We Are The Hanged Man

We Are The Hanged Man When the latest hit reality TV show Britain s Got Justice needs an expert police panellist DCI Robert Jericho s boss thrusts him into the media spotlight knowing full well that Jericho has been de

  • Title: We Are The Hanged Man
  • Author: Douglas Lindsay
  • ISBN: 9781908688248
  • Page: 288
  • Format: ebook
  • When the latest hit reality TV show, Britain s Got Justice, needs an expert police panellist, DCI Robert Jericho s boss thrusts him into the media spotlight, knowing full well that Jericho has been desperate to avoid the limelight since his wife s unexplained disappearance ten years ago.With the press now hounding his every move, there s nowhere to hide Meanwhile, a killeWhen the latest hit reality TV show, Britain s Got Justice, needs an expert police panellist, DCI Robert Jericho s boss thrusts him into the media spotlight, knowing full well that Jericho has been desperate to avoid the limelight since his wife s unexplained disappearance ten years ago.With the press now hounding his every move, there s nowhere to hide Meanwhile, a killer, newly released from prison, resumes the bone chilling handiwork for which he was locked away thirty years earlier.Sinister tarot cards turn up on Jericho s desk, each one grotesque than its predecessor As he investigates a series of seemingly unrelated deaths, he becomes aware that a noose is gradually tightening around his throat Someone is setting him up for a neck breaking fall.

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    1. I sat up until 4am to finish this book because I could not sleep not knowing how this ended.DCI Jericho suffers from severe depression, can be a right bastard, has been shunted sideways in his career to a backwater where nothing much ever happens and has lost his wife - literally. he has no idea what has happened to her. Did she leave him? Was she abducted? Has she been murdered? After ten years none of these questions have been answered. Now to top off his wonderful life, his boss thrusts him i [...]

    2. When I got to 43% of this book, I'd already stopped twice to check reviews. They were positive, and so I persevered. For the next 20%, I mostly skimmed. I just wasn't getting into this book and wondered why friends were rating it 4 or 5 stars. There must be something good coming eventually. Then the book grabbed me, held my attention, and I finished.I am not a fan at all of reality shows, and that part of the storyline turned me off. I got the gist early on, then skipped almost all of that. The [...]

    3. "Britain's Got Justice", the latest reality TV show, sees shallow contestants battling to see who would make the best police officer. DCI Jericho is forced by his boss to appear on the show. Jericho hates it. In fact, there isn't much Jericho likes these days. He used to be a hot-shot detective with the Metropolitan Police, but then, ten years ago, his wife disappeared. The one case he hasn't been able to solve. Now whiling away his time in the West Country where nothing ever happens, Jericho ha [...]

    4. DCI Jericho put the most brutal, psychopathic killer away 30 years ago. He should have been kept in prison for the rest of his life. Evidently, someone had other ideas. Jericho receives a tarot card that shows the Hanged Man. People start disappearing and the cards keep coming. There is a lot that goes on in this book. There is a new reality show that Jericho’s supervisor volunteers him for. The contestants compete to see who would make the best police officer. A contestant disappears. Durrant [...]

    5. Review: WE ARE THE HANGED MAN by Douglas LindsayA superbly plotted and deeply characterized mystery, WE ARE THE HANGED MAN is the first in a new series by Douglas Lindsay, a prolific and excellent author. Its protagonist, Detective Chief Inspector Robert Jericho, of Somerset and Avon Police, I venture to say, is in a class by himself. Nine years as a virtually unneeded DCI in the tiny low-crime community of Wells, Jericho had formerly been a hot-shot detective with London's Metropolitan Police. [...]

    6. I haven’t read anything from Douglas Lindsay for a few years now, my last excursion being one of the 6 or 7 Barney Thomson barber-cum-serial killer books he penned. Whilst my memory of these has diminished somewhat over-time, I can recall black humour prevalent throughout the books cataloguing the absurd happenings that befall the hero/villain Barney.Hanged Man features a morose, depressive detective – Jericho who is reluctantly catapulted onto prime-time TV and the latest reality show offer [...]

    7. DCI Robert Jericho is handed an assignment he loathes: working on a reality show. Britain's Got Justice. Not as a consultant, but a participant, a leader of the young people trying to win the prize. As usual on such, they are all young and beautiful with no more thought in their heads than winning the popular vote. They cry on cue.Jericho had once been a top notch policeman that worked more than his share of unusual cases. Got a lot of press. Then ten years before, his wife had disappeared witho [...]

