Mundo Cruel: Stories

Mundo Cruel Stories Luis Negr n s debut collection reveals the intimate world of a small community in Puerto Rico joined together by its transgressive sexuality The writing straddles the shifting line between pure unado

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  • Title: Mundo Cruel: Stories
  • Author: Luis Negrón Suzanne Jill Levine
  • ISBN: 9781609804183
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Luis Negr n s debut collection reveals the intimate world of a small community in Puerto Rico joined together by its transgressive sexuality The writing straddles the shifting line between pure, unadorned storytelling and satire, exploring the sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking nature of survival in a decidedly cruel world.

    One thought on “Mundo Cruel: Stories”

    1. On the day I film a video saying I'm in a slump I read this entire collection in two short sharp sittings. What started off as a titilating tale or two, that I thought were just going for a sexy shock and might get tired, I found a moving and varied collection of quirky queer tales that look at all walks of LGBTQ life in South America. I loved it. Funny, haunting, sexy and spell binding. I would like more from this author. Much more.

    2. Cuenta el evangélico protagonista de "El elegido", que por pato, "Cogí cachetadas, aguanté golpes de mano abierta, de puño cerrado. Pelas con correa de cuero, con hebillas, con chancletas de goma, con varitas de tamarindo y gandules enviadas por mi abuela desde Arroyo o arrancadas del palo de limón que teníamos en el patio. En cierta ocasión me inventé con mis hermanos que habíamos visto a la virgen aparecerse encima de la copa del limonero. Mami se alteró con la noticia y temiendo que [...]

    3. I started off loving this book. The first story moves in a way that is mischievous and confident--even though not much happens by way of a conventional plot, the narrative goes at a surprising clip and each twist and turn is refreshingly bleak and shiny, repetitive with just a perfect, small salting of surprise. There's a sly humor and defiance that take the tragedy of a gay kid in a religious Christian family in which his father brutally beats him (and on occasion his mother, too) and transform [...]

    4. The pastor looked at me with the prophet-look he knew how to put on. I saw him look at me with anger and then his eyes saw my slutty face. Full of pleasure upon seeing me look at him that way, he revealed his rage to me. I saw his dark thick body through his damp white clothes. I saw the hairs on his wet arms, close to his skin. I saw that he saw that I saw what he saw. I saw through his white pants how inside his white cotton jockey shorts, he grew large. I saw the brothers on the shore fascina [...]

    5. I reviewed this book for La Bloga - at this linklabloga/2013/Here's a bit from that review: The nine short stories in this slim volume provide a strong hint that Luis Negrón is the real deal in terms of an authentic voice, a rich talent, and an insightful eye. There is sex in the stories, quite a bit, but these are not erotic stories, nor are they about sex. The stories also have laughter, irony, sadness, and beauty. The reader is privy to the longing of marginalized people. We share dark secr [...]

    6. Luis Negrón es algo así como el Junot Díaz de Puerto Rico. Sus relatos acogen un luminoso y variopinto registro de voces que palpitan frescura, autenticidad y emoción carente de sentimentalismo. En concreto, las nueve historias breves aquí reunidas dan testimonio sobre la experiencia homosexual en este país de Centroamérica, un territorio salvaje e indómito donde las pasiones se perciben como vibraciones en el aire y la lujuria se antepone casi siempre al amor. Cargadas de sensualidad, e [...]

    7. The stories in this book can be hit or miss. The ones that are a hit are insightful and so human that they will stick with you. The ones that are a miss may have been too experimental to grasp, like perfectly replicating one side of a phone call. "For Guayama" and "The Garden" stood out to me the most. "For Guayama" is wacky in the best way, and "The Garden" is real, beautiful, and moving.

    8. “Goodbye cruel world,” has become a cliche in books and movies when someone is about to leap from a cliff or use some other method to bring about their demise. But readers will want to say hello to Luis Negrón’s “Mundo Cruel,” which has been translated from Spanish into English by Suzanne Jill Levine and won this year’s Lambda Literary Award for general gay fiction. Set mostly in Santurce, Puerto Rico, Negrón’s stories explore some of the cruelties of life without ever being a do [...]

