The Marriage Mistake

The Marriage Mistake Carina Conte has had a crush on her brother Michael s best friend Max Gray since she was a teenager Now she s earned her MBA and come to work at Michael s new venture America s fastest growing bake

  • Title: The Marriage Mistake
  • Author: Jennifer Probst
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Carina Conte has had a crush on her brother Michael s best friend, Max Gray, since she was a teenager Now she s earned her MBA and come to work at Michael s new venture, America s fastest growing bakery empire But some things never change her family still treats her like a child With three drop dead gorgeous siblings, she s still the ugly duckling of the bunch And MaxCarina Conte has had a crush on her brother Michael s best friend, Max Gray, since she was a teenager Now she s earned her MBA and come to work at Michael s new venture, America s fastest growing bakery empire But some things never change her family still treats her like a child With three drop dead gorgeous siblings, she s still the ugly duckling of the bunch And Max, the company s new CEO, still barely notices her.Max knows Carina Conte is strictly off limits But hot blooded lust wins out at a conference when the two share a scorching one night stand and are busted by her mother Now, forced by old world Italian tradition into a marriage he s not ready for, Max is miserable and Carina is furious Her new husband is about to realize that hell hath no fury like a woman transformed.

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    1. This one was GREAT!Definitely the best from this seriesA lovely romance about a girl in love with her brother's best friend for ages :D now a woman, starting in the familly business, and determined to move onCarina has been in love with Max since she was a teenager, but he only saw her as a baby sister. Now, after graduation, she comes to America and starts working in the family business. Max is surprised by her, how much she matured, and how she doesn't swoon all over him anymoreCarina knows wh [...]

    2. Just quick thoughts, ok?This was 2.5 stars for me (I rounded up because I hate giving 2 stars, I feel bad). Why only 2.5 stars? Oh well, kinda predictable and boring. Maybe sweet stories are not my cuppa anymore. And yes, it had hot sex but for some reason that's not enough for me. I need to FEEL and let's say this book didn't make it for me but, and this is a big but, most of my buddies loved it so give it a try as you might like it more than me. A one-night stand just wasn't worth it. Not even [...]

    3. “I am the big bad wolf, sweetheart. Now get your ass up to your room.”Reading Jennifer Probst’s books makes me feel like I am on some tropical island, laying in the sun, a sexy cabana boy on call and a cocktail in hand. I feel a little naughty from the pleasure it gives me, but I’m grinning from ear to ear from the sheer indulgence of it all. There is something in these books, perhaps the idea of a marriage of convenience turning into true love that just ‘speaks’ to the hopeless drea [...]

    4. Es con diferencia el peor libro que he leído en mi vida. Cliché, mal escrito, machista, absurdo, ridículo y guarro. Sin duda merece un video de Satán y le voy a hacer un traje épico!

    5. Rating 2.5 starsThis is the third book in a series by Jennifer Probst and it was one I was looking forward to, since in the second installment of the series we met the heroine Carina, who was shy and awkward and was madly in love with her brother's best friend Max.The Marriage Mistake opens a few years later and Carina has just completed her MBA and is moving to America to work in her brother's company. It is something that is expected of her but isn't her passion, which is painting. She though [...]

    6. The third installment in the Marriage to a Billionaire series is stunning. I didn’t think Nick and Alexa from The Marriage Bargain could be topped and then I met Michael and Maggie from The Marriage Trap. Of course I loved them; I was so connected to their story I didn’t think I could read The Marriage Mistake until a friend told me to cut the cord and dive in. Max and Carina, I have to say my cheeks got the ultimate workout from the constant smile on my face as I read every word of their st [...]

    7. I have got to get those love spell book and cast a request for Earth Mother to bring me one and only man I truly want in my life: Kellan Kyle***Okay, so here's my review now. I love this story because it's a combination of sexy-romantic-funny ride all in one package. I even laughed hard in this particular scene where they talked about "Fifty Shades of Grey". I mean they even have the same name Maximus Gray. I bet the author was inspired with the book especially the dominance sex scene. Haha! Her [...]

