The City War

The City War Senator Marcus Brutus has spent his life serving Rome but it s difficult to be a patriot when the Republic barely recovered from a civil war is under threat by its own leader Brutus s one retreat i

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  • Title: The City War
  • Author: Sam Starbuck
  • ISBN: 9781937551568
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • Senator Marcus Brutus has spent his life serving Rome, but it s difficult to be a patriot when the Republic, barely recovered from a civil war, is under threat by its own leader Brutus s one retreat is his country home, where he steals a few precious days now and then with Cassius, his brother in law and fellow soldier and the one he loves above all others But the sickneSenator Marcus Brutus has spent his life serving Rome, but it s difficult to be a patriot when the Republic, barely recovered from a civil war, is under threat by its own leader Brutus s one retreat is his country home, where he steals a few precious days now and then with Cassius, his brother in law and fellow soldier and the one he loves above all others But the sickness at the heart of Rome is spreading, and even Brutus s nights with Cassius can t erase the knowledge that Gaius Julius Caesar is slowly becoming a tyrant.Cassius fears both Caesar s intentions and Brutus s interest in Tiresias, the villa s newest servant Tiresias claims to be the orphaned son of a minor noble, but his secrets run deeper, and only Brutus knows them all Cassius, intent on protecting the Republic and his claim to Brutus, proposes a dangerous conspiracy to assassinate Caesar After all, if Brutus loved and respected by all supports it, it s not murder, just politics.Now Brutus must return to Rome and choose not only between Cassius and Tiresias, but between preserving the fragile status quo of Rome and killing a man who would be Emperor.This title is part of the Warriors of Rome collection.

    One thought on “The City War”

    1. Sam Starbuck has made history fun in this steamy interpretation of the downfall of Julius Caesar. With its insightful look into characters we only know by name he succeeds in drawing us into this world and feeling compassion for those put into an untenable position.Where before we found Brutus a bloodthirsty traitor, we now see a conflicted soul. Conflicted as to his ongoing relationship with Cassius as well as being drawn into the assassination plot. We end up feeling sympathetic towards him an [...]

    2. My one complaint about this book was that it was too short. I would have liked to see the next piece of story after the book's ultimate (ahem) climax. But then, if you're having readers clamour for more of your story, you're doing something right.I don't have very much knowledge of this period of Roman history (my classics studies, aborted, focused on culture and mythology rather than historical dates), but Starbuck's take on events has a ring of authenticity to them. I really enjoyed Brutus as [...]

    3. I think mostly I wanted more of all of this. More of Brutus's prickly struggle to do right, more of Tiresias and his devotion to the Dominus who understood him, more aftermath, given the hugeness of the event that formed this story's climax.Ok, I wasn't as much a fan of Cassius. But The story drew me in and wouldn't let go, and I devoured the whole thing at a sitting.More Tiresias, especially. He had my heart, so (view spoiler)[I'm glad that in the end he seemed to have Brutus's, too (hide spoil [...]

    4. The third book in The Warriors of Rome Series, and for me a very strong read. I liked Sam Starbuck's writing style. It was an interesting, fictional view into the life of Marcus Brutus leading into and surrounding the historical events of the Ides of March. Full review at On Top Down Under Book Reviews -bookreviewsandtherapy

    5. Like many Americans, my exposure to the character of Brutus came by way of Shakespeare, but there had always been something hinky about the over-simplicity story to me; about a man like Brutus, uniformly regarded as honorable, making the choice to murder. Likewise, I had never really bought into Shakespeare's portrayal of Cassius as the hiss-boo villain of the matter either, and on the basis of those two niggling dissatisfactions, I find that Sam Starbuck's The City War is the perfect remedy. Fo [...]

    6. I really enjoyed the way Starbuck wrote Brutus in this book. Brutus as often as not in stories or movies about the assassination of Caesar is shown as the antagonist. He is often shown unsympathetically.Here we see Brutus struggle with the morality of the plan to kill Caesar and its aftermath. I think the tragedy of Brutus' story has long been that he made a choice to engage in murder because he wanted to save something that at that point in history was already beyond saving-he just didn't see i [...]

    7. The City War by Sam Starbuck depicts the tale of the assasination of Gaius Julius Caesar, Roman tyrant. Brutus, Republican Senator and friend of Caesar is drawn into a deadly web of deceit by fellow patriot and lover, Cassius. Cassius, on the subterfuge of protecting the Republic, approaches his lover with the plans of the assassination.The depiction of Brutus was enthralling and genius. History has told us that Brutus was a violent man, bloodthirsty, but Mr. Starbuck’s characterization portra [...]

    8. I wanted to like this one, really, I did. I thought it was going to be my favorite of these Warriors of Rome books, but so far it is possibly my least favorite. Sigh.Basically, it's the conspiracy against Caesar, from the POV of Brutus (Marcus, not Decimus). Brutus, by the way, has in this story been secretly sleeping with Cassius for approximately ever (apparently their wives are cool with it, so it's okay), and he's struggling to balance all his personal relationships while wondering if he rea [...]

    9. A wonderfully written re-telling of Julius Caesars assassination, as seen through the eyes of Brutus, a hardened soldier, senator, and possibly Caesars son. Historically accurate, yet well written and engaging. I'm looking for more by this author!

    10. Sam Starbuck has been one of my favorite authors for many, many years, and I knew well enough that I would adore this story that I saved it for myself as a special treat.It didn't disappoint. Mr. Starbuck here, as always, has an incredibly deft hand with dialogue, and writes sex scenes that grow organically from and with the story and the characters, and the end result is brilliantly engrossing and alive.I always think it's really remarkable when an author takes a story that most people know, in [...]

    11. Roman Senator Marcus Brutus is a patriot, devoted to the Republic. Many of his days are spent actively working for the Republic, protecting the system he believes in. His main respite is the occasional trip to his country villa in the company of his dearest friend, and lover, Cassius. But his tireless work may not be enough, not when the consul Julius Caesar is taking more and more power to himself. When Cassius first proposes a drastic solution, Brutus rejects the idea, but as the months go by, [...]

    12. Senator Marcus Brutus has spent his life serving Rome, but it’s difficult to be a patriot when the Republic, barely recovered from a civil war, is under threat by its own leader. Brutus’s one retreat is his country home, where he steals a few precious days now and then with Cassius, his brother-in-law and fellow soldier—and the one he loves above all others. But the sickness at the heart of Rome is spreading, and even Brutus’s nights with Cassius can’t erase the knowledge that Gaius Ju [...]

    13. Oooh my this was an excellent use of 5 USD! Sam's writing is solid, as usual; characterisation and historical detail are remarkably good (but in the latter case, unobtrusive) for a cheap gay e-book. I LOVED the original character, and the context-appropriate identity formation for a transman. And I loved the detail and respect put into characterising Brutus' wife - not the sort of thing you can be guaranteed from either history OR cheap gay e-books.My only quibble was the terrible coding of the [...]

    14. A solid, engaging offering from Riptide! I'm a fan of Sam Starbuck's already, so I'm certainly predisposed to enjoy this title. And enjoy it I did! A solid historical grounding, relationships with delicious emotional resonance, and sex both well-written and hot. I've pimped it to Sam Starbuck fans AND Roman history nuts (who'll appreciate the steaminess), and I'll keep doing so as long as the title is accessible. A pleasure to read!

    15. 4-1/2 StarsThose who know anything about Ancient Rome, know that Brutus will not find longtime happiness but this story is not about the longterm so maybe he will be able to find some peace within the pages of The City War, but you will have to discover that for yourself because as most of you know I don't do spoilers. I've never read this author before but I'll be sure to keep the name Sam Starbuck on my watchlist. A wonderful installment in the Warriors of Rome series.

    16. 2.5 Stars. The book was well written, I just couldn't get into it. I get that their relationships were more fluid but I detest cheating (view spoiler)[and, despite Brutus claiming neither his wife nor his lover had claim to him, I felt that is exactly what happened with Tersias. (hide spoiler)] I felt for Brutus but didn't feel the connection between him and the other characters.

    17. Great read. Loved the setting, development and the characters. Oh yeah and the sex scenes were seriously hot! Read my full review at Spacial Anomaly.

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