Entwined with You

Entwined with You From the moment I first met Gideon Cross I recognized something in him that I needed Something I couldn t resist I saw the dangerous and damaged soul inside so much like my own I was drawn to it I ne

  • Title: Entwined with You
  • Author: Sylvia Day
  • ISBN: 9780425263921
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the moment I first met Gideon Cross, I recognized something in him that I needed Something I couldn t resist I saw the dangerous and damaged soul inside so much like my own I was drawn to it I needed him as surely as I needed my heart to beat.No one knows how much he risked for me How much I d been threatened, or just how dark and desperate the shadow of our pasFrom the moment I first met Gideon Cross, I recognized something in him that I needed Something I couldn t resist I saw the dangerous and damaged soul inside so much like my own I was drawn to it I needed him as surely as I needed my heart to beat.No one knows how much he risked for me How much I d been threatened, or just how dark and desperate the shadow of our pasts would become.Entwined by our secrets, we tried to defy the odds We made our own rules and surrendered completely to the exquisite power of possession

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    1. “You own me, Eva. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I belong to you.”Entwined With You was everything I could have wanted! I was thrilled with the story, happy with the ending and now am excited for the next books!I LOVED IT!!! 5++ STARS! Since this is book #3 in the series, I am not going to talk about the plot at all here. This is not a standalone and should only be read after both Bared to You and Reflected in You.First you can all rest easy because there is NO RELATIONSHIP CLIFFHANGER [...]

    2. “Sweet dreams, baby,” I whispered, wrapping my arms over his around my middle.His mouth curved against my neck. “My dreams already came true.”I loved this book! I am SOOOOO happy I enjoyed it and it didn't disappoint me!I think keeping my expectations low after the disaster of Reflected worked ;)•It had amazing drama•Great story line•The characters felt more mature; like they didn't cling they way they did in Reflected. The seemed wayh more stable.•There was a lot of sex, but thi [...]

    3. You see that? That, right there?That’s me. Well, I’m slightly more feminine looking with a better rack.But yeah, that look on that face?I’m wearing the same one. And I just finished this book. Now, I know what you, “Crossfire” fanatics, are thinking.But, HOLD ON A SEC! Okie dokie?I’m a huge fan of Miss Sylvia Day, too! Before I read this, I was counting down the days until it was released.***So remember that.***Because…First of all… this series was planned as a trilogy, right? If [...]

    4. 4 We Are All Officially Crossed/Cross' Stars"If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined."Gideon and Eva. What more can I say about a couple that defied all odds, fought everyone and anything standing in their way, clawed each other heart out, fixed it up and put it back to together but never returned it? They just kept them and gave their own to the other to hold safe, forever. A couple that drowned its problems with sex. That couldn't sleep together, afraid of lash [...]

    5. ** 1,5-2 "bored-out-of-my-mind" STARS **November 15th 2014I'm enraged right now because I've just wasted a huge amount of highly valued time on this book that I will never be able to take back.And why did I have to waste my time on rereading a book I didn't even like in the first place?BECAUSE THE AUTHOR PUT 1,5 YEARS BETWEEN BOOK#3 AND BOOK#4!When I realized that I didn't remember ANYTHING about the story, I was left with no choice but to go through the same torture, again, before Book#4 came o [...]

    6. It was what I dreamed off, but I have to be honest that this time there were a few moments that I could just smack Eva on the head! especially when she was around her old f*ck buddy Brett (she's bonkers when she hears things about Corinne etc but she can be around her buddy all she wants.rrrr) Also there wasn't really a big storyline throughout this book,it was more about some loose ends from the previous 2 books but nonetheless I really enjoyed seeing Gideon back! :)And it's official.is series [...]

    7. Now that I've finished my re-read, I can jump into book 4. I love me some Gideon and I'm excited to read some more of him <3 Rate the book Not Gideon. Rate the book Not Gideon. This is easier said than done. The book, a solid 3.5 stars Gideon- 5+ stars, my rating= 4 Stars.Lets take a look at my GideonGideon Cross had been designed to fuck a woman right out of her mind.And his EvaWe were two halves of the same soul.If you haven’t read Bared to You or Reflected in You, you should probably go [...]

    8. After reading this I gave the rating a 3 star. But now that I am writing my review and thinking about it, I am changing my rating to 2 stars!!! When I received my ARC in the mail I was so excited to read this. I been waiting a long time to finally getting back with Eva and Gideon. But what I got was. I left a damn good book I was in the middle of reading to start this. I feel I should have waited. Eva and Gideon talking more about their relationship instead of always having sex was nice. But it [...]

