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  1. AND NOW IS THE TIME OF YEAR I FLOAT OLD CHRISTMAS REVIEWS TO COUNTDOWN TO BING BONG BING BONG!!THIS BOOK!!in the words of the author(s)where have you been all my life?? this book is just insane amounts of fun. the premise is very simple: danny is a greedy little boy who learns an important lesson about why we don't try to test the limits of santa's generosity. because santa has tricks up his sleeve, and ways to make naughty boys into nice boys for next year's reckoning. santa leaves danny a sing [...]

  2. This is by far one of the funniest, cutest and prettiest Christmas books I own. I absolutely loved it although it's a children's book. If you have children you should definitely read this one to them. It's hilarious!!

  3. Danny wants everything for Christmas. But what he gets is a dinosaur, a very hungry dinosaur.Danny's new dino eats up all of Christmas, but as we all know, what goes in must come out . . .Danny is about to have the most EXPLOSIVE Christmas of his life!There's poop, presents and prehistoric creatures in this festive feast!I saw this book while looking at the books in Asda. I really wasn't sure what to expect for the story but I stood and it read while waiting for my mum and sister to finish shopp [...]

  4. A lovely rhyming book that tells the story of a greedy young boy who was never satisfied with his mountains of toys. For that reason Santa placed a dinosaur egg under the Christmas tree to teach him a lesson. The egg hatched and out popped a dinosaur. The dinosaur ate everything in sight including poor old mum and dad! With the dinosaur feeling ever so guilty for eating everything and everyone he could only do one thing Hence the title. The title and front cover alone had my class of Nursery chi [...]

  5. When I found out that two members of one of my favorite bands wrote a children's Chrismtas book, I knew I needed it. Then when I found out it was called the Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas, I was done lol.It's a very cute and interesting take on teaching a child the true meaning of Christmas. With hilarious dialogue (even a little gross towards the end), this made me giggle like none other. This will definitely be read each Christmas :)

  6. Read to me aloud by a beautiful person in a beautiful moment that made me love this book even more than I probably would if I read it by myself.This is a book I will definitely be reading to my kids, as I will tell them about the circumstances in which it was read to me (if I ever have kids, that is).Thank you so much Rafiki for introducing me to this lovely story!

  7. Story - 5Writing Style - 5Illustrations - 5Overall - A Big Fat 5 Brilliant, just brilliant. What child is not going to love a book about a dinosaur and poop?!The rhyming pattern is great, good for spotting rhyming words. Flows so well, makes it a joy to read aloud.One predictable part giving children the opportunity to join in and shout POOP as loud as they can, which is just hilarious when reading it in school.Illustrations are just wonderfully done, so lovely to look at. Dinosaur looks so happ [...]

  8. Danny wants a lot for Christmas, but what he ends up getting is a dinosaur and not just any dinosaur a very hungry dinosaur. He eats up all of Christmas, and we all know what goes in at some point must come out. so read this book to find out exactly what happens. This book is hilarious and full of laughs. This book would be great in any classroom, but mainly just a funny story around Christmas.

  9. A triumphMy five year old is going to love this. Contains the magic words "butt", "poo" and "bum". I didn't see a "fart" but I was too busy enjoying the fantastic illustrations so no shame there.

  10. A dinosaur. Eats Christmas. And then shits it all out again. HILARIOUS! A point docked because it feels like the dinosaur is just cashing in on the season.

  11. I really enjoyed this bookIt was a gift to my 6 year old step daughters who giggled the whole way through A good festive yarn

  12. Really more for adults than children, Fletcher's story is a based on the punishing side of Santa. If you're naughty, bad things will happen. Youth & adults can laugh and talk about greed, the meaning of christmas, and the spiritual issue of judgment. But for younger children, it just might be a bit too scary. I also wouldn't recommend it for folks who've undergone a recent disaster, like a giant storm and flood. Check below the spoiler alert for why.Spoiler alert, turn back now:Tired of one [...]

  13. The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas is a fantastic book that really is laugh out loud funny! I'm a huge fan of rhyming books especially funny ones and this book manages to tick all the boxes and is a hoot for reading out loud! My daughter loved it so much she begged me to let her bring it to nursery school because she just wanted to share the fabulous Pooping Dino with others! There is also a fab little message for little ones in here about being too greedy! The illustrations are marvelous and ca [...]

  14. I had to read to see how you could make this work for Christmas, it about a greedy boy for which he never has enough so Santa decides to leave him an egg which hatches into a dinosaur who eats everything inc mum and dad ( honestly not a gruesome as it sounds, ,,,,, ok it is a lil ) Very funny and suitable for wee ones, and big ones alike, especially boys. young and old.The book flows in rhymes making it simple, fun and easy to express emotion as you read and expect the one your reading it to, to [...]

  15. Seriously one of the best books ever. The little boy, Harry, reminds me of lot of children I have worked with. The magical story about this dinosaur that eats everything is just fantastic.It's also great that it's written by two members from my favourite band. I have read this lots and lots of times for myself and for children I work with and I will never ever get tired of it.In fact, I'm gonna read it again right now! :')

  16. I'm 20 and I bought this for myself because of Tom and Dougie, but it's one of the funniest, most adorable children's books ever! It was nice to learn the meanings and stories behind a lot of the songs, even if I already knew a good amount of them. It's exactly what you'd expect a children's book to be from the minds of Tom and Dougie. I can't wait for the sequel!

  17. When Tom and Dougie announced they were writing a children's book, I knew I had to get it haha.I'm 20 years old and I actually loved this book, it generally had my laughing out loud!It has their typical sense of humour in it and to be honest, I do think it's kind of clever with the way they've written it.Love it.

  18. Another bright read featuring a greedy boy and an extra greedy dinosaur. Fun and rhythmical but does talk an awful lot about pooping in a mild lighthearted way of course, something kids often giggle about. But it may not appeal to everyone.

  19. Really funny story. I will be buying a copy for my brother to give to my 8 month old nephew when he's old enough to understand it. I'm sure he'll love it. A Dinosaur that popped Christmas. Who wouldn't?

  20. My friend gave me this as an early Christmas present. It taught me two things1. My friend is insane.2. Just because small children like:a) dinosaursb) poo it doesn't mean you should put them both in the same story.

  21. I love this book so so much, it's suitable for kids, adults, dogs, cats everyone. All the kids i've read it with have absolutely loved it and talk about it for days/weeks after.It quite long which is good but not at all boring :)

  22. Lo que me rio con este libro no tiene nombre y eso que es de unas 20 hojas. Las ilustraciones son preciosas aunque debo admitir que la historia no es algo que me llene mucho, pero está claro que es para alguien muchísimo más pequeño que yo.

  23. By far one of the best children's Christmas books that I have ever read! It's funny, well written and is beautifully illustrated. I'm sure we are all going to laugh and enjoy the book for years to come.Highly recommended.

  24. Great fun and the whole poop angle will appeal to most kids (andahemults). It is a bit of a rip off of How the Grinch Stole Christmas though with definite overtones of the legendary Dr Seuss. Still very enjoyable and the illustrations are wonderful.

  25. Love Dougie and Tom And well of McflyIt was rather awkward walking into the shop going 'I AM GETTING THE DINOSAUR THAT POOPED CHRISTMAS"My mum was like its for your sister right? NO IT'S FOR MEEI loved this book it's so good (: The rhymes everything ahah

  26. I love it Even though it's a childrens book. And I read it to my siblings all the time (2&5 years) and she keeps asking: "Can't we read the book with the dinosaur that poops?"

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