Red-Eye Dawn

Red Eye Dawn Paul Cronin has never been one to improvise Now he s found himself in the middle of a brand new world with brand new rules He would be the first one to play by those rules heck he d relish them if o

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  • Title: Red-Eye Dawn
  • Author: Jordan Castillo Price
  • ISBN: 9781476365220
  • Page: 282
  • Format: ebook
  • Paul Cronin has never been one to improvise Now he s found himself in the middle of a brand new world, with brand new rules He would be the first one to play by those rules heck, he d relish them if only he knew what they were.Luckily for Paul, his predecessor Marlin already discovered the lay of the land, and that research is passed along to him It should help him oriePaul Cronin has never been one to improvise Now he s found himself in the middle of a brand new world, with brand new rules He would be the first one to play by those rules heck, he d relish them if only he knew what they were.Luckily for Paul, his predecessor Marlin already discovered the lay of the land, and that research is passed along to him It should help him orient himself Unfortunately, Marlin s logic is so bizarre, poring through his notes offers very little comfort What kind of man believes in all that airy fairy new age stuff And, importantly, what kind of man is Paul Length Novelette 8600 words 29 PDF pages

    One thought on “Red-Eye Dawn”

    1. JCP continues pulling this apart, heaping in the questions, tightening the relationship dynamics.Going in for more

    2. "What happens to the other gum—the gum that stayed with the passenger? If we chew some here, does a piece of the other gum just disappear?"This is the kind of question that keeps you thinking all throughout this episode. I mean, the walls of reality, of expectation are meaningless! LOLIt's also cool as hell.Like this!And then there were all the neurological things that happened while the body was in its nightly stasis. What about those things—brain things? Electrical, neurochemical…what ha [...]

    3. 3.5This is getting better and better.Paul is still trying to understand where he ended up, what happened during the turbulence. He is also trying to decide whether he could/should eat and drink or even breathe. His panic is funny. All the captain and Dallas could do is to wait out for his panic to subside.As before, we get a few moments that happened in the past. Even though Marlin is dead and Paul took his place on the flight, he still plays a very important role in the story.

    4. I was really hoping this would pick up right where 2 left off. Ms. Price does just that, but not in the direction I was MOST hoping for Ms. Price writes anticipation extremely well!! This series has a little bit of everything. Creepy, fun, humor, romance and great charaters. Oh well, it was very good and once again, I can't wait for the next one!!! 4 stars!!

    5. "Riveting stuff, Mulder and Scully. Please, continue your good work," Skinner said.Yes, I'm continuing with The X-Files comparison. I'm determined to wring every last drop out of it.JCP, I love you. You're one excellent writer. This episode just about knocked my socks off. And that's without any sex scenest. ;)Hitherto, we've had only theories based on assumption about the ins and outs of how the turbulence-induced split realities/bodies/personalities work. Now we have actual science experiments [...]

    6. К сожалению, не увлекла ни мистика ни роман. Скучно и картонно как-то. Хотя сюжет оригинальный (ну почти) для ММ романа, все равно не увлекло.

    7. Another excellent installment of JCP’s new serial novel “Turbulence.” In this third episode, Paul is still puzzling out what it means to be laying-over in an empty post-turbulence Bermuda as well as learns from Kaye and Dallas what they have picked up from their earlier trips. As he’s figuring out the ground-rules for Flight 511, he realizes he has some big decisions to make. We’re now about 100 pages in, and even though a lot of questions are still flying around (including all that de [...]

    8. This episode gives us more background about the mystery and is focused on the details of the experiences so far and more about Marlin. As was true in the others, I found myself with more and more questions. I didn't find this one quite as interesting but that was mostly because I really wanted a lot more of the romance.

    9. Very good installment of the serial in which Paul starts to freak out about their situation, but gains calm from an unexpected source.

    10. 4.2 StarsOMG OMGOMG! Curiouser and curiouseris story has me enthralled! Damn, I wish I'd rolled something more accommodating for UTC Jeopardy so that I could keep reading.

    11. What an adventureRed Eye Dawn is the third installment of the Turbulence series and I'm hooked! We follow the crew of Flight 511 on their exploits into the Bermuda Triangle. What an imagination this author has. It's almost as if she has it on expert authority everything she's written in the book or perhaps has even experienced this flight herself. I must rate this series so far, 5 stars!

    12. This is seriously f-ed up. I don't think I want to fly through to Bermuda. And this babying sitting shit is for the dogs. Who wants to have to babysit these autopilots? Really, if it were me babysitting and these people don't know what happened? I'd probably lock them up the entire time. Okay, maybe I'd do a little pegging too. Yes, Paul, that's why your ass hurts.

    13. I liked this installment of the Turbulence series, for the crazy amount of possibilities of what can and can’t be done, or what should or shouldn't be done in empty Bermuda. I think my head is still spinning possibilities :)

    14. Paul really bugged me in this book. He should have giving more trust to the other 2 since they have been doing it for a year. how he questioned everything after the fact i was like uggggg shut up paul. his hotness status went way down in this not. not my fav chapter novel in the series

    15. I noticed Dallas stays in the cockpit for the return flight. What would happen if he went into the cabin? Would there be 2 of him after the turbulence? Would he witness all the passengers suddenly pop into existence? I need to read the next one.

    16. Still adoring this series, the books are short but well written and fun to read with good story line and amazing characters. Two thumbs up!

    17. Price's free stuff is better than most of my purchases. And what's this: Interrracial romance and out of body experiences? A favorite author who never fails to deliver the best.

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