    9. If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined.The third book in the Crossfire series, Entwined with You continues the often tumultuous relationship between Gideon Cross, the twenty-eight year-old billionaire and one of the top twenty-five richest people in the world, and Eva Tramell.Ms Day does have a lovely writing style, if a little lavender for my tastes in contemporary romance. We'd mistaken our ferocious mutual captivation for lust until we realized we couldn't br [...]

    10. Let me start by saying I loved the first 2 books of this series tremendously. I was besotted with Gideon so i chose to overlook the trivial things about both the books that irked me.Even this time i've been fairly generous. I've given 3 stars only because i'm blinded by my lust for Gideon.Why Sylvia Day?The storyline was already thin and now she's stretching it out hopelessly. She's adding silly plotlines to set the scene for the next 2 books, which i doubt many people will buy.She's butchered u [...]

    11. DNF 23%I just couldn't get into it. I'm sorry but the story got boring and repetitive. (view spoiler)[the constant need for reassurance got old (hide spoiler)] . Gideon, I'm afraid we must go our separate ways. ["br"]>["br"]>

    12. Wow.I lovedI mean LOVEDe first book. The second book was 'meh'. But this? Holy hot mess, Batman. The flowery, over the top descriptions and dialogue was just too much. All the needless drama and ridiculous amount of angst. Ack!!! Honestly, I'm surprised I was able to finish the book at all. Definitely one of my most disappointing reads.

    13. ETA: JUNE?! Come on guys, you've now missed THREE major selling holidays -Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day for crying out loud, MOTHER'S DAY WOULD BE A GREAT SELLING POINT FOR THIS SERIES. *Shaking my head baffled* I mean they could've done a trilogy box-set and everything (although I think this series is now going to dragged out longer, now). Ok that's the end of my rant :).I can understand the publisher's intentions with pushing the release date back- you want to build up the antici [...]

    14. Holy Hotnesssss!!!Gideon is in another fcuking class of hotness!!!Honestly, Gideon Cross had been designed to fuck a woman right out of her mind.If you thought he was hot in the first two books, then this book will MELT your panties off!!!GideonEva"When I come, I come for you. Because of you and your mouth, hands, and insatiable little cunt. And it’ll be that way for you in reverse. My tongue, my fingers, my cum inside you. Just you and me, Eva. Intimate and raw.”Firstly- there is NO cliffy [...]

    15. Rating;2.5/5Yorum bilmem ne zaman gelir ama neyi anlatacağım ki? Seks bile otomatiğe vurmuş gitmiş kitapta. Üzgünüm Sylvia bundan daha iyisini beklerdim senden. (view spoiler)[ Bir tek evlendilerde ondan sonra kitap ilgi çekici olmaya başladı. Yoksa kitap boyunca entrika olsun, bir şeyler gelişsin diye bekledim. Nerede ikinci kitap, nerede bu. (hide spoiler)]Edit: Final confirmation of release date is June 4th. Why the heck this books release date delayed what like five SIX whole mo [...]

    16. ★★★★★! Entwined with you (book 3). The continuation of Gideon’s and Eva’s epic, spellbinding & addictive story with suspense, challenges, self-discovery and their intense dysfunctional love!“Gideon was a force of nature, his magnetic self-possession so powerful it put everyone around him in his shadow.”Best experienced, The Crossfire series is Gideon’s and Eva’s epic love story, both broken, flawed and co-dependent and yet so determined and relentless for their elusive [...]

    17. 3 stars - SPOILERS AHEAD - read a your own risk - am about to be a little ranty too so sorry in advance. Let me break this one down for you Gideon & Eva reconnect talk through their shit. have glossy & polished porn sex that's the first 10%. Gideon and Eva continue to reconnect talk some more and have some more glossy & polished porn style sex. That takes you up to 20%. OH - then - they talk even more have some more sex (nicely air brushed - porn style) - and you guessed it takes you [...]

    18. Absolutely blown away! I love these books so much! Just fantastic.And every time I read another one I fall a little bit more in love with Gideon Cross. But oh my God, the heartache. Jeeez, can't these two catch a break? There could not be more obstacles in their way. My goodness!"If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined."I don't even really know what to write right now. I feel like just writing a review that goes something likeIT'S AMAZING IT'S AMAZING IT'S AMAZIN [...]

    19. Dang did the crap happen in this book. It was one thing after another. Wow. Just wow. The writing was amazing, kept me in-tune throughout most of this book and just when it was becoming slow, bam guess whatese two deserve such happiness. It's killing me what's happening to them. This author just doesn't cut Gideon & Eva a break. I'm hoping the next book might ease up, but I'm highly doubting that =))Gideon you about made me smash my kindle in this book then you completely made a 360 turn aro [...]

