A Hopeful Heart

A Hopeful Heart In A Hopeful Heart the first novel of the new Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series from best selling author Amy Clipston Hannah finds herself at a crossroads in her life Her community offers h

  • Title: A Hopeful Heart
  • Author: Amy Clipston
  • ISBN: 9780310319986
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • In A Hopeful Heart, the first novel of the new Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series from best selling author Amy Clipston, Hannah finds herself at a crossroads in her life Her community offers her love and support after the untimely death of her husband, but an Englisher offers her the chance of a new life after her unexpected tragedy Wealthy businessman Trey PeterIn A Hopeful Heart, the first novel of the new Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series from best selling author Amy Clipston, Hannah finds herself at a crossroads in her life Her community offers her love and support after the untimely death of her husband, but an Englisher offers her the chance of a new life after her unexpected tragedy Wealthy businessman Trey Peterson is surprised by his attraction to the gentle Amish woman who works as a housekeeper in the Lancaster Grand Hotel They share a common bond of loss and are able to offer each other comfort and support as they journey through their grief Joshua Glick wants nothing than to offer his friendship and love to Hannah and her family Not only is he her late husband s brother and business partner, he has always been in love with Hannah A Hopeful Heart is filled with surprising twists as Hannah tries to balance her life in the Amish community and her growing love for an outsider.

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    1. I readily admit that I love Amy Clipston as an author and a person. But this book is *fabulous*! It's the first in the series and sets the pace for the others to follow. I won't give away any spoilers, but Hannah has had a lot of big changes in her life after the death of her beloved husband. And so has Englisher Trey. Hannah's brother in law Joshua has always loved her and wants to turn their business partnership into more--a marriage. What a perfect love triangle! Told only the way a Christian [...]

    2. Hannah Glick’s family doesn’t entirely approve of her working in the Lancaster Grand Hotel, but it’s a necessity in order to support her family following her husband’s death. With the help of her brother-in-law, Jonathan, Hannah is able to keep her husband’s horse business running and keep an eye on her family. As much as she knows her children need a father figure in their life, Hannah hasn’t found someone she can see herself spending the rest of her life with—until she runs into [...]

    3. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read by this author so I was just a tiny bit surprised that I wasn’t all that enthralled with this book.I really tried but I just couldn’t find the love for this book. I honestly felt nothing but frustration with the characters. I thought the mom was very selfish and it bothered me that she let one of her teen daughters go live with someone else so that she could do what she wanted. It bothered me to be honest. I have sat a good long while on even writing thi [...]

    4. Amy Clipston has written a delightful tale of hope and healing in A Hopeful Heart. Hannah Glick, an Amish widow who is working in housekeeping at the Lancaster Grand Hotel, meets English widow, Trey Peterson, who is staying at the hotel. He is hoping to fulfill his former wife's dream of running a Bed & Breakfast in Lancaster's Amish country. Hannah is hoping to be able to provide for her family and find love again. What is God's will for their lives? To be together, one of them must give up [...]

    5. Not my favorite Amy Clipston book, but I still enjoyed it. As always, the portrayals of the Amish way of life were well done and seemed realistic. Almost all of her books involve characters moving on from heartbreak so it was enjoyable to see that as well. However with this one, I just wasn't a fan of the romance. It was just too sudden for me and I didn't really sense a connection between the two of them. As a result, their declarations of love seemed to come out of nowhere.

    6. I enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. The ending made me very happy. It was exactly what I wanted to have happen. I liked the main characters. They were quite different in some ways, one is Amish and the other is English, and it made for an interesting story.

    7. Hannah Glick lost her husband a few years ago but continues to live on the farm where he and his brother Joshua raised horses. She is the mother of 16 year old twin girls and a 10 year old son. The family is getting along well but she still misses her husband and has gone to work at the Grand Hotel in Paradise to help supplement the business so they can hire Joshua some help. The property actually belongs to her in-laws and she has to pay them rent to live in the house. Joshua has loved Hannah s [...]

    8. A Hopeful Heart was written by Amy Clipston as Book One in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Series and printed by Zondervan. It is the story of Hannah Glick, who is a young widow with 16 year-old fraternal twin girls and a younger son, Andrew. She works at the Lancaster Grand Hotel in Paradise, Pennsylvania as a maid to supplement the income from her late husband Gideon’s and his brother’s horse farm. Jacob is her brother-in-law and has been in love with her since before she married h [...]

    9. My Thoughts About The Book: I love Amish fiction and was thrilled to have the opportunity to review this book for Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze Blogging Program. Because it was an Amish story I devoured the book and read this book all the way through in one day. Once I started it I could not put it down. The resolution was a bit hard to swallow. Trey and Hannah fell in love too quickly, after just one brief conversation. I haven't read an Amish fiction book where things were resolved in that way, [...]

    10. After reading The Outsider by Penelope Williamson, "A Hopeful Heart" grabbed my attention by the similar plot. It is the first book in a series from "Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel", and from the very first page I knew this was truly going to be a "Grand" journey, that might even surpass The Outsider! The 317 pages just flew by, as Miss Amy Clipston tells the story of young, widowed Hannah Glick, a maid at the hotel who awkwardly and unexpectedly encounters one of the English guest's, Trey. [...]

    11. Get comfy in your favorite reading spot and get ready to enjoy the first book in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series.Amish widow Hannah Glick meets Englisher widower Trey Peterson under embarrassing circumstances at the hotel where she is working and he is a guest. After their initial embarrassment the two become friends. Their friendship is met with disapproval though by Hannah's family, especially her brother-in-law Joshua. He has had feelings for Hannah for a long time and would li [...]