    8. "It was from a tarot pack. Number twelve. The Hanged Man. Jericho placed it in front of him. The figure on the card was of a skeleton, dressed in rags, hung by the neck, a grotesque grimace on its face. It was hung from a tree, a half moon in the background, it's legs tied together at the ankles."This series thriller begins in Wells, England with DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) Jericho. Thirty years ago he helped put away a killer, Durrant. He should have never seen the light of day again, but t [...]

    9. In We are the Hanged Men Lindsay mercilessly satirises reality television to great effect. At points the story appears to hang on a comic flight of fantasy, but as unlikely as parts of the premise seemed somewhat paradoxically they also felt wholly plausible given the pervasive and intrusive nature of reality television and how society is presently governed. Indeed, the story is very nicely plotted, thickly laced with dark humour, with a little bit of everything thrown in - drama, intrigue, humo [...]

    10. DCI Jericho is yet another in a long line of brilliant but troubled policemen, struggling to find justice while looking down on all the other simpletons in the world. Reading Lindsay's book reminded me of Val McDermid's Tony Hill books or, dare I say it, Colin Dexter's Morse books. Unfortunately, Lindsay doesn't measure up to those masters. While I found the mystery captivating enough (who is sending the enigmatic notes and why), Jericho never came alive for me. I kept yelling at him in my mind [...]

    11. 5 starsHuge thanks to Douglas Lindsay, Blasted Heath and NetGalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.I read a lot of crime thrillers as they really interest me and I love to read them, I don't, however, watch any reality TV as it does nothing for me and doesn't involve any murder.This book mashes the two together and gives us a very damaged main character, DCI Jericho, who's forced to appear on a reality TV show by his boss (who is a bitch) despite the fact that he doesn't want to d [...]

    12. First paragraphsThree men in a room, waiting for a fourth. A warm summer's morning. Windows open, the sounds of London drifting up to the ninth floor. Traffic and people and somewhere the ever-present wail of an emergency vehicle. Two of them were looking through paperwork at a desk, the other standing with his hands in his pockets, looking out the window. He saw nothing. They knew there was no point in talking until the fourth man arrived. He would be the one who conducted the orchestra, not to [...]

    13. Interesting protagonist in Robert Jericho. Chronically depressed, a man of very few words, antisocial to the point of despising most people. There is a lot going on in this book. Jericho is receiving The Hanging Man tarot cards for an unknown reason. He has been tapped to be the fall guy on a reality television show. His wife went missing years before. A psychopathic serial killer has been released from prison and is being given instructions to start killing again. What appears to be a completel [...]

    14. Douglas Lindsay has an incredible talent for storytelling. His words are so vivid, narratives so strong that I feel like I'm in rainy England, hungover with DCI Jericho. We Are The Hanged Man tells the story of the new TV sensation "Britain's Got Justice" a reality competition where prospective cops are put through their paces. The producers have the brilliant idea of adding legendary detective Robert Jericho join the show as a coach / judge. Jericho, who is as telegenic as he is friendly, has n [...]

    15. I wasn't sure what to think about this book in the beginning, because the main character DCI Robert Jericho is more than a little weird. However, the more I read, the more I liked him. He has this unnerving way of just staring at you that makes whomever speaking just get frustrated and eventually stop talking, especially when he is being yelled at (I need to learn how to do this). The mystery portion of this book was a little rushed in the end and there was a cliffhanger (in a mystery??!!). Desp [...]

    16. I loved this book! I am a big Douglas Lindsay fan and as I got an arc of the follow up to this one, We are Death to read, I thought I would reread this one to get a feel for the story again. Yes the storyline is grim but it is all done with an underlying dry, dark humour that carries the book. The Britains got Justice storyline has been slated by some as being unrealistic - of course it is - it is a satire on today's reality tv which has moved into the realms of the ridiculous with its staging a [...]

    17. Grumpy but brilliant detective DCI Jericho is an unlikely candidate to end up on reality TV show Britain's Got Justice. But his involvement leads to a series of events that stretch back to a 30-year-old case.Dark and amusing in equal measure this is a hard book to categorise. The plot is complex and keeps you turning the pages, some of the crimes make you wince and the wry take on reality TV raises the odd smile.The ending seemed a little to easy but what mostly lets this down is a string of typ [...]

