Nikki Powergloves- A Hero is Born

Nikki Powergloves A Hero is Born Perfect for kids aged or advanced younger readers aged Nikki Nickerson hates her name and her boring life as a nine year old in the small town of Cragglyville That is until she finds a disap

  • Title: Nikki Powergloves- A Hero is Born
  • Author: David Estes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 484
  • Format: None
  • Perfect for kids aged 7 10 or advanced younger readers aged 4 6 Nikki Nickerson hates her name and her boring life as a nine year old in the small town of Cragglyville That is, until she finds a disappearing path into a forest that is rud to be haunted At the end of the trail, she and her dog, Mr Miyagi, find a beautiful treasure chest, standing ready for her to clPerfect for kids aged 7 10 or advanced younger readers aged 4 6 Nikki Nickerson hates her name and her boring life as a nine year old in the small town of Cragglyville That is, until she finds a disappearing path into a forest that is rud to be haunted At the end of the trail, she and her dog, Mr Miyagi, find a beautiful treasure chest, standing ready for her to claim What does the chest contain Gold No Diamonds Nah Money Not even close The chest contains twelve multi colored gloves Nikki s disappointment quickly morphs into delight when she discovers that the gloves are much than just a cheesy fashion accessory You see, each pair of gloves gives her a different power, such as stopping time or super strength With a little help from her best friend, Spencer Quick, Nikki Nickerson is transformed into Nikki Powergloves, crime fighting superhero But every hero needs a villain and she soon finds hers in the form of Jimmy Powerboots, a smug and misguided youth who uncovers a similar treasure and chooses to use his newfound powers for evil Nikki must find a way to de boot her arch nemesis and stop his maniacal plans.

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    1. I was more than honored when David asked if my son, Anthony, would be a Beta reader for his Nikki Powergloves series. When he asked, I was very excited, but I wasn't sure how my son would react.Well, he loved these books. He zipped through them in no time flat. When he was finished with the first, he could not wait for me to load the next one onto his Kindle!Anthony said one of his most favorite things about this series is it's ability to make him laugh. He loves that he can giggle while reading [...]

    2. A Hero is Born is the first book in a children’s series that centers around a young girl who discovers super powered gloves and begins her transformation into a hero. This book is perfect for young readers around the ages of 7 to 10, it may be a bit too simple for those with higher reader levels.Nikki Powergloves is such a cute book which really taps into a kid’s desire to be a hero, but the best thing about this book is the fact that it shows the amount of care and thought that goes into tr [...]

    3. Nikki Powergloves is the fun and adorable story of a 9 year old girl learning how to make the world a better place, and discovering her own powers.Its a normal summer, when Nikki discovers a groundhog called a "Weeble" who gives her a fantastic gift: a magic treasure chest filled with magical gloves. Each pair is a different color and has a different ability.At first, Nikki and her best friend, Spencer have nothing but fun, playing around with the gloves and unlocking their powers. Then they mee [...]

    4. Can you say, “A wonderful and exciting adventure that makes me want to be nine again, or least have cool Power Gloves?” Nikki’s adventures and mishaps with her magical Power Gloves is a great children’s book filled with action, imagination, and a few lessons learned along the way. Nikki is led to a magical and mystical box by an unusual creature who has been trying to get her attention for days! Inside, are many sets of gloves, each with a magical, “super hero” power, only to be worn [...]

    5. Nikki Nickerson is an average 9 year old kid from the little town of Cragglyville. Bored of her age, name and lackluster summer, she yearns for excitement. One hot summer day on her search for a great adventure, she meets a strange looking animal, whom she calls a "beaver-pine," in the woods. After deeming Nikki worthy of bearing such responsibility, the creature gives Nikki an impossibly heavy chest full of seemingly ordinary gloves. However, each pair of gloves holds a remarkable power! With g [...]

    6. I was blessed that David asked my 8 year old son to read this book. When David described the book i knew my soon would love it instantly.Of course i was right he loved this one instantly and went straight onto the next. He loved that Nikki had super powers and wanted to have super powers of his own, and he loved her gloves he kept talking about it. He also loved her sidekick's powers. I loved it that every day he was coming home doing his homework and off to read Nikki he went he would read abou [...]

    7. I was given this book in return for an honest review. Nikki is a 9 year old girl who finds a disappearing path into a haunted forest, so of course, she goes down it. With her dog Mr. Miyagi, she discovers a beautiful chest at the end of the trail. Once opened, she realizes it's filled with a bunch of colorful gloves. Soon Nikki and her best friend discover that these aren't just any gloves, each glove gives Nikki a different power, good news is, she has someone to use them against. Jimmy, a nast [...]

    8. Review Done by my son, 9 years oldIt was a terrific book! I really liked Nikki and her sidekick, Spence. I liked how she battled Jimmy in the first book. Review by MeI had the pleasure and honor to read these books as a Beta Reader along with my son. I loved the story line and characters of this children's series. It was original, funny, and heartwarming. The author is one of a kind, able to capture the imagination of children, young adults, and adults with his writing. Kudos to Mr. Estes! I def [...]