    12. A Hopeful Heart is just that, and full of painful decisions, and life changing ones. Trey Peterson has suffered the imaginable, losing both his wife and daughter to a horrible accident. He was away at the time on one of his many business trips, this saved his life, but he now wishes it hadn’t. He is now dealing with the ramifications of not being there, being spared, oh if only it could have been him? Trey is now trying to make a dream of his wife’s come true, opening an Amish style Bed and [...]

    13. Hannah Glick is a widow who finds two men vying for her love, a handsome Englischer widower and her late husband's brother.This was definitely a story that turned out to be different from what I expected. Most Amish stories I've read deal with finding love in the Amish community or the youth finding love and deciding whether or not to stay with the faith.Hannah is not the typical Amish heroine, she's older and she's questioning her community. While I loved the story there were several things tha [...]

    14. Amy Clipston is one of my favorite authors. She writes with a crisp, clean smoothness that makes reading a pleasure. In A Hopeful Heart the first book in the Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series we meet sweet,kind Hannah.Hannah is a widow from the Amish community who works in the Lancaster Grand Hotel.The reader can identify with Hannah has she tries to come grips with the loss of her husband. As always the Amish community surrounds and takes care of their own when tragedy strikes. But Han [...]

    15. First let me say that I do not enjoy having a book ruined for me by spoilers. GoodReads has spoiler settings for a reason people. Use it.OK. Now that I've gotten that out of my system.Even though some incredibly rude person (who also didn't like the book) essentially ruined the ending for me, I went ahead and read the book because it started out really well (when I read that review, I was already about 15 pages into the story) and I wanted to see it through.I wasn't sorry.I really enjoyed the bo [...]

    16. I appreciated the unusual resolution the author used to the main problem in this story. I haven't read an Amish fiction book where things were resolved in that particular manner (of course that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist), and I appreciated the change. She also doesn't portray the Amish as the practically perfect people that a lot of the Amish fiction seems to. We all have our problems, don't we? Although many of them were kind and gentle, they were human and things around her were not p [...]

    17. This is the first book I have read of Amy Clipston's but it will not be the last!Amy is an exceptionally talented author whose writing puts you right into the scene. You can feel the pain, heart-break, worry and fear of her characters. You can also feel the hints of a fledgling attraction and the jealousy!On another note, I don't believe I have ever read another Amish fiction novel quite like this one so full marks to Amy for telling an entirely original story!Whether you read Amish fiction or n [...]

    18. A wonderful Amish story with a unique twist. The story of Hannah, her family and friends was refreshing as always. Hannah has a difficult, unexpected choice to make. This book illustrates how important it is we remain close to God and to follow Him where he directs. Looking forward to the next in this series.

    19. I love Amy's books. I enjoyed a lot of things about this book but just a few things to getpast. The speed of following in love just isn't realistic, I know this is a bookof fiction but still. I enjoy the building relationship between Hannah and Trey, it just needed tonot be so rushed. Enjoyed Amanda and Mike,looking forward to seeing where that goes in the next book.

    20. This is so good. I love the new characters. The plot is strong. It's a great introduction to a new series. I'm counting down the days until book two is out. Clipston knows how to grab readers from the beginning.

    21. Pros:Clean story. A (female) was the most developed character behind H. I did see some points where A (male) was true to age. Interesting take on the Amish-Englischer love triangle.Cons:I felt like Ms. Clipston’s heart wasn’t in the story, I’ve loved every book I’ve read of hers previously, but this one was a struggle to get through. The characters were not well-developed, and their monologues were very surface level. I felt like J was infantile in his interactions H; it seemed like he w [...]

    22. I couldn't stop listening to this audio book!! I found myself wanting to steal away to listen to it all day long, I even took the long way home in my car so I c. I so badly wanted to know what Hannah was going to decide. While I really enjoyed this book it lost stars because I felt like it was a bit drawn out and repetitive with Hannah retelling her decisions to every single character. It also ended leaving me wanting more, which I think is part of setting up for the rest of the series. But now [...]

    23. I found this book different to other 'Amish' fiction, I have read. Different? A lot of books I've read focus on young people going through Rumspringa or other issues. This one was focused on a young widow who fell in love with an 'Englischer' and the problems that caused her and how she processed them and came to a life changing decision. I enjoyed the book, and would recommend it to others.

    24. Very good Amish book. A story about a widow's struggles to decide if she wants to accept the proposal of her Amish brother-in-law and remain Amish or accept the proposal of an Englisher and become English. She had the added dilemma that her three children might not like her choice if she picks the English man. She would be shunned forever by the Amish and possibly lose her children if they don't agree with her choice.

    25. I have to admit I was expecting just another Amish story. Like so many others, but I should have known Amy Clipson doesn't write like the others! The final decision of the main character Hannah kept me wondering all the way to the end! And that MIL Barbie. What a piece of work. Ugh. It was a good story that I enjoyed!

    26. A Hopeful Heart ReviewThe book was very heartwarming. Hannah was a strong Amish woman who loved her children and was concerned about their future. Her faith was strong and she prayed over her decisions.I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    27. This is an interesting story centered around the main characters feelings during this tale. Amish women are given the role of being the leaders to this ending. copy right 2013

    28. Beautiful Story of LoveThis book IS well worth reading. Takes you through the process of leaving one lifestyle to move onto a new way of life.

    29. I love this author and a great clean Amish romance! This is the first in the series and I look forward to reading the others.

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