Wyoming Fierce

Wyoming Fierce Ranch owner Cane Kirk lost than his arm in the war He lost his way battling his inner demons by challenging any cowboy unfortunate enough to get in his way No one seems to be able to cool him down e

  • Title: Wyoming Fierce
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373776962
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Ranch owner Cane Kirk lost than his arm in the war He lost his way, battling his inner demons by challenging any cowboy unfortunate enough to get in his way No one seems to be able to cool him down, except beautiful Bodie Mays Bodie doesn t mind saving Cane from himself, even if he is a little too tempting for her own peace of mind.But soon Bodie s the one who findRanch owner Cane Kirk lost than his arm in the war He lost his way, battling his inner demons by challenging any cowboy unfortunate enough to get in his way No one seems to be able to cool him down, except beautiful Bodie Mays Bodie doesn t mind saving Cane from himself, even if he is a little too tempting for her own peace of mind.But soon Bodie s the one who finds herself in need of rescuing only, she s afraid to tell Cane what s really going on How can she trust someone as unpredictable as this fierce cowboy When her silence only ends up getting her into even deeper hot water, it s up to Cane to save the day And if he does it right, he won t be riding off into the sunset alone.

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    1. This started out as a typical DP book, but parts of it frustrated me to no end.Cane is a war veteran who's lost his arm. Instead of dealing with it, he spends time wooing women and creating bar fights. And if things dont get his waytantrums. The only person who can pacify and rescue him is his 12 year junior neighbor Bodie, who works, studies and takes care of her sick grandfather.Now I get that Cane has issues, but he was a dbag and mean/verbally abusive (idiotic) hero throughout most of the bo [...]

    2. 2,5 estrellasEstoy en uno de esos momentos donde no sabes qué leer porque nada te llama la atención lo suficiente. Así es como he conocido a Diana Palmer y sus historias de vaqueros. La conocí con el primer libro de esta serie El camino más largo y como seguía sin llamarme lo sufciente ningún libro decidí seguir con el segundo de la serie al ser lecturas amenas y ágiles, sin grandes complicaciones. Parecen estar escritas en otra época, lo que me hace gracia, es como si el libro estuvie [...]

    3. Did not finish this book. After 10% of reading I decided that although I wanted to know the outcome of the story of Cane and Bodie I had to move on. The potential was there for a great story if only there was a little more depth to the characters and situations rather than flitting about with unrelated memories to the scene.

    4. This was another book that I wanted to like so much more than I did. I understand the usage of virgins in romance novels, but come on! How is it that the guys get free passes and the ladies are sullied if they so much as say the word "penis?" It's ridiculous. Virgins can be believable if written aswell, believable. I appreciated the personality of Bodie, but felt that the strength of her feelings towards sex and propriety were at odds with her own nature. The story was good and I loved the incor [...]

    5. Siendo generosa, muy generosa.Me voy a leer el primero de la serie antes de decir "no more from Diana Palmer"

    6. Cover & Title - 4 out of 5 Favorite Lines - "You'll find one someday that you can love, maybe. You'll be happy. That's all i want. I just want you to live and be happy. Whatever it takes."Favorite Character - Tank That is Cane, sexy, fierce & a total asshole :)I was really enjoying this story and I was even ok with Cane being a total prick & not deserving Bodie and then about 80% in Cane did something that made me completely & absolutely hate him. I cannot tell you what as it wil [...]

    7. De verdad que no aprendo, esta autora no me gusta mucho pero aquí sigo leyendo estas historias que parece que están escritas en 1980 o.0

    8. Easy to predict. Bodie was written as too naive character in my opinion. She was supposed enrolled in college classes where you will have emphasis in the science field. She was painted to have no knowledge of the human body and chemistry in my opinion. You can be a woman of faith and still date and kiss some before you are 22 years old. I would have enjoyed Cane's story more up against someone with backbone and more wordly experience, not someone who slept around but at least made out with someo [...]

    9. Gostei imenso. Adoro os livros desta autora e este não foi exceção. Adoro esta família e a interação que têm uns com os outros e com as pessoas que os rodeiam, gostava que existissem mais pessoas assim, tornariam o mundo muito melhor.

    10. Great love story! Hero is rich but emotionally and physically handicapped, heroine is poor and all alone in the world. They are friends but when hero fails her, heroine's only option to get the money she desperately needs is to pose in some posed, compromising photos for her evil stepfather. Cane and his family save her, take Bodie home, he is jealous of her relationship with his brother so he asks her to marry him but he screws up their marriage and Bodie leaves him. I adored Bodie. She is cari [...]

    11. Anyone who knows me,knows that I love Diana Palmer.I always liken her to my favorite comfort foods.Well,this latest entry was second helpings!I really enjoyed this book,it seemed like a DP of old.There were still the preachy moments,refs to archeology,some ramblings about the state of the economy,the state of health care with which I felt like I was in some kind of political ad,but they did not detract from the story.I liked this heroine,I even liked the hero,asshat that he was.The book moved sm [...]

    12. A nice read. I like how the story still retains it's sweetness even with the nasty things that both characters go through. The author does a wonderful job creating wonderful interesting characters and continuing the storyline but still keeping Cane and Bodie's story unique.