    9. Nikki Nickerson is an average nine year old girl. She isn't overly popular or stunningly attractive. She probably wouldn't stand out in a crowd. One fine summer day, that all changes when Nikki stumbles across a fantastical creature. A cross between a porcupine and a beaver and possessing the ability of speech, this creature gives Nikki a treasure chest. He warns Nikki that she must be willing to shoulder the responsibility that comes with his gift. Inside the chest are 9 pairs of gloves, each g [...]

    10. Author: Kevin EstesGrade Level: 2-5Lexile: 400Nikki is bummed when she finds out her best friend, Spencer, is going away for the summer with his dad. She has nothing to do and no one to do it with. Right when she thinks she’s doomed, she finds a Beaverpine, or correctly known as a Weeble, in a clearing in a forest. When her curiosity gets the best of her and she follows it into the woods, she’s introduced to the Weeble, who has a special gift for her, a treasure chest! Inside the chest are g [...]

    11. I got a copy for review in exchange for an honest review.I had so much fun reading this book! Normally I don't read childrens book, simply because I am not a child. The reason why I picked this up? Because David Estes has written it and I just had to read it. Also YA and adult stories never deal with superhero's and it's nice for a change to read a book about superhero's.Although the book is written for children I think people off all ages can enjoy it. I seldomly have so much fun while reading [...]

    12. Even heroes make mistakes.This is the kind of adventure all kids dream about (okay probably not all kids, but they should). Mr. Estes breezy writing sets the stage for fun escapades with Nikki from page one. Nikki is imaginative, teachable, and could be a real nine-year-old kid. She makes mistakes while getting a handle on her powers which leads to consequences that affect others, but she does take responsibility for them and tries to fix them. I see this as the big difference between her and th [...]

    13. This book is great for 7-10 year olds, as well as a fun quick read for others.Nikki Powergloves is about a nine year old girl named Nikki Nickerson. She hates her name. The small town she lives in, Cragglyville, is very boring. So, Nikki decides to go on an adventure.She ventures into the forest and finds a Weeble. This mysterious creature asked her if she can handle the responsibility of a treasure chest. Nikki is immediately excited and promises to handle the chest responsibly.Excited as ever, [...]

    14. Nikki Nickerson finds a magic trunk full of magical gloves that gives her different superpowers depending on the color of the glove. She takes on the superhero name of Nikki Powergloves and along with her trusty sidekick, her best friend Spencer, sets out to do good deeds.Nikki is the perfect superhero for youngsters. This story is cute and clever and sends the right messages to kids about doing what's right!I started out reading this book with my 9 year old granddaughter whenever she'd spend th [...]

    15. Perfect for the 7-10 age range. The chapters are short and well named. We also liked that the narrator really did seem young. So many children's books are written from the perspective of a young child but they sound like adults. The story was engrossing and fantastic. The kids looked around for weeks for their own treasure chest of super powers. There were no hard words, and anything slightly difficult could be easily looked up.

    16. Taking a little longer to read than we would like, but the kids are loving it.If only we didn't have to do homework and could read all day everydayUGH!!!But the idea behind the story is great and colorful - literally - with Nikki and her "powergloves" making a difference and changing lives. My kids love the fact that there are so many gloves to choose from and they each have a special power. Very creative!

    17. Great for kidsThis book will intrude children and young adults to read. The character Nikki finds out she can have super powers but what to do with those powers. How can she hide her identity from her small town? That is when her best friend comes in handy, genius Spencer had all the answers. lots of action and adventure in this story. A great read.

    18. I just finished the book yesterday, and I asked myself if I could wanted to find the next one. The answer? Yes!! I absolutely LOVED this book and I wanted to read the next one but I can't find it. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read an exciting but not scary book.

    19. Mum got this book from the author and i loved it, and im very happy there is not just one book beacuse i wanted more adventures.

    20. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    21. Nikki Powergloves: A Hero is Born is a very cute story. My 9-year-old especially enjoyed it. It sets up the rest of the series, but can be read as a standalone. It’s a great book for elementary aged kids and makes a great read-aloud!

    22. A really first class children's book that is enjoyable for all age groups. David Estes really brings the character of Nikki to life and I like her, think of Valkyrie Cain at the age of nine.Quote from Nikki (bored) - "Robbing a bank could be exciting, she thought. She could be like Jessie James and Billy the Kid. An outlaw, always one step ahead of the law! No way, the much wiser part of her brain said, your parents will ground you for a month if you rob a bank."I recommend this book to everyone [...]

    23. The first book in my Nikki Powergloves children's series (ages 7-10 or advanced readers 4-6) had my beta readers reaching for the sequel right away! In this book you learn all about Nikki's superpowers and meet her archnemesis Jimmy Powerboots! Can she save her little town of Cragglyville from Jimmy's tricks? Find out at the start of The Adventures of Nikki Powergloves!!!

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