Anatomy of female power: A masculinist dissection of matriarchy

Anatomy of female power A masculinist dissection of matriarchy None

  • Title: Anatomy of female power: A masculinist dissection of matriarchy
  • Author: Chinweizu
  • ISBN: 9789782651051
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Anatomy of female power: A masculinist dissection of matriarchy”

    1. This is a controversial and provocative work; it is also a scholarly and intellectual contribution. The author apparently believes that women run the gauntlet of controlling and manipulating men. A plethora of eclectic references and allusions and comments are cleverly served up to convince us of the overt and covert powers of the fairer sex. Reality, sleight of hand, or 'bunkum' so to speak? Perhaps it depends on the reader, the race, society, class etc. As an African, I'd be reluctant to belie [...]

    2. Best book I've ever read about Women so far.In this amazing book Chinweizu literally dissects the sources of female power over men, explains with logical arguments how men are conditioned by women to serve women and be their slaves for lifetime. After reading this book, everything you witness but can't understand will make sense to you, why is your wife acting like this? why did your female colleague get the promotion instead of you? is it really a Woman's world?This book is one of the True "Eye [...]

    3. Outstanding! One of the best books on female nature and feminism I've ever read. I recommend every man read this book.

    4. Very thought-provoking. When I started the book, I thought it was hilarious for someone to say that women were the one in charge and men the slaves. But as I got further into the book, I realised the author was making some serious sense. At some point in the book, I was almost at the point of anger considering what the womenfolk have done to the men folk. The bright side to this is that I now have a nuclear weapon in my arsenal of arguments against feminism.

    5. i would encourage all boys and men to arm themselves with the knowledge contained in this book. I wish i had discovered this at age 12, maybe even sooner than that.

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