Othermoon Everyone has secrets I had no idea mine would lead me into shadow Dez has found the place where she belongs With the otherkin With Caleb Or so she thought As the barriers between our world and Othersp

  • Title: Othermoon
  • Author: Nina Berry
  • ISBN: 9780758276933
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone has secrets I had no idea mine would lead me into shadow Dez has found the place where she belongs With the otherkin With Caleb Or so she thought As the barriers between our world and Othersphere fall, a wall rises between Dez and Caleb, leaving her fiercest enemy her only friend And maybe something Now Dez must make a devastating choice keep the lovEveryone has secrets I had no idea mine would lead me into shadow Dez has found the place where she belongs With the otherkin With Caleb Or so she thought As the barriers between our world and Othersphere fall, a wall rises between Dez and Caleb, leaving her fiercest enemy her only friend And maybe something Now Dez must make a devastating choice keep the love of her life, or save the otherkin from annihilation.

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    1. “First, I have to say I haven't read OTHERKIN, so I was glad that there was so much reference to the past throughout the book! The background really helped!Dez, and the others involved in ending the Ximon’s plans in Otherkin have all had their homes broken into. All of them are missing something that contains their DNA and no one can figure out what this means. Ximon, Caleb and Lazar's father, must be up to more evil. Desdemona finds Caleb's half brother Lazar lurking around. What is he up t [...]

    2. Review originally posted on my blog: A Book ObsessionDespite the looming threat from the Tribunal hanging over her head, Dez had thought her life would be a little easier now that she has finally found who she really is, an Otherkin that can shift into a tiger. Being with other people like her and her boyfriend Caleb, she thought she had finally found her true home. But when loyalties are tested by differing opinions, a wall starts to form between Dez and the people she's come to care for, Caleb [...]

    3. Berry seems to be a victim of the sophomore curse. Othermoon fell flat for me in many areas. While this book had a lot of potential, most of that potential was not realized. Berry had the opportunity to carry on the amazing story she wrote with Otherkin, and it seemed as if she attempted to. However, this effort was not nearly as good as the first novel. The character development in this story was non-existent. Sure, we learned more things about Dez throughout the course of this book, including [...]

    4. This exciting sequel to Otherkin has Dez and her friends and fellow shape-shifters London, November, Arnoldo, and Siku and her boyfriend Caleb along with his half-sister Amaris trying to find a way to defeat the Tribunal which is headed by Ximon who is Caleb and Amaris's father. Ximon's goal is to eliminate all Other kind and believes he is on a mission from God.Dez is still really coming to terms with the idea that she is a tiger-shifter and possibly the last of her kind. She was raised by huma [...]

    5. Originally posted at: iliveforreading/20After reading Otherkin by Nina Berry, I was DEFINITELY stoked to read the sequel. I really enjoyed the paranormal, and so luckily, Nina Berry is apart of our Books That Glow 2013 event, so I had the chance to be invited to read this original series.While I did enjoy Othermoon, I felt that this one wasn't as good as the first book. That's why I took this one a little slower when reading, because there were some dry parts, but I must say the action and new l [...]

    6. Dez and the others involved in ending the Ximon’s plans in Otherkin have all had their homes broken in to. They discover that every one of them is missing something that contains their DNA. Deciding that this can not be good and Ximon must be up to something again Dez and gang head out to the new school.Choices are made, secrets are kept and Dez might have to sacrifice her love for saving the world. An enemy is helping her and her friends and family don’t understand, leaving her isolated fro [...]

    7. Great book, sad that there was romantic conflict to the point where they've broken up, and that death at the end was really sad! Poor Ember!

    8. This book was a little more annoying than the frat book. And I'm NOT a fan of Lazar not matter how sad his story is

    9. Dez is struggling to keep everything normal in her crazy life. But when her mom gets possessed by a spirit in the Otherworld, Dez realizes that nothing will be normal again. The only way to stop things from escalating out of control is to try and stop Ximon from destroying Dez's new life. But because the other kids in her band of merry friends are not so keen on trusting Lazar, who truth be told was on the other side of the team not too long ago, Dez has to decide on who to trust and who to keep [...]