    18. DCI Robert Jericho of the Wells police force is seconded to the latest reality television show - 'Britain's Got Justice'. But Jericho is as determined to keep a low profile, since the mysterious disappearance of his wife ten years ago, as his boss is to put him on the show.As if by coincidence Tarot cards of the hanged man are sent to him. And now we have a killer released from prison after thirty years. Are all these connected, with and to a series of random deaths.Thoroughly enjoyable story, t [...]

    19. Douglas Lindsay is a good writer. This is a decent crime novel. But he will not write a main character that you can identify with. There seems to be a certain detachment in all of his books. I couldn't at any point empathise or root for his main characters. That said, he has the gallows humour of Stuart Macbride, the plotting of Ian Rankin. I'm sure he's bordering on an old Brookmyre rant on occasion. But he is a singular voice. Personally, I loved his Barney Thomson novels. I am enjoying his ne [...]

    20. 3.5 starsThose who already know and love Douglas Lindsay and his Barney Thomson series will also enjoy getting to know his latest creation, DCI Jericho. The black humor of the Barney Thomson series is not as evident, which is not surprising given the switch to the police officer's perspective, but both series exhibit the same writerly sensibility. We Are The Hanged Man starts a little slowly, but once Lindsay really gets going, he gives the reader a satisfyingly convoluted plot and a strong fini [...]

    21. We Are the Hanged Men by Douglas Lindsay is the 1st book in the DCI Jericho series of which book 2 has just recently been released. I like Lindsay but this character is pretty hard to like. his writing is so good, but the plot involving reality tv stars trying to be police officers and undeveloped characters make this entry one of his lesser efforts. not for the faint of heart either. good enough to eventually get to the 2nd book, but only 3 stars for this first oneanks to NetGally for providing [...]

    22. Lately I'm really into the YA genre, but I can really appreciate a well written detective. That's the reason that I decided to pick this first book in the series up.The book is well written and I could imagine the the characters very well. Also it was freaky to read the details from the murders. Very confronting and ugh, but this is one of the charmes of the book. It was a good and interesting book to read!

    23. Known for his many Barney Thomson crime novels of which I've yet to read, this book is the first full length form Douglas Lindsay featuring DCI Jericho (although this book was preceded by a short story introducing the character.) Many twists are found here that kept me guessing right up until the very end. Being that was put out by Blasted Heath, I had high expectations and I was not disappointed.

    24. Sorry but this book took some getting through. Nearlly gave up a couple of times. Probably my own fault as this is the first book i read and it always felt like i was missing something as there seemed to be far too much going on and then all happened in the las 5 pages. Dont think i will be reading more.

    25. A great plot about DCI Jericho who is forced to appear on a reality TV show by his boss. A good police thriller with a serial killer thrown in and a TV show! Jericho's character was quite depressing but he grew on me and I would read a second novel. Thank you Net Galley for my copy.

    26. Good story, but a strange concept with the tv show 'Britains got justice' it just wouldn't happen!Jericho, even though grumpy and sullen was quite a likeable character who was obviously liked by the ladies in the book. 4 stars ****

    27. Catching up with rating books I read months ago, I can't remember enough detail to write a sensible review.4.5 stars for this one. Although I can't remember much about the book I do remember that I absolutely loved it and was very sad that I couldn't find the second. Must check again. This was a cracking read and the protagonist, DCI Jericho, although morose, was a wonderful character.

    28. This is an intense and absorbing book, the first in a new mystery series.DCI Jericho is a taciturn, long-time policeman. Early in his career in London, he had tracked down and arrested Durrant, a brutal serial killer. Jericho goes on to become a lauded policeman. Later, his wife disappears and the mystery is never solved. Jericho, now haunted by her memory, becomes depressed, morose, monosyllabic, and transfers to a less exciting police department.Durrant is serving life in prison, never admitti [...]

    29. This is a police procedural novel set in the West Country of the UK. Although it is well plotted and makes you want to continue reading it is written in a gloomy ploddy fashion, much like the protagonist of the novel. DCI Jericho is rather an unlikeable gloomy, damaged (aren’t they all?) do with only one real companion in the Somerset and Wells Police force. He is even disliked by his Chief Superintendent (the reason for which is divulged later in the novel). He does not suffer fools gladly an [...]

    30. Detective Chief Inspector Robert Jericho vacillates between melancholy and outright despair. Widowed some years before the opening of the novel, he's never recovered from the loss of his wife, whose disappearance is the only case in his long career that he failed to solve. Once a celebrity when he worked for the Met, Jericho is now the only DCI in a quiet community that seldom offers a case worthy of his talents. His superior hates him and to torment him assigns Jericho to participate in a reali [...]

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