    8. You can find this review and much more on YA Fanatic.I picked this book up because a lot of people on are saying this is the best one of the Marriage to a Billionaire series and I liked the first novel so why not. Oh, and it was a part of my December reading challenge. Let me tell you how I feel about this book. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk* Ouch! That not only hurt my head and brain but everything I stand for- about relationships, marriage, sex and etc. If you still want to read it, you sho [...]

    9. WARNING!People! Everybody! Buddies! Ladies! Gentlemen! Boys! Girls!I just want you to know something about Italians. We are not this kind of people. We do not get married just because we have sex. I can tell you. We are Italian, not medieval.Cara Jennifer,potresti smetterla (gentilmente eh), di ritrarci come un popolo di trogloditi, maschilisti, o qualunque cosa per te voglia significare "secondo la tradizione"? Non sono una fan sfegatata del mio paese, ma te lo chiedo per favore: supera i clich [...]

    10. Soo I stayed up at till 3 in the morning to finish this book and let me tell you what a huge waste of time that was. I thought it was the worst out all the marriage to a billionaire series. First of all the book took way to long to get to where they finally start realizing they might have feelings for each other. I over half way through when it finally started looking like a romance novel. Secondly and the most important point was that the ending sucked. I mean she leaves him because she's not s [...]

    11. The Marriage Mistake was fun, flirty and addictive. There’s a fair amount of sexual tension and denial that makes it oh-so-satisfying when they finally give in and let go. Carina is the naïve heroine longing to break free of her traditional Italian family’s overprotective constraints, and experience life and passion. She had a mad, intense crush on her brother’s best friend, Max all growing up, one that was evident to everyone including Max. Max, of course, only looked on her as a little [...]

    12. I am so glad I finally read this! To be honest, I read the first one, the Marriage Bargain, but completely skipped the second, the Marriage Trap. I wasn't yelling from the roof tops about how good it was and actually found it slightly boring. I thought the characters fell flat for me and the story didn't have enough of a stellar cast.Whoever coined the expression, "third's one a charm" must have been talking about this one. I know, I know! I'm saying this without having read the 2nd in this seri [...]

    13. 5+ starsThanks to Simon & Shuster (via NetGalley) for this ARC.Oh my I loved this book. It was so good. So good I stayed awake and had panda eyes on the next day.This story was way intriguing and interesting, it got me hooked until the end. I really liked the sexual tension between Carina and Max. It was super uber hot. With the brand new sexy, beautiful, artistic Carina, she's definitely a great match for hot, brooding, commitment-phobe Max. I also liked their banters, their conversations, [...]

    14. 5 SEXY ITALIAN STARS The Marriage Mistake by Jennifer Probst This was probably my favorite so far of this series. it was super hot,sexyAll the characters were great.Max Gray and Carina Conte are the perfect couple, i LOVE them. The cover was SUPER HOT, the models are incredibly sexy!Great read, i enjoyed it a lot.

    15. In a time of my life when I'm struggling to finish most of the books I start, the fact that I was looking forward each night to read more about Carina and Max, is a plus by itself. I never thought I'd like this fluffy contemporary romance so much, but the truth is, it had humor, it had a dose of angst, it had unrequited love, two very interesting characters, a plot that flowed easily and some really hot chemistry between the main leads, so I enjoyed the heck out of it!Carina has been in love wit [...]

    16. This is a sweet little read. It’s the story of the youngest Conte sister, Carina, and the man that she has loved since she was a teenager - her older brother’s best friend, Max. Carina has moved from Italy to the US to start a new life for herself, and enjoy the freedom that comes from being away from home and her sheltered upbringing. She has a job lined up in the family business, and her protective brother wants her to learn all about her family legacy, so he gives her a position assisting [...]