    10. Originally posted at City of Books - ecstatic-for-books/Othermoon is a great follow-up to Otherkin. It's a lot darker, though, and there's a lot more at stake. The plot is gripping and fast-paced, with lots of action. With a sequel like this, I'm literally craving the next book!It's amazing how much Dez has grown to accept herself as a tiger-shifter. She loves shifting, and being in her tiger form makes her feel comfortable. She's changed a lot from who she was at the beginning of Otherkin - she [...]

    11. Get ready to be taken on a journey much more bittersweet than in first book. Just when Dez and her fellow Otherkin find themselves winning a hard fought battle a shocking loss takes all of them by horrific surprise and left this reader almost as shell shocked as the young shifters.As some others noted the shift toward a love triangle for Dez really could have been avoided but guess that particular YA genre formula must be followed so it is now a rather unwelcome part of the story line.

    12. You know when you have those moments when you’re like “I’m going to rate this book -5,000,000 because it just BROKE MY HEART” and then you realize “CRAPCRAPCRAP IT WAS SUPPOSED TO!”…anybody?Well, that’s what happened to me with this book, at any rate.When I reviewed Otherkin, the first book in this series, I can still remember the awesome feeling of how amazingly surprised I was with the book. I’ll be the first to say that I’m a bit of a jaded reader, and I have a LOT of clic [...]

    13. Originally posted to A Bookworm's Confessions Othermoon begins not long after the events of Otherkin. Dez is listening to music in the middle of the night when she hears something. It turns out Lazar has broken into her house but nothing seems to be disturbed. She chases him out into the rain and to the lightning tree. Lazar manages to escape and Dez's mom and Richard catch up with her at the tree. Something strange begins to happen to her mother and she suddenly becomes possessed by another bei [...]

    14. Dez is hoping life might head in the direction of normal - at least for a little while. After rescuing Siku, a fellow shifter and friend, from the Tribunal with the rest of their friends she just wants a break. But then a stranger breaks in and steals her DNA, and her Mom is possessed by something from the Othersphere - something that just may be Dez's birth mother. Forced to go on the run again, Dez returns to Morphael's school so that they can make a plan to stop the Tribunal from wiping out a [...]

    15. For this review and more visit my blog I am a big fan of Otherkin, the first book in the series. I thought it was fun and exciting so I was really looking forward to reading Othermoon. I did really like it but it was very different from the first book which I am not sure I liked.There is no fun and laughs in this one, it is a lot darker and a lot more serious which I didn’t really have an issue with but I missed the fun action that Nina Berry is so good at writing. I would have loved to see mo [...]

    16. **Find this and other reviews at The Demon LibrarianOthermoon picks up close on the heels of its predecessor, Otherkin. Not much has changed. Dez and her shifter friends are still learning and testing the limits of their shadow abilities, Caleb is still hot and sexy, the shifter Council still bickers, and the evil Guild is even more determined to wipe the otherkin out of existence. This time around, the Guild has changed tactics. Instead of directly attacking the shifters, the Guild is sneaking [...]

    17. Good series, funny too. (Spoiler alert)I like Dez' story and everyone else's, but don't like what happened between her and Caleb. Nice to see the Council helping in the end.

    18. "Othermoon" has me aching for more of this novel, and I can only hope that the next installment will be published and shipped out earlier rather than later. With each book, there is something different yet exciting happening to our lovable characters, and in this book, this all leads it up to a happy ending; though, the truth reveals itself and you realize a shocking and saddening twist to this book's end.While the other book "Otherkin" focused on the school being attacked, we have our character [...]