    9. The nine stories that make up Luis Negron’s debut short story collection Mundo Cruel are each immediate and intense. Exploring the lives of subjects who all live in or around the barrio of Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico, each tale plunges the reader head first into a life in crisis and offers them a shotgun seat on a ride along to see how things will turn out. Much like real life, the results aren’t always pretty. Happy endings seem few and far between, but the voices here ooze with authent [...]

    10. Mundo Cruel is a very slim volume of tiny stories that are funny, vicious and sharp. I loved the voice in these pieces, which is original, iconoclastic, hilariously funny and often sad. One great example is: (and I'm paraphrasing so forgive) when one of the characters briefly breaks the fourth wall and reflects that, like most Puerto Rican literary protagonists, he isn't sure about the role of the US in PR. The first story ("The Chosen One") is heartbreaking for its depiction of familial homopho [...]

    11. Un libro de temática gay, que nos muestra con humor negro, las atrocidades e incoherencias de pensamiento que tiene nuestra realidad actual frente a los temas de diversidad. Le puse dos estrellas por que solo 2 cuentos me agradaron y lograron hacerme pensar. Pero las demás historias, no provocaron una conexión en mi, ni con trama, ni con personajes.

    12. No sé qué rating darle porque pienso que varía mucho de cuento a cuento. Quiero una novela full-length de Botella y El jardín, lo más pronto posible por favor y gracias; no me molestaría La Edwin, El Elegido y Mundo Cruel también. Sin embargo hay algunos de los que no mencioné que los leí y me quedé como que, ¿y?

    13. Dreamlike and illuminating. Each story lingers after reading. Each story can be straight to the point but with a hint of hope. This is a book to reread.

    14. Originally Appeared in Lambda LiteraryLuis Negón’s debut story collection, Mundo Cruel, is a study in verve, sass, and voice, peppered with a dash of spirituality. Short and sweet, this slim volume delivers its wisdom in one breakneck sprint through the cosmopolitan barrio of Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Negrón’s work has garnered comparisons to Manuel Puig, the late Argentine pop author best known for his novel Kiss of the Spider Woman. It’s an apt comparison. Like Puig, Negón’s [...]

    15. Mundo Cruel will make you uncomfortable, but that is not it's intention. It is stark and visceral in it's telling and holds no punches. It also makes no apologies for this either. It simply is. Mundo Cruel is nine short stories of gay life in the Hispanic culture. Each told by the character experiencing it the most. "The news reached Papi through my brothers, who were eager for the beating that would follow. With the eyes of a Pharisee, while Mami turned up the volume on the radio that was playi [...]

    16. Terminé esto en tiempo record, lo leí en menos de 2 horas y eso que me considero un lector bastante lento. Jejeje. Es que creo que la escritura de Luis te atrapa y no te suelta hasta que se acabe el cuento. No sé porque rayos me tardé tanto en leer este libro. Obviamente debo aceptar que una de las razones fueron por un poco de miedo. Tuve el pensamiento errado de que un hombre heterosexual enajenado al ambiente quizá no se disfrute tanto esta colección. Pero, qué equivocado estaba. De ve [...]

    17. Este libro era parte de las lecturas de un curso en el que estudiamos el género, narrativa y el cine en donde estudiamos cómo se representan los géneros y si estos se redefinen o no en la pantalla grande. En ningún momento había pensado que este libro me gustaría tanto ya que no es el género literario que estoy acostumbrada a leer pero gracias a esta clase pude darme la oportunidad de leer y adorar esta historia. Luis Negrón revela en esta colección de cuentos llamada Mundo Cruel un mun [...]

    18. Genial y simpatiquísimo este libro de cuentos del puertorriqueño Luis Negrón, escrito completamente en el lenguaje coloquial de nuestra querida isla, lo cual lo hace uno de rápida lectura y difícil de soltar. Lo interesante y diferente que tiene este libro es que todos sus cuentos tratan de situaciones y temas homosexuales, tocándolos de una manera mayormente jocosa y sin caer en el mal gusto. Es realmente agradable ver como abofetea tan sutilmente en la cara a la homofobia en todas sus hi [...]