    17. I read the first book to this series a while back; and if I may be honest, I can say that I barely remember what happened in that book. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that memorable. The third installment was mildly interesting but it still didn’t rock my boat. In my experience, mind blowing books in this genre are typically hard to find, unless they’re written by Lisa Kleypas. Anyway, The Marriage Mistake has a plot that have been used, misused and abused since the beginning of time: girl in lo [...]

    18. A one-night stand just wasn’t worth it. Not even with a woman who soothed his soul and made him crave to be a better manCarina wanted Max for a really long time and now she decides to move on,go to America and have a sexual affair,something she could not have in Italy.But Max wants to protect his best friend's little sister and tries to not let her have sex with anyone.Except him.He ends up kissing her once or twice but something comes up and they don't do the deed.She sputtered a laugh. “Yo [...]

    19. I'm sorry did the heat go up in my room, or am i just imagining thingsThis book was phwoah i mean there were some seriously hot sizzling scenes between the main two and i won't lie i enjoyed every minute of it. In fact I think those scenes are what made this book great.It was a fairly easy read, with a typical girl loves boy, boy rejects girl, girl grows up and ignores boy, boy wants girl and then a forced marriage after a steamy night of sex (okay so that part wasnt how most books would go)I lo [...]

    20. This book is not simply bad but truly awful. A mere excuse to rip off one more skin from the same story and make some money. The characters are flat, they barely have any personality. They are shallow and priviliged, reminding me of the quality of my fantasies when I was no more than 5 years old. The only sign of the characters Italian origin is that they someties say 'DIO!'. Very authentic no? The conversations are fake, lacking the sense of reality. My advice is to stay away from this book, av [...]

    21. 2.5I am disappointed, I expected more from this book. Through all the book I couldn't feel anything special about them. First the way that Carina treated Max in the beginning it was like she is saying "because I loved you and you didn't notice me then, now I'm having my revenge and I'm NOT going sleep with you" all the time.And the way it took so long that they find oh! they have this feeling for each other and then in the end she doesn't accept that he love him because she need to love herself [...]

    22. Review also posted at Under The Covers Book Blog The Marriage Mistake is the third installment of Marriage to a Billionaire by Jennifer Probst. I must say that this book is the best of the three. Ms. Probst mastered the art of sexual tension, smexy scenes and managed to add a heart-warming element to the story, not to mention the swoon worthy hero. Max and Carina are two people who are career minded. Max already established in the business world with Michael Conte, Carina’s older Brother. Cari [...]

    23. Disclaimer: I didn't finish reading this book.There are so many reasons this book made it so difficult for me to read it but I am going to go with the top four:a) authenticity - the lead characters, they're meant to be Italians. Yes. But past the pazzos and the dios i didn't get it. Even in the least. Somehow, the whole they're not american came up only when Max or Carina say things like -Or as you Americans say it. Ok. Love of bruschetta does not make Italian.b) the lead characters - Neither of [...]

    24. So far I have quite enjoyed the Marriage to a Billionaire series (The Marriage Bargain and The Marriage Trap) and after reading the second book I was sure that the series was getting better with each book. I hop high hopes for this, the blurb sounded awesome, the characters and romance had been introduced in The Marriage Trap and I was excited to read more. It all seemed so promising but unfortunately The Marriage Mistake fell well short of the mark for me.I didn’t like the characters all that [...]

    25. I enjoyed this one, about the same as I did The Marriage Trap, I guess so far neither of them are able to unseat my love for Alexa and Nick's story. At any rate, I liked that we were given a continued glimpse into the earlier character's story. Carina was beginning to bug me a little with her insecurities especially when Max made it obvious that he wanted to make this work. Momma Conte is definitely a force to be reckoned with, I loved when she revealed to Carina how she had to get involved with [...]

    26. The first two books in the series were really good, but this one blew them out of the water! Maximus Grey was smoking hot! Loved him! Carina was great too Really a fun sexy read!

    27. 4.5 StarsI think I might actually love Carina and Max's story more than Alexa and Nick's. Love, marriage and babies. I love, love, love it! Full review to come closer to release date.

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