Puppy Love, A Velvet Glove Story

Puppy Love A Velvet Glove Story Who can resist a free room at the Velvet Glove in exchange for rehabilitating an abused puppy Certainly not Dane who accepts the offer but is surprised find that the pup in question is actually Tyg

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  • Title: Puppy Love, A Velvet Glove Story
  • Author: Sean Michael
  • ISBN: 9781610403481
  • Page: 224
  • Format: ebook
  • Who can resist a free room at the Velvet Glove in exchange for rehabilitating an abused puppy Certainly not Dane, who accepts the offer, but is surprised find that the pup in question is actually Tyg, a young man and sub who was left by his master, in a cage, with no food or water Tyg needs help and, Dane is the man for the job, even if he s used to working with animals,Who can resist a free room at the Velvet Glove in exchange for rehabilitating an abused puppy Certainly not Dane, who accepts the offer, but is surprised find that the pup in question is actually Tyg, a young man and sub who was left by his master, in a cage, with no food or water Tyg needs help and, Dane is the man for the job, even if he s used to working with animals, not humans Can Dane rehabilitate a human as he would a dog Does he even want to As his relationship with Tyg blossoms into something sweet and heartwarming, Dane thinks he just might, but what happens when Tyg s owner returns Originally published on Turn of the Screw and in the print book Velvet Glove, IV.

    One thought on “Puppy Love, A Velvet Glove Story”

    1. It was OK, but as a puppy-play book it was rather disappointing. The MC takes an abused puppy and rehabilitates him by letting him speak again, walk upright again, and learn to be a man again. So, like the opposite of puppy-play?P.S. The Velvet Glove has the worst security!

    2. So yesterday I talked about puppy play on the Monday Mumbling segment and it was inspired by this book. When the publisher sent the notice, I was curious. I really didn’t know anything about puppy play and I thought it was weird, but I’m a sucker for Sean Michael and some of the Velvet Gloves I’ve really enjoyed, others not so much, but such is life.This one starts quite differently, in Dane is told a dog was left in its cage to die by its owner and he is quite well-known for helping anima [...]

    3. Completely absorbed meWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 7/10 PROS: - I’ve never read a story that’s like this one. Tyg is not just a submissive; he’s a submissive who acts like a dog. Literally. He barks and whines and likes to be petted and scratched. He even thinks of his hands as “paws,” and Dane praises him by saying, “good dog.”- I’m a big fan of hurt/comfort storylines, and this is very much a hurt/comfort story. Poor Tyg wasn’ [...]

    4. The more I read about the Velvet Glove, the more I like this place. Puppy Love is no exception. First I love that Dane has no freaking clue that the puppy he is to help is actually a man-puppy. I kinda chuckled at that. But he doesn't shy away from the challenge.Tyg has good full puppy with aggressive and antisocial behaviors. For puppy play that is not normal. Unfortunately his previous owner was a jackass and tries turning a human into an animal. This damages Tyg's psyche and needs TLC from so [...]

    5. This subject matter is not really my kink but I liked how this couple progressed and the relationship they eventually achieved. Labeled futuristic so able to be a bit more out there as far as a storyline. Has the darker vibe that some of the Velvet Glove stories do. Overall, as a SM fan, I enjoyed this one. Sweet couple. 3.5 stars.

    6. Nice short story Quick read. A few places that needed editing. I am not familiar with puppy play but the pup's thinking was pretty simplistic. Very warm and loving story.

    7. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.5 starsThis novella is part of the Velvet Glove series, but like all of the novellas in the series, it can work completely as a standalone. This is Dane and Tyg’s story from start to finish, and though you’ll see side characters that are familiar (if you’ve read other books in the series) this story does not hinge on any prior knowledge. So if you’re looking for a story about an unusual kink, then don’t be afraid to pick this one up.I’ll be honest, I picked t [...]

    8. There is something about this story which has made me reread it several times over the years since I first stumbled across it as part of a paperback collection. Puppy play is a kink I find fascinating anyway, but combined with the "abused sub is rescued by a loving Dom" story line, it becomes irresistible to me.Dane doesn't expect a human puppy when he arrives a the Purple Glove (premier BDSM club of the galaxy), but he doesn't even blink when presented with Tyg. He knows just the right things t [...]

    9. As much as I love rescue stories, this one did not work that well for me. Oh, it was benign and cuddly and all that.I suppose this is simply a kink that does not compute for me. (Much like age play, although that has a real squick factor for me.) Yes, it’s even more difficult for me to appreciate in a romance than doctor play – and this from someone with an honest-to-God phobia of medical exams.But maybe that wasn’t all I had issues with.For one thing the editing missed quite a few things, [...]

    10. 3.5*Tyg is an abused pup/man. Left to die by a former master. Dane takes him in and shows him love, respect and trust. As Tyg learns to trust Dane everything falls into place for these two. Tyg learns he can be a happy pup and a happy man at the same time! I did like that this one was about building trust and not so much sex. Oh there is sex but not every other page!I am really liking this series!

    11. Book provided by and reviewed for affaire de coeurDane entered the Velvet Glove expecting to meet and help an abused puppy. He was told Tyg was abandoned and left in a cage to starve.He is shocked to discovered that Tyg is a man-dog and unlike the other pups in the kennels he has no collar or mitts, just a muzzle. It's obvious to Dane that the pup saw a lot of abuse from his last owner and his heart broke for him. He could never resist the lost ones, but it also scared him, as the lost ones coul [...]

    12. This was 2.85 stars.The guys were sweet and the premise wasrange. Sweet but strange. This is the first puppy play story I've read I think and it was definitely an experience. It had slightly less sex than most Sean Michael books but that's not saying much. Tyg was deep into the puppy play. He even thought and spoke in very simple sentences. He thought of his hands as paws and just didn't have much about him that was strictly human. This made for an interesting reaction from me because a lot of t [...]

    13. This is the first time Ive read a puppy play book and I was actually surprised at how tame it was. Most of the velvet glove and hammer books are filled with kinky sex but this one not so much. I felt like this book focused on Love and healing old wounds as opposed to hot sex. I think the book could have used maybe two more good sex scenes. This view of puppy play was interesting. Tyg did not eat and drink out of dog bowls. He walked around a lot. Only used the leash once. I think it was a good s [...]

    14. More pleaseDifferent type of book,yet well written. Though I'd have liked to have read more on the pup and his old master, and the time frame this story is in. It was great to see how the recovery went about with the two of them. Worth the money spent,get it you'll love it. Would love to see more on these two as they start their lives together. Would also love to see more books on the club and it's other members interacting in and outside the club.

    15. You'll need to put on prescription strength suspension-of-disbelief glasses for it but once you do, its fun, freaky little tale involving puppy play. Kind of falls apart in the second half, tho. The uniqueness of the kink kept me going.

    16. I love Sean Michaels books and this was just amazingA different kink in puppy playReally well written and easily can be read without reading any of the other Velvet Glove booksbut i will get to thosex

    17. This could've been really good with more character development and plot sans smexin. I'm intrigued by puppy play; too bad it's wicked hard to good fiction about it. :/

    18. Like each and every one of the Velvet Glove series this book is full of love and kinks. I really liked the writing and enjoyed the way the characters were set out.

    19. 3.5 starsThis was an interesting story but I felt Tyg's recovery was a bit rushed for the level of abuse he suffered.

    20. I think this falls into the category of expanding my horizons. It's puppy play to an extreme where Tyg actually seems to think he is a puppy. Not so sure about this.

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