Where Do Balloons Go?

Where Do Balloons Go Jamie Lee Curtis s gentle and humorous exploration of the joys and perils of a balloon s life is whimsically brought to life by Laura Cornell s illustrations From the best selling author illustrator t

Where Do Balloons Go An Uplifting Mystery Jamie Lee Where do they go when they float far away Do they ever catch cold and need somewhere to stay Do they tango with airplanes Or cha cha with birds Can plain balloons read balloons printed with words Cornell s splashy colorful spreads one which folds out to Where do helium filled balloons go once they are released In reality though, the balloon will leak and the balloon s tension will start to relax All of those boil down to the balloon gaining density because either the amount Helium Balloons Walmart Helium Tank Multi Color balloons White Curling Ribbon emoji Balloons . CU Ft Helium, Enough for Balloons Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart. Where Do Balloons Go by Jamie Lee Curtis Where Do Balloons Go An Uplifting Mystery is the whimsical tale of what happens to balloons when they slip out of a child s grasp The book, written by Jamie Lee Curtis, uses humor to illustrate the endless possibilities of a balloons whereabouts. DollarTree Balloons Accessories These mini balloons are a great addition to any gift They help a gift stand out as part of the decoration They are also great on their own, they look real cute Lots to choose from and the price is excellent for the value.Plus, there were other themes to choose fromI was able to give my Grad four different varieties as to not have repetition. Where Do Balloons Go An Uplifting Mystery by Jamie Lee In a fun, spirited exploration of an age old question and one little boy s imagination, author Jamie Lee Curtis and illustrator Laura Cornell take kids along for the ride as they follow the journey of a free flying balloon in Where Do Balloons Go An Uplifting Mystery. Helium Party Balloons Party City Purchase balloon kits for creating your own party supplies, or find scaffolds that let you create balloon arches and backdrops In addition to children s birthdays and life events, we also offer helium tanks for filling balloons and personalized Mylar balloons to make your event even special. Balloons Blow Don t Let Them Go Balloons Blow provides information to educate people about the destructive effects released balloons have on animals, people, and the environment, and strives to inspire and promote an eco conscious lifestyle. Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons BuzzFeed Unexpected Things To Do With Balloons Balloons bring instant joy and happiness to one s life It s a fact. What happens to helium balloons when they float into the When helium filled balloons are handed out at public events, they usually come with a piece of string or ribbon attached The attachment is either tied into the knot, or secured with a plastic disk.

  • Title: Where Do Balloons Go?
  • Author: Jamie Lee Curtis Laura Cornell
  • ISBN: 9780060279806
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jamie Lee Curtis s gentle and humorous exploration of the joys and perils of a balloon s life is whimsically brought to life by Laura Cornell s illustrations From the best selling author illustrator team of Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods that Make My Day comes a delightful story about letting go.When one little boy accidentally lets go of his balloon, his imaginationJamie Lee Curtis s gentle and humorous exploration of the joys and perils of a balloon s life is whimsically brought to life by Laura Cornell s illustrations From the best selling author illustrator team of Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods that Make My Day comes a delightful story about letting go.When one little boy accidentally lets go of his balloon, his imagination takes him on a journeyWhere do balloons gowhen you let them go free It can happen by accident.It happened to me.

    One thought on “Where Do Balloons Go?”

    1. This book is a great way to address the issue of death with a small child. The author gives the balloons human attributes (vacationing, dancing, eating, making a family). The many suggestions about where balloons go when they fly away can help answer a child's question about where people go. It encourages them to use their imaginations, but never places the balloon in any negative situation. This assures the child that whoever has died is enjoying life somewhere else. Cute book!

    2. Where Do Balloons Go?: An Uplifting Mystery is the whimsical tale of what happens to balloons when they slip out of a child’s grasp. The book, written by Jamie Lee Curtis, uses humor to illustrate the endless possibilities of a balloons whereabouts. The book features extremely colorful and captivating illustrations, utilizes rhyming and even includes interesting vocabulary to further stimulate learning. This book was our chosen read-aloud for our mentoring program this semester and our student [...]

    3. This book would make a great introduction to a science lesson. Children could brainstorm what they think happens to balloons. The illustrations are extremely detailed and fun. The rhyming throughout the book makes the reading enjoyable and fun. My one issue with this story is about pollution. When balloons are let go and drift off, it becomes a risk for animals thinking the deflated balloon is food. Reading this story in my classroom I would make sure that students understand how dangerous ballo [...]

