Cat Found

Cat Found Gripping fast paced full of appealingly raw emotion and youthful devotion BOOKLISTIn Billy s small town stray cats are running wild and some people want to get rid of them The school bullies even

  • Title: Cat Found
  • Author: Ingrid Lee
  • ISBN: 9780545351089
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gripping, fast paced, full of appealingly raw emotion and youthful devotion BOOKLISTIn Billy s small town, stray cats are running wild, and some people want to get rid of them The school bullies even throw rocks at the poor creatures So when Billy finds a hurt, starving kitten and sneaks her home, he has to be extra careful to keep her hidden while he nurses her ba Gripping, fast paced, full of appealingly raw emotion and youthful devotion BOOKLISTIn Billy s small town, stray cats are running wild, and some people want to get rid of them The school bullies even throw rocks at the poor creatures So when Billy finds a hurt, starving kitten and sneaks her home, he has to be extra careful to keep her hidden while he nurses her back to health However precious little Conga is to him, he knows his dad would take her away if he discovered her, cozy and warm in Billy s bedroom And what about all the other cats Can Billy and his friends face the bullies, show the town the importance of caring for abandoned animals, and find a safe haven for strays A soon to be classic animal story by the author of DOG LOST.

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    1. This is a young readers' book - I was working in the childrens department when I found it. I read it because I love cats and (I peeked) the cat didn't die at the end.It's a beautifully written story of redemption and second chances - for a young boy's cat of course, but also for the people in his life and even the town in which he lives. Very nicely done.

    2. Decent enough book. I think the writing was really good. The characters howeverGreat interesting supporting characters that really didn't shine in their 'roles'. I would have loved to have gotten to know them better.And the father. 100 pages into this book, I was wondering if this would ever have a happy ending, as the only way for that to happen would be for the father and townspeople to come around. Not 5 pages later, the author must have felt that way, too, as some ridiculous thing happened t [...]

    3. Cat found was a great book. It's about a 11 year old boy, named Billy.Cat found was written by Ingrid Lee, the author of Dog lost. I recomend this book to cat lovers or even cat haters. Cat found is a book about showing courage and doing what you belive in. Billy finds a lost kitten probably about to die, and takes her home. Billy has to hide the kitten because his parents, especially his dad, hates cats. And more into the book you see a small town has big problems, with stray cats. And now Bill [...]

    4. This book is about a young boy named Billy who has not that great of a life and really wanted company. He found a stray cat near by and then after he finds this cat, incredible things happen! Good and Bad!!!

    5. Billy finds a wounded stray cat and sneaks him into his house, knowing his father would be livid if the cat was found. In addition, there is a fight going on in town to get rid of all the stray cats. Billy joins forces with Salome, a troubled artist, and Paul to save the cats before it's too late.

    6. review for work:My library must have passed on Dog Lost, Ingrid Lee’s animals-in-peril book from 2008, and with Cat Found I can see why. Predictable melodrama, tired old stereotypes, and language that veers between cliché and violence all get in the way of what could have been a thoughtful story about the problem of feral cat colonies. Here, a sensitive working-class lad brings home an injured, pregnant cat, risking his brutal, cat-hating father’s wrath. Good-hearted troubled teens assist t [...]

    7. Cat Found by Ingrid Lee follows her previous book, Dog Lost (Chicken House, 2008), and has a similar message. There are a lot of misguided people out there who jump on the bandwagon to hate pit bulls, stray or feral cats, or whatever innocent creature is next on hated list.Cat Found begins with a newpaper article about a woman who was found semiconscious in her home surrounded by at least fifty cats. Most were in terrible condition and eleven dead cats were found in the freezer. Neighbors were a [...]

    8. Feral cats are roaming around Billy's town and making everyone angry, expecially Billy's father, who seems angry at everything, including Billy's mother trying to earn a degree so she can get a better job. Billy is lonely and unhappy, so when he finds a stray kitten in bad shape, he nurses it back to health and comes to take great comfort in Conga's presence. When things in the town heat up and plans are made to kill the feral cats, Billy knows that he must take action. He hides the pregnant Con [...]

    9. Recommended for gr. 4-8. There are 2 scenes of cats giving birth, one including a stillborn kitten, and the other giving birth while dying, which could be disturbing to younger children (otherwise I would have said it would be ok for cat-loving third graders).The story was somewhat predictable with somewhat cliched characters, but young animal lovers will like it. The town's feral cat colony is in danger from gun-toting civilians, and young Billy must fight to save the pregnant stray he has adop [...]

    10. Billy lives in a town that hates cats, especially stray cats. His gun-loving father hates cats, as do his buddies. The town decides to round up and kill the cats, with a bounty of $5 per cat offered. I found a scene in which a cat was shot very upsetting, but sadly there are some who need to see the consequences of cruelty to animals. My attitudes toward animal cruelty were shaped by classic books such as Beautiful Joe and Black Beauty read at a young age. The story does have a happy conclusion, [...]

    11. Let me just start by saying I LOVED the book . I mean Billy saved a stray cat when it was in danger . He didn't care if it was a stary cat with possibly full of diseases that can danger him. All he thought was "I need to save this cat!!" . He cared for that cat so much he didn't care the cost is of saving it . Even if his parents found out he would get into a lot of trouble. He even went to the pet store with $6.00 of his savings to use on the cat. Now that is just being responsible. All I have [...]