    19. I really enjoyed reading Otherkin last year so I immediately hoped on the bandwagon for Othermoon, its sequel.I’ll admit that since it had been a while since I read Otherkin, I had forgotten a lot of it. However the first few chapters are effortless and soon I found myself remembering what had happened and who was who without the inclusion of “recaps” that happen in most sequels.Dez is just as strong as ever and her role as an unofficial leader grows. While I love this independence in a ma [...]

    20. I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher.Ok let me start out by saying this book was just off the charts amazing. I loved everything about it from the very beginning. We jump right into the action with this book with Dez having to deal with Lazar. She finds out just how much her world is changing again too and it may not necessarily be in a good way. I loved how Dez was such a strong heroine and you know that is one of my weaknesses. I absolutely live for strong heroines that can h [...]

    21. Othermoon is the second book of the Otherkin trilogy. Dez, the main protagonist, is a shapeshifter. In here, the characters shift into different animals, depending on what group they belong to. One of the major reasons I love this series is because I'm a huge fan of animals, and it's always interesting to read about them in detail. Othermoon starts off exactly where where Otherkin stops. The best thing is that Nina Berry does remind us about what happened in Othermoon, and that's definitely a bo [...]

    22. Can I kill Caleb yet? Please, please, please, I'm just really angry at him. I don't like him at all. There's something secretive or dangerous hidden underneath his skin. At least that is what I suspect. I'm not sure if that is true or not. Perhaps, it is only my perspective.Anyway, Othermoon is a good enough book that I went looking for Othersphere (a big disappointment, I must add, but that is not the point of this review). I really liked all those twists and turns Nina Berry created. I'm even [...]

    23. What it's about: The action-packed, heart-stopping sequel to Otherkin. Again, Dez and her friends are in danger, but Lazar has shown up, ready to help. This causes a big rift between Dez and Caleb, and all her friends. But Dez will stop at nothing to take down the Tribunal and save everyone she cares about.What I thought: Wow. Dez is back with all our favourite people and our not so favourite people. Lazar is seemingly turned good and Caleb has turned broody and moody. November and Siku are stil [...]

    24. In Berry’s follow up to Otherkin we are instantly thrown back into the action. The Tribunal have broken into each of the shifters homes, not to kill them, but to still their hairbrushes. Right away Dez is on alert and with the strange incidents happening with her mother, she knows that they need to assemble at the school and figure out what is going on. Dez has grown into her shifter abilities but as a result she has become even more stubborn. I have a feeling that is a natural trait with all [...]

    25. Othermoon picked up a little after where Otherkin left off. Ximon and his group broke into each member of Dez's friends homes. Something was taken from them. On top of dealing with setting up a a new school and starting again, they must deal with another diabolical plot against themselves. All your favorites are back for more adventure, danger, and romance. I loved learning more about them and watching their relationships grow and change. Out of all of them I must admit the scenes with Lazar wer [...]

    26. Otherkin was such an awesome, action packed book, so I was extremely excited to read Othermoon. Unfortunately, I felt it didn’t quite live up to it’s predecessor. The writing in Othermoon was still great, but I didn’t think the plot or the romance were. First off, I feel most of the book was build up to the action that occured at the very end of the book. I got bored pretty easily and put the book down a few times before I finished it. I did really liked the final, action-packed scene, alt [...]

    27. review posted at bookhoardermomOthermoon is book 2 in the Otherkin series, it picks up where the first book left off. But this time there is much more at stake. With The Tribunal up to something big, tensions and emotions are running high and the group finds itself in turmoil.Everyone has achieved a new confidence in their abilities, especially Dez. It's amazing how much she has come to accept herself as a tiger-shifter. We get to see her grow into a leader in this book and I love that! She's to [...]

    28. In 'Othermoon', Dez is at it again with new obstacles to face and more mysteries she must solve about herself and her new world. This was a solid sequel in a wonderful YA fantasy series that keeps the reader coming back for more. The characters continued to be interesting and well written with realistic personalities. Dez's character continues to grow and change throughout this book, and I really enjoyed watching her coming into her power and place with the Otherkin. There's definitely more roma [...]

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