    4. I am usually skeptical about actors who write books - and I was with this book too when I picked it up in the bookstore. But it is a lovely story especially when I saw an interview with Ms. Curtis who she said that she wrote the book to help her child understand about the death of a good friend. An abstract way to talk about death and heaven as a balloon floats away and we don't know where it went or what it is doing now.

    5. I LOVE this book. I get emotional each time I read it. It's not really about where balloons go. It's a book to explain loss and grief. It's a good book for kids if they lose a loved one. I'm pretty sure I bought this book before I had kids. I still have that copy and get it out to read to them every now and then.

    6. I read this from the book app. Well, actually Jamie Lee Curtis read it to me while I played with the interactive elements of the book. I made balloon animals, did connect the dots, and created and performed an original play while enjoying this book. SOO COOL!!!!

    7. This was not as good as I thought it could be. Still a good starting point for children who lost a love one for any reason.

    8. A little boy wonders, “Where do balloons go?” as he sets his balloon free. The story lists all sorts of possibilities of what happens to balloons such as traveling in space, having a party together, or meeting up and having balloon families. The little boy continuously wonders but begins to understand that it is probably happier being free in the sky. The story never tells us what happens to balloons, rather tells the reader to enjoy their balloon while they have it.Major themes in this book [...]

    9. This is a nice rhyming story about where balloons might go if they are let go. The illustrations are very busy, so the simplicity of the words is nice.

    10. A little boy wonders, "Where Do Balloons go?" He imagines all the things balloons could do when you let go. Do they all get together and travel around the world? Or, do they float all the way up to space and race rockets? This was a very cute book and I loved the imagination behind it! The illustrations were very detailed and I actually found them a little overwhelming. There's a lot going on on every page. I like this book because it reminds me of a child's imagination and the hundreds of quest [...]

    11. I love everything about this book. The age old question "Where do balloons go?" I remember having this thought each time that I saw a balloon getting away from some small hand and rising up up and away on an spoken journey far up in to the clouds. Jamie Lee Curtis has written a delightful book on the subject! This book is fun to read with it's carefree poems and beautifully drawn pictures. The colorful pictures are so much fun to look at and what's more is that no matter how many times that we r [...]

    12. This book is full of so many different wonderful things. It is a book that to me as child would have sparked a love of poetry simply because it is a poem without the typical structure. It truly is a poem for kids and it also has a plot to it. Furthermore, it has incredible illustrations, they fill the spreads of the page with no white space not even for the words. The poem is about what happens to balloons when they fly away. The poem really is a good metaphor for death, the balloons can be a re [...]

    13. This was a fantastic written book. From the reading and the illustrations were absolutely perfect. The book was for such a broad range of ages because its such a simple concept, of where balloons go. The book explores every possible scenario of where a balloon could go and all the possible scenarios. From the sky, buildings, and maybe different cities states or countries. The balloons can be chased by dogs or twisted by clowns. They basically put in such a great way to show how many different wa [...]

    14. Another fun book by Jamie Lee Curtis, capturing the imagination and the wonderment of a young child. The only issue I have with the book is that letting balloons go, especially the mylar ones, can be very disasterous, especially if they get tangled in power lines. That's not even mentioning the impact on sea life when they land in the ocean. While I realize that this book is more of a metaphor, children are more literal and won't necessarily pick up on that. I would not recommend encouraging chi [...]

    15. I loved this book- a great, creative read with elaborate pictures! First of all, as we all know, young children are very curious and love to ask questions! Through the personification of balloons, this book addresses the curiosity of children through the discussion of many places that balloons may go after they are let go. Even older children will find themselves giggling at this book as the book discusses different possibilities. Although they know that balloons really do not end up in these pl [...]

    16. Children are curious. They love to ask questions! "Where Do Balloons Go?" is full of questions to ponder without any definite answers. It is a wonderful way to start the day, to get students thinking. I love this book because it makes me think. Some of these questions I have wondered before and others are new thoughts for me to ponder. Outside of the words, the illustrations alone are worth looking at. Each page contains abnormal occurrences, such as a breadstick going in one's ear and out the o [...]

    17. I really loved this book with it's vibrant colors and silly thoughts about where balloons go when they are let free. The boy in the story comes up with many creative ideas about balloons and their travels up and upbut he wonders to where? Some of the silly ideas that they might do are dance with air planes and birds, race rockets, lay out in the sun, send postcards, etc. I think that children of any lower elementary school age would really love this book. The colors in the book are so vibrant th [...]

