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  1. I have read this book a few times in the past, and always rather enjoyed the concept of alternate realities coinciding with our own. The term that James Dashner uses to help explain this is Quantum Physics, or QP. Atticus, the main character, touches on this subject with his science teacher. However, it is not explained in great detail in Atticus's reality. It is disappointing to me that the book lead on to explain "QP" as a more magical force than scientific.

  2. Tick was at school then he came home and there was a letter he opened it and he joined the clan that it said to join. After that he met this girl that was in the same clan and lived in japan good thing she was rich so she just flew over to america in a plane. After that they went and found moose who helped them also. In the end they fought this crazy maniac and won.This story's theme is about adventures. like moose joined them and didn't even know who they were Tick joined the clan and went on a [...]

  3. In the book The Thirteenth Reality a shy boy named Atticus Higginbottom, nicknamed "Tick" is victim of bullying in his school. The, one day he finds a mysterious yellow letter in his mail box a person named M.G. It is Tick's job to figure out the clues by a certain special date. Will Tick be able to do his job? This book is great for anyone who love mystery and fantasy. It has a great writing style and details. The mysteries, puzzles, and suspense will make you sit at the edge of you seat. But, [...]

  4. Gaven B.Mr. HermanIssues in Nonfiction21 October 2015In the begining of The 13th Reality I thought it was a little boring, but as I progressed I became engrossed in the adventures of Atticus Higginbottom. I never thought I would enjoy a book about solving mysteries so much, but The 13th Reality is different because it has an equal amount of puzzle solving and action throughout the story. This book is good because as you progress through it you want to figure out who is sending the mysterious let [...]

  5. The thirteen reality the cursed letters written by James Dashner the thing about the author was that he never slow down to this or this like taking a break some where in the book and he always put the excitement in the book and there was some horror things in it but there were a little romance in it but to much the one thing is that I don't not like romantic stuff in books but anyway I like that he put some mysteries in the book actually he put a lot but it was a lot of fun that's the most thing [...]

  6. This book can be described as four things, childish, mystical, good, and fantasy like. Some of the ideas in this book are childish, and confusing as to why they would add somethigs. This book though was very captivating to me, it never let me stop. There seemed to be something always happening, the story never slowed down. This book though was based on a lot of fantasy, like wizards, magic, crazy creatures, and wild things. I'm not saying that fantasy is bad, I love a good fantasy book. It is ju [...]

  7. This book was very good. The Thirteenth Reality follows the adventures of Atticus "Tick" Higginbottom, a teenage boy who's every major choice creates an alternate version of himself in another reality, based off of what he could've chosen instead. However, he receives a series of letters that will rock his entire world. A set of events have been set in motion that could destroy the world as Tick knows it. And every other world. 12 riddles have been sent that, if solved, can save the world and ma [...]

  8. In the journal of the curious letters Atticus Higginbottums A.K.A tick receives letters telling him to do something life threatening or else the universe will be in danger. But he can be safe and take the risk hoping somebody else will do the job. I like how in this book James Dashner introduces quantum physics but doesn't go to deep into it allowing him self to be creative in the writing . Also the made up things such as chi karda and fangan add a lot of fantasy to the book. If you are looking [...]

  9. The Thirteenth Reality is a very exciting, fast-paced mystery book with a bunch of exciting twisty turns. James Dashner did an amazing job writing this story because he kept it going and did not slow the excitement down. It was exciting because Master George always found a way to make the mysterious letters make sense and Mistress Jane always found a way to ruin a great plan. I loved the hilarious characters Dashner came up with such as the tree lady! I highly recommend this book to middle schoo [...]

  10. I read the first book so long ago. I realized I needed to read it again, I have on my "to read list" the 2nd book and I guess I need to get busy and read them all. So I am starting over.I still was very impressed with this book, a very good read for all. I might have to share with my husband.

  11. Eh STUPID ENDING! I got this set for my birthday and was obsessed with it before THE STUPID ENDING HAPPENED! If you'd like a series that lets you down, read this one. >:(

  12. Decent story for young people. But it was hard for me to keep reading once they got to the thirteenth reality, which was like a cross between Endor, Snake Mountain, and Candyland.

  13. Absolutely loved this series and I recommend for any boy or make into the fantasy world of good versus evil.

  14. I liked the book, and while I am looking forward to reading the other ones. It didn't hold me like the Maze Runner series. Have the rest of the series at home and will start up the second tonight.

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