Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King

Prince William The Man Who Will Be King An unputdownable biography of the future king of England with intriguing new details about Kate and Diana by a New York Times bestselling author Daily Beast His face is recognized the world over hi

  • Title: Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King
  • Author: Penny Junor
  • ISBN: 9781453264836
  • Page: 482
  • Format: ebook
  • An unputdownable biography of the future king of England with intriguing new details about Kate and Diana by a 1 New York Times bestselling author Daily Beast.His face is recognized the world over, his story is well known But what is Prince William really like As Diana s eldest son, he was her confidant While the tabloids eagerly lapped up the lurid details ofAn unputdownable biography of the future king of England with intriguing new details about Kate and Diana by a 1 New York Times bestselling author Daily Beast.His face is recognized the world over, his story is well known But what is Prince William really like As Diana s eldest son, he was her confidant While the tabloids eagerly lapped up the lurid details of his parents divorce, William lived painfully through it, suffering the embarrassment, the humiliation, and divided loyalties He watched his father denounced on prime time television he met the lovers And when he was just fifteen, his beautiful, loving mother was suddenly, shocking snatched from his life forever The nation lost its princess and its grief threatened the very future of the monarchy What was almost forgotten in the clamor was that two small boys had lost their mother His childhood was a recipe for disaster, yet as he approaches his thirtieth birthday, William is as well balanced and sane a man as you could ever hope to meet He has an utter determination to do the right thing and to serve his country as his grandmother has so successfully done for the last sixty years Who stopped him from going off the rails, turning his back on his duty and wanting nothing to do with the press the people he blamed for his mother s death Where did the qualities that have so entranced the world, and his new bride, Catherine, come from In the last thirty years, Penny Junor has written extensively about his parents and the extended family into which he was born With the trust built up over that time, she has been able to get closer to the answers than ever before.

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    1. Added 3/4/17. (first published January 1st 2012) Very interesting, except for some minor details I wasn't interested in.GOOGLE PAGE:

    2. This has been a very entertaining and enjoyable book. It covers Prince William’s life from day one, and gives the reader some background as to what his parents’ life was like before he was born. I know the public tend to judge both his parents in one way or another, but to me they are just humans with a lot of issues like anybody else. Even Diana, with all her charm and good will had her emotional ups and downs, but I don’t doubt that she did her best to raise both princes. And the same go [...]

    3. Mislead by TitleThis book about Prince William seemed to be about him and Kate, but the the author had her dagger out and rey to praise Charles and cut out Diana's heart. I am not a fan of this kind of fluffy writing. It was a waste of time and money in my opinion. When looks at her other look titles, you can better understand my view. I felt like I was reading a gossip column.

    4. I've always loved the royal family this book definitely deepened the respect I have for them. It also put a lot of things into context for me. I had no idea Diana's childhood was so bad. I also didn't know that she struggled with an eating disorder as well as depression ☹️. But I still love Diana and I still think she was an amazing person. I was never really a Prince Charles fan but after reading this I have a lot of respect for him.

    5. Having been enthralled with the monarchy and the country of England since I was young, I was excited to gain a more in depth knowledge of Prince William. The book details the lives of Princes William and Harry, and makes mention to Prince Charles and Princess Diana. I feel as if I gained more of an understanding of the relationship between Diana and Charles than I did of Prince William. I was eleven when Diana died, and have frequently thought she was the victim in the relationship she shared wi [...]

    6. This biography by Penny Junor certainly would have met with Court approval as it is more of a tribute to William decidedly of the hagiography nature. In its defense however there is much to like about the young man. Tackling the challenges the trials and tribulations his parents brought upon him he has to a great measure restored faith in the monarchy of the British subjects.The book offers some glimpses into the wreck that his mother Diana was behind the scenes. But as she has been deified by p [...]

    7. Interesting look into the royal family. What surprised me a bit was that the book did not read as much like a story as I would have hope. Instead it was more like reading a long newspaper article from a multi-part series recounting the history of both stories that were in the news and some that were not. If the book is to be believed, I was glad to see that both Princes William and Harry had a strong relationships with their mother and have a strong relationships with father and their royal gran [...]

    8. This book was mentioned during the TV coverage of Elizabeth's 60 Jubilee. I requested the IMCPL to buy the book and I really enjoyed the read. This is the 2nd. time in my life that I have had to change my very made up opinion of someone. Prince William is not the idiot I thought him to be. This book states he's a doting father and has always been. He was very manipulated by Diana and she worked the press to her favor and his detriment. I loved reading it and she paints a picture of a really arti [...]

    9. I love how Junor starts the book by going in depth about the "war of the Windsor's". This demonstrates what Prince William had to grow up around and how those events helped shaped him into the man he is today. In this book you find out about the Prince's distaste for the media, his desire to live a normal life, his university and military careers, and his many charitable works. Prince William understands that the role of the monarchy is changing and it is interesting to see how he is adapting to [...]

    10. For a book about William, there were a lot of details about his parents - too much in my opinion. I got the feeling that the author was trying to make everyone feel sorry for Charles, and the Royal family as a whole, because of the way Diana portrayed them to the public. This part was way too pushy to me and kind of annoyed me.The was also a lot of praising of William, some of which was rightly deserved but a lot of it was just too much. This book was a little hard to read at times, but was over [...]

    11. I have always liked William and Kate, despite not knowing much (factual info) about them. I thought this was a great listen, as several people narrated the quotes, so it seemed very authentic. I enjoyed learning a little more about Diana, Charles and especially Harry. I have loads of respect for Will and Kate, and Harry too.

    12. I enjoy learning about the Royal Family for some reason and this book held lots of detailed info about all of them from the Queen, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Princes William & Harry along with Kate Middleton, too. Sometimes, it contained too much detail that it lost my interest but it was a 'good read'.

    13. I started reading this, but couldn't finish it as I felt the opinions were very one sided & made to make certain persons appear really bad & portray others in a better light. I don't recommend it if you are looking for a more honest,objective opinion.

    14. It was an interesting read. The author was prejudiced towards the royal family, but I guess she would be.

    15. I really wish there was more discussion on Kate in this book - but overall I enjoyed it. I did feel that it portrayed Diana in a very negative light.

    16. Happy reading about a lovely young manDespite the loss of his mother at the tender age of 14, and the embarrassing behavior of his father on a stolen voice recording, William Cambridge seems to be an upright young man with a wise head on his shoulders. Teamed up with Catherine Middleton, his college sweetheart, he seems destined to be a wonderfully successful adult and future king of England.

    17. Penny Junor is quite pro-Charles which gets very annoying. I always hope for unbiased writing in a biography however the background was very skewed in Charles' favour. Apparently Diana was simply crazy, manic and childish according to Ms Junor. When she stuck to her subject, William, there was much less bias.

    18. The Mature Prince WilliamIt was a terrific book, walking us through the unbelievable, unprecedented life that must be Prince Williams. I have come away with and an even greater deal of respect and admiration for him.

    19. Excellent biographical novel about Prince William from beginning to end. Well worth reading and extremely informative for the U.S. reader.

    20. I enjoyed it. Parts were very slow reads, especially when talking about his military service, but overall it was a very good read!

    21. 4.5 starsI liked this biography because it wasn't full of the jet-set fancy part of William's life. You can really get a sense of who William is. Great writing and an easy read. Junor is one of my favorite royal writers.

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