    18. I think the best part about this book were the illustrations. They were so colorful, bright, and vivid. There was also so much involvement going on in each picture that I had to spend a few minutes just look at each page. The story was also cute. It was about where do balloons go when the float high up in the sky, and I am sure this is a thought that crosses a child's mind every now and then. This is definitely a book that I would have in an elementary classroom because I think the children woul [...]

    19. And for my first book review, I think it's only approprite I review the book that means the most to me as a person. THIS BOOK ABSOLUTELY MEANS THE WORLD TO ME (I know I kind of already said this but my god this book), IT SHAPED WHO I AM AS A PERSON AND GAVE ME A LOVE FOR READING WHICH I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO JAMIE LEE CURTIS FOR. I know this isn't really a review but more of an outwards scream of my emotion about one of my most influential books, but hey this is a really good book and I hi [...]

    20. I really enjoyed the text and the images in this story. Though the images were a bit jumbled, kids would really enjoying delving through them and finding the balloons doing people things. Most of the story was interrogative which would make a great lesson on writing rhetorical questions or listening for voice inflections. The concept of letting go is very difficult to children, especially those who are just starting and away from their parents. The balloon is relatable to most children and is a [...]

    21. This book is a humorous story of one of those “mysteries” children might think about. It goes about the situation from a humor standpoint, when really, the balloons just pop. It’s fanciful for a balloon to do some of these things that people do, like dance with each other or go on vacation to relax. I can see a young child giggling at some of the situations because they know it doesn’t really happen, but it’s fun to think about. I like this book as a fun book to read before bed that do [...]

    22. This book will really get the students thinking. It could easily be tied to science, and the discussion of hypotheses. The students could form their own question for something and in groups design an experiment to find the answer. This book would also be great for a creative writing lesson. In this case the students could think of a question they don't know the answer to and then write about possible solution/answers to their question and make their own book.Grades: K-5 scientific inquiry, curio [...]

    23. I thought this was a really entertaining book. The illustrations added a lot to the story because if you really examined the pictures closely, you could observe a lot about the balloons and their experiences. It allowed for a deeper personification of the balloons. Also, I thought it had a cute ending too that had a message of enjoying what you do have and finding peace when you no longer have that anymore.

    24. I was actually looking for an answer to the book's title, but the whole thing *spoilers* is JUST QUESTIONING where they go. The questions aren't very bright, either; they are mostly there to fit the rhyme scheme. One question is something about whether balloons "make heirs." Another, "Do they ever rest their string?" (lounging). Just dumb. I would also say that while the illustrations are cute and well-drawn, THERE ARE TOO MANY! It's overwhelming. Not a good overall impression.

    25. I very much enjoyed Jamie Lee Curtis' book, "Where Do Balloons Go?" It is a great idea, as I am sure the children like to imagine their balloons having a life after they are accidentally let go of. I enjoyed the flow that the text had, with the inclusion of end rhyme. The pictures were at times chaotic and a little bit hard to not get distracted by. However, sometimes they really added a lot to the story.

    26. Children's book. I guess I just didn't see the end coming. It looked cute so I bought it, and then I was reading aloud to my kids and thinking, yeah, this is cute and then I got about three pages from the end and found it hard to talk and then I hit the last page and fell apart. Loss and appreciation and hope. I've bought this as a classroom present for every teacher my children have had so far.

    27. This book was a cute book that showed the natural curiosity that kids have. It put balloons in the place of humans and let them really explore the areas that balloons don't really explore. It definitely relied on pictures because while it did have words, the pictures were very elaborate and gave more meaning to the words. The words were general statements about what was on the page. Definitely recommended for a cute read!

    28. Where do balloons go? This was a question I wondered a lot about as a child. This book would be great to have the children hypothesize about what happens to balloons when they're let go. Jamie Lee Curtis did a wonderful job to build curiosity and get children thinking about the endless possibilities.Not to mention the rhyming was very amusing. The illustrations are bright, funny, and very detailed. This book can be great to introduce weather or space.

    29. In Where Do Balloons Go?, a young boy wonders what happens to the balloon he lets go of. He imagines all sorts of human-like adventures and scenarios for his escaped balloon.It is told in rhyming text, demonstrates the things you can come up with when you let your imagination soar. Kirkus notes that this story, which is essentially about loss, manages to, “[make] the mood optimistic rather than melancholy.”

    30. This is a great book that adds to the imagination that many young children have. It entails the mystery of what happens to balloons once they are released which could be related to many events that a person goes through in life. The end has a great quote that everyone should live by "So just hold on tight till you have to let go."

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