    20. I surprised myselfat I actually finished reading this!!! At the end.I was totally comatose!!!Entwined with You, the 3rd book in Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series was a beyond a total NO NO and more than beyond TEDIOUS!!! Just when I hoped that I could at last "bond" with Gideon Crossead I came out not bonding in any way or form. His only redeeming quality here was how he protected and actually loved Eva and how far he would go to keep her safe. However, I felt that he needs to sort out his bloody is [...]

    21. In the last book, Reflected in You, Eva found out Gideon's secret and why he had been acting the way he did. Now, they begin working through things and seeing if they are able to move forward with their relationship. This is the third book in the trilogy that is no longer a trilogy. That being said, it is a middle book. If you go into this thinking anything else, you will be disappointed. It is much slower than the prior books. Things have been sorted out for the moment and it's almost as if it' [...]

    22. 3.5 'disappointed but I'm gong to hang in there to see what happens next' starsOk so this is a tough book to review as it was originally a DNF for me. For all those huge Gideon fans out therelet me explainAt the time of this first being released there was so much hype about this book and I was excited to read the FINAL instalment of Gideon and Eva's journey. I absolutely loved the first two books in this series, they were such engaging books and lets face it Gideon Cross is super hot, who wouldn [...]

    23. 5 AH-MAZING ENTWINED STAR'sWe start this love story where we are left after reflected in you. Eva learns what Gideon did to protect her, to keep her safe. They get back together but have secrets to keep so their relationship is kept quiet."Just be with me" I whispered, my eyes stinging all over again. "I need you." Gideon's fingertips glided softly down my cheek. "You were with me, The whole time. There wasn't a second that passed when you weren't on my mind. You own me, Eva. Wherever I am, what [...]

    24. Español - EnglishEva, si eso es posible, adora más a Gideon por el sacrificio que hizo por ella, pero la desconciertan las actuaciones de Gideon sin contar con su aprobación. Aun así esta segura que no puede vivir sin él y ella para Gideon es el aire que respira.---Eva, if that's possible, loves Gideon more for the sacrifice he made for her, but she is disconcert with Gideon's actions without her approval. Yet she is certain that she can not live without him and she represents to Gideon the [...]

    25. “Honestly, Gideon Cross had been designed to fuck a woman right out of her mind.”*“…he murmured. “Of course, you’re my favorite ride.” “Aw, that’s sweet, baby. And you’re my favorite joystick.” *********************************************************This is the third book in the Crossfire series with Gideon and Eva.I LOVED the first 2 books, but this one I had a really hard time getting into it. This was my face until 35%.With much encouragement and support from my ladies, [...]

    26. Re-read with my funny ladies; Supreet, Flo & Eda ♥♥♥Wellat's a whole load of bullcrap in one book. I'm a little abhorred that I rated this 5 stars previously (that says a lot about my book taste back then, damn you FSOG frenzy and my desperate fix of withdrawal). So this is my attempt of an unconventional review because honestly, I'd like to write a letter to this author. WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Book 3 if you haven't read. But then againI'm pretty sure 90% of you have already read [...]

    27. 2.5 I'm feeling really sad stars :(because Omg seriously.is book was tht boring I am soo disappointed. :/ e slowness n the non awesomeness of the plot is ruiined my good mood n reading appetite from the very begganing ;( The only reason I sat through this whole book to the very end. because i ve never left a book as a DNF. n I was NOT going to let this book be its first.I'll admit this book does have Erotica leading it's grene factor. This book solely earned a one star from me, for it's fabulous [...]

    28. If I completely honest, I expected something more dramatic to happen in this story.dare I say, even a cliff hanger? Something??? I could sense the author padding out storylines for the supporting characters (ready for a TV show, maybe?) Talking of the other characters, Cary was an absolute joy, a manwhore with bags of personality.I look forward to more of him!! Her mum is a minx and I think we will see plenty more of her!!All that said, nothing will EVER spoil my book love for Gideon, he can do [...]

    29. Final rating: 3.5/5 stars Buddy Read withGeorgia,Debra ,Joana , Ash!! Thank you girls ♥“I look at you, angel, and I want you so badly. I want to be with you, listen to you, talk to you. I want to hear you laugh and hold you when you cry. I want to sit next to you, breathe the same air, share the same life. I want to wake up to you like this every day forever. I want you.” Gideon definitely owns my body, heart and soul!!!!!! ♥ Ever since i have read first two books, i have been eager to r [...]

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