    13. What a weird book. I mean that mostly in a good way. It was published in 2012 but feels older.Bodie is a 22 year old virgin who's in love with a 34 year old veteran who's lost an arm and is drowning himself in booze. Bodie also has an evil step-father and a dying grandfather. And she's poor as a church mouse. Here's where the weirdness comes in. Palmer has taken to task all kinds of hot button political issues in this book but mostly the obscene cost of health care. It's clear she has strong fee [...]

    14. I wanted to like this book. I really did. It's about a cowboy. What's not to like?Of course there's that saying "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." I really should've known, by a previous Diana Palmer book I read and disliked, that I could be getting myself in for more of the same.Okay, I've read worse. Cane was a troubled hero and I got that. He was the kind of man a good woman wants to fix, and Bodie wanted to be that woman. But Cane was so self loathing, so miserable to [...]

    15. Cane Kirk returned from the war bitter and angry. He’d sacrificed an arm to save his fellow soldiers, but he certainly didn’t feel like a hero. Women called him a cripple!When his demons got the better of him, Cane drank to excess, demolishing the bar and fighting every man who tried to stop him. Only pretty Bodie seemed to be able to rescue him when he went on a bender. Somehow, she calmed him. Even if he did consider her too young for him, Bodie couldn’t help herself. She was in love wit [...]

    16. I liked Kirk brothers! Bodie's in deep trouble. Her grandaddy's very sick, she nearly lost her house because of his sick stepfather, she barely have money to eat and now her heart is lost for Cane. She's in love with him. But scarred Cane is still dealing with his own ghost and he never settled with one woman. And he hates women who after his money. But now Bodie's so desperate. She needs money. When she swallow her pride and ask Cane for a loan, Cane gone berserk. He thought Bodie's kiss is for [...]

    17. I LOVED Wyoming Fierce by Diana Palmer. Of course I don't think I've meet a Diana Palmer book that I didn't love. Cane Kirk came back from war without his arm and with a whole lot of issues. The only one that seemed to be able to get through to him was Bodie Mays, a sweet young girl with a lot of problems of her own. I loved how this sweet girl was able to get to help a rough & tough Cowboy through some really tough times. I loved the will that Bodie has to take on the world for her & he [...]

    18. OK, I read the first book in the series, and didn't like it because the guy that the MC Fell for was a jerk. Although he had these great brothers, and I couldn't understand why she didn't fall for them. Fast forward, one of those really nice brothers Kane is the guy that NC in this book falls for, and guess what, now he's a jerk! So, what I have learned from this experience is girls only fall for guys that are complete jerks! Oh yes, and of course this girl is well as innocent as can be, and he [...]

    19. Sometimes a book gets a three star rating because it was poorly written or because it is not a good book. That is not the case with this book. I think the writing was decent, and I think the characters were likeable, but this PG-rated love story just did nothing special for me. I do not know what else to say about it, other than I liked it, it was good, but it wasn't overly exciting and nothing happened that will make me remember this book.

    20. Well written. Typical storyline, girl next door becomes infatuated with one of the neighbor's sons. Cane returned from the war maimed and bitter. She struggles to contain her attraction even though he treats her (Bodie) and everyone else around him with disdain. Through out the book he's depressed and difficult to deal with.

    21. I'm really tired of women who let men intimidate, bully and berate them but continue loving their emotional ans psychological abusers.

    22. A heroína sofre, sofre, sofre até o final do livro!O herói é um ogro dos mais cabulosos Típico livro da autora.

    23. This is reminiscent of old Diana Palmer that I thoroughly enjoyed and what made me keeping reading her books in the first place. It just had that same feeling that I had been missing over her newer releases or at least the hardcover books that she puts out every year. This one more had the relationship building, character building, and just more what happens to the couple and how it effects their relationship along the way not a story where all this drug war/lord stuff is going on and the romanc [...]

    24. If it was possible to give no stars at all, I would. The irony of this novel is that it attempts to present an "old-fashioned" morals, but the "hero" gas-lights the heroine into a toxic relationship. Instead of having the other characters attempt to help the heroine out of this relationship, they encourage her to pursue it based on the fact that the heroine can somehow magically stop him from destructive behavior. I had a hard time believing that the hero was a "good person", because he is destr [...]

    25. Ranch owner Cane Kirk lost more than his arm in the war. He lost his way, No one seems to be able to cool him down, except Bodie Mays. Bodie doesn't mind saving Cane from himself.But soon Bodie's the one who finds herself in need of rescuing—only, she's afraid to tell Cane what's really going on. It's up to Cane to save the day. And if he does it right, he won't be riding off into the sunset alone.

    26. CANE ME HA SACADO MUCHISIMO DE MIS CASILLAQue hombr de verdad, eh. Tanque es lo mejor del mundo, necesito leer su historia ya.La historia en si me gustó, fue mas interesante la primera de la saga, pero esta no estuvo mal. el problema es que la relacion es suuuuuper lenta y luego pasa todo muy deprisa, me cuesta creermela.

    27. I was tremendously disappointed in this book. If a writing student had handed this in, I would have given it a C for pedestrian writing. The style of prose is dull and simple. Characterization stereotypical and not realistic at all: the handsome, emotionally stuck hero, incredibly naive, sweet, innocent heroine. The situation has possibilities but is too simplistic.

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