    19. Me fascinó. La recomiendo. Luis plasmó en una sola pieza de manera coloquial y jocosa la homosexualidad y sus diferentes capas sociales. Esto es una pequeña muestra, de las más acertadas que he visto hasta ahora, de lo que somos y sobre cómo estamos tan contaminados como sociedad. Luis nos mostró los insensibles y "tradicionales" que somos. Fue un viaje exquisito, nada más hermoso que ver la sexualidad y la homosexualidad en todas sus manifestaciones. ¡Bravo!

    20. Love the translation almost as much as the original Spanish version! The humor used in the book to portray the underlying serious implications of a homophobic society on the island is perfect and synonymous with our "isla" way of life. We joke about serious things and we laugh when we're worried, we make biting remarks behind a mask of humor and then say things like, "nene relax, I'm just kidding!"

    21. Mundo Cruel by Luis Negrón; Spanish EditionThis is a collection of 9 short stories.In "El Elegido," a “Chosen” evangelical candidate for baptism- which happens when he turns fifteen - narrates his homosexual adventures with the sons some of the parishioners, the minister's son, a bus conductor, a famous singer - who taught him how to smoke as he was taken to cheap motels in Caguas. The narrator is criticized for wearing effeminate white clothing to his baptism ceremony, however this makes t [...]

    22. 3.5 estrellas, aproximadas a 3.Son historias muy bien logradas en cuanto a forma, a pesar de poseer cierta caludad experimental en sus formatos de diálogo, mensajes escritos y lenguaje coloquial, pero el contenido se queda quizá muy en la superficie. Entiendo perfectamente el propósito de Negrón en retratar un paisaje y recurrir a las exageraciones para recalcar los aspectos importantes, pero siempre esperé un poco más de impacto emocional. Destacan la primera historia, "El elegido", y la [...]

    23. At times stereotypical and (I find) excessively graphic, this was still pretty effortless to get through. While I enjoy (the easily comparable) Junot Díaz a lot more, I appreciate Negrón’s focus on the puertorrican LGBT demographic, which tied these stories together in a more effective way than many short story collections that I’ve read before. Whilst I can’t say I loved any of them, I found both The Garden and Junito endearing and effective - even if they would have, alone, failed to c [...]

    24. Un libro comiquísimo y desconcertante. Me encantaron "el jardín" (acabo de leerlo y todavía me aprieta el pecho "como si un perro me mordiera ahí) y "botella". Las madres preocupadas de "muchos" me dieron un golpe de nostalgia. (¿Se puede sentir nostalgia por algo que nunca quieres volver a ver o sentir? Conozco a muchas madres preocupadas. Tal vez sentí más bien "reconocimiento".) No todos los cuentos tuvieron el mismo impacto—"junito" y "la Edwin" me dieron igual.

    25. Una colección de relatos cortos que tienen mucho para hablar. Lo que me ha encantado del autor es la narrativa, tiene un estilo muy pulcro que puede variar con suma facilidad de una narrativa que denota su intelecto a una narrativa bastante coloquial y "callejera" que lejos de quitarle mérito a las historias las dota de mayor belleza porque permite ver mejor el contexto, vida de los personajes que está describiendo.Mis favoritos han sido Junito y el jardín. Aunque todos tienen mérito.

    26. Este libro me lleno de sentimientos, de risa, de coraje y de tristeza. Luis Negrón hace que veamos una perspectiva nueva desde el punto de vista de puertorriqueños homosexuales y el prejuicio que tienen las personas hacia ellos. Son diversas historias cada una de ellas únicas. Primer libro de literatura "queer" que he leído que tiene tanta realidad en solo unas páginas.

    27. Very short collection of short stories. This is my first encounter with gay fiction, which made it all the more interesting to read something different. Especially enjoyed the dog story.

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