants revenge so he gets jobs at the studio and causes all sorts of production delays which increased the cost.The author is a very illustrative writer making it easy to pict [...]

    11. I won a copy of "The Scottish Movie" by Paul Collis through the Giveaway Contest.The plot is based on Shakespearian history which is brought into the LA's film production industry.I really enjoyed it.The story begins in London , England in 1606, during the Shakespearian era,during King James reign.The coming season needs a new play to avoid bankruptcy. King James was a superstitious man who trusted no one and is well aware of plots and treachery on the side lines.So the playrights come up with [...]

    12. How fun! I cannot wait to pick up Macbeth again now that I've finished, and when is the last time I felt like digging into Shakespeare? I'm truly curious to know how much Collis followed any of the themes or motifs of the original, and how much Harry Grenville, our hero, might resemble Macbeth. The work is by no means perfect, but so many stories riff on WS's plays that I'm pleased to report it does a better job than most. Stories are within stories, characters deliver soliloquies (in that reade [...]

    13. When Henry Greenville learns that his unique, first draft novel has been stolen and is in the process of being turned into a Hollywood movie, he is rightfully furious. What is this struggling actor/author to do? Revenge, Shakespearean style.At first I had a hard time getting into this novel as it starts off with the first two chapters of Henry's first draft. Once the actual story gets started, it definitely had my attention. Following Henry as he gets his revenge was a lot of fun.The only downsi [...]

    14. I liked this book. It was very different from many I have read. There were times that I felt the plot didn't move at all but I still enjoyed it. The main character Harry Greenville is an "author" who has his book stolen. His attempts to sabotage the film being produced could have gotten him in much trouble. I did like the fact that the language was good and there wasn't detailed bedroom scenes.

    15. A very clever story with a totally originally twist on the Shakespeare play whose name dare not be mentioned. Readable and witty and all too believable. Skullduggery in 21st century Hollywood and in 16th century theatrical London. Some things never change.

    16. Shakespeare, Macbeth, theft and revenge in Jacobean London. Cut to Shakespeare, Macbeth, theft and revenge in today's Hollywood. I hope I've written an intriguing combination of historical novel and modern entertainment.

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