    12. The book" Cat Found "by Ingrid Lee was a great book.I mean Billy the main character in the story saves a stray cat from the streets and takes it to his home knowing his parents would not approve. Billy uses the $6.00 he has saved up to buy food to take care of the cat. Me as a reader I thought it was a caring act that Billy did because where he lives the people want the stray cats to be removed. Billy did everything he could to make sure the cat had food ,water, shelter etc. Overall I really lik [...]

    13. I really liked this book. It was sad but good. I dont want to spoil the book but it was really sad because the town had so many cats they were going to shoot them.It was also sad because a couple of boys went out to an ally and shot a pregnent cat. I think its unfair to kill all the cats for there own purpose`s. They should wait for the cats to get old and die of old ageor send them to diffrent citys. other than that I liked the detail when Billy was discribing the cats. Also I liked how the sto [...]

    14. Adorable middle-grade book about kids saving feral cats in a town that is making plans to get rid of the poor creatures. The main character, Billy, is wonderful (I wanted to hug him.) There are many real-life situations depicted, such as cats giving birth, the town meanies being cruel, and even a couple of cats that don't make it. But the ending is heart-warming, and Billy's kindness and compassion towards an abandoned cat that he finds at the beginning of the story make this a great read for ki [...]

    15. This book was heart wrenching. Honestly, the bad that happened in this book was so bad that the 'resolutions' just weren't enough to mend them. It was like the bad was just glossed over by the next scene. I felt like this book was written in scenes and one scene's actions didn't carry over to the next.I've wanted to read this book for a long while and now that I have I wish I hadn't.If you're into animal abuse and murder with no consequences than feel free to read this book, you'll have your fil [...]

    16. I really liked this book. I can't really relate to this book but the author made Billy's emotions and feelings so understandable that I could understand how he fells and why. I can imagine that I am in his position and I think I would have done the same. I liked this book because I thought it was really nice even though it was kind of easy to read. I would recomend this book to any one who Likes animals and likes books with lots of emotions.

    17. Cat Found was an adventurous maze of cats, kitties and felines. It is realistic fiction, so realistic you feel like you were the on who found the injured stray in a town that hated cats. The main character, Billy Reddick, does exactly so, but it is dangerous to hide a cat in the same apartment as Walter Reddick, a cat hater. It was hard enough hiding an injured stray and buying food and litter for it, but then Billy discovers she's pregnant! if you find this interesting, I suggest this book.

    18. This book, Cat Found is quite the storyteller. It isn't an all-time favourite, although I enjoyed reading it. Billy, the main character who found the cat he later named Conga proves to have an interesting life. Protecting a kitten from harm and even his father as he nurses her. Everyone starts pitching into trying to get rid of the stray cats because of the government offering money for each cat.Everybody counts, even the strays.

    19. I didn't think I would ba able to read this book because I thought it would be too sad. So I put it off. But I truly enjoyed the many facets of the story: the discord in Billy's family, the struggle of the feral stray cats in town, the budding friendships between Salome, Luke, and Billy, the struggle of Conga, the cat Billy takes in. Thee are a few passages that made me sit and and say "No!" but they worked perfectly into the story. Recommend for 4th grade and up.

    20. This book was alright. It was a little bit boring in the begging but it started to get better as I read farther in. It was really sad though. I didn't like that the whole town hated cats and wanted to get rid of them all. I liked the characters too. My favourite was Billy. He was my favourite because he was really kind. He took a stray cat and nursed it back the health he also tried to save the stray cats from being hurt by the town. Cat Found was a sad and good book.

    21. I thought this book was a good book. At the beginning it was a little sad of how they threw the cat away, but it got better and i though it wasnt even boring at the start! i liked how Luke helped and Billy was able to keep the cat without his dad noticing. this book was a really good book in my opinion!

    22. Though kids might find this book compelling, and the concept is a good one, I can only give it a 2 because it is written in such a sensationalistic way and the characters are all so one dimensional. Much like its prequel "Dog Lost". The message about giving a darn for feral cats and stray dogs is an important one, however, one that most kids already get.

    23. This book is a light good choice of book if you have time on your hands and dont know where to spend it. It is a really good book and shows the courage of a young boy to take home what the whole city hates profusely

    24. this book was pretty good i thought is was cool what he got for his birthday. it wasn't slow but it was kind of in the middle but it was really good in the end but kind of confused me. i thought it was nice of the dad to except the fact that billy didn't want to kill any cats and that he had one.

    25. This is a well written story, about how even though you are a child, you can still make a big difference if you wanted to. There is great description within the story and it is about how people conflict over one thing and how three children resolve everything to everyones satifaction

    26. I was so sorry for the cat. Especially the one that died while giving birth. It is a sad, yet amazing story. I still can't believe some mean person would throw out their poor little playful cat into the unforgiving wild just because it was playing with the puppy. So cruel!

    27. Cute story. I will recommend it to kids who like cats. Gives me an idea for book display this winter when it's raining "cats & dogs". This is a companion book to Dog Lost which was one of our Battle of the Books two years ago.

    28. This is an amazing book! It is about a cat called billy and how his owner throws her away one day and how she is coming to a guy and he is taking care of her!It is amazing!Would defenetly recommend the book

    29. Read this awhile back. The only thing I remembered were "stray cats", "Dad wants to kill cat but was saved by it", "cat hotel at the end (or maybe was it cat restaurant/ city)" and that